Chapter 16:

A Friendly Wager

Azure Sins (Pure ver.)

The next morning...Bookmark here

Aisellia could be seen in a sound slumber. Rays of sunshine shining, slightly illuminating her face inside their darkened room, the new dawn shined through the slit in the curtains covering their window. Her face scrunched up in reaction to the sunlight, leading her to slowly open her eyes. Aisellia's blurry sight slowly came to focus as she opened them. Resistingly, her eyes opened slowly. The first thing she came to notice was being nude male chest that her head had been resting on while she slept, her hand resting flat on the male's stomach comfortably. Her face grew blushed red, eyes soon promptly seeing an all too familiar pair of breasts resting pressed against the male's chest from the opposite side. Aisellia's eyes shifted around to analyze her situation. Quickly moving from the familiar breasts to the face of their owner Miyaura. Soundly sleeping on the male's chest as well. A sensation jolted through her body, causing her eyes to leave the sleeping Miyaura to the man's face of who they slept on only to see it was a sleeping Karna.Bookmark here

(W-what? How did I?....why are we sleeping together?!)Bookmark here

Quickly a sensation caught her by surprise. Her eyes shifting downward, although she could not see it from her position she felt Karna's hand stroking her rear, his hand repeatedly rubbing on her while he slept. She could feel the sensations of his touch, causing a physical reaction within her lower region. Feeling the grip he held her ass inside the palm of his hands, his fingers lewdly squeezing her with a slight roughness.Bookmark here

(Even in his sleep he's still touchy?! Hmph!)Bookmark here

Even under his touch, she did not pull away. In her mind, she admitted her own enjoyment with it, hesitantly becoming submissive to his touch. Aisellia then to her surprise let a lewd sound escape her lips to the feel of his touch. Her eyes seeing his other hand wrapped around Miyaura's back and under her arm, groping her chest as well.Bookmark here

(Mmm...his hands...admittedly they're pleasingly warm.)Bookmark here

Aisellia's breath grew a little heavy, feeling the sensation made by his hand fondling her behind. Instinctively she raises and places her leg over and onto Karna's leg under the blanket covering their bodies together.Bookmark here

(It feels...good in a way, better than good really...I can feel it, a warmth filling my body. This feeling like It might- Ah! Tingle all the way down through the tips of my toes!)Bookmark here

Karna's hand would run along Aisellia's back before returning to her butt to fondle it, leading yet another moan to escape her lips once he gripped it.Bookmark here

(Ah! Be gentle you...Mmm, this feeling. Is this what Miyaura meant? It really is a euphoric feeling.)Bookmark here

She thought to herself as her hand caressed his bare chest, taking her freedom to cuddle closer to him, pressing her breasts against his body. Her body involuntarily squirmed, her endurance being tested while his fingers squished her plentiful flesh between them. Resting her head newly next to his neck. Simply catching his scent being this close to his neck caused Aisellia to begin to breathe heavily while being touched, her breasts pressed and shifted against Karna, sending her into a barely audible sensual whimpering. Instinctively Aisellia pressed her body against hers as much as she could as if a mysterious force pressed their bodies against each other, a slight familiar feeling warmed her body. Bookmark here

(I-I feels...I've had romantically intimate partners...but from just touching my butt? Is this real? I might...I m-might actually...for the first t-time...this feeling can't be rea- Mmph!)Bookmark here

Surprised by her own actions she caught herself and quickly removed herself from the bed with an embarrassed expression on her face.Bookmark here

(W-what am I doing? W-why did it feel like that? He was only touching my butt yet it felt Mm, his touch is a good way. It's strange what a difference there is, my ex-boyfriend was nowhere near capable of doing that with just their touch, much less anything else satisfying. All the narcissistic talk for the men in the capital but plenty of women can tell none of them know how to do much but satisfy themselves. The girls were so simple-minded they accepted that as the standard of men's capabilities...Huh, I guess that might have included me huh? I might have too without knowing it in more ways than one.)Bookmark here

Aisellia quickly removed herself from the bed. Watching the two soundly sleep, Aisellia questioned her reactions while seeing the sleeping Miyaura take advantage of the newfound space and laid her entire body on top of Karna's, smothering his chest with her breasts while the two soundly slept together.Bookmark here

