Chapter 15:

Simple Demon Nature

Azure Sins (Pure ver.)


With Aisellia walking in the lead of the trio they entered the doors to an inn. A countertop next to the door, they could see its first floor was the eating area and stairs leading up to the second and third floor where the rooms were. Aisellia being first to approach the counter they were greeted by a woman.

"Hello, how much for two rooms please?"

"Unfortunately we only have one room left on the second floor. Your timing is extraordinary. As you can see we have many mercs and guild members staying at all the inns in town. Word is a group of nobles has gathered funds for a Mission. Many from different parts of the world have gathered in the town, tomorrow the nobles who orchestrate it will be addressing any and all. I just wonder what could possibly need this many people."

"Oh? But you only have one room?"

"Hm? One room for us all?" Miyaura said cheerfully chiming in with her opinion.

"Ha! That sounds like an interesting idea to me!"

Aisellia looked back at Karna after hearing his words, seeing him simply smiling at her with Miyaura smiling as well.

(I guess these two have really bonded into each other's private space. Miyaura has a strong attraction to him and likes any opportunity to tease him, Needless to say, he's like a dog with treats. With her occupying him so much to keep him on a leash. I just have to ignore whenever he does look at me in some perverse way, with that much alone he's been more of the actual pet between the three of us. He follows us like a puppy and has been doing exactly as I say with no problems.)

Shaking her head to clear her thoughts while she looked at the other two, Aisellia turned back to the woman on the other end of the counter.

Aisellia Rae: "If it's the last room then I guess we'll have to take it if we want somewhere to sleep tonight. It'll probably be trouble if the others are just as full as this one."

Elder Woman: "You wouldn't be wrong there young lady. With the big mission the guild posted all of these mercenaries, and guild members traveled here. These nobles graciously paid for the mass accommodations at every local inn, so anyone taking part gets a room for free."

"Oooo! I just became a mercenary and my friend here is my handler! Does that mean we can stay?" Miyaura asked excitedly, bouncing on her toes from her excitement.

"Of course young lady, if you have a copy of its posting."

Aisellia quickly went into her bag, retrieving a collection of papers. Going through them she became visibly excited, finding the one she was looking for and presenting it to the cheerful elder woman.

"This one?"

"That's the one!"

The elder woman happily confirmed before stamping an ink mark on the paper.

"Have a great stay now and be careful with the mission, it ought to be very dangerous with this many people needed for it. I can see you two are very happy young ladies. I've lived many years thankfully and as beautiful girls are wary. I assume you know demons aren't the only monsters running around, it's people too. Guild members have rules set by their leaders while mercenaries are free to do whatever they want as they see fit. Not all of them should be trusted. Unfortunately, many young girls have had to endure being a victim of the lustful abuse of man and demon. I've come to understand everyone has a reason to face to waves of life, you find something to live or fight for. It's good you ladies have such a handsome man looking out for you. But I'm rambling sorry! Old people habits. You're room twenty-four!"

"Thank you for the kind warning, earlier today we had a little...issue. But my lady friend here is as strong as she's adorable so we managed to avoid anything major."

Miyaura began cheerfully smiling and swaying side to side in the pure joy of Aisellia calling her adorable, knowing just how cute and adorable Miyaura saw herself anyways.

Minutes Later...

The trio now stood inside their room with the door close behind them. Karna held a large grin on his face, Miyaura looked shyly happy, her cheeks turning red from her thoughts and Aisellia's face a matching red but her face only portrayed her shock at what the three of them were looking at. Karna however was grinning ear to ear, chuckling about the situation.

Miyaura: "It looks like that'd be the only bed for the room."

Aisellia Rae: "Yes Miyaura I can see that! W-why is there only one bed?!"

Karna: "I'm glad I became your guard. My luck's better than it's ever been when I'm with you two. Especially Miyaura' what did you call it again?"

Aisellia Rae: *Sigh* "Her Lucky Letcher factor..."

Miyaura: "Oooo that sounds awesome! What's my Lucky Letcher Factor?"

Aisellia Rae: "My only possible theory on some strange phenomenon you exude with clumsiness combined with his luck to somehow end up in very intimate or compromising positions with you, which just really excites this perv. Or how he somehow unintentionally ends up with his hands on your boobs or groping your butt. Outside of when you're normally letting him like your bodies are magnetized or something. Sometimes it offers a little peek if you're not paying attention but you are pretty good at not really giving anyone too much to see outside of us."

