Chapter 8:

Deathly Hollows

Azure Sins (Pure ver.)

The two women quickly came to a sudden impact, both tightened their grips around each other. Miyaura being prepared to take most of the damage to protect Aisellia, whose head rested in the cursed girl's chest. *Crash* The two come to a sudden stopping impact from crashing into something.

"Ow ow ow, What did we hit? nothing fell on us so it's not likely hit a building."

Aisellia murmured, slowly opening her eyes, yet her vision was blocked. Her head rested on the middle of Miyaura's back. Using her hands she began to feel for the ground, her hand pressing onto something, she began to lift her head from Miyaura, seeing her friend lying forward.

(Hm? This doesn't feel like the's a rough cylinder? it's getting harder though but it feels like...)

Aisellia firmed her grip, squeezing more onto it to lift her torso even further. Sitting up, she could see Miyaura leaning forward. Suddenly the nobles head perked up, seeing that she sat on someone's pelvis, looking behind her to see someone's legs under her. Slowly she turned to look at what her hand had been pressing on that she held a slight grip on. Her face turning a deep red before bringing her hands up to her face in shock and embarrassment.

"Mi-Miyaura it's a person!"

Looking at Miyaura whose rear end rested on top of the man's abdomen.

"Owie owie...Huh?"

Miyaura said before noticing that they were indeed on top of someone. Miyaura's large breasts enveloping the man's face completely. The man's muffled voice could be heard between her breasts, involuntarily causing Miyaura to let a slight whimper escape her. Her natural reaction to the vibrations, warmth, and moving lips against her skin.

"EH?!" was the only sound Aisellia could make, hearing and seeing such a reaction leaving her in a state of shock. Miyaura's face turned red like Aisellia's, her cheeks puffed out filling with air in her mouth as she became visibly angry. Pressing her palms against the ground near his head and lifting her torso up to remove her own chest from the man's face.

"You touched them..."

She said using his stomach to sit on still but it became apparent she used her position to hold the man in place, raising one of her fists in preparation to strike the person with a powerful finishing blow.

"Nobody touches-?!"

Miyaura suddenly stopped one hand against the ground that held her over the man. Seeing his face having her breasts hanging just above his face. His eyes locked onto her breasts right in front of his eyes wearing a perverted grin on his face.


"I can die happy now. Drown me into-"

"...Paradise..." Miyaura said finishing the man's sentence for him, somehow knowing what word he planned to finish with.

"Hm? Yeah! You took the word right out of my mouth! Well, sadly they're not the only thing you took out of my mouth."

He said, his eyes finally moving from Miyaura's chest up to her eyes looking down on him.

"What could be better than having them smother your face with another being pretty handsy on her own." He said before delivering a smile towards her. Miyaura visibly began to calm down, the tension in her expression and fist greatly loosening. Aisellia hearing it as well, the two girls quickly got off him and back to their feet still looking rather awfully embarrassed by his words. The man let out a deep sigh, looking rather depressed while he lifted himself off the ground and back onto his own feet. Now standing the girls could get a clear look at the man of messy medium-length black hair and grey eyes. Easily noticing a tattoo descending the length of his arm to the back of his hand.

"Tch. I would've preferred to stay like that."

Aisellia & Miyaura: "Shameless perv..."

"I wouldn't say shameless now, more like joyful. What am I supposed to do? Pretend I didn't enjoy it? Not quite my style and that would be disrespectful to pretend you two aren't as attractive as you are. Credit where it's due Ya'know?"

Miyaura listened to his words but she soon seemed to be lost in her thoughts, staring the man down vigilantly. Before she had noticed something he said. Miyaura suddenly appeared rather embarrassed and shy to be face to face with him. Her vision locked with his own, without her knowledge the markings on her body began to fade from her. This sight caught the male's eyes, soon staring gleefully at her chest in her revealing attire. Seeing his eyes look over her body, she shyly diverted her gaze. Both snapping out of it as Aisellia threw a cloak over Miyaura.

(I can feel it, large demonic energy coming from him, but...he feels...human? The ominous energy coming from him is huge, but it's not a relentless feeling flowing from him like Leo's. It's like it's tamed somehow. Yet he looks like a normal person.)