(Wait why am I even thinking about these things?! I'm a noble and he's just a perv with no sense of decency! He's low why do I-?)Bookmark here

While she was lost in her thoughts she could see Miyaura slowly waking up, using her hands to press onto Karna's chest and lift herself up to sit on his waist. Miyaura stretched and yawned before rubbing her eyes, soon noticing Aisellia was standing beside the bed instead of being in it.Bookmark here

"Oh, you're up already Aisellia? You looked like you were sleeping just as great as us. He's more comfortable to sleep on than he looks huh?" Miyaura said smiling at her friend.Bookmark here

"M-Miyaura how did I end up in bed with you two?!"Bookmark here

"Hmmm." Miyaura hummed putting a finger to her lips while going into her memory "After you passed out, Karna overloaded me too. Then I started getting real sleepy. We saw you on the floor. You looked really uncomfortable and cold so I put you into bed with us to keep you warm. I couldn't let you get dirty and sick from being on the floor."Bookmark here

Aisellia looked down to the ground inspecting the area where she remembered generally falling. Taking note of how old the wood appeared, also how slightly dirty and cracked it was. Aisellia looked back up to her friend and folded her arms under her breasts. Closing her eyes for a moment Aisellia let out a deep sigh before opening her eyes once again and looking at Miyaura, seeing her roll over and sit herself on top of Karna's pelvis.Bookmark here

"Hmph. It could have just been us, I don't feel like he should be so intimately cuddled against me."Bookmark here

"But sleeping on him had to be the best sleep I've had yet. From how comfy you looked, I'd think you would agree!"Bookmark here

She said cheerfully with a smile on his face, leading Aisellia to embarrassingly look away and pucker her lips.Bookmark here

"Come on. You know it was great!"Bookmark here

"...Ok fine. It might not have been SO bad. Are you happy now?"Bookmark here

Miyaura giggled, being able her friend agreed but just didn't want to admit to it. Just as Miyaura opened her mouth she stopped, something else getting her attention. Aisellia, seeing her friend open her mouth to speak but stopped turned her gaze to Miyaura curiously interested in what stopped her. Miyaura's eyes drifted down.Bookmark here

"Hm? Somethings pressing-?"Bookmark here

Without warning a sensual moan escaped Miyaura's lips, making her body grow weak and fall forward. Both her hands were firmly planted onto the bed on each side of Karna's head.Bookmark here

"Oooo, S-something hard keeps pushi-!"Bookmark here

Aisellia's face could only express her surprise, looking at how she sat on his body both could quickly deduce what was happening. Unlike her friend, Miyaura happily smiled while leaning over Karna, looking down onto his sleeping face. With a smile and her cheeks blushing red. It was then Karna's eyes slowly opened, seeing Miyaura on him with her breasts resting on his chest. Realizing what he was feeling on his chest, lower body, and the attractive face staring down at him lead Karna to immediately smile smugly.Bookmark here

"Good morning sleepy!"Bookmark here

"Mornin! I would ask why you are straddling me but I'm rather enjoying it while not knowing so much heh-heh. I hope this is one of the privileges I get to wake up like this more often?"Bookmark here

"As long as I'm around, you can wake up any way you request more often. Hee-hee!"Bookmark here

"Ooo I hope that's a promise!"Bookmark here

Suddenly Aisellia flailed her arms around cutting the two off.Bookmark here

"Hey hey hey! I'm still in the room people."Bookmark here

"That just makes it even better!" He said quickly in response. Turning his head towards Aisellia, a confident smirk on his face making Aisellia promptly close the distance, Miyaura quickly reacted by reflex and sat up once again, allowing Aisellia room to forcefully chop Karna in his neck, knocking the wind out of him. Suddenly a single knock on the door got all three of their attention before it quickly opened.Bookmark here

"All of the mercenaries left for the meeting with the nobles for the mission later this week, I noticed I didn't see you young ladies yet so since you're new I just want to help you make sure you make it on time and-"Bookmark here