Miyaura: "Oooh! I admit I'm like a big eye-candy cannon and everyone likes cannons from what I've noticed. My outfit's pretty revealing but I don't mind if Karna stares at me with that smile of his. If it weren't already obvious, I like wearing this for that exact reason. I wear it off-shoulder for Karna, on the shoulder for anyone except Karna. Other than that it's very breezy and easy to move in! I know my body is eye attracting but that doesn't mean people have to be rude with their mouths and eyes like the guy earlier in armor. I know I'll get glances and stares here or there but I should be able to wear what I'm comfortable in. I know the risks I'm taking but it's all worth it! I feel they should be able to respect my wishes and rules I have with my body and my number one rule is only you and Karna can do lewd things with me!"

She replied earnestly leaning closer to Aisellia, looking into her friend's eyes attempting to convey her feelings naturally. Quickly after embarrassingly twiddling her fingers as she shyly turned away from Karna and Aisellia.

"All for me? I didn't think things could get any better but exclusive privileges sound waaay better. You're definitely in first place for best girl for sure. if that wasn't already certain. Heh-heh."

The girls turned their eyes over to where Karna was standing only to see him no longer there. Both of their eyes followed where his voice was coming from. Aisellia leaning tilting her torso slightly to the side and Miyaura turning her head to see him crouched down behind the moderately bent over Miyaura. His hands groping onto each of her thighs with each hand squishing her plump thighs between his finger. Moving one hand to lift her skirt while the other groped a handful of her rear, squeezing it in his hand. Miyaura quickly and ecstatically turned her eyes to Aisellia with a large grin on her face.

"You hear that?! I'm best girl! Hee-Hee!"

"I think that might not be the most pressing thing here Miyaura."

With a stern expression, she pointed a finger at Karna, her eyes bouncing between the two of them as she asked her question. Wanting an explanation for what was going on.

"Hey, perverts, what's this? What's going on here?"

Karna rose to his feet as Miyaura straightened her back and extended her arms to her sides. Seeing Karna slip his arms under Miyaura's, Aisellia took a step back in shock. She witnessed Karna jiggling and fondling Miyaura's bust in his hands. Both of them meeting eyes with Aisellia with a blank innocent look in their eyes as if they were confused about what she was asking for a second before simultaneously respond.

Karna & Miyaura: "Body check!"

Aisellia Rae: "Body check? You know what? I think I'm starting to get less and less surprised by the random reasons you come up with to touch us..."

Miyaura: "You should try a body check sometime Aisellia. It feels wonderful! It's like an on-the-go massage for my body!"

Karna: "A body check is essential! You never know when your aching muscles might tighten on you! Or some strange demon markings appearing for that matter!"

Aisellia Rae: "I give that a C for effort in even trying to hide it."

Karna: "I'm quite skilled at it, I have to occasionally check and ease the stress of my Master of course."

Leaving Miyaura, Karna began closing in on Aisellia

(What?! He's walking up to me! Is he going to body-check me next?! I've got to think of something quick!)

She screamed in her head, her face blushing a deep red as she attempting to think of a quick action to take. His hands raising chest level to her with a devilish smile on his face.

(W-why is my heart racing? Why am I panicking so much? It's not like he hasn't looked at me with those perverted eyes before. Right? He's stood at angles just to look up my skirt or stare down my shirt but it's not like I've let him see and feel as much as Miyaura has! He's only been given chances to squeeze my boobs a few times for being obedient. Wait, does he hold back because it's what I want? Even before this whole master thing, I suppose he has been pretty good to me. As dangerous as things are he's made me feel completely safe, on the way here when my foot was hurt, he carried me on his back. Does Miyaura feel the same way? Maybe It wouldn't be so bad.)

Lost in her thoughts Aisellia failed to realize Karna was already upon her. His fingers were gently being placed under her chin, turning her gaze directly to him, their faces only an inch apart. The sudden look into his eyes stunned Aisellia, blushing and seemingly unable to look away from his eyes. Miyaura intently watching with her hands over her own mouth.

(H-he's so close! I-I mean a good master gives treats WAIT why am I thinking of being his actual Master?... His eyes...this close...I can't deny he's really good-looking. Maybe a body check isn't that bad, even if it is an excuse to touch me more I want that? I think...I might. But still...)

Aisellia finely broke her gaze, shifting her eyes off to the side looking rather embarrassed but she stood in the position he had her in, not even attempting to create distance between their bodies.

