Chapter 13:

New Winds

Azure Sins (Pure ver.)

The remaining week went by, continuing their training but studying far less, taking the evenings and nights to simply lounge around Karna's home, talking to one another and exchanging stories of their lives with him. Karna however able to only share what he has managed to remember so far, answering their questions to the best of his ability. Angelia happily gave them the alone time they would need to grow more comfortable with each other before their journey, often enlisting Remi's assistance around her shop of which Remi visibly enjoyed, evident by the joyful expression she held when helping Angelia.

There began their following week, Aisellia and Miyaura were shown around the small desert town by Angelia. A single road leading from one end to the other down its center to its other exit on the other side. The girls began assisting Angelia in her regular shopping at one of the small local stores, from there their time continued. During the passing days, Angelia began giving Aisellia firearm lessons in a shooting range stationed in her backyard. Having the time to separately instruct Miyaura through her physical training, practicing what she retained of her martial arts knowledge. Refining her technique and allowing for her to get her body back into condition, growing more adapted to her new physical capabilities of newfound endurance, speed and strength. During the evenings the three women held study sessions with Remi, Angelia inviting the young women to join them. It would appear studying wasn't exactly Miyaura's strong suit, often holding her head after a short time or finding other small things around them to entertain herself. Each night they shared their time eating, being around each other, sharing laughs, and pushing each other further in their individual training. On the third day, Karna awoke from his slumber, taking Angelia's place in training Miyaura in the mornings. Taking her out into the desert sands, allowing her to train with him in an open area to practice without limits. At the shooting range, Aisellia's training continued. Remi now joining in to observe in the background. The nights were calm with everyone joining together in Karna's home in the evenings, continuing their studies guided by Remi. During these studies, they discovered Miyaura wasn't cursed but concluded she held demon DNA, more potently so than an average Demi-Human. Angelia however drew her own conclusions she privately shared with Aisellia, Miyaura's physical make-up was closer to a demon's physiology like Karna although it just confused them bot given how their human genetics dominated their appearance.

In her spare time, Miyaura enjoyed finding a joyous hobby of latching lewdly onto Karna when there was nothing to amuse her. The two of them having a growing tendency to rest on one another when bored or simply how Karna opted to pass time by allowing him to entertain himself with touching her body, Miyaura entertaining herself by putting herself in positions to give him the open opportunities to do so. This eventually continued to a degree the other women could not seem to understand how sometimes she would be in very provocative positions when Karna was near as a result of her own clumsiness. Confusing even Angelia, it apparently wasn't on purpose all of the time yet every time Miyaura only smiled and embraced whatever lewd view Karna gained of her. Everyone taking note that her own clumsiness could even somehow result in her landing on Karna's very delicate positions.

It was Remi who began the revolt of her own reasoning, only after enlisting Aisellia and Angelia's aid did the three realized it was unnatural how often it happens and even the situations leading to it were strange occurrences in response to keeping them away from each other. Aisellia and Angelia kept watch of her at night as her demonic energy gradually stabilized inside her body after being sealed for so long prior. Her newfound energy making her quite the energetic girl. They could not always keep up with her antics however, Miyaura mysteriously escaped Angelia and Aisellia sight by the end of some nights.

She could never hide the shyly expressed desire on her face each time she would surprise Karna, appearing in his room in the late night when she was able to slip away from her observers. Miyaura nor Karna could contain their excitement at the sight of each other, lewd eyes portraying their inner thoughts.

"I-I would like you to...y-you can rest with me again tonight if you wish...It feels nice...I-I'm declaring here between them more p-permanently as y-your new happy place...whenever you want them, they're yours just as I promised all those years ago."

Miyaura would confess on this night, lying on his bed as he walked into his room. Shifting her forearm under her breasts to tempt him. Giving him a view and invitation he excitedly took her up on.

(If I do it, Angelia and Remi will definitely kill me.)

Karna thought, unable to remove his grin nor his eyes from the girl.

"We can make this our...special thing...they're only for you."

She stated, rolling onto her back causing her breasts to shift in her revealing attire, knowing her teasing was exactly what he wanted. Never able to hold himself for long when it came to her.

(Ha. Worth dying a few times over!)

He said chuckling as he made his way over to Miyaura who shyly yet anxiously awaited his arrival.

Over time Aisellia's obvious anger at his habits seemed to fade into a small annoyance, seeming to accept his antics more easily. Knowing his nature, she slowly became used to his ogling of her body, only becoming embarrassed and a moderate deal of irritation from his antics. Finding ways to turn away from him or adjust her position and clothes whenever he did so.

