Chapter 14:

Guild Girls

Azure Sins (Pure ver.)

Narration: "As captain of this little group, we managed to come up with a traveling plan along with a few cities. By the map Angelia gave us, letting me see just how far we are from Freya but being with these two, I feel oddly...patient? I guess I could say?. Thanks to Angelia again we have traveling food and water so our travels aren't too stressful. I'm actually a little excited to be on this journey, it's not just my first experience being able to discover a little of the world bit by bit. Our first stop is the city of Orion. A far-main city but still the closest major city to Sandora, the town where Angelia and Remi live. It's just hard to believe a couple of days from now, it will be a month since we all met. The greatest revelation came from my private conversation with Angelia, she's a former guild member who prefers no one knows she's even still alive. But from her professional observation, it appears, these two are more than Demi-Humans. Not even she knows a majority of the details but she considers them Half-Demons. It makes little sense to me as of yet but for them, I'll learn even as much as possible!"Bookmark here

The trio would enter a large walled city. Walking through its gated and guarded entrance into the city. Upon entering the three of them would be able to see a rather large building in the distance at what looked like the town center with Aisellia's eyes seeming glued to a small handbook. Continuing along the main road the three looked around, seeing plenty of people casually walking the streets although it took a few ganders for a question to enter Miyaura's mind. Noticing the great difference in some people's attire going from the mostly seen common clothes to donning types of light armors and weapons.Bookmark here

Miyaura: "Hm? Some people are dressed more combat-ready and some dress like regular city people?"Bookmark here

Aisellia Rae: "You remember the guilds we talked about before? I can only assume the people with weapons and some form of protective gear are mercenaries. This book here Remi prepared states that the Guild Union is formed out of dozens of guilds with one being the master guild holding them all together. But it seems not just anyone can quickly join an official guild. In rare cases being invited by an already existing member is one way to get in but the far more common is having to become a mercenary for the guild union, taking jobs until they see you as a value to vouch for your name to open guilds."Bookmark here

Miyaura: "Ooooh so it's like you have to perform well to become an official member of a guild then?"Bookmark here

Aisellia Rae: "Correct, although that's all about guilds she really put in here other than mentioning Orion is one of the few cities the world's leaders have allowed them to have a union base of operations."Bookmark here

Karna: "And my guess is that huge building in the middle is probably one of those bases."Bookmark here

Miyaura: "It must be pretty dangerous just to try and join a guild. I wish we could go, being a mercenary sounds kind of fun!"Bookmark here

She said with a depressive sigh, realizing she wouldn't get to experience the excitement she envisioned of being a mercenary. Aisellia giggled and smiled at Miyaura, seeing how suddenly she became depressed on the matter.Bookmark here

Aisellia Rae: "Well given we only have a little bit of money left from what Angelia gave us for traveling we'll require more soon enough. Given that I think it could be for the best we at least check it out. Finding out more about how it works might help us with our money situation if it gets that serious for us."Bookmark here

Miyaura's face lit up with joy.Bookmark here

"Yaaay!"Bookmark here

Miyaura screamed before jumping towards Aisellia, embracing her into a tight hug, symmetrically docking their breasts against each other of which immediately Karna's eyes were drawn to. Watching the two wiggle in their hug Karna intently observing how their breasts moved and pressed against each other between the two bodies. The two girls happily laughing in their embrace.Bookmark here

"I just gotta say, everything looks so much better with you two around! Heh."Bookmark here

He cheered with a goofy smile on his face, somewhat drooling over the girls. Aisellia heard his small cheer, looking slightly confused until she looked down to see exactly what he was enjoying. Seeing their pressed chests shifted, beginning to spill out of the opening of Miyaura's outfit, her breasts beginning to spill from her loose-fitting top as well. Which left Miyaura greatly revealed. Embarrassing Aisellia a little but she did not pull away from Miyaura but simply let out a sigh.Bookmark here

Miyaura: "You're the best ever!"Bookmark here

Aisellia: "Mm, thanks. I could bet someone else is feeling like a winner now..."Bookmark here

Karna: "Heh, can't say you're wrong there. The only way this could be any better is if my face In the middle."Bookmark here

He said leaning forward to bring his face closer to their chests. Aisellia looked over at Miyaura's smiling face up close and could only sigh in submission.Bookmark here