(Even so, I want to play by my rules. Frick, it's like part of me enjoys being in control of a person so powerful, who'll submit themselves for me. I might even like being his master. I hate the very concept of slavery and the cruelty it brings but this is something different. I have to quickly think...first thing...reign him in by my leash.)

Karna: "Hm?"

"You can't take it, you'll have to earn more than what you get now. Be obedient and serve me well and I MIGHT progressively allow you more privileges. Help us be the first to complete this guild tasks and you'll possibly gain body check rights."

Karna's face lit up with joy as he created a small distance between them, separating their faces and allowing her to look the man in his eyes once again.

"If we succeed I'll let you do your thing, help us without causing problems for us, and...I-I may allow the same body check as Miyaura, seeing as how sometimes you rest your head in her cleavage or just touching her to amuse yourself. Now swear to me you'll follow my every whim until we part ways!"

She said looking quite embarrassed while doing so. Ending her short speech by extending her hand forward, Holding the back of her hand out to Karna which caught him off guard but caused him to inevitably smile before taking her hand gently into his.

"No...down there."

Karna chuckled, soon lowering himself down to one knee before her, her hand still being held in his grasp. With a devilish grin, he placed a kiss on the back of her hand, holding his lips against her skin as a few seconds passed them by. Looking down on him she was surprised, simply watching him kiss her hand like he was told stunned her, unable to look away as her heart began to race. Her surprised expression shifting into a rather lewd smile appeared, her knees shaking ever so slightly but she held herself firm. Her lips separated letting out her rather intense lewd heavy breathing.

(My hearts racing, This feels good...all through me. He immediately bowed down at my feet. I can't explain what's happening to me but...this is fucking hot.)

Miyaura giggled in the background, snapping Aisellia out of her trance to see her friend giggling shyly.

"I know what that face means hee-hee!"

"I-I wouldn't possibly know what you speak of!" She exclaimed, turning her nose up and head away from the two.

Later that evening...

Karna could be seen having a very displeased expression on his face. In front of him Aisellia held out a sheet of paper, it being the high wanted bounty they had seen earlier.

"What the hell is this?!"

"Well it-" Suddenly he looked from the paper up to Aisellia, seeing a menacing glare that even had him shook

"I swear I'll kick your face in again if you say it looks like a wanted poster..."

"Uuuh good thing that wasn't what I was going to say...definitely wasn't." He said, looking rather fearful, a bead of sweat forming and falling down his face.

(He was surely going to say that...he can't even hide it well.) Letting out a deep sigh of disappointment she continued with the conversation.

"Obviously you know it's you..."

"I bet younger you were adorable! Although it's just a feeling I get even though you have a lot of hair covering your face in that picture. If I and Aisellia weren't used to seeing you we might not have noticed."

"Is it really? That could be anyone! Plenty of long-haired people covered in dirt anywhere you go." He said, leaning closer to the paper and squinting his eyes as if he had needed to focus on the picture.

"Oh shit! Ha-ha! I guess it really IS me. Who would have thought I had fans."

With a swift swing of her hand, Aisellia smacked Karna across the head causing him to flinch and hold his head where she had hit him.

"They're not fans you idiot!!"

She said before noticing the volume of her voice, leading her to rush over to the door, opening it slightly to see no one was walking around on the same floor. The mass of noise coming from downstairs where people were drinking and eating. Closing the door once again she sighed while making her way back over to Karna where she formerly stood.

"You're a wanted criminal, there are probably so many bounty hunters looking for you."

"Eh, I don't think THAT many people are looking for me. That picture gotta be at least half a decade if not elder. I can at least remember when I let my hair grow that long. I received plenty of compliments on my hair back then, thank you very much."

"Do you remember some of these charges at least? We trust you of course but we need to at least know something about all this. I'll need to plan out our next moves so we can avoid problems. Like Nobles, from what I gather only a noble can put up this kind of money for somebody."

"Hmmm, that looks like a pretty decent list there, where should I start."

"Well...let's start with the murders. I'll be honest with you so please be honest with me, I heard a vague version in secret from Angelia but all she told me is that it had something to do with Remi."

A moment of silence came. Karna's normal sarcastic smirk fading at the mention of the murders and Remi, his expression changing to a somber one as he let out a deep sigh. The girls were visibly surprised by his sudden change, it being the first time they had seen him look kind of depressed.