The final night of the next week, Miyaura, Remi, and Angelia retired early in the night taking over Karna's home. Aisellia however stayed inside the home of Angelia, studying the material gathered so far for her by Remi. She stood leaning over a table looking at open books with her hands flat against the table's surface to support her body. Aisellia leaning forward over the table, Karna was a short distance behind her. Crouching behind a short stool with his arms resting atop the seat, casually looking forward to seeing slightly under Aisellia's skirt. With her body leaning forward it caused her skirt to lift a little in the back, revealing her butt slightly. It being nicely shaped under the tight/thin bike shorts she wore under her skirt. Karna's eyes focusing on how they shaped her body, from her position they were partially transparent being tightly pressed enough the shape her lower body nicely. She took a second to let out a deep sigh, taking a short break to take hold of her shirt and pulling on it lightly to vent her body heat. After a few seconds, she turned to see him enjoying his sight of her rear. To his surprise she simply blushed and averted her gaze back to the pages in front of her, allowing him to continue looking at her body willingly.

"Enjoy it nice and short. You're a demon of lust right? A-a good leader rewards their subordinates. S-so it's only fair if sometimes you look at me from whatever pervy vantage point if you're going to be risking your life to protect me. After all, if I can freely be myself here...I-it's only right you should too. You enjoy a fine woman's body and I don't think that should be something anyone should condemn. I can't seem to argue with your far anyways."

She said, arrogantly brushing her long hair behind her shoulders

"Sure you're overly perverted but...Angelia and Remi accept that as part of who you are. A guy will be a guy, after all, people have been naturally attracted to one another for humanity's entire existence. If you could accept me, I-I should learn to accept your ways too. Even I know I can be a bitch sometimes. I can honestly say I've been pretty spoiled up until recently, so I still expect an adequate effort in our protection in exchange okay?"

Her eyes shot back to meet his with her cheeks blushed. His eyes widening from being caught off guard before a peaceful expression showed on his face. With a blushing nervous smile, she returned to her books during her late-night studying.

A week later...

Standing inside Karna and Remi's home, Angelia sat on the front edge of the desk with Remi behind her. Angelia raised what she was smoking to her smirking lips. In front of them stood Aisellia, Miyaura all dressed in new attire.

"I'm glad those fit you ladies!"

"They're perfect Angelia!" Aisellia said excitedly looking herself over in her new outfit.

Angelia: "If you're going to be traveling and being annoyed by that guy the whole time, it's the least I could do to help you look nice. They're a lot better grade of clothes than most people have but I figured you might not want to ditch the feel of dressing Noble-like and give Miyaura something just as nice. The designs of these outfits, as you know, I left to you two. You don't have to pay me back for those or the gun I gave you. Just please take care of my friend and tolerate him for just a little while longer. Gotta be a great example as a demon master!"

Remi Martel: "What's a demon master, I haven't even heard anything like that."

Aisellia Rae: "I-its nothing I swear!"

Remi Martel: "Hmm, if you say so."

Remi took a couple of steps closer to Aisellia and extended her hand for a handshake.

"At first I didn't know what to make of you but I'm glad I've not just met another person that trusts my knowledge on demons, but...letting me also experience having an acquaintance to study with. Watch yourself around him but keep an eye on him. He likes to wander and cause trouble for other people."

Aisellia took Remi's hand into her own completing their handshake with smiles on their faces.

"Thank you Remi, I think naturally I'll have to be the leader of this little group if we're going to make it anywhere."

She said before the two smiling girls turned their heads to their side to see Angelia and Miyaura having a conversation of their own. Angelia had just placed her hands onto Miyaura's shoulders, with Miyaura looking at Angelia with a determined and fired-up look expressed on her face.

"You've trained hard for this moment! Who are you?"

"I'm the protector, Guardian Miyaura at your service! I've trained hard and I won't let you down!"

"Good! Let me hear you again!"

"I am strong! I am fierce! I am woman! Hear me roar!"

"Yes! Two cheers for your skills new and old! Yip-Yip!"

"Hooray!" Miyaura cheered loudly, jumping slightly off her toes and throwing her arms happily in the air. The way she wore her clothes, the eyes of the girls were instantly drawn to her huge busom. Lifting into the air and almost spilling out her off-shoulder Yukata-styled top, paired with a short skirt on her lower body. Aisellia watched surprised and Remi stood with a hateful glare. Aisellia let out a sigh, seeing as Miyaura's bust did not easily slip from her outfit.