Looking into his eyes once again, he seemed disappointed the girls got off him. Seeing Aisellia pick his cloak off the ground and throwing it around Miyaura.

(It's different but I can't deny it feels like...Could it really be?! This warmth coursing through my body...this smells like smells JUST like him!)

"Listen here, you weird pervert!" Aisellia said sternly pointing her index finger at the male.

"Hey, you two are the ones who crashed into me! I recall you didn't seem displeased. I could call you the pervert here."

Aisellia became flustered, her hands moving to twiddle her fingers in front of herself, avoiding further eye contact with him.

Aisellia Rae: "T-that was just an accident! Anyways this is not the time to be chatting! We have to run!"

Miyaura: "You're as strong as demons right!? We weren't thrown lightly and you didn't look bothered at all by how hard we hit you."

Aisellia Rae: "What? If that's even a little true, do you think you two might be strong enough to beat Leo? You might be able to help us! I don't understand any of this but that good right?"

Mysterious Man: "Uuuuuh no."

Aisellia & Miyaura: "What?!"

Aisellia Rae: "I don't have anything on me right now but if you can help us beat him and make it back to my home I could pay you greatly!"

Mysterious Man: "Nope, I'll probably need the money eventually but fighting demons isn't something as easy as you make it sound. Another thing, you don't beat kill them. Then I'd have to take you to someplace probably far. Just isn't worth much to me. I'd rather get to-"

The man's sentence was cut short, a spear flying at extreme velocities from the darkness of the cave. Piercing well through his chest, its blade fully entering his chest and protruding from his back and quickly snatching him off his feet and back an extensive distance. Gradually the spear was weighed down by his body, piercing into the ground. His body held above the ground being suspended up by the polearm portion of the spear. The look on both girl's faces only told how quickly all hope had left them as they have seen the man's body covering the spear in blood. Suddenly Miyaura began to turn around, turning her head in order to look over her shoulder, seeing Leo behind her but it was too late. Leo delivering a heavy punch to Miyaura's face, sending the cursed girl downward into the ground, crushing the ground with enough force to bounce her body off the surface and sent tumbling backward along the ground, sliding to a stop next to the impaled stranger. Turning all too late, by the time Aisellia had turned around, Miyaura was already sent flying, seeing Leo land in the place where she stood. Her fear-stricken eyes focusing on Leo, unable to move, being paralyzed by complete fear.

Mysterious Voice: "You must watch your own blindsides Aisellia."

Aisellia Rae: (That voice! It couldn't be!)

Fully turning her body her vision would be blocked by something white, looking up, she could see the priest Leon that supervised them on their journey here standing before her. His eyes now a demonic red, the priest placed his hand against Aisellia's stomach while she was frozen from fear.


What looked similar to a gentle push from the priest lifted Aisellia easily off her feet and sent her sliding along the ground as well, stopping next to the impaled man and Miyaura. The two girls being damaged by the attacks struggled on their arms to lift their bodies from the ground. Miyaura however managed to sit up, seeing Aisellia squirming in pain, coughing up blood in the process.

"Aisellia! No! This can't be happening again!" Miyaura screamed as tears began streaming down her face, seeing the pain-ridden Aisellia and the man still held suspended in the air by the spear. Miyaura looked back to see Leo and the priest slowly walking their way towards the group. Miyaura shuffled on her hands and knees across the ground making her way over to Aisellia, hastily cuddling her into her lap.

"No no no no, please! Aisellia! I...I can't lose anyone else now. When we were dreaming together, you could only see what happened to me but for me, it felt like I was always next to you for a short time of your life, but you just couldn't see or hear me."

Miyaura gently brushed her hand against Aisellia's cheek, gradually causing her to stop squirming while she rested in Miyaura's embrace.

"You've been through enough, I just wanted to be free and finally be able to finally be your friend like Laura. I saw more in your memories than you could see in mine. To laugh, play and work hard together. In that cave I saw one of the bodies...and it...was Eileen's. I'm a weird, airhead, clumsy girl who looked forward to being there for you. But I can't cause anything but trouble! Everyone I love dies around me! So much I feel sick! Please! I'm sorry Aisellia!"