"...Hey...I can pick another if you want." Aisellia said. Both girls looking rather concerned with Miyaura moving to sit on the bed next to him.

"No no. I can be honest with you. I don't remember anything personally but eventually, Remi was able to tell me what happened. Remi said she told you of how we met? Before I woke up just over a year ago..."

Two years prior...

A small stone village could be seen surrounded by acres of deforested land. Its people tending to the nearby fields which were in terrible condition. The people of the village gathered around in a crowd at the town's center listening to a robed man's words.

"My people, our land has been trampled in recent years from a war between rulers of this region. Our village isn't in the greatest condition after the order of those leaders demanded we let their hired mercenaries and soldiers use up our resources and as you all may know, it was not a pleasant time of this latest."

The people silently listened on letting the man continue.

"In light of such times, the final battle has passed us two years ago. To even our mayor's surprise, the great lore of our town has been passed by the lips of the mercenaries. Our village's demons steer away from our homes and fields, even in such a hostile area around us. It appears our demon of the crows has gained the attention of the upper class from defending both kingdoms in the war. An envoy has been sent by a man, whose son stayed in the village as a mercenary, and credited us well. In response, he has given the village a great donation. It will be assorted among the villagers in the coming days. Enough for every household and provide the funds for us to properly take care of our fields once again. Here is..."

The robed male went on, retrieving a piece of paper from his sleeve, and proceeded to read it to everyone attending. A young girl standing behind the crowd came into focus. The dirt covering her body and the single large shirt she could be seen using for clothing only portrayed her suffering during these times.

"These people...this village has been hit by war for years." Turning away from the crowd, the girl walking away, her eyes void of any form of joy.

"War left a lot of kids like me orphaned with nowhere to go in places like this all over. The people here...treat us like flies."

In her trance-like state, the little girl had bumped into a man who then scoffed at the girl before kicking her forcefully off her feet and onto the ground. Insulting her as he went on his way the girl slowly picked herself off the ground and back onto her feet, continuing her path.

"Their scarecrow is supposed to be a demon impaled and hoisted up by jagged blades. They say It was slain by a Holy Knight, or so the story goes. After the knight left, the powerful presence of the demon by itself scares demons acres away, helping keep the town alive. Their superstition managed to keep the demons away but that hasn't helped their fields. The war is over now but the crow still stands."

Now the girl stood in a grassy field just outside the village looking up.

"'s weird."

Suddenly the girl would have memories flash before her eyes. Detailing a young man with long dark hair showing up to the town. Catching sight of the orphan girl curled into a corner off the dirt road leading through the center of the village, offering her food and later being requested to help them with their demon issue.

"How could Evil be more kind than someone good?"

Her memory showing her the arrival of the Holy Knight, convincing the townsfolk the man was a demon turning them all against him and impaling him with multiple knight weapons.

(Why did they suddenly turn on him if he saved everyone? So many saw it, saw him protect us. Why...why did they pretend not to see it?)

Returning to the girl standing in the grassy fields, what she was looking up to could be seen. A young man's body was pierced through by multiple swords and spears. The spears holding his body above the ground, letting the young girl look into the still open eyes.

(When the villager's money came, things became a little better. A few lords came, surviving the journey with mercenaries to guard them. Us orphans were able to do something to entertain them or do something for a coin. If we were lucky we could get it to a store to purchase food before someone stole it from us.)

Milestones in the progress of the village could be seen, home going from stone homes with holes to decent homes. The common folk of the village's clothes upgraded from rags to decent clothing all except for the orphans.

(In just over the next few years the villagers became more entitled. Only us orphans weren't more than chore runners or messengers. Some forced to fight for entertainment, and even slaves for...degrading things I couldn't put myself through...even for food to live.)

Days and months passed into the present stormy night. Just past the tree line in the grassy field not far from the crow, a small wooden shack was stationed. Its empty interior is illuminated by a few small candles. On the floor, the young girl sat quietly through the storm. With a small hole for a window. She could easily see the downpour outside the doorway which lacked an actual door. In an illuminating flash of lightning, two figures stood outside the doorway in the darkness.

(How can a Human... bear more evil consciousness than a demon? The incarnation of evil itself.)

The two adults could be seen grabbing the young girl, having to deal with a struggle from her resisting. In the light she was able to see her attackers, making their appearances out from the illuminated by her candles around her small shack. One man was a noble wearing gleaming jewelry around his neck and fingers, the other being a man from the village whom she recognized as the man she had bumped into those years ago as she walked away from the robed man making his announcements to the village.

