Chapter 19:

Unlikely Bonds

Azure Sins (Pure ver.)

"That's the guy who took out fourteen of our guy's boss!"

"Fourteen? I thought you said he only took out four!"

"No sir, I only reported the four fighters and gunmen you liked!"

With the attention of attraction and envy Karna drew, he began to stretch. His eyes scanning around and expressing himself with an exhausted sigh.

"Young, deviant looking with no protective gear. Sounds like the other guy people have mentioned over the last couple of days. Some of the other groups mentioned a guy coming in here earlier turning in a handful of jobs. Looks like there's an impressive bunch of new people joining lately. You girls could get a lot partnering with us pro's instead of reckless, useless, unlucky, deadbeat rookies like-"

A sudden snap of Aisellia's fingers quickly got the attention of everyone close to her, all but Miyaura who happily smiled, swinging her feet joyfully patient. They all looked at her fingers and back toward Karna, only for all of them to be taken by surprise, seeing him already standing among them. The mercenaries jumped back a couple steps out of caution to make space between them and Aisellia's group. Karna's eyes met the men's from the corner of his eye as he walked past them, a look that only displayed how much he found them nonthreatening.

"This is the saddest I've ever seen you. I assume it has something to do with your missing clothes?"

Karna let out a depressive sigh, hearing the question asked by Aisellia.

"Some dumbasses shot me. By the end of it, there wasn't much of them left...Remi made me that jacket. So excuse me if I'm not very happy right now."

*Sigh* "I'll buy you new ones. Just go to your happy place and calm down."

"Aww, my poor hallow of darkness!"

Miyaura said endearingly after Aisellia offered to buy him a new one. Miyaura reached her arms out for him to embrace him in his sadness. Karna moved towards her, scooting his feet depressingly on his way over to her. Miyaura widening the space between her feet that rested on the seat, making enough space for Karna to take the seat between her legs, becoming face to face with her chest. Karna purposely snuggled his face away into her cleavage of which Miyaura's gentle smile showed her please. She wrapped her arms gently around his head, holding his face deep into her busom while she cradled his head in her arms, using one hand to gently stroke his hair. The mercenaries and Shingen were overloaded with an apparent shock and envy. With Shingen struggling to look away and the mercenaries only seemed to gradually grow angrier seeing the male enjoy the position he was in of which was where they wanted to be.

"There there, happy place. Let me get you all warm and snug!" She said sweetly snuggling his face further between her breasts. Miyaura casually looked up to the mercenary men watching, teasingly sticking her tongue out towards them.

Mercenary Leader: "So this one is this girl's boyfriend?"

Miyaura: "B-boyfriend?! I like to think of it more as we're all together. B-but I wouldn't say I'm against it."

Karna: "*Muffled sounds*"

Aisellia Rae: "Your face is smothered so they can't hear you."

Elanor Martin: "You can understand him?"

Aisellia Rae: "After being with him for a while you learn some things."

Miyaura quickly flinched, a barely audible whimper escaped her lips as his head lifted along her chest from between her breasts, reaching the top of her cleavage everyone could see Karna's tongue extended, his tongue running along the crevice of her chest. His tongue continued to rise until it reached the base of her neck. Elanor began overheating once again, covering her face with her lips and leading her partner Shingen to quickly attempt to fan her off with haste. Karna slowly turned his body around in his seat, having Miyaura now at his back. Karna lied down along the long seat, his head landing to rest on Aisellia's thighs comfortably. His face snuggled its way into her thighs until he found himself comfortable facing the mercenaries. Aisellia's face looking confident but not minding what he did.

Karna: "They're with me. As you can see we're all together. We're working on a word for it and I'm a little possessive."

Mercenary Leader: "What?! Do you think you can just claim you own girls like a dog? You girls deserve better men! Even the trash mercs gotta be better than this dog."

Miyaura: "He's done a great job while being with us, we like him a lot. It's not like he owns us, we are both free and strong women who make our own choices. We choose and want him to be with us."