Aisellia: "Sometimes I don't know whether to appreciate that you appreciate me so highly or be surprised with how blatantly honest you are about it. I guess I should just take the compliment."Bookmark here

Miyaura noticing Karna had giggled after noticing his reaction, leading her to hold Aisellia and playfully push-pressed and rubbed their breasts against each other.Bookmark here

Aisellia Rae: "M-Miyaura...?"Bookmark here

Aisellia exclaimed seeing what she was doing to have fun with their bodies in front of Karna's eyes. Now noticing caused Aisellia to blush, averting her eyes to the ground while Miyaura cheerfully smiled at Karna winking her eye at him. Watching It all apparently being too much for Karna. Seeing the seductive yet playful nature of the girls quickly overloaded with joy, a second later, he fell to the ground unconscious. As soon as his body slammed against the stone path, both girls looked down at his body. While Miyaura looked on in shock, Aisellia who still looked a little embarrassed let out a sigh as Miyaura looked to her then back at Karna before letting go of her friend and dropping down to her knees to nudge Karna's body with her hand frantically.Bookmark here

Miyaura: "Oh no! I think we broke him again!"Bookmark here

Aisellia Rae: "*sigh* What am I going to do with you two is the real question here."Bookmark here

She said disappointingly shaking her head at the two but watching them...surprisingly brought a slight smile to her face. Witnessing Miyaura nudging Karna in a panic while he lay unconscious with his goofy perverted grin stuck on his face.Bookmark here

Aisellia Rae: "Come on Miyaura, let's go check out that guild hall while we're here. We can find an inn afterward."Bookmark here

Miyaura: "Oh ok but what about him?"Bookmark here

Aisellia Rae: "He should be fine. He should be able to find us when he wakes up. I don't think he'd want the both of us out of his sight for too long since he enjoys it so much. So we can see what the guilds are all about for the time being."Bookmark here

Miyaura rose to her feet, looking at Karna for a second before twisting on her toes to turn towards Miyaura with a bright smile on her face.Bookmark here

Miyaura: "Alrighty! After all, I'm your guardian boss lady Aisellia!"Bookmark here

She proclaimed happily giving her friend a thumbs up. Aisellia giggled before responding to her friend.Bookmark here

Aisellia Rae: "That's perfect, I wouldn't have it any other way but to have you with me. Plus this city looks nice but some of these mercs might be dangerous and I wouldn't feel safe walking around alone without my guardian!"Bookmark here

Miyaura: "I dare anyone to try!"Bookmark here

Miyaura exclaimed, quickly jumping in front of Aisellia with her hands extended to the side as if she were protecting her with a pseudo serious look on her face.Bookmark here

Aisellia Rae: "I can feel safe as long as I know you're here Miyaura, shall we go?"Bookmark here

Miyaura nodded her head in agreement but didn't break her focus on looking around as if she were playfully on high alert but Aisellia could tell she was simply enjoying the role she wanted and wanted to perform at her best of which Aisellia only fortified her confidence and resolve in her guardian responsibilities. The two walked off leaving Karna behind them, as they got further people curiously looked upon the happily grinning man with drool falling from the corner of his mouth.Bookmark here

The girls entered the door to the Guild Hall, the inside being quite large with an upper level. Directly in front of the door was a long desk with two clerks in uniform standing behind it. Looking to their left was an open area with multiple tables taking up the area, of which had quite a few different groups of mercenaries, Aisellia noting the difference in some peoples basic armor against others more expensive or more complete sets of armor. Standing next to Miyaura, Aisellia shared her first impressions.Bookmark here

"It's a visible difference between people who are still mercenaries and the ones already becoming successful in a guild."Bookmark here

"I wonder how much a mercenary has to do to become an actual guild member."Bookmark here

"Well, we're in the best place to find out."Bookmark here

Approaching the counter, the two women in uniform smiled and greeted the two ladies.Bookmark here

Guild Clerk 1: "Welcome to the Orion Guild Hall, are you two looking to join our members as official mercenaries? Or do you seek Inquiries?"Bookmark here

Aisellia Rae: "We were holding it as an option, we simply had a few questions for our curiosity. As you might be able to tell I'm not much of a fighter per se but my friend here is fairly skilled."Bookmark here