The elder woman's words quickly stopped as she saw the two girls and Karna together in their positions, even the elder woman's cheeks growing rose red, covering her mouth in the process.Bookmark here

Miyaura: "Hi-Hiii!"Bookmark here

Karna: "Yo!"Bookmark here

Aisellia Rae: "I-I promise it's not what it might look like!"Bookmark here

Elder Woman: "Oh dears it's nothing to be ashamed of the passions of youth. It's completely fine for a lady to have a healthy intimate life, although I see the three of you are closer than most young ones."Bookmark here

Miyaura: "We're getting closer by the day! Today makes a month and two weeks we've all been together!"Bookmark here

Aisellia Rae: "It's not exactly like that!"Bookmark here

Elder Woman: "No need to feel embarrassed, he IS quite the handsome young man. If a little one comes into the picture you better be responsible for each of these young ladies."Bookmark here

Aisellia, Miyaura & Karna: "L-L-Little one?!"Bookmark here

They all exclaimed simultaneously. Aisellia and Karna looked rather shocked but Miyaura placed her hands on her cheeks looking quite excited by the thought.Bookmark here

"Young ladies deserve every bit of respect as you would want for yourself. To be together you all must trust each other greatly. So many people, no matter gender, often use and abuse each other in an endless cycle of hatred and pain. It surprised me at first but it brings my heart much joy to see you three get along the way you do. Reminds me of my old traveling companions in my day. So young man be gentle with a woman's heart, it's one of the most precious things left in our world today."Bookmark here

Karna sat up completely in the bed, Miyaura keeping her position sitting on him. Wrapping her arms around his neck to stay balanced. Both girls turned to look at Karna who held a smirk on his face.Bookmark here

"Hm, you know what? These two have given me an opportunity to live in the company in ways I could only wish for until I met them. I'm far from the nicest guy around but...they accept me. I'm honestly pretty selfish so I can say, there's no harm I'd let come to these two. Or anyone I'd let take them away from me. Unless they decide to leave themselves of course..."Bookmark here

All three women were stuck in place, their faces revealing their surprise at his words. Aisellia looked rather saddened by his statement but she soon blushed, shyly diverting her eyes as she spokeBookmark here

(There goes his pure honesty again. It's been as if he speaks his mind and heart, even if what he says may be too much. When it comes to how he feels about us, he doesn't hold back, it's actually a little endearing. Karna...for years you must have been living a lonely nightmare due to who you are...) "...That's actually very sweet of you."Bookmark here

Miyaura on the other hand had her surprise change to a happy smile, although the joyful tears which began flooding from her eyes caught him by surprise. She quickly used her arms already hanging around his neck to pull herself into him to embrace him in a hug. Her chest pressed firmly against his which brought his goofy smile to light.Bookmark here

"As best girl of paradise, I promise to do my best to make it the best paradise ever no matter what!"Bookmark here

Later...Bookmark here

The trio would be walking down a busy area of the city. Aisellia letting out a depressing sigh.Bookmark here

"Geez, that was embarrassing...You owe me a favor now, got it?"Bookmark here

"Wait why do I suddenly owe you a favor? I had nothing to do with that old woman walking in."Bookmark here

"You owe me for taking advantage and sleeping with me! If you must know."Bookmark here

"What? As much as I likely enjoyed it I wouldn't say I took advantage, maybe Miyaura since she likes it but I'm mostly sure that's it."Bookmark here

"While you were sleeping you sure had an advantage being able to lewdly rub my butt."Bookmark here

"What?!" Karna questioned, suddenly seemed very depressed from the news.Bookmark here

"I wish I was awake to feel it. How could I be so dumb? That's it! I'll never go full sleep mode again! I will teeter on the balance of life and death!"Bookmark here

He said with determination in his eyes, leading Miyaura to giggle in reaction to his declaration.Bookmark here

"Maybe if I-" he began, sneakily moving his hand behind Aisellia, attempting to grope her rear, but his hand was quickly smacked away by Aisellia who then folded her arms glaring at him.Bookmark here

"Hey, I already permitted you to do those pervy peeks you so enjoy, I never said you could touch me freely. Hmph!"Bookmark here