"It's more like we own him with how much we spoil him with." Aisellia proclaimed, taking a hand and stroking Karna's head repeatedly like she was petting her own personal pet. He could only chuckle and smile, finding humor in how she wasn't wrong in this opinion.

"I'm the type of girl that appreciates strength in loyalty, and I can say I've never met a guy more loyal to me or so loyal to a strange fault. It's actually humorous and a little entertaining now and then. Sometimes...I'm even able to forget we live in such a hell. As dangerous as it is in the world, he oddly keeps us smiling...if only for moments at a time."

Aisellia's words catching Miyaura and Karna off guard the most. Hearing Aisellia giggle while calmly smiling, stuck in a trance admiring him with her eyes as she played with his hair. Noticing herself she quickly snapped out of it and returned a bothered look at the mercenaries.

"If that is all, I hope you and your friends have a wonderful day. It can be dangerous for people if we don't keep him a peaceful dog. He gets too upset and well, you'd hate to see what he'd do to someone trying to take us away from him."

The mercenaries looked down into Karna's eyes, suddenly becoming trapped in a hallucination. The dark robes of death hovering over the group like a protective blanket. Their ears suffering from the wails of tortured souls before they were brought back to realize their reality. All stunned in fear, standing with everyone still inside the guildhall once again.

"Woof Woof..."

Karna said mimicking the dog they so claimed he was. No questions were asked as they all slowly backed away from the group leaving them alone. Karna simply turned face down, his face sinking between Aisellia's thighs.

"I suppose you did a good job scaring them off. I'll allow this...lewd nature this once I guess." Aisellia said hesitantly but Miyaura could see a smile creep onto her friend's face.

Shingen Miyamaru: "So you ladies want to introduce us to your friend?"

Elanor Martin: "Yes, please! I'm interested in this wonderful and unique bond you all have. It's so cute!"

Moments later...

"Oh I get it now, so this lucky fellow travels with you ladies trying to get Aisellia here back home. But instead of clients, you became friends and he does everything in exchange for a handful of boob?" Elanor questioned, leading Aisellia to happily answer her curiosities.

"Or ass, whatever he prefers at the time."

"At first glance, it seems a bit lewd and confusing. but if he's as you say, then it must mean he treasures more than your bodies if he's dedicated himself loyally to both of you. I mean, wouldn't it make more sense for him to dismiss two for the many? If there's one thing i've learned about men, it is that a man only stays where he really wants to be. Unless he actually does have some caring feelings for more than your well-being. Beyond just coping a feel here and there."

Hearing Elanor's words Aisellia and Miyaura both looked down to Karna's whose head still rested in the noble daughter's lap. Feeling his breathing warm her thighs she could tell he had fallen asleep in her lap.

(Hm. That...would be nice. Tomorrow makes it a little over a month since we've met, but he makes me feel...appreciated every day in his own weird kind of way.)

"I guess he does huh Miyaura? He'll carry Miyaura when she's tired, he'll carry the luggage, and does whatever I ask rarely with any complaints." Aisellia said looking down on Karna, the thought of Elanor's words being true brought a slight smile to her face. Miyaura watched happily with an even greater smile, seeing how peaceful Aisellia was lead Miyaura to add onto the praise of the man.

"He protects us from any danger, staying up late at night to watch out for us if we're somewhere dangerous. When Aisellia's feet were hurting from all the walking we did, he rubbed her feet and gets her whatever she needs. He can be rude, and it might not seem like it sometimes but he really listens to us."

(When you think of it that way, he gives us loyalty and security we desire to feel comfortable but never asked for in those ways. It's because of him we're alive but it's because of him we can feel less stressed and enjoy this life we have. We just feel lucky being able to relax and breathe. To have time not worrying about fear or trauma for a little while and replace them with happy moments of the now and future. These seems like we're the spoiled ones. No one is really lucky enough to feel as safe as we do...maybe I've been too stuck in my privilege to notice.)

Aisellia continued in her thoughts which she came to realize from Miyaura's own words.

"We all might be a little strange on our own, but we found a happiness being strange together."