Guild Clerk 1: "Allow me to enlighten you two to the essential workings of the union. Guild Halls are the shared halls of Guilds and mercenaries. However official guilds have their own respective guild Headquarters in various places around our continent Reia. Union halls are commonplaces of rest for guild members, and like Mercenaries, they are able to take on available jobs on the mission board. While under the hall all are family and violence is prohibited. Once joining, further rules can be found in our handy little notebook free to every mercenary. For a small fee, we also serve food and drinks."Bookmark here

The clerk finished, gesturing her hand to their side, bring a large board with several papers pinned to it, all being different jobs.Bookmark here

Guild Clerk 1: "Official guild members however have access to very exclusive quests by special request of clients, so union halls are mostly involved with mercenaries. Mercenaries are given a rank of which by completing quests and collecting the corresponding reward posted for the job. Starting from rank E, they work their way up over time with their accomplishments. Once a mercenary reaches class C they become available for selection to different guilds depending on their skills and achievements and if a guild wants them they will send a personal invitation. If not or for the time being until then, they can continue working to increase their rank, making them more valuable and notable to more guilds. An A-class mercenary, with the right paperwork, finances, and at least five members, may start their own guild."Bookmark here

Miyaura: "So A is the highest rank someone can earn?"Bookmark here

Guild Clerk 1: "It's a little complicated but the answer to that is both yes and no. The official highest class is S but it's been many years since someone has been able to move from A to S, mercenary or guild wise. I think the last time someone was promoted to S rank was about six or so years ago. It's a whole other category of its own, with the only people able to obtain the rank are former demon slayers, quite frankly in my opinion I feel like the S class itself was sort of made just for people of such extraordinary capabilities."Bookmark here

Miyaura: "How many S classes are there?"Bookmark here

Guild Clerk 1: "Throughout the thirty years of the Guild Union, there has been a total of thirty S class Mercenaries and Guild members. Currently, there are only twelve S class members alive today active and retired. Only eight are currently in the union with three of them choosing to be mercenaries instead of joining a guild."Bookmark here

Aisellia Rae: (That drop in numbers must have been caused by demons. Demon hunters were prominent back then. The increasing number and strength of demons especially over the last couple of decades has only made that number worse.)Bookmark here

The clerk turned to look from Miyaura who had questioned her, over to Aisellia.Bookmark here

Guild Clerk 1: "If your friend here is interested in becoming a mercenary, may I suggest you register as her handler?"Bookmark here

Aisellia Rae: "What is a handler if I may ask?"Bookmark here

Guild Clerk 1: "Ah, please allow my colleague to explain further. I personally handle mercenary and guild contracts and she coordinates handler affairs."Bookmark here

Guild Clerk 2: "Indeed. A handler is someone who arranges, issues, and handles mercenary and guild tasks out in the field. They travel like mercenaries, arranging existing jobs and missions for those willing to take them in the place of an official guild hall. As such, they receive a sum of the resulting pay from the job's completion after assisting the mercenary client with its completion."Bookmark here

Aisellia Rae: "So in short, a Handler keeps a log of active jobs and can work with different union members to arrange, complete jobs, and log them. I assume with keeping records of the member and client, they are to be turned in to a guild hall where it will be recorded and paid for by the union?"Bookmark here

Guild Clerk 2: "Correct! Handlers are classed similar to other union members, their class is influence by their success rates, client, and union member. Great Handlers are also quite important to guilds, I would go as far as to say guilds require them in their respective ways. So having a good reputation with clients will also benefit your progression. As they rank up, so does their pay rate. For places more out of the way, there are payment options for drawing up a contract and giving it to a Union Hall so it may be placed on our Mission Board."Bookmark here

With both clerks finishing their explanations at the same time, they would gesture over to the sidewall, prompting the ladies and clerks all to move in front of the mission board. Having a multitude of papers posted across the board front.Bookmark here

Guild Clerk 1: "This is the mission board with a few different types of general things. Request, a job that pertains to local issues and help common people. These are typically the most frequent ones you'll come across as the most often available since they deal with basic tasks yet they pay the least. Quests are jobs personally submitted to the Guild union typically by a person able to pay suitable amounts as a reward for its completion. Needless to say, Nobles are generally the only ones with funds so high that tasks are completely personalized by the client beyond basic standards. However, since they are personalized and pay so well, the actual task given could be quite literally anything. Unlike requests where you can take the sheet and complete the task, Quests deal with personally meeting the client before and after completion."Bookmark here

