Chapter 18:

Guiding Lights & Protecting Darkness

Azure Sins (Pure ver.)

The two young demon hunters curiously looked at each other before turning back and nodding at each other in agreement. Moments later they would be walking down a less busy street as a small group with Aisellia and Elanor in the lead having a conversation while Miyaura and Shingen trailed closely behind. Miyaura walked cheerfully behind the two girls simply enjoying the walk itself. Shingen's cheeks blushed red as he looked at the happy Miyaura, his eyes beginning to trail down, his eyes becoming stuck on what was exposed of her cleavage. His eyes became fixated on how they jiggled at her every step, until he caught himself, immediately shamefully turning his head and eyes in the opposite direction. Feeling safe he made a sigh of relief as it seemed Miyaura had failed to notice, simply following Aisellia with her eyes closed and a smile on her face. Unknowing to Shingen, once he had turned to face away from her, Miyuara eye's opened narrowly, already glaring at the demon hunter leading her to close her eyes once again while fixing her attire onto her shoulders completely. In front of them, Elanor would be answering Aisellia's questions.Bookmark here

"Demon Hunters were originally called Demon Slayers for most of their existence. Our guild is close to its eighth year the guilds have been officially recognized. It's the guild who changed Slayers to Hunters and as the name might not suggest we don't only wonder looking for demons to kill, our predecessors proved the faults in that way for a cause. Many imitators existed then, cheating people for money or just special treatment it eventually ruined the reputation of actual slayers, but with many imitators and real slayers alike, it became a hero's dream taking many slayers and imitators lives...from both greedy people, surviving demi-humans and demons alike. After guilds were made, a few of the past knows surviving slayers formed a guild. By being a guild we can all ensure we are paid and properly identified as hunters for credit towards our individual work and pay. Also part of the earnings goes towards the guild."Bookmark here

Keeping his eyes astray towards the buildings they were passing, Shingen began speaking, helping his partner explain their guild to the new mercenary girls.Bookmark here

"Who would think after the rumors so many brave people and those seeking glory alike were still around, in the first three years the guild began accepting members upon invitation but in just those years members join purely at their request and the guild quickly became one of the largest Guilds to exist in those first three years."Bookmark here

"And on that fifth year, it, unfortunately, became one of the smallest guilds to exist now. It was one mission. On a mission, multiple divisions and captains were assigned to slay an imposing demon force. Unfortunately in that great force were several powerful classed demons who wiped out most of the forces with only two captains surviving the tragedy. Ever since then the demon hunter guild is simply the mocking target of other mercenaries. Some guilds have respect for what we do."Bookmark here

"So how do hunters like you two fight the demons? Even a decent group with big guns has a high chance of not surviving a demon encounter." Aisellia stated in response to the newly revealed information to her.Bookmark here

"Through the engineers in the guild, our weapons are engineered to really pack a punch against demons. I am part of the research and repair division while Shin here is part of the more front lines kind of thing."Bookmark here

"Oh? So what do you use Shingen?"Bookmark here

Shingen opened his mouth to speak but the already excited Elanor had interjected herself to answer Aisellia for him, leading for them all to stop walking, moving his cloak to the side to reveal a blue/white elegant sword sheathed on his hip. The elaborate and highly regal look of the blade caught Miyaura and Aisellia's curious attention while Elanor began her explanation of the weapon.Bookmark here

"Shin here is a special prodigy case. His weapon was given to him by the High-Priest at one of the temples before he became a mercenary. But why a sword and not a gun right? Well, this baby here is able to cut through even the toughest of demon hide. With Shin's skill in swordsmanship, he's already gotten the attention of captains in the guild even though we both passed our recruitment trial at the same time three months ago, although you could count the year of the recruitment training behind it. This weapon is most famous by name and not its appearance. The High-Priest that came from the capital called it an Angelo. Angelo in history was the weapons crafted by angels to combat demon-kind."Bookmark here

"Angelo?" Aisellia questioned the demon hunter, stunning her demon hunter acquaintances, the two curiously looking at each other before returning their strange stare to Aisellia.Bookmark here