She finished, turning her nose up to the air looking like she was pouting, her cheeks filling with air after she finished speaking. Karna looked saddened having his hand swatted away before turning a curious eye over to Miyaura minding her own business while they walked together. With the rise of a mischievous smile on his face, Karna's other hand slipped behind MiyauraBookmark here

"Hm?" Miyaura hummed questionably, being surprised from suddenly feeling a hand groping her rear, causing her eyes to open widely. Her gaze turning to Karna, acknowledging it was him which lead her expression to change to a happy one. A smile on her face before looking forward and happily letting him carry on.Bookmark here

"It continues to amaze me how much you let him get away with things like that."Bookmark here

"Hm? Why? I want him to! It satisfies my own along with him. With melons like these, it feels good to have them massaged every now and then along with other muscles and stuff. I'm best girl after all! As long as I'm best girl I don't mind. If I'm being honest I like it whenever he does! The surprise ones are my favorite! Tee-Hee!"Bookmark here

"Best girl huh? Wait, what does that make me?"Bookmark here

"Best Princess of course!" Karna answered in response to Aisellia's question. He turned his gaze towards her, smiling happily.Bookmark here

"That doesn't sound much like a compliment considering how negative nobles are out here..."Bookmark here

"As an official best girl I give him all rights and exclusivity to my body!"Bookmark here

"Best girl with the best thighs!" Karna said happily with a bright smile on his face, his hand removing from Miyaura's rear.Bookmark here

"Plus he just does it until he's satisfied. I've decided it's a top priority as best girl!"Bookmark here

Miyaura and Karna both nodded simultaneously. Karna soon began speaking as his eyes looked over the figure of the women, both walking side by side just a couple steps ahead with the two girls look at him from over their shoulders.Bookmark here

"Think, out of all the people we've seen, we haven't come across anyone with...heh...such entrancing figures or even personality as you two girls. Across the regions, the best you see near commonly is a pretty face at least. The shadows of no ass or titties dim the light of the land. It just makes you two stars shine in this dark world!"Bookmark here

"What, are you an ass and boobs specialist now?" Aisellia sarcastically asked, not being able to avoid laughing to herself a little.Bookmark here

"I prefer enthusiastic observer, in some cases a connoisseur if you will."Bookmark here

(He weirdly has a point. I'm sure I don't look as desperately as him but Angelia's the closest we've seen yet to an endowed woman close to my size, even though mine are bigger than Angelia's but the marks aren't far off though. The difference is much more Miyaura's size.)Bookmark here

"It's like a double jackpot, no quadruple jackpot. You both have an ass, bust, and gorgeous faces, which is already going three for three. I could add your personalities are quite satisfying to be around as well." Karna flinched as a hand of Aisellia came and smack the back of his head.Bookmark here

Aisellia Rae: "Don't announce the contents of my figure out loud! Weirdos are everywhere!"Bookmark here

Karna: "Oooo, the knowledge of your curves for me to exclusively know? I have no issue with that of course. Sounds exactly how I like it."Bookmark here

Miyaura: "Ooo, keep it up Aisellia, with enough I can share my best girl status with you BUT only you. We can be best girls together. Doesn't that sound awesome Karna?"Bookmark here

Karna: "Sounds like paradise to me! Hahaha!"Bookmark here

Aiselia Rae: "Geez you two. Anyways how much do you stare at our butts to tell the difference between ours and other girls?"Bookmark here

Karna: "You have a particular bubble butt. Appealingly smooth and very round. Others who come close to you, not like anyone actually does, just have asses too firm with muscle but luckily for me, yours is as soft as it's round and perky. In all honesty, your ass is extraordinarily soft for its size along with your thighs. You qualify as Slim Thick in my eyes. Like Miyaura's extraordinary tits level soft, meaning there's practically no resistance. It has a natural sink & bounce to it. Miyaura has what I categorize as a THICC, with two C's. Great size, her ass rounds out like yours but her ass and thighs are completely plump and soft compared to her slim waist & wider hips. I can literally squeeze it and it can squish between my fingers. Yours perks out more than Miyaura's so it's quite noticeable through clothes, but hers has more mass to her ass, while yours has plenty of jiggle to it. If I smack it, it'll have a great bounce back and wiggle well after I smack it. if I smack Miyaura's my hand would sink into its softness and make a jiggly ripple effect. Aisellia's is bigger while Miyaura's is thicker. From a back view, your skirts hang over it before they go down to cover anything else. Perfect figures princesses!"Bookmark here