Miyaura finished, smiling with her eyes happily looking down on Karna where he rested. Aisellia took the time to gently stroke the back of Karna's head as Miyaura spoke. Elanor held a handkerchief to her cheeks, drying the tears that had come to her eyes.

"Your bond is so beautiful and admirable it's hard to take! Don't you think Shin?"

Shingen would have his elbows resting on the table, his head resting and supported by the palm of his hand, looking rather saddened. It then took a couple of seconds for Shingen to reply to his partner's question.

"More like admirably lucky..."

"Hm? I'm sorry I couldn't hear what you said. Shin"

"I said it's rare enough to find people you can trust out here so they're very lucky to have someone they can trust! Mercenaries don't operate on the same rules as guilds, fewer rules in fact. A lot of people after being a mercenary seek guilds so they can find trust and not always looking over their shoulder for the next mercenary to rob them blind. It's frowned upon but mercenaries still kill mercenaries given the situation or job."

"That's true. Guilds are like families, some are close friends, others are quite competitive and dysfunctional. I'm glad that we got to meet you three. It's pretty nice to run into nice people. Mostly all we get is the usual insults and people trying to fight Shin for his sword."

"*Sigh* Bandits and mercenaries like a good-looking weapon whether it's a sword, ax, bow, crossbow, or a gun. Firearms are extremely expensive so typically they are rare."

"Just one of the reasons we hunters won't be joining a large unit for the mission. Hey, would you girls mind if I ask my captain if she could arrange for you two to be in our unit during the mission?"

Miyaura and Aisellia turned towards each other, displaying their happy smiles at the notion. Giving each other a firm nod of the head in confirmation.

Aisellia Rae: "We would love it if you could. This is our first real battle you could say, I'd feel better if we could stick close to you. We've run into a few troubles on the way here but it's such a large-scale battle of people...that's what scares us really."

Shingen Miyamaru: "Wouldn't your face-plunging friend be there?"

Aisellia Rae: "Unfortunately not. He'll be handling other business for us while we're busy. If he does well he gets a treat, which is possibly why he looks so tired right now."

Elanor Martin: "Then it's settled! We can meet up in the morning and travel together since we'll be in the same unit. I hope Miyaura will be fine by then."

Aisellia Rae: "Hm?"

Aisellia turned around to see Miyaura was gone, looking down to see Karna had gone missing too. Shingen and Elanor laughed as Aisellia began looking around for her friends. It wasn't long before she spotted them around another table. The two having a drinking competition with another pair of mercenaries. Moments later each lifting their mug to their lips with Karna slamming his back onto the table finishing first. Miyaura drank and drank, the alcohol falling from her lips and pouring onto her chest once it fell from her chin. Her outfit holding her breasts together to form a small puddle at the top of her cleavage. Seeing the sight made the male competitor immediately spit out his beverage onto the floor, leaving his female partner to finish for their team. The bottom of Miyaura's mug was now towards the air, finishing what she had left. Her female competitor seemed confident in her victory until her eyes caught sight of Karna, her face beginning to blush red as she attempted to hold her drink inside her mouth. Her gaze curiously caught Karna's attention in which only gave him an idea, evident by his mischievous smile as their eye locked. She watched him as he lowered his head closer to Miyaura's chest just as she finished her drink, she looked down to see Karna but in her intoxicated state, she could only become excited, forming A V-shape with her arms pressing her breasts together more. With Lustful eyes, she let her top slide off her shoulder just enough to give Karna more skin and flesh to enjoy. Extending his tongue into the alcohol puddle her cleavage held, the liquid beginning to overflow and drip along her skin. He began gently sucking, slurping up the drink, and finishing by running his tongue along the side of her neck. Karna and Miyaura both were standing in victory each looking at the other woman with smirks on their faces. The challenger's face flushed red and caused her to pass out, the drink falling from her hand and mouth. The crowd around them drank and cheered.

"Oh...I hope so too Elanor." Aisellia said, looking rather concerned for the two but eventually letting out a deep sigh as she was no longer surprised. Seeing them cheer in victory made her laugh, watching the two happily.

An hour later...