(Phew! I thought it was over for her there. Her outfit might be freeing but I'm sure she wouldn't want anyone seeing her delicately. She's made it pretty obvious to us she likes for Karna to get an eyeful whenever he wants hence the style being to her own liking and giving Karna easy glances whenever he wants. I truly admire her confidence. She's really comfortable in her own body and happy too.) The thoughts in her mind made Aisellia smile.

"One more time and make it good! Yip-Yip!"

While Miyaura cheered, Aisellia glanced over to Remi, who seemed furious just watching Miyaura's chest bounce.

"Hm. I personally think there's little difference in a woman who keeps their body covered, partially, or revealing. What's important is a girl's love for not just her body, but herself. Nobody chooses how they physically grow up, and I think Miyaura is just the type to love herself and likes to feel pretty sexy."

"Loving your body and yourself...huh?"

"It's pretty obvious the only reason why she doesn't mind enabling a certain someone to look at her body. Something's may seem intentional alone but sometimes there are just factors we might not be considering that are just a little unknown to our normal lives. Just an example, if I fill out my shirt with what you call big boobs, then there are as you call them, her huge ones. Consider how spacious they are? It would be very uncomfortable to stuffing yourself in a constricting outfit, covering every bit of skin, all that pressure on your chest, in this heat, just to keep them hidden away completely for others' convenience. Maybe for their jealousy, or hate for one reason or another. I can vouch it can be pretty uncomfortable, so in a way even I envy her for the appreciation she has for herself and just how we both are in what we wear, that we enjoy or find comfortable. These things weigh and take space enough on their own so it's not like we can just ignore them. They come with their own hassles. Still pleased with mine but they're still part of the body to generate heat and given how hot it gets-"

"I think I get it Miss Aisellia..."


Remi turned fully towards Aisellia again, letting out a heavy sigh before looking up at the older woman with a slight smile.

"Mhm. I gave me something to think about for now. Not just today but the last couple weeks as well."

"Well in that case I think I should be the one calling you Miss Remi from now on. You've helped me understand literally more of the world I knew so little about and the monsters in it too. Angelia has let me know this type of knowledge is far more than anyone in the world has cared for or lived long enough to gather. You're truly an impressive woman Remi! I hope to do some good with this knowledge you have shared with me. I personally can't thank you enough."

Remi's eyes widened from surprise over her words, causing tears to form in her eyes but she quickly wiped them away. Remi took a few steps towards Angelia and Miyaura who seemed very hype together, high-fiving each other confidently. Remi's approach catching their attention, curiously looking at Remi who locked eyes with Miyaura, letting out a deep sigh, Remi began speaking.

"You be careful too Jiggles and take care of Aisellia and yourself of course."

Miyaura smiled brightly, tears forming in her eyes after hearing what Remi had said to her.

"Jiggles? Oh! My boobs jiggle! Wait, A nickname? That means we're closer to being a friend right? Right?!"

"W-what? I-I guess you could possibly say that...if you want."

"Yeees!" Miyaura cheered happily looking over to Aisellia with tears of happiness in her eyes.

"You hear that Aisellia! I wasn't sure if I could do it but I made my fifth friend ever that quickly!" Miyaura quickly leaned forward, taking Remi's hands into her own. Miyaura's statement surprised Remi.

(Fifth friend ever? There are already four of us here...has she been lonely for all this time? I was before he saved me...too) Remi's face began to look saddened by the realization in her head, feeling a pang of inner guilt well up inside her.

"I'll work hard to be a friend you'll never forget! I promise!" She exclaimed repeatedly shaking her head in determination.

"Oh? Where is Karna?" Remi questioned seeming surprised.

Miyaura: "Oh I know! He's right here!"

Angelia: "I guess the girl with the enhanced senses and myself are the only ones who saw him come back from what he was doing."

Being surprised by the answer they were wondering about, Aisellia and Remi both start looking around their surroundings, simultaneously looking behind Miyaura. Seeing Karna crouched down behind her with his head under Miyaura's skirt. The look of disgust covered Remi's face, Shock filled Aisellia, Angelia just laughed as Miyaura stood smiling, Reaching behind her and patting his head under her skirt.

"At least I know my money was spent well on your clothes, I'm glad everyone likes them. you better since it came out of my savings!" Angelia started while confidently chuckling.