"Grab her already and throw her in the cart! Your village will be compensated well for these kids and teens. They'll sell well as slaves in other regions."

The nobleman commanded, the young girl fended for her life. Flailing her limbs and enabling a kick to crash into the noble's face knocking him off balance and gifting the girl an opportunity to escape the grasp of the other man and run outside into the rain.

(Why are we forsaken? Why can the human soul be so tainted into sickening filth.)

The young girl ran for her life drenched by the rain looking around to watch out for her surroundings enough to slow herself to a stop, noticing she almost ran into the crow.

(Fear? Ego? or are we naturally sinful creatures ourselves?)

The young girl reached up and took hold of one of the many swords pierced through the humanoid demon's torso. She strained herself attempting to remove it, the object only moving so slightly. Suddenly she was pulled backward, the weapon being pulled with her, removed from the body, and dropped to the ground along with the girl.

Village Man: "Quit being difficult, your useless self can finally be of use to some of us! You're one of those older urchins, you might be purchased quickly to a slaver!"

He said standing over the young girl who proceeded to quickly attempt to crawl away but to no avail due to her ankles were quickly grabbed.


Being pulled by her ankles the young girl quickly looked around and took hold of one of the spears stuck in the ground holding the crowe up. The man pulled and pulled attempting to forcefully break the girl's grip, holding onto the base of the weapon that pierced the crow and the ground alike. A handpicked up the dropped blade next to her head earning her gaze and attention, seeing the noble raising the blade up high to strike her. Quickly the girl let go of the base of the spear, allowing her body to be jerked back by the village man and causing the noble's strike to miss, hitting and breaking through the base of one of the spears.

(These questions have passed by people for generations but...something I couldn't understand for years...What would make a a human girl?)

The body of the crow fell over, almost landing on the noble who quickly jumped out of the way. With the way the crow landed, many of the spears and swords were heard forcefully snapping off inside its body.

"Filth! Your rumored crow is as disgusting as I imagined, it's just a mangled demon corpse! Only common folk could find security in a decayed corpse of a demon. Now stop struggling or instead as a slaver I'll make you my personal plaything! You're just my type hueh hueh!"

The noble said, quickly making his way over to the now retrained girl. Striking her on the side of her head with his foot repeatedly. As her body went limp from the abuse, her eyes looked upon the fallen corpse. With its head facing her, she looked into its eyes. Inaudibly begging for it someone to help her even if it was a demon.

(This isn't fair, why did MY life have to hell? Why must I suffer through this? I've had enough...please, I don't care if they all die. They're monsters too...)

The girl muttered with tears pouring from her eyes. It was then she saw the eyes of the demon glow red before suddenly being missing from that same spot. Feeling the weight on her lighten up, the girl turned around, seeing the village man being impaled by the demon's hand through his chest. Being carelessly tossed to the side. The demon now looked down at the young girl. The girl was frightened by the humanoid demon locking eyes with her. A silence passed over them before the noble's cries of fear attracted the demonic being's attention. The noble threw the sword he wielded in an attempt to kill the girl. When the noble turned to face the demon, he stood in shock. Witnessing the demon had blocked the path of the blade with its own hand, stopping it from going past him and killing the girl by allowing it to pierce through his hand, stopping the blade just before it had reached her. The young girl's eyes widened, seeing the demon stop the attack and stepping in between her and the noble.

(What makes a demon...desire to preserve humanity?)

Present Day...

"...And the rest explains itself."

He said with a deep sigh. His eyes looked up to meet with Aisellia's, he now waring an obviously forced smile as he continued to speak. Yet the girls easily saw the extreme sadness in his eyes.

"You're traveling with a pretty unstable guy here. Just think of what the people will think of my master." He said sarcastically chuckling, smirking at Aisellia

"Hmm, They can think whatever they please. It's still a massacre, but to me, it sounds like you saved those children yet I can't say I'm on your side with the killing. You're still an okay guy to me but it sounds like you were instinctively trying to do the right thing at the time. I think you intended to do the right thing. That's another thing, there will be no more killing or hitting unless I say so and that goes to both of you."

Miyaura sat next to Karna on the bed and both nodded obediently in unison. Aisellia's head perked up with an idea entering her thoughts, turning back to Karna she held a question.

"Another thing, even though Angelia says your far weaker than you used to be, you're still pretty strong and could do literally whatever you want. Why do you listen to a human girl so obediently?"