The night sky covered the city as most of its civilians were already in their homes. Aisellia, Miyaura, and Karna could be seen walking the night streets. Miyaura and Karna however looking like they were enjoying their walk, singing a song together to make it more enjoyable. Finishing their first and the only song Aisellia laughed at their antics that made her smile prompting Miyaura, quickly clinging onto Karna's arm.

"Hey Karna, I-I really like you, you know?"

"Hm? Well, I like you too Miyaura. Life's been a paradise lately. I admit I don't remember ever being this...happy but I'm glad to feel this with you two."

"If you like us both then that settles it, I want to do something special for you tonight, well special for us. As a starting point to mark my place in paradise. It's something I want to do more for myself as best girl."

"If you're doing something special for me, then I can make it a special feeling for you! I'm somewhat of a creative genius you know?" He said with a smug smile on his face.

"Yes! Please! I want a part of you inside me! In the essence of energy and fun way. I know I'll become much stronger the harder I work!"

"It can be dangerous getting me excited best girl, you'll be dealing with more than you think you can take." He said, leaning down to sensually kiss Miyaura, causing her eyes to shift to their crimson color. Their tongues held extended between their lips once their lips separated themselves.

Aisellia Rae: "Are you two-?"

Miyaura: "No no, I'm not ready for that level but I can't deny how strongly I feel in and out."

Aisellia Rae: "Then what's the special thing? You get a little stronger from him fondling you so-"

Suddenly her sentence was cut off by Miyaura quickly making her way to her friend, leaving Karna behind them.

"It's something I've wanted to try but I wanted it to be special for him so I've never practiced."

"I'm scared to ask but what's that?"

Miyaura pressed her index finger against her thumb to form a circle, straightening the rest of her fingers to move them away from her circle. Looking at Aisellia with a smile, she lifted the circle to her open lips.

"Aaaah!" She said seductively moving the circle made by her fingers back and forth as if she was opening her mouth wide imitating putting something in.

"That's a new level of lewd! Are you sure?"

"I've been sure for years if I'm being honest hee-hee! I can let you know how it feels if you think you might want to try it with him one day."

"I would never!"

"Come on now, you might be tough and noble with everyone else but I know the sweet part of you. I can see you like him...but just a little maybe."

Aisellia scoffed at he friend's thoughts about her feelings, averting her eyes away from Miyaura dispersing her thoughts. Miyaura only watched her quietly until Aisellia's nervousness led her to look back into Miyaura's caring eyes.

"Okay...maybe a little. He's just so shamelessly pervy, but I've noticed he's a type of person who's a little too honest about what he wants. I guess it's not bad he's open about it though, no tricks, no games. I honestly appreciate him for that at least."

"Not counting things about our bodies, I know so. When we connect I can feel it so, it's like he adores but he fears us at the same time. Doing things I do to him, lets me connect our emotions a little. They're like feelings inside of him I can't fully understand. I think he just doesn't translate feelings well into words."

"So your special gift isn't just for the pleasure, but it's to connect even more than before, becoming closer through it."

"Mhm. These things I want him to do to me will have to wait. I want to do things for him first, My body is great to get the job done very well. The years I spent sealed gave me a lot of time to think about what I want. I was unsure near the end there but suddenly seeing him again made me realize...everything I've ever wanted, I wanted from him. I want to do everything my body can do to make his paradise our reality just like my mind and soul! It's like we can explore ways to enjoy life the way we want to. Our way is just what we enjoy as our fun."

"If I'm being counted in this paradise...I'm happy to be a part of it. *Sigh* If we make it out of this mission, I might have you teach me a few special things to use on him. I've been denying it so far. But...but I'm a woman too who would like to possibly feel treasured and release some of my tensions. Since my boobs first developed I've been hounded by only the worst of guys in my life old and young, with your help I realize I've been waiting for the right type of person I can like very much. I guess I'm just scared to let down that wall to enjoy things like you two enjoy."

"It's ok. He can wait until you're ready. No need to break your own rules. You're the one who really knows your worth so I'm sure you'll know when you're ready. I can happily show you