Suddenly Aisellia's hand cupped Miyaura's cheek, Miyaura being surprised looked down to Aisellia, seeing a faint pained smile on her face.

"I wanted the same thing Miyaura, Eileen was right. I already absolutely enjoyed having you as a friend. You could be clumsy or an airhead as she said but none of this is your fault. You're like me, you wanted your opportunity to live the best life you can, the way you want to enjoy it. That's all any of us deserve but I've had time to realize it's not just getting to do what you want. It's enjoying that happiness with people who'll understand you and love you for all that you are and help you enjoy those things even more."

"How pitifully sad." The priest proclaimed loudly. Miyaura's eyes turned towards Leo and the priest with a vicious glare.

"The world will be run by humans until all human life becomes extinct as a result. You two are mere nuisances in the way of progress. I'll do you a favor Aisellia, I'll end the lives of you and your new friends as quickly as I ended Dan's. The greedy fool has served his purpose as a sacrifice for my revival."

Miyaura angrily bit her bottom lip. Suddenly she released the pressure she pressed on her lip, feeling a heavy pressure push down on her shoulders.

(The heavyweight pushing down on me. There's no way to deny...he's the demon that attacked us back then. This overwhelming demonic darkness is pouring from that priest. He took his body!)

"Leonel, if you wouldn't mind." the priest suggested to the demon boy. Leo nodded in agreement, the priest stopping a distance away as Leo moving towards the girls. Miyaura looked at Aisellia, then back to the impaled man, fear-stricken by the realization everything could be over for her and Aisellia at this very moment.

(I...somehow able still feel the energy coming from his body, no I couldn't feel it like this before. He's barely alive anymore, he's lost so much blood...}

A heavy step from Leo snapped Miyaura's attention back to him, seeing him running towards them at a full sprint. Miyaura's head quickly turned back to the impaled man. Her face revealing how mortified she was of what was coming and all that had transpired in only a short time. Staring man's corpse with tears streaming from her eyes, in what left of her voice she could muster; her voice was barely audible when she attempted to speak.

"H-hey. I'm happy we could actually meet again. With help, I've been able to live... and see? I've grown, what were the chances right? I still only wanted to surprise you all this time and keep my hearts promise. Maybe I'm still just a little all hurts so much right now...I-I can't take any more hurt...I feel trapped!"

Clutching Aisellia deep into her bosom and forcefully shutting her eyes, Miyaura screamed out loud.


Aisellia's exposed eye widened her face upward towards the sky above, seeing Leo right above with his clawed hand already drawn back and ready to crush both of them in one attack. Just as quickly as Leo entered her sights, the stranger who had been impaled enters her vision right above them as well. Leo's eyes locked with Aisellia's, apparently to her, he was completely unable to see the man coming, his fist already crashing against the demon boy's face. The stranger's fist sinking into and simultaneously deforming the demon boy's face as it warped around his fist, completely redirecting the young man's direction back towards the priest in an instant.

(WHAT?!) Leo yelled loudly inside his mind. Just as Leo's body forcefully left the man's fist, in that brief second, his vision allowed him to witness the male. His hair covering his eyes yet a twisted devil's smile stretching across his face from ear to ear. From that fraction of a second, Leo's eyes grew wide with merciless fright. A massive visage of the stranger's demonic energy, ominous in quantity and shape. For Leo this combination only made the feel of his energy manifest an image resembling a visage of death itself before his eyes.

(That can't be a demon! It's a nightmare of darkness and death.)

Only being a fractional second following his body being forcefully redirected, the sheer force of the hit left Leo's upper body obliterated by the explosive force of the attack, ripping his head from his very shoulders. Following through and landing on the foot of the same side hand he had used. It was then the spear that had impaled him could be seen in his other hand smoking as if it was burning the man to the touch. Within the same moment launching the spear at an extraordinary speed. The spears launch visibly breaking and warping the wind surrounding the travel path, causing the ground and objects around its path to be quickly destroyed due to the outlandish force of the throw. The eyes of the Priest focused on the spear. His eye-locking onto it the second it entered his vision after Leo was destroyed.