Chapter 13:

Guild Summit


The Guild Summit wasn’t originally such a major event, it was only meetings between many guilds within the A and S class. To give itself some more control and presence in the political aspect in Ataxia, the Adventurer Guild limited the meeting only to the top 5 guilds. It also made attendance mandatory, with a high fine for any guild that didn’t show up. They also only allow a limited number of members from each guild into the building, sent as representatives of their guild. The meeting location changes every year with it only announced 1 week before the Summit itself. This is needed to avoid potential ambush by outside forces or maybe even assassination attempts by other guilds.

Around 20 minutes before the start of the Summit, Vera Amanda, the leader of Sanc Gladius can be seen walking towards the building. She walks with complete confidence as she enjoys the beautiful view of the place. Behind her is Garnet Grimfoot, the rank 4 adventurer, who is conversing with Vera. Saura Lana, the rank 10 adventurer, is closely trailing them from a distance on the trees, constantly checking for potential threats.

“Beautiful weather today Garnet. Would you like to join me for some tea after the Summit?” - Vera asks.

“I would love to, but we have to focus first on the task at hand here.” - Garnet gives a serious response.

“I would rather not have to deal with these guys, they all have a screw loose in their heads. Of course, duty always comes first.” - Vera replies.

As they get closer to the building, Velh Gammal, the chosen leader of Majoria and the rank 2 adventurer, can be seen already waiting.

“Long time no see, old geezer. How have you been going? Maybe consider retiring soon?” - Vera teases.

Velh didn’t give a reply, completely ignoring her questions.

“As serious as always. Maybe the kids won’t be so scared of you if you weren’t so stern all the time.” - Vera jokes.

She and Garnet walk past him, entering the building. Shortly after, Velh stood up and entered the building himself. A few minutes later, a giant portal opens up near the entrance. On the other side of the portal, we can catch glimpses of lush greeneries along with many mages working together to cast the spell. Isabelle, the leader of Inanna, steps through the portal and enters the outside of the Summit. T, the rank 5 adventurer, follows slowly behind her.

“Looks like we got here a bit early, maybe the others are waiting inside the building.” - Isabelle says, looking around the entrance.

Saura jumps down from one of the trees she was on, landing next to T.

“Oh my! You are… Hm… Vera’s bodyguard. I see you like to hang around with T as always.” - Isabelle smiles.

Both Saura and T nod their heads, the three then enter the building together.

The inside looks just like a royal palace, with all the tiles and paint brand new. Many paintings and expensive items displayed along the hallway. There are numerous guards, all high party adventurers hired by the Adventurer Guild as security. Many maids constantly run around the place, prepping the food and keeping the place orderly. The three entered the main conference room where Vera, Velh and Doppel were all waiting in their seats. Isabelle sat down on the seat to the left of Vera, casually chatting with her. Velh sits to the right of Vera and Doppel, the guild leader of Alias United, sit to Velh’s right. All the bodyguards stand with their backs against the wall, each behind their respective guild leaders. Intriguingly, behind Doppel are 3 of his clones, all serving as his bodyguards. After a short wait, Lorcan Willingham, the leader of Elqium, arrived at the Summit. He entered the room, looking very angry and sat down to the right of Doppel. His bodyguards stepped and stood up against the wall behind him.

“Looks like someone has been enjoying the view a little bit too much. Hahaha.”- Doppel laughs, looking over at Lorcan.

“Now, let’s all be nice here. We know that he’s been having a hard time recently because he lost his so-called ‘toy.’ “ - Vera adds.

“Amber Zauberei?” - Isabelle inquired.

“Yeah, she was apparently his favorite. I heard she ran off recently, not that I care.” - Doppel leaned back on his chair.

“Those fools. If it wasn’t for them, my dear Amber wouldn’t have run off like that. I have thoroughly re-educated those two girls and made sure the same thing wouldn’t happen again. That damned party, Amber will come back into my arms. This time, THIS TIME, I will make sure she will never leave my side.” - Lorcan talks out loud to himself, completely ignoring the comments from the other leaders.

“Looks like he has completely lost it. Just ignore him, the meeting will start soon.” - Vera dismisses Lorcan.