Guild Clerk 2: "The final job type is Missions. These have the highest danger risk and difficulty. Advanced quests that have proved far too difficult for many to complete alone. Requiring varying-sized groups of people to complete it. If a quest becomes a mission, it's a sign the failure or hazard toll has exceeded our cautionary limits, leading the Guild Master, leader of the designated guild hall, to re-post the quest and sponsor it for the client. In turn, the reward increases and can positively benefit mercenaries and guild member's rank for aiding the mission's success."Bookmark here

Seeing a few mercenaries enter the door, the two clerks bowed slightly to the girls and suggest if they were interested in registering to come to speak to them before they returned to their post behind the counter.Bookmark here

Miyaura: "Soo what do you think?"Bookmark here

Aisellia Rae: "Hard for me to say for sure. Since we'll be traveling we wouldn't be able to focus on doing these but on the other hand, you could just take on ones along the way, it could help you practice and help you get better used to your new training."Bookmark here

Miyaura: "And wouldn't it be helpful to earn some money for it to be easier to get around and stuff?"Bookmark here

Aisellia Rae: "True. If you're going to be official, A-rank would give you some type of earnings going for you, since I think it would be good to have something positive for yourself since...well I'll only get to be with you two until I get home..."Bookmark here

Miyaura looking at Aisellia as she spoke her last sentence could easily see the sadness on her face at the realization of what meant their journeys together. Aisellia took a few seconds before turning her gaze to Miyaura with a forced smile on her face.Bookmark here

Miyaura: "I don't want to rely on anyone else. If I become a mercenary I want you to be my handler. I don't get the technical stuff like rules and orders but you do! Even it's for a little while, it can be our thing! If I rise up the ranks and do well I want everyone to know exactly who made it all possible for me! The world will know you're the most gorgeous Handler to grace the world! Hee-hee!"Bookmark here

Miyaura preached with a look of determination in her eyes. Aisellia could see the honesty in her eyes during her eager request to explore this way of life with her even if it was for a short time. Realizing what Miyaura had been feeling, Aisellia genuinely smiled towards her friend knowing the two of them could enjoy and explore this new experience together and that was all that mattered.Bookmark here

"Heh, I am pretty awesome aren't I? Alright, you talked me into it!" She said cheerfully smiling at Miyaura.Bookmark here

"Yay!" Miyaura cheered happily.Bookmark here

"I'll be your personal handler! Let's take a look at the quests posted before we register officially, we might find an easy one to start with."Bookmark here

The two girls curiously gazed around the board at the multitudes of posted quests, Miyaura mentioning the ones that caught her eye.Bookmark here

Miyaura: "Hmm, Farm helping job, search and rescue jobs, Bandit stopping jobs, Bounty hunter jobs..."Bookmark here

Aisellia Rae: "Bar security requests, Bounty Hunter requests, bodyguard requests, undisclosed noble requests..."Bookmark here

Suddenly an awkward shock came to Miyaura's face as she looked at one of the posted bounties.Bookmark here

"Hey, it just me, or does this bounty look kind of familiar?"Bookmark here

"Hm?"Bookmark here

Moving to the side of Miyaura, their faces were close as they both leaned in to get a good look at the bounty poster, the same surprising shock covering her face after noticing just what was familiar about the bounty.Bookmark here

"A bounty for five hundred thousand?! Geez, look at these offenses. Over three dozen murders registered him as a serial killer, multitudes of destruction of property offenses, breaking and entering, and five Noble-issued capture or kill warrants currently out right now. I think it would be better if we started smaller."Bookmark here

"Aisellia...take a peek at the picture!"Bookmark here

Aisellia's eyes trailed from the list of continued offenses covering the bottom of the poster all the way to the presented drawn image. As soon as she saw it, her face turned in disgust at the image.Bookmark here

"Miyaura?"Bookmark here

Seeing Aisellia's reaction made Miyaura giggle, smiling as she responded to her friend's call.Bookmark here

"Yes, bestie?"Bookmark here

"What the actual fuck..."Bookmark here

"Hee-hee, it's the biggest single bounty on the board! And it might be easier for us to find the bounty more than anyone else."Bookmark here

"Much longer hair, different clothes and you can barely see his face with all that hair but that stupid smile of his apparently stuck with him. *sigh* So this is what Angelia meant. He's no saint and he's done a lot to get to where he is today and isn't quite the most liked person out there. But a lot of the worse things you'll hear about him are misunderstandings at best."Bookmark here