Aisellia Rae: "'s surprising and creepy at the same time you know our butts to that much detail. I'm hesitant to know how much you've studied our breasts."Bookmark here

"...I'm not apologizing..."Bookmark here

"Hmph. I guess I'll take the compliment of my booty seeing how it was accurately captured with your...observations. Plus...I kind of like being called princess. Keep that up and I'll let you continue to acknowledge the great aspects of my body, just keep up the good work of protecting us, and all of your peepings shall be forgiven. Hmph."Bookmark here

"Oh? I'm starting to feel like you get me Aisellia!" He said teasing her. Aisellia was left speechless and blushing from his words. Noticing herself she averted her gaze shyly.Bookmark here

"You hear that Aisellia?!" Miyaura yelled with stars of joy in her eyes. "He likes our booty's a lot! Score one for the best girls!" she said, raising her hand for a high five which Karna willingly high-fived her in response to her joy. "I'm on the right path. Just another push" Miyaura muttered to herself seeming to focus ahead of her but really being lost in her determined thoughts. Aisellia reached into her side bag and retrieved multiple paper sheets and slapped them against Karna's chest. Holding them against him until he took them into his own hands and began looking over them.Bookmark here

"What are these?" Karna questioned while sifting through the multiple papers.Bookmark here

"The favor you owe me."Bookmark here

"Hmm? Bounties?"Bookmark here

"Very close. Bounties you're going to do for us."Bookmark here

"Wait I'm not a mercenary why do I have to hunt these guys down? Aren't you two the real mercs here?"Bookmark here

"Because you owe me for getting handsy without my permission this morning, that's why."Bookmark here

"Ugh! Fine. But I don't even know how these things work. Torture them? Figure out where their family lives? Convert them to the light through a powerful speech of friendship?"Bookmark here

Aisellia took a finger and placed it on the paper he had in front of the stack.Bookmark here

"See this? It says dead or alive. Which mean they're wanted dead or alive."Bookmark here

"So I can-"Bookmark here

"No, you can't kill them. We'll be very busy with this so-called mission and a certain someone has their face plastered on a wanted poster with a huge reward on it. So since we'll be around a lot of different, mercs as you call them, we can't run the risk someone will know you. So I'm making sure you stay busy outside the city. Until you meet us back at the inn of course. All the ones I've handed you are local so they can't be TOO far away from here. You can move faster than both of us. My only concern is you getting lost..."Bookmark here

"Oooh! That is right! He got lost on his way somewhere else before finding us. It must have been pretty embarrassing, you ended up just a few days away from your home." Miyaura announced out loud, having forgotten that detail of their meeting.Bookmark here

"Hm, I might get lost but it'll be no issue finding where you two are again as long as you don't go too far."Bookmark here

"How so?"Bookmark here

"I have my ways, Master!"Bookmark here

Aiselllia could only sigh in response before being able to speak her thoughts. "Whatever, as long as you can get back to us. We're in serious need of money, who knows how long we're going to be traveling. So while we're busy, you'll be helping with that. There are over a dozen in that stack so being someone even as fast as you will probably be able to find two or three of them. After all, if they're still out there they've been pretty hard to find for city officials and other mercs. Likely in abandoned places people wouldn't typically visit."Bookmark here

"Mmm Nah, I'm not feeling it."Bookmark here

"Nah?!" Aisellia responded in surprise, fully turning around to face the male. Prompting the whole group to stop together.Bookmark here

"I'm a bodyguard, I'm sure it'll be a lot easier to kill them than drag them back here from some far-off place. From what this says, we still get paid. Clearly not nearly as much as them alive but I think I can balance out the ratio a little. With more of them, I'm sure it'll be fun." Karna grew a devilish smile on his face, a creepy laugh under his breath.Bookmark here

"Ugh it skipped my mind, your guy-ish enjoyment of violence swells over time. Killing demons is how you've been taking the aggression out since you woke up."Bookmark here