"Yes but the angel stuff is just legend. Older members of the guilds teach us that there were weapon-smith families that formed a coalition to help slayers by repairing their weapons and offering places of rest on long journeys. Those families existed all over the continent but along with that tragedy, all of them were wiped out. With the mass of hunters the mission needed, so many were commissioned for repairs. Which brings me to MY question about YOUR weapon, I can tell what you have there is a gun but its craftsmanship reminds me so much of an Angelo."Bookmark here

Half an hour later...Bookmark here

Night fell onto the city, the group of four now present at the guildhall. On the seats attached to a table, Elanor sat on the edge seat with Aisellia right next to her. Next to Aisellia was Miyaura who sat on the table itself, with her legs hanging over the lengthy seat her friend sat. Shingen sat on the other side of the table, looking between Elanor and Aisellia as they continued their conversation. Shingen letting out a sigh in their background.Bookmark here

(How can two people talk for so long continuously? Elanor's a nice girl. Back in the market, she picked out they were newbies and likely in over their heads. Seeing how we're all going to be on this mission, it's nice she's helping them in her way to understand since they're new.) Shingen thought, hearing Elanor further educate the girls. Aisellia listening in intently making it obvious she was focusing to gain as much information as she could.Bookmark here

"To put our demon assessment simply to compare to your understanding of classes, a Lesser demon is a Daeva Threat level, meaning they can easily overtake villages and small towns but their overall abilities are basic. It takes even experienced hunters to kill one. Lesser demons are the most existent threat to lives. They may be the weakest but there are exponentially more of them than higher classed demons!"Bookmark here

"I see, and Greater Demons must be the threat level you mentioned earlier Oni?"Bookmark here

"Yes yes! Even at the academy for our guild not many people can catch on or understand much of it that quickly. Many people have joined for the simple thought of killing demons and nothing more...which is why our reputation is how it is now. Oni level demons, greater demons, are capable of widespread destruction and power however when becoming a greater demon a small percentage doesn't gain great physical prowess or abilities but something more deadly. Intelligence, becoming a minimal conscious mind they are able to plan, set traps and gain other demons as their followers!"Bookmark here

"So there is always the chance a group of demons could be led by a demon weaker than them but displays a higher intelligence? Could that be due to the mentally conscious one having a higher demonic Aura?"Bookmark here

Miyaura chimed in at the end, their conversation having caught her interest. Suddenly Elanor and Shingen bot tilted their head to the side curiously looking at her.Bookmark here

Elanor & Shingen: "Demonic...Aura?"Bookmark here

Miyaura: "Huh you guys don't know? With all the smarty stuff going on I thought that would be common knowledge for hunters."Bookmark here

Elanor Martin: "Wait what's this aura?"Bookmark here

Aisellia quickly interjected, waving her hands nervously trying to distract from the question.Bookmark here

"Oh, it's nothing! Just a little hypothesis we have going on. I'm actually trying to unveil the hidden truths about demons and their physiology. I feel if more people understood the demon threat more around the world instead of simple ignorance born from sheer fear, we may one day have a better means of defeating them and keeping our loved ones safe. Along with it, I have wished that understanding the bad demons will help people become more kind to demi-humans around the world. But Miyaura and I are just at our starting point for that dream."Bookmark here

Shingen would have a smile on his face during wiping a tear from his eye while Elanor on the other hand stressfully bit onto a handkerchief having tears descending along her cheeks.Bookmark here

Elanor Martin: " beautiful my heart can't take it!"Bookmark here

Shigen Miyamaru: "Indeed. I haven't heard such a great cause for purpose since I was training with my former master."Bookmark here

Miyaura: "Were you...?"Bookmark here

Shingen Miyamaru: "Oh no no no I wasn't a slave or anything like that. My swordsmanship Master! Before joining the Demon Hunter Guild I was trained by a knight who turned out to be a demon hunter in his youth but afterward, he became a Knight for the temple, officially being one of the original ten Holy Knights. Before he passed he made sure his wisdom, knowledge, and skill were passed on. He had no children but he once told me that I was a better child than a man like him could have a part in creating. This Angelo was his, and before that, it belonged to his master."Bookmark here

Miyaura: "So you're like a badass Holy knight without the official title? You must have met plenty of strong enemies!"Bookmark here