"Her words exactly Miyaura. This must be what she meant by one of the biggest reasons for this bounty was actually because he saved Remi. He's with us so it'd be dumb to assume he's THAT bad of a person after knowing him and hearing it from people close to him. But I'm still curious."Bookmark here

"Maybe if we are sneaky about it maybe we can find something out!"Bookmark here

"That's a good idea. It might help us get him some of his memories back as well."Bookmark here

Audible Male Voice: "Well if it isn't Alexander! Looks like you've been well ever since you left town to join that guild."Bookmark here

The voice sounding closely behind him, Aisellia and Miyaura curiously turned around. Seeing the man who they heard standing next to one of the tables in the wider area of the guildhall. The man had short hair wearing light armor. He wore a proud expression on his face as he met eyes with the man in front of him who stood taller by a foot and held more muscle tone. The lightly armored male began checking out the young man Alexander's knightly armor.Bookmark here

Alexander: "I won't lie to you Marco, it's been pretty great since I joined the Saint Knights. With its reputation, a lot of nobles pay a good amount for guard duties and patrols in their cities and towns."Bookmark here

Marco: "Sounds like good money to me! Bandit groups are everywhere these days and nobles need protection. It's good you found work where you don't have to put your neck out so much. You look healthy and happy too. The shiny armor the best part of joining one of the top ten guilds must be true huh?"Bookmark here

Marco said with a grin on his face, leaning towards Alexander in a teasing way. Prompting him to smirk and lean in as well.Bookmark here

Alexander: "Of course the best part is the sights! You protect a lot of fine women as a shining knight."Bookmark here

Aisellia and Miyaura's faces turned in disgust, seeming to think they'd get to know something from their conversation. Aisellia let out a deep sigh as Miyaura simply shook her head in disappointment.Bookmark here

Alexander: "You wouldn't believe the type of girls and even just people alone across the guilds, some you wouldn't believe possible."Bookmark here

Just then a few young ladies approached Alexander, fawning over her and causing him to blush yet his friend Marco could see his pride. Tuning them out the girls began their own conversation, looking at each other while they stood side by side.Bookmark here

Aisellia Rae: "Let's go register then we can be on our way. Our idiot is more than enough."Bookmark here

Miyaura: "Mm, if we hurry we could do a local one before he wakes and finds us."Bookmark here

Aisellia Rae: "You don't want him to find us just yet?"Bookmark here

Miyaura: "Nope! I'd like to have some things we can do together as friends."Bookmark here

Her words surprised Aisellia but still brought a great smile to her faceBookmark here

"I'd love to. It's not like HE can register anyways so it can be our thing."Bookmark here

These words brought a large smile to Miyaura's face as she aggressively nodded in agreement.Bookmark here

Alexander: "Hello there ladies, first time to a guild hall? I'd be happy to help you with anything you need. Sometimes the nights are lonely and cold. I'm sure we can find a way to keep warm and get you settled into town right?"Bookmark here

He said, making the girls both look forward to seeing him and Marco standing in front of them with grins on their faces, which instinctively switched the girl's own expression to a dull one. Alexander and Marco's eyes attempted to drop down to their bodies but were overwhelmed by their busts, his eyes obviously could not look away.Bookmark here

Alexander: "It's my hometown assure you I can be quite useful. I could help you in a few ways."Bookmark here

He said with a cocky smirk as his eyes saw their bodies yet before even a second passed Aisellia aggressively smack both men upward under his chin with the tips of her fingers. Not doing any real damage but enough to hurt and push their heads back up. Aisellia looking at both of them with a great look of disgust while Miyaura faced turned aggressively displeased.Bookmark here

"Keep your eyes up or I'll have my friend punch a hole in your chests..."Bookmark here

Aisellia confidently threatened. The two held their chins in shock and were drawn back a bit from the sudden reaction.Bookmark here

Marco: "Hey ease up a little. We're just old friends in different guilds meeting up in our hometown for the first time in years. The people can get kind of rough around here, it wouldn't hurt for us to treat you out around town and make sure you two stay safe. There aren't many girls who come around here looking quite like you two."Bookmark here

Alexander: "That's right. We both passed mercenary ranks and became guild members so it's gotten a bit rough around here since our early days. Anything could happen two little ladies around these parts."Bookmark here