"I haven't let out any normal energy in a long time. It's sort of killing me inside ya know?"Bookmark here

"It's obvious now. Even if I say don't kill them you'll just say, Oops! How about this...If you can miraculously find a few of them and bring them in alive...Ugh, why do I have to resort to this?!"Bookmark here

"If I can?"Bookmark here

"If you can bring in a few of them within two can have and spend half of the money however you want."Bookmark here

"Oooo what if bring in most of them?"Bookmark here

"Karna...they are criminals from all over who have managed to hide from the law and guilds. Some of them for a short time, others for years. They've found ways to hide and likely powerful people to hide behind."Bookmark here

"Sooo if I get most of them...?"Bookmark here

"...Your ego has no bounds it seems. Hmph! Since you want to make a losing wager for yourself, then I'll humor you. If you can't, then you owe me three favors. If you can...hmm...You get half the mon-"Bookmark here

"WHACK!" Karna interrupted loudly, tossing his head back in the disappointment of what she was offering.Bookmark here

"W-what? Okay, how about I let you get a vacation day from my orders and a day doing whatever you want?"Bookmark here

"WHACK! I'd rather follow you two around all day. It's quite...satisfying I might add."Bookmark here

Miyaura walking beside them started to laugh in response to their conversation.Bookmark here

"W-what the hell do you want then? Some fantasy with all three of us sleeping in the same bed from now on, cuddling together for warmth lewdly in the night so you can wake up to a handful of ass and boob for as a reward?"Bookmark here

Suddenly Karna stopped his pace, leading Miyaura and Aisellia to take a couple of steps forward before looking back at him. There he stood with a sinister satisfied grin on his face.Bookmark here

"Oooo you're almost my level of naughty Aisellia, I'm impressed with your lewdness. But seeing how it appears all of us were thinking the idea, great minds think alike! Cuddle buddies!" Miyaura said teasingly to her friend.Bookmark here

"Shush you..." Aisellia said to Miyaura pointing a finger towards her, only causing Miyaura to cover her mouth, failing an attempt to hold in her laughter.Bookmark here

(This guy really has no shame huh?) "Fine whatever, you can have your little fantasy if you catch them all and only if you finish before we finish this mission. When you lose you have to follow every absolute order I give no matter what the request is. I will assume we have a deal?"Bookmark here

"Deal!! Now if you'll excuse me I have a bunch of nobodies to hit over and over in the FACE! Haha!" He said wearing a great smile on his face seeming happier than he'd been in a long time, walking in another direction from them whistling a happy tune.Bookmark here

"Ara ara! That was a pretty bold deal you made there Aisellia. I have no problem reaching a new level of best girl and let him feel me cuddle with him. But I wasn't expecting you to be alright with it so soon."Bookmark here

"Of course I'm not but it should be alright, that's way too many people hiding around for him to catch them all. Some are probably far off in other regions and the guild just hasn't updated what's local. So if anything he'll run out of time before he's forced to give up and come crawling back. I should make him kiss my shoe and praise me for at least letting him try." She said, gaining her own mischievous smirk as she envisioned a submissive Karna in her mind.Bookmark here

"You're a kind Princess Aisellia. I think I'm starting to get an idea of your kinks too hee-hee."Bookmark here

"W-what? T-there are no kinks! He just deserves to learn a hard embarrassing lesson is all!"Bookmark here

Aisellia began awkwardly laughing attempting to dissolve the conversation and reject Miyaura's statement.Bookmark here

(I like being submissive most of the time but Aisellia's definitely a non-physical dominant. She's barely denying being our master anymore. This is fun!)Bookmark here

Miyaura simply smiled and waited for Aisellia to stop her forced laughter. Noticing it wasn't working Aisellia ceased her laugh and immediately pointed her finger enthusiastically in the direction they were walking.Bookmark here

"Anywho let's get going. The meeting's across town and we're already going to be late. The woman at the inn gave me directions before we left. There are only two nobles who stay in this city but the other one who put up the money for the mission from other areas are going to be there too."Bookmark here

From there the two women continued their walk.Bookmark here

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