As the entrance door to the room closes, an Adventurer Guild’s association member sat down on a table separate from the group. His goal is to gather any valuable information and note them for the Adventurer Guild. The meeting is now starting. Opposite to the impression he gave at the entrance, Velh actually spoke a lot during the meeting about different matters. The leaders discuss many recent changes in Ataxia, including the recent return of the Demon Lord. With many adventurers taking on new quests related to the Demon Lord, they all wonder if the current top 10 S ranks would change soon. Of course, to most of them, a change in the top 10 could potentially be bad or good as their guild position could be affected along with it.

“Our profit has gone down significantly too since the recent rise of the Holy Trinity Cult.” - Doppel states, bringing up the issue Alias United is currently facing.

“Holy Trinity? Wasn’t that an old organization a few hundred years ago?” - Isabelle asked.

The group turned over to Velh, looking for an answer as he certainly would know.

“Sigh. Yes, during the reign of the first Demon Lord. They were formed in order to summon the heroes of the Second Hero’s Party. Holy Trinity became quite a popular religion in Ataxia for quite a while after that too, it eventually lost its following and was replaced by a new religion a couple hundred years later.” - Velh replied.

“Not until 20 years ago did it become a cult, apparently its goal is to restore the world to its old way. I wouldn’t be too concerned about it if I were you.” - He advised.

“They have been sabotaging trade routes to the cities in The Mercantile Alliance. Such annoying pests, I heard they’re hidden in the capital where you guys are.” - Doppel said, pointing at Vera.

“Are you implying that we have something to do about that?” - She gives an annoyed reply.

“We all know Sanc Gladius and Alias United aren’t on the best of terms. It wouldn’t be too far-fetched to say that you guys are letting them do what they want. Maybe you’re even secretly working with them.” - Doppel accuses.

“Enough insolence coming from you!”- Saura said as she pulled out her blade.

Every person, except for the leaders themselves, pulled out their weapons. The tension is high as the representative from the Adventurer Guild is trying to get them to stop.

“Stand down Saura.”- Vera said in a stern voice.

“As you wish.” - She puts away her blade, moving back.

The atmosphere improved a bit as everyone seemed to calm down, putting their weapons away.

“I’m sure you don’t think that Doppel. I would love to be on good terms with everyone here. I’m not working with the Holy Trinity Cult.”- Vera gave a serious look to Doppel.

“Can we move on from the topic?”- Lorcan interrupts.

“I don’t have time to waste dealing with you children. I got more important things to do after the meeting.” - He said.

“Who is the real child here?” - Everyone in the room thought to themselves.

An hour later, the long meeting finally concludes and the leaders are now getting ready to leave. Right before Doppel leaves, Lorcan can be seen pulling him to the side for something.

“I want you to help me capture Amber Zauberei. Of course, there will be incentives in doing so.” - Lorcan proposes.

The two continue their discussion, with the other leaders getting snippets of the things they say. After coming to an agreement, Lorcan turned to Vera, walking towards her.

“I know what you’re going to ask. Sorry, but I’m not interested.” - Vera said.

“Same with me.”- Isabelle follows up.

“I know it's not my place to say this, but it seems like that Amber girl doesn’t want to be with you. I think it’s best to leave her alone.” - Isabelle said.

“Amber doesn’t know what is best for her. I do. You should stay out of my business if you aren’t interested in helping me.” - Lorcan angrily states.

“Well, suit yourself” - Isabelle said, taking her leave.

Everyone else in the room quickly left the building, heading back. After walking a distance away from the area, Vera let out her frustration.

“That stupid fool! I can’t believe he’s even accusing me of such things, right in front of everyone too! Arghhhh! I’m so mad!” - Vera vents to Garnet, who is laughing.

“Aw man, I was originally kidding about the tea. But now I’m so mad that I want to drink some. Let’s take a detour.” - Vera suggests.

“You know taking a detour will cost us a few extra days?” - Garnet said.

“It’s fine, I’m sure everyone can wait until we get back. For now, let’s go have some fun. Right Saura?” - Vera looks up at a branch, with Saura nodding her head up there.

With the Guild Summit done, Alias United and Elqium have now temporarily agreed to work together to capture Amber. Of course, Leo and his party wouldn’t have the knowledge of that as they are still on their way to the capital.