"Your clothes are special made with a material that was pretty fond of by demon slayers years ago, soft to the touch but it's a lot harder to be torn and ripped. In short Miyaura fights with her hands and feet, unless she wants them to come out, Jiggles here can jiggle all she wants but the secrets of her robes can't be exposed from a majority of movements. As long as she keeps the sash around her waist on properly it'll stay that way, helping act as a high-quality bra in its own way keeping them well supported. It's not gravity-defying so be careful when flipping around or being upside down."

(That's why she had her hopping around.) Aisellia thought, realizing what the cheers were testing for.

"How are you liking the view down there?"

Angelia playfully asked, leaning slightly to the side to look at Karna to who quickly raised a thumb up for all to see. An enthusiastic thumb which to their eyes sparkled as if it visibly represented his level of approval they knew he had. Soon they could hear Karna begin speaking, but with his face pressed onto Miyaura's rear, his voice was muffled the whole time as he brought his hands to her hips holding onto her and holding her in place. Happily, Miyaura giggled and leaned forward more, pushing it back against him. His muffled voice caused her expression to visibly turn embarrassed, her cheeks growing red before letting out a slightly audible moan.

"Hey hey! Y-you hey, stop talking pervert!" Aisellia blurted out comically holding her hand out in futile reach for Karna.

(Ack! She's letting him do something so lewd! They're both too lewd!)

Remi thought, Suddenly a memory of her and Aisellia talking only a moment ago appeared into Remi's mind, hearing Aisellia's words.

"Pretty obvious the only reason why she doesn't mind enabling a certain someone to look." Remi snapped back to reality, seeing the embarrassed and lewd expression Miyaura had on her face. But even she could tell Miyaura was enjoying his face resting and pressing against her bum.

Remi Martel: (To have women like Aisellia and Angelia's kindness and respect...she only wants to be seen and felt by Karna. Which could only mean she's fallen in love with him...too. A love rival.)

Miyaura: "H-he complimented my booty...a-and he's says I have a tattoo, it's weird because I don't remember ever getting one."

Angelia: "Tattoo? Hm. You mind Miyaura?"

Miyaura: "Not at all! I can't see it and you've seen me naked quite a lot since we stayed with you."

Angelia: "Phew ain't that the truth! I've never seen a girl successfully hide such an arsenal under clothes so effectively. And I'm the Gunsmith!"

She said, taking a couple steps moving next to Karna, lifting the back of her skirt and revealing his head. Karna stayed crouched while the two inspected her rear in the light. The sight of her extraordinary ample bottom made Angelia's jaw drop.

"Geez, what's that word you use Karna?" Angelia questioned.

"Thicc! With two C's!" Karna quickly responded with a bright smile on his face.

"What form of physics lets that hide under her skirt? It's the same phenomenon as her chest!"

Karna happily grinned from ear to ear. Hearing someone agree with his opinion in their ways, getting him visibly excited about the topic. Groping Miyaura as she stood with a pleasurable smile on her face as she enjoyed what he was doing to her.

Karna: "It's as perfect and soft as the rest of her. No firmness but all soft. Every part of her feels like paradise! I can even lift it up in the palm of my hands."

Angelia: "You have a point I can see for myself, it looks plump and ample. Soft enough to be similar to if not exactly like her boobs. You could lift all that in your hand and still not be able to grip it all at once no matter how you approached it."

Remi Martel: "Ahem Guys! You're supposed to be analyzing her tattoo, not her ass! Miss Angelia, please don't encourage him!"

Aisellia Rae: "*Sigh* I can't blame them. To this day even I'm impressed whenever I see Miyaura's naked body. It's really a phenomenon of its own."

Miyaura: "Um where is the tattoo exactly?"

Karna: "It's just under your butt on your thigh but a little on the side so it's not directly under."

Suddenly a bead of sweat dripped down Angelia's face as her eyes widened from shock.

Angelia: "Wait...Karna, most of your memory is missing but-"

Karna: "No...I couldn't forget even if I wanted to."

Angelia: "Well least if you weren't sure before you know now that you two did meet years ago."

Karna: "I remember it but I'm still clueless on what it means or how it's proof. I already believed her. I remember a little of the time I met Miyaura so this is just icing on the cakes...See what I-?"

Angelia: "Yeah Yeah Icing on the cakes, cakes being her soft ass. You're saying her ass is delicious and you want to put it in your mouth on it like cake. Gotcha. Anyways If you want the answer for that symbol...I think it's best you just go see our friend that you got so lost looking for if you want to understand it all. At least it makes sense of why her curse mark was lost. Speaking of which Aisellia will be keeping the map since you obviously can't read one."