Shingen Miyamaru: "In short Yes. I could have continued my training to officially become one but I feel like I can do more good with the guild rather than sitting in a protected city being a Holy Knight for the social status and praise. I'm sure they've easily replaced me."Bookmark here

Shingen said in response to Miyaura, although turning his eyes towards her, seeing her twist around to face him. She had placed her knees on the seat and her torso leaning over the table, using her arms to support her body. Shingen had met eyes with the girl but his face grew red as his eyes almost began to drop down to her exposed cleavage. In an attempt not to look he could only try his hardest to keep his eye contact with her.Bookmark here

"So you are strong! I knew it! I have an eye for strong people. You'll be a great backup, although no being or person is more capable than my love to have my back hee-hee!" Miyaura said confidently.Bookmark here

(I can't move my eyes. It's taking everything I have just not to look down! I've never seen any that huge...and soft looking....NO What kind of black magic does this woman's body have?! I mustn't look!)Bookmark here

Aisellia watched amusingly already knowing what the kind boy was trying to avoid looking at.Bookmark here

"He's struggling super hard. He looks like he's going to burst a blood vessel."Bookmark here

"Shin's not even that focused when fighting demons..." Elanor stated. The two girls shared a laugh while Shingen's struggle continued to grow ever more stressful, veins pushing against his skin and sweat dripping from his head.Bookmark here

"Okay, I think we've had our fun with him long enough."Bookmark here

"Question, Is she doing it purposely?" Elanor curiously asked Aisellia.Bookmark here

"Far from it. More like she's just really comfortable in her skin and with herself. She chose her outfit design only so revealing for one man. Sometimes what shows escapes her mind. Without our guard around she can get excited thinking about him. But there's a trick. Watch this."Bookmark here

Aisellia responded, turning to the other side to face Miyaura, gently grabbing the end of her friend's skirt and lightly tugged it.Bookmark here

"Miyaura you're going to kill Shingen. It would be bad if his head exploded like a melon. Those weapons are for your one and only right? You might want to be a little more attentive with people around. It's not just us anymore"Bookmark here

With those words Miyaura's eyes widened, looking down to her chest that rested over her folded arms.Bookmark here

"Oh!" Miyaura exclaimed, leaning back returning her weight onto her knees completely while casually pulling her kimono top-attire back onto her shoulders. Drastically reducing the quantity of exposed breasts, but with her bust size, her cleavage would still be visible where the center of the clothes did not meet to cover her up as she returned to her position sitting on the table itself.Bookmark here

"Thanks, Aisellia, the full enjoyment is an exclusive members club!"Bookmark here

She said placing her hands on her cheeks, expressing a cheery smile on her face thinking of the man Karna whom she spoke of.Bookmark here

"I sometimes wear slightly more covering outfits like I am now. There's still plenty of visible skin though. But it's just a personal choice like hers. Just because there's a difference doesn't mean either are actually wrong or bad. I think others pay more attention to notice it more than the girl they're on honestly but I understand Miyaura's struggle. When you want space and air, they're not easy to just hide away, especially if you want to be comfortable without it feeling like a ton of pressure crushing your chest because of a too-small bra or going through a heat stroke from a tight shirt with no breathing room. They should really increase the fabric for the chest in clothes for bustier women."Bookmark here

Aisellia started to say looking down at her chest placing her hands onto her breasts and letting out a deep sigh.Bookmark here

"A busty girls struggle I guess."Bookmark here

"Yeah and Oh! Sorry, Shingen I didn't notice! You're nice so it would be sad if your head burst like a melon!"Bookmark here

"I-it's fine." (Melons are too convenient to compare things to here.)Bookmark here

He said through his nervous laughter. Aisellia eyes caught something from the side of her vision, turning her head towards Elanor who had lowered her head to Aisellia's chest level, inspecting her chest.Bookmark here

"I don't know if you two know this but you're substantially more busty than the average woman!"Bookmark here

Elanor extended a finger and poked Aisellia breast, causing her to blush and cross her arms over her chest to cover them, which lead Elanor to seemingly teleport over to Miyaura and poked hers. Seeing no reaction from Miyaura but a curious look, watching Elanor slowly pressed her finger against one of Miyaura's breasts and slowly pushed her finger inward slightly.Bookmark here