"I am doing whatever I want here with you two. It's better than doing what I want by myself if that makes any sense. It's more entertaining following you two around doing whatever you want. My journeys tend to be dull and faaar less appealing. Aaaand so far it's been a couple of hours and I haven't been chased out of this city yet. So with you two, I'm already doing better than before."

"Awww!" Miyaura screamed before taking hold of his arm and clinging to it tightly.

Karna: "To put it simply, like a human can offer ownership of their mind, body, and or soul to a demon. It kinda worked the reverse way. I am your servant now so it's like you have my undying loyalty"

Aisellia Rae: "W-wait. So I-? You're joking right?"

Miyaura: "Ooo, so it's like she's your actual human master!"

Karna: "Yup! I wasn't expecting to make it all legally official and all though. That's her doing."

He said before chuckling, teasing Aisellia with a smug gaze while he chuckled.

"When the dominant is the demon it must sustain its servant's body with its blood or else the given energy will reject the person's body and kill them. Or worse, mark them with a curse, and its energy for its soul and power to live on with it. In this case, your sin is lust right?"

She questioned blushing and turning to the side covering her chest with her arms.

Miyaura: "Oh we figured a little of that out already. Like how he's yours, I'm his but in a unique type of way. When we touch, it's like we connect, and our energy syncs. It's a tingling warmth the flows through your body from head to toe, it's an amazing feeling!"

Aisellia Rae: "So any time he's groping you or you're hanging on him, you can get that feeling?"

Karna: "Wow, not being sarcastic but you do catch on pretty quick. Miyaura had to practice with me to get a feel for it. Slowly she's progressing her powers from it. It's like matching each other's wavelength. Something like a vibe."

Miyaura: "It's like feeling our empty shells and deep down a flickering flame of our power. It doesn't make complete sense that way but when we touch I can see, the flames are not strong enough to fill the vessel for our max potential. I can feel my warmth moving to feed into his flame. Every little bit is enjoyable for me."

She said, staring off into space with her tongue sticking out of her mouth and drool slipping from the corner.

Aisellia Rae: (There goes that lewd face of hers. I don't even have to guess what she's thinking.)

Miyaura: "Just the feeling, just a touch, and he fills my vessel in so many new ways. But when he touches a sensitive spot, fills me with ecstasy head to toe, inside and out, On and in my skin, it all feels like it'll explode out of my body but in a good way."

Aisellia would have a vision flash of memories of each time she could recall Karna perversely touched or find his time to shamelessly look at them in vulnerable positions.

(So it's simply his honest desire and instincts to be so perverted, does that mean if he's conscious of it, in a way he came to terms with accepting that side of himself? From us, he gains the minimal energy to sustain his demonic physical superiority, but even more important to him he enjoys it more than anything, no matter how little energy he gets from us or any at all for that matter.)

"So Miyaura that explains your growing strength and energy. It's like assistance in pushing the limits of your vessel, your body gradually grows stronger through...connecting with Karna so that new limits can be achieved. In turn, his enjoyment of it all restores some of his lost energy which has caused him to be weaker than he was before. However we can't really fully restore it from what you say Miyaura, so it'd be sound to say it will be quite a while before we'll be able to even see his real capabilities."

Miyaura happily threw herself against Karna who had his goofy yet satisfied expression on his face, staring down at her chest which enveloped his arm in her embrace.

(It's raising her physical limits but no demonic powers or anything. Remi said superior demons have unique abilities and they held no doubt Karna's close to one, so that should make your potential pretty high if he's so strong. It sounds like our bodies interchangeably feed one another's. What about the mind and body connection theory? A servant would feed the demons their physical blood but the death risk of demon blood is almost guaranteed. What else but blood could be safely consumed? Without it, it might make it hard for them to keep their instincts in check.)

"Still not regretting my decision for my soul and loyalty haha!"

"I don't care what anyone has to say about how I let him feel me, I'll ride by my master's side! Screw the opposition!" Miyaura screamed, visibly getting pumped up with enthusiasm in what she said. Suddenly the color of Miyaura's eyes flickered and changed to a solid crimson, a demonic aura appearing around her skin slightly, showing a new dark side of Miyaura as she spoke outside of her usual cute tone of voice to one portraying her demonic seductive nature.

"If they don't like it we can let Karna paint our bodies with the blood of his enemies, right before he takes our bodies for his enjoyment in celebration of victory!"