Aisellia Rae: *Sigh* "We appreciate the compliments, really we do, but we heavily decline your offer."Bookmark here

Alexander: "Oh I get it! You two must have boyfriends! Let me reassure you they not nearly as good looking, make nearly as good money nor knows how to touch a woman compared to me, a knight. Chivalry and protecting frail damsels is my duty, NO, my honor!"Bookmark here

He seemed to be ready to continue on his rant but a quickly raised index finger to his face by Aisellia stopped him from speaking any further.Bookmark here

"One. Gross, you sound creepy. Two, hell no. Three, I doubt that. And four, we don't have boyfriends. We just don't like you or your friend."Bookmark here

"And Five! There's only one guy in our lives and only he can ogle our melons!"Bookmark here

Miyaura's statement drew the attention of quite a few people around them, surprising them all, leaving Aisellia to look awfully embarrassed.Bookmark here

"M-Miyaura! E-even if it's technically true you can't just spout personal lewd things like that for everyone to hear."Bookmark here

"W-well I'm sorry! They insulted us and a-and it makes me so angry and I can't hit him!"Bookmark here

*Sigh* "It's alright, I get it." She said placing a hand on her friend's head and gently rubbing it as she continued to pout in irritation.Bookmark here

(Angelia did warn me her emotions are heightened from a human too. Demi-humans commonly have higher senses, but Miyaura is more than that. Whatever mood she's in she feels it fully. So when she's happy, she's in a blissful state but I guess anger and regret works in similar ways. Hm, could that be the reason Karna gets into so much trouble when left alone?)Bookmark here

Alexander: "Tsk, it's impossible for less of a man than me to handle one much less both of you. If you're letting mere thugs like these have a pass, I get the hint, two defenseless ladies out in a world like this. It's pretty common in the major cities, ladies wonder from protection and regret getting stuck out in the world. Relying on the coin of a person with money to comfort him at night isn't something to be ashamed of. It's dangerous out in the world, allow me to take care of you both. you'll love realizing your life got better and of course you make a little money depending on how nice you play."Bookmark here

He finished, grabbing a handful of high-value coins and dropping them in front of them with a smirk on his face. Looking down to ogle their breasts once again, this time his eyes seeing Miyaura causing his eyes to nearly eject from his head. It was like he was being drawn in by a mysterious force as he inched his hands and face closer. Marco was struck with fear hearing the words that progressively came from Alexander's mouth, causing him to take a few steps back.Bookmark here

"...Miyaura."Bookmark here

"Bet!"Bookmark here

With a quick movement into stance, Miyaura immediately delivered a direct punch to the man's densely armored torso. The force of her punch causing the metal to warp around her fist as the force bypassed its defenses entirely before launching the man clear across the room and over the heads of other mercenaries and guild members present. Leading Alexander to crash into a dense stone wall clear across the room, breaking part of the wall itself. Alexander's body lied slump against the wall with blood seeping from his nose and mouth. Everyone looked at his body for a few passing seconds before he began to cough prompting Marco to run over to his friend.Bookmark here

"That felt great! I held back a lot but do you think we'll be in trouble?"Bookmark here

"...oh...fuck."Bookmark here

Seeming to forget where they were over their anger, they both had quickly realized they were still in a guildhall and nearly fatally injured a guild member. The two girls looked quite embarrassed and a little fearful of what was to come as their eyes scanned the room to see everyone's reaction. To their surprise, as they looked around they would be women sitting at different tables and different groups they were with all gave them thumbs up, a smile, and a nod of great approval. All the while the mercenary's gazes were split. Reactions spanning from looking at the knight slumped against the wall. Looking at the girls cautiously, from the display of damage they could see how easily the girl could take them out. The least amount of men laughed and applauded seeing all the women inside the hall react gratefully to Aisellia and Miyaura. Shocking them even more so they turned more to the side to see the two clerks behind the counter were giving them the signals of approval just like the rest of the women as well.Bookmark here

Half an hour later...Bookmark here

Aisellia and Miyaura would be walking outside of the guildhall doors back onto the public street. Aisellia however held a new small bag on her side.Bookmark here

"Sorry, we had to put your personal info into some detail in there."Bookmark here

"Hmm, it's fine. While you were filling out the papers I thought I might have hit him too hard for a human so having them think I'm Demi doesn't bother me. Maybe I'll be able to make a new impression for us all."Bookmark here