(Whoa, I barely pushed and my whole finger sunk in! These are like some kind of super boobs!) "They're bigger than captains, she has big ones too hee-hee! All the lower-ranked men in the guild can't ever stop mentioning her figure. I'm a little jealous, those guys over there have been breaking their necks the whole time looking at you two. The attention, not them."Bookmark here

Elanor finished saying gesturing over to the guys she spoke of at another table. Leading Aisellia and Miyaura to simultaneously look over at the table she was talking about. Most of those men quickly turned away attempting to hide their fawning shame but one kept looking, soon meet eyes with the girls, then winking his eye knowing when he had their attention. A look of disgust suddenly struck Aisellia and Miyaura's faces, shuddering in disgust while Elanor went back to her seat laughing at their immediate expressions of disgust.Bookmark here

"You two are hilarious! A lot of free march girls like the idea of being taken care of or just sleeping with a well-known mercenary if even just for a few nights to feel secure and safe, maybe start a family somewhere safe if they could. This area's dense of demons, it's everybody's fear of what happens way too often in the world. It really makes you think about how short life can be and even the things the monsters can take away. Something like that...can break a girl in so many ways, you're scared think maybe you'll find someone to rid you of that fear and trauma. Monsters...humans and demons can hide behind a disguise just to take advantage of someone..."Bookmark here

Elanor said with a sorrowful tone in her voice. Her eyes looking up at the ceiling as she seemed to drift off into a dark thought. Aisellia and Miyaura could both see the saddened look on her face, both turning to Shingen who held his head low, his hair preventing them from seeing his face while sitting in silence. The two girls looked at each other with a very concerned expression before Aisellia turned to gently place her hand onto Elanor's shoulder. Miyaura's eyes shifted to the side, seeing one of Shingen's hands clenched tightly into a fist. Once Aisellia's hand touched her shoulder, tears fell from Elanor's eyes catching herself by surprise and laughing at herself while she wiped her tears away.Bookmark here

"Sorry, sometimes I just go on a tangent! But that guy that was looking is B-class mercenary and has been making a little name for himself in the area, well him and his friends anyways." Elanor explained herself to them but Aisellia and Miyaura still looked concerned for her.Bookmark here

"I'm fine I promise! After I met the captain my life changed for the better, it was her that inspired me to join the academy and guild."Bookmark here

Aisellia Rae: "Oh? You've mentioned this captain before."Bookmark here

Elanor Martin: "Yes! The guild has different divisions each with a captain. The captains are phenomenal in power and skill. Even as humans they're able to fight off lesser demons with ease, each has slain at least five greater demons for their title. They've honed their skills and body to near supernatural limits, it's believed even outside of our guild the captains are a force of their own. With our bad reputation and our member decrease rate, it's well understood the captains are the reason we are able to still have a guild. For example, the nobles paying for the mission requested a few captains to participate but our captain came alone, with us of course. I'm her personal assistant and Shin is the upcoming swordsman of the divisions."Bookmark here

Shingen Miyamaru: "I'm not that great Elanor. I wouldn't be able to come close to a captain's skill."Bookmark here

Elanor Martin: "I'm sure you'll become lieutenant soon Shin. I believe in you!"Bookmark here

Shingen Miyamaru: "Thank you Elanor, I'll do my best not to let you down....not to change the subject but I think you girls managed to get someone's attention. That guy's walking over here and I get the feeling it's not for me."Bookmark here

Noticing the warning he gave them, the three women curiously looked forward out into the room, seeing two mercenaries walking towards them with smiles on their faces. Just before the men reached them, a person came running through the guildhall and stopped beside the two men.Bookmark here

"Boss! We lost Johnny, Mackie, and Pagus in the raid!"Bookmark here

"What? How? We had the jump on all those bounties hiding out together."Bookmark here

"That's just it! Some monster...or some person? I don't know what that thing is! It looked like a man but he was trying to steal our hunt. We warned him with our new guns and he said something about he can't kill THEM because of a deal but that didn't mean he couldn't do anything to us and turned away!"Bookmark here