The sudden change catching both Karna and Aisellia visually off guard. Suddenly her aura faded and she reverted to a vulnerable state with her lewd expression on her face. Her breathing became heavy as it was obvious whatever she was feeling rendering her body weak. It revealed Karna had slid a hand behind her and was squeezing her ass, sending her body into a euphoric shock causing her to fall sideways pressing her chest and weight onto his torso. The two met with lewd eyes and expressions, becoming locked between each other with Miyaura weakly looking up to Karna and he looking down onto her with a devilish smirk.

"U-um, guys?"

Karna playfully brought his lips close to Miyaura's, their eyes gazing lustfully at each other.

"I-I should g-go see if our mercenary licenses are done yet, they should be by now." Aisellia said under a burst of nervous laughter.

"Ooo...That's got to be the most alluring proposal I've heard since...well ever."

Miyaura was overwhelmed, a moan escaping her lips, lewd limits overloading her. Karna chuckled before Miyaura's eyes widened to the surprise of a gentle kiss from Karna. Her eyes rolling to the back of her head and her body quivering to the euphoric sensation as their lips pressed, separated, and pressed once again.

Aisellia Rae: "Whoa...he just went for it!"

Slowly he separated his lips from hers, but not a second later her body came back under her control. Allowing her eyes to roll forward. Afterward, she aggressively connected their lips once again. Even from the distance, Aisellia could see Miyaura sticking her tongue into his mouth before the two began their whirling of the tongues. Miyaura tossed herself on top of him; Karna falling back onto the bed with Miyaura mounting him prior to leaning forward to allow her large breasts to rest on his chest, refusing to let up. Aisellia whole body lit up a bright red, scrambling around nervously unsure of what to do from where she could tell things may suddenly head between them too.

"Oh, m-my! Um!"

Aisellia quickly said, scrambling around the room attempting to avoid looking but inevitably she could only cover her eyes with her fingers.

(...I can still hear them!)

Sliding her fingers to the side, Aisellia peeked through the self-made hole between her fingers, seeing the two locked in lip wrestling. Yet all she could see is Miyaura top-down, bottom-up, displaying Miyaura rear as it swayed in the air excitedly but Aisellia could not take her eyes off the two.

(N-no, I-I can't look away...watching them like that... it's kind of appealing in its own way...)

To her surprise Miyaura moved her head to curiously look behind herself seeing Aisellia watching, prompting the half-demon girl to smirk teasingly at her. Quickly she caught herself in her thoughts and seeing her friend reversing her position on top of the male, catching her intently watching. Her newly crimson eyes looking into her human friends.

"You look like you're enjoying this too!" Miyaura said teasingly.

"You can join us whenever you want! It'll feel good for us all!"

In response Karna gave prominent thumbs up, shortly after lifting his head, peering through his ruffled hair to see Aisellia with a smile on his face.

"Oh please do."

In turn, Miyaura lowered her lower body down onto his own upper body. Karna's arm went limp and flopped down onto the bed as soon as their bodies connected. Leading the girl on top to giggle while still looking at Aisellia.

"O-oh nooo. You two can keep doing what you're doing!" She nervously said.

"Hmph. Suit yourself." Miyaura ended, shrugging her shoulders and returning to her activity with Karna.

(So without his blood, sharing their energy sustains mental stability, as a demon it...being a perv is keeping him alive. Without it, he could be incredibly weakened and wither until he dies. Since Miyaura Is still mostly human, their lewd exchanges help them both somehow. This was the first time her eyes changed color like that, and it's the first time I've seen her so aggressive in her approach to him. Could exchanges between us three keep her instinctual cravings in check?)

After shrugging Miyaura returned to Karna who she held down with a smile on both of their faces. The two staring at each other with devious eyes for a few seconds before Miyaura broke the silence.

"Shhh, just stay right where you are." She commanded the male. Placing her fingers seductively onto his upper thighs. She was facing Aisellia, her skirt already lifted onto her lower back to provide Karna a full display.

"Now do whateeever come naturally!"

She said seductively to Karna, wagging her lower body gradually closer and closer in front of his face to obviously entice him. The sound of a smack followed by a sensual moan came from Miyaura overloaded Aisellia, her entire body burning a bright red to where heat could be seen escaping her head yet she was visually locked onto them, peering between her fingers.

"I know she's w-wearing underwear b-b-but...C-critical O-overload!!" Aisellia screamed before passing out onto the floor.