"I'll do my best as your handler! I want you to be able to have fun."Bookmark here

The two girls nodded and smiled as they began to walk down a street heading east. Aisellia retrieved one of few papers from her new bag and began looking it overBookmark here

" know those were official documents right? That'll have our info for our mercenary border passes right? They'll also let us get into very exclusive cities only short of the mountain-high walls the capitals have."Bookmark here

"Yup! I made sure everything was me! Well, not EVERYTHING hee-hee!" Miyaura said before giggling at her joke.Bookmark here

"I can definitely see everything that went in on your side was you. So you labeled me as a master...?"Bookmark here

"Yup! You're Karna's Master, and I see myself as his adorable sexy sidekick which makes you OUR master! Smart huh? I had this crazy idea that it might make it easier for your rank to go up if they knew you were the head lady in charge of this outfit!"Bookmark here

Miyaura explained confidently.Bookmark here

"Miyaura...thank you meant Master as in the owner of slaves. So as far as the system is concerned it looks like I own you and him." Miyaura became shocked, her head hanging low at the realization of what she had done.Bookmark here

"Hm. Sounds kinky but I'm all for it." Hearing his voice the girls looked forward to seeing Karna standing in front of them.Bookmark here

"I'll just say, earlier? Pretty awesome. I didn't expect to pass out though heh heh. Seeing something that amazing might have killed your average man. Which I'm not obviously. I repeatedly get to realize just how lucky the world is to have you two it in. Even more so and importantly, Me! Haha."Bookmark here

"Obviously not! Let's buy rooms at an inn, we have to talk about something important."Bookmark here

Miyaura looked over to Aisellia who scorned Karna with her words and intense glare. Seeing her friends switch in mood upon seeing him compared to her happy one confused her for a few seconds before she caught on to what Aisellia thought was important. Prompting Miyaura to place her hands on her hips and attempted to match her friend's glare. Yet hers appeared more like pouting since she wanted to backup Aisellia.Bookmark here

"Yeah! We've got a bone to pick with you, sir!"Bookmark here

Hearing Miyaura's words caused Karna to smile and Aisellia to deeply blush. Seeing Karna bouncing his gaze back and forth between their face with a goofy grin on his face. It took time but Miyaura's face quickly matched Aisellia's deep blush as she realized what he was thinking and what Aisellia knew where his mind went from the beginning. Looking away in embarrassment, she soon lifted her head shyly peeking up at Karna, with a smile on her face, blushing face to the ground through it all. At the end letting out a deep sigh before taking a step forward causing her chest to press against his torso.Bookmark here

"Stop fooling around and lead us to the inn. You must have seen one by now after the whole time you were out here doing nothing."Bookmark here

As triggered by the contact of their bodies, he went into an obedient state with a smile of bliss ever-present. On command leading the way to their destination.Bookmark here

Karna: "Please, Right this away my Master!"Bookmark here

Aisellia Rae: "That's another thing we three need to talk about..."Bookmark here

Karna: "I'm okay with it, it sounds like a fun option to explore."Bookmark here

Aisellia Rae: "You're thinking lewd things of us aren't you?"Bookmark here

Karna: "Of course!! Nothing better could come into existence in my mind than anything dealing with you two."Bookmark here

Aisellia Rae: *sigh* "I feel like it's getting too easy for me to know what pervy stuff you think of. At least you're honest with me, that's about all I can ask for I guess."Bookmark here

Miyaura: "I like the whole idea!"Bookmark here

Miyaura exclaimed. Quickly walking up and embracing her from behind. She startled Aisellia who turned her head to see her friend grabbing her from behind, seeing Miyaura smiling at her.Bookmark here

"Every little bit of it. It's a view into my very own paradise."Bookmark here

"B-both of y-you calm down for a s-second please!" She yelled out, her face a deep red, her head becoming heated to the point steam could be seen coming off of her.Bookmark here

"You two are going to kill me with your lewd levels. Give me a second to cool off please!"Bookmark here

Karna began chuckling to himself attempting to hold in his laughter while Miyaura giggled and with a smile crouched next to her crouching friend and ran her hand gently across her back to console her.Bookmark here

From the dark reaches of an alley, Alexander lurked, bandaged up and without his armor or weapon. Angrily he gritted his teeth, eyes glaring at Karna.Bookmark here

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