Hearing the man speak and characterized the person, Aisellia and Miyaura listened curiously as the man's story unfolded. Yet once the minion spoke of a deal paired with a threat they began to look nervous. Both girls averting their eyes from anyone's gaze awkwardly.Bookmark here

"So did you get the prey?"Bookmark here

"That's just it boss, we shot him but he didn't go down. It only just pissed it off! It had crazy speed and choked Mackie before using him and the others to smash a hole in the wall one by one with their bodies and laughed the whole time doing it.-in his words- I won't have to walk around to the front door. The enemy began shooting at all of us so we just got out of there!"Bookmark here

"I assume they're at the medical station if you're hanging out here. So what of the monster you mentioned?"Bookmark here

"No clue, after he made the hole with our guy's bodies the enemy started shooting. Last I saw he went into the building by himself."Bookmark here

"Good job reporting in. Go rest up and I'll join you and the rest in a bit. I have something I want to check out."Bookmark here

He said placing his hand on the minion's shoulder, leading him to join their group while he and the other member walked forward a short distance until they stopped close to Aisellia's table. Not wasting any time they began looking over its mostly female occupants looking rather smug while doing so.Bookmark here

"Quite the table of attraction over here. Three beautiful ladies and a nice boy. These two in uniform already signed a death warrant joining that guild when they put those cloaks on. But you two are the rumored newbies of the day, and I gotta say the boys weren't lying about how stacked you girls are."Bookmark here

As he finished his sentence his eyes began to trail down but Aisellia quickly smacked him from under his chin with a thin metal rod she had bought earlier. Heaving kept it hidden on her person until now. She had lifted his chin up to keep his eyes off her own and Miyaura's. It was now the girl's facial expression shifted into an annoyed glare.Bookmark here

Mercenary Leader: "Let me offer you a place of safety and security with me in my crew I-"Bookmark here

Miyaura: "That's ok! We appreciate you trying to help though!"Bookmark here

Aisellia Rae: "I can't believe you guys think that's how you should start a conversation...Anyways we have someone for protection."Bookmark here

Miyaura: "He's the only person we'll ever need really!"Bookmark here

Mercenary Leader: "Trust me ladies you can't make better money around here without a group. It gets very...helpful to give someone something they need. Favor for favors. You'll just end up dead with these two and I personally think that would be a waste. This business can get...lethally competitive. Some don't like others getting in the way of their coin. We have a couple of ladies of our own, I'm sure they could help you get comfortable with...favors...for your other group members. It earns a lot."Bookmark here

Aisellia and Miyaura let out a depressive sigh, seeing the man wasn't taking the hint well.Bookmark here

"Ugh, so lame. *Sigh* Here we go. Trust ME, we're doing a lot more than fine in our safety and company currently." Aisellia proclaimed laughing under her breath and smirking. Her comment leading Miyaura to giggle in the truth she found in multiple degrees in the comment.Bookmark here

"Much more better looking too, he's always looking so delicious. Mmph!" Miyaura said, letting out an excited oomph at the end. Her eyes rolling upward as she sensually bit her bottom lip; being physically caught up in thinking about him it sent pleasurable shivers down her body. Seeing this caught both Elanor and Shingen off guard, both blushing by what they could tell was going through her mind. Elanor began to overheat from intensity which led Shingen to begin fanning her in the background. The mercenary was drawn back a bit, looking insulted. Suddenly the minion from before came racing back over to his leader. The mass of female gasps and murmurs filling the room quickly gained all of their attention towards the entrance to the hall, seeing Karna standing at just where the gathering area began with what remained of his attire.Bookmark here

"Huh? This guy must have had a rough day. Looks like another new merc got robbed on the roadside. He must have the worst luck of all."Bookmark here

He said chuckling at his statement, his eyes turning back towards the ladies to see Elanor's blood rushed to her head, turning her face entirely red. He could see Miyaura seductively smiling at the guy, licking her lips, while Aisellia continued to face the mercenary leader with a smirk on her face.Bookmark here

"Oh...Oh my!" were the only words to escape Elanor's face as she blushed, placing her hands on her warm cheeks.Bookmark here

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