Angelia put Miyaura's skirt back down all the way closing Karna out leading him to stand up. Karna had a curious look on his face, soon turning to walk over to the bar in his home. Reaching and taking down a sheathed katana that hung on the wall like a decorative trophy.

Remi Martel: "Karna...your sword! So that must mean you're serious about this trip...about protecting them. Only you can draw that sword."

Angelia: "That's right. You've never seen him use it but with his level of power now, it's just a regular but immensely durable sword until he can recover his combat potential. I think the key might be somewhere in his memories but that would definitely help with killing demons if he can use it."

Karna: "First and most importantly...I would clearly eat cake icing off her beautifully luscious ass given the chance. I just had to make sure my stance on that was known. Second. Hey! I'm still pretty deadly with my sword as I am right now."

He claimed as he walked back towards the girls with an overconfident smile on his face.

"Yay, he thinks I'm delicious!" Miyaura joyously noted.

"But I won't be using it." Karna said, extending his hand with the sword towards Miyaura

"This sword has been through everything with me, so I want you to hold it. Only use it if I'm somehow not around and you feel like Aisellia's and your lives are in danger."

Miyaura's eyes sparkled at the sight of him handing over his sword.

"You helped me remember and practice my martial arts but I could only learn the one sword move you taught me!"

"What? How could she able to learn Dark Slayer if...Oh, the insignia."

Karna nodded at Angelia before turning his gaze back to Miyaura's eyes.

"The first form might be the only thing you need to save both of you if something happened as long as you believe in your strength. It's just a precaution. On Second thought, I think I'll carry it, whenever we might get separated I'll give it to you two."

"How would I know for sure when to use it? It can get dangerous at any time!"

"Well if you will be the gun, then Aisellia can be the trigger. I think it's safe to say she can read a situation way better than we can so when she tells you to use it, that can be your sign."

Karna's eyes shifted over Miyaura's shoulder making eye contact with Aisellia.

"Only if our life is in severe danger...confirmed."


Karna would move past Miyaura and approach Remi, catching her surprise, curiously looking up at Karna who then placed his hand on top of her head. Gently ruffling her hair with his hand.

"You stay safe. This time it won't be as long I promise." Remi smiled brightly looking up at Karna after hearing his words to her.

"I'll hold you to that mister. Don't do anything you would normally do. I'm always left being the mature and responsible one."

Karna chuckled before nodding in agreement.

Karna: "I can only be so irresponsible because your smarter and way more responsible than I could probably ever be Remi."

Aisellia Rae: "In no time I'm sure she'll be more mature than the rest of us. She may be already there honestly. I'm still working on not being an entitled rich bitch still."

Aisellia and Miyaura giggled, agreeing with each other.

Angelia: "You girls don't know? She's older than she looks."

Remi Martel: "What? You two thought I was a little girl? Hmph! Not everybody can be miss huge rocker knockers like you two with things bigger than people's heads! I'll have you know I just turned seventeen last year thank you very much! "

Aisellia & Miyaura: "You're seventeen?!"

Moments later...

Angelia and Remi stood at the end of the old town road leading to its outskirts. In the distance seeing the trio set off on their journey at last.

"You did well being such a mature woman."

"I could tell Aisellia's from a noble family, her maturity made me feel lacking at first but I think she helped me understand some things mentally. The other is all filled out just the way he likes it, Meat twins has a body he can't resist...I think I'm still learning things. I'll work on being a better person. I was judgmental against boobella...but it looks like she's my Love Rival now."

Angelia smiled seeing Remi's sudden determination.

"It sounds like you've already grown into a fine woman to me. Who would think, two girls who like him, found out how they felt when he coincidentally saved both of you, the final seconds from your life being ended by demons? Sounds like a true love story to me. Never give up on your mission of love either Remi."

She said placing a hand gently onto Remi's shoulder. Remi being surprised suddenly looked up at Angelia with a smile on her face.

"We know him too well...he sees something special in those two girls...besides their boobs. Communicating those feelings has never been his strong suit but...they have woken up a side of him that's happy. You could see that from the beginning huh?"

"Mhm. He's smiling like he once did long ago...a smile he doesn't have to force to make him feel more...human again. A smile I've never seen much until he was around those girls. Sure he likes...such specific body types, but there's something more to those girls he likes. Even I might be just a little fond of them now. If I couldn't see that for myself I might have tried to stop him. Next time we meet I'll be ready my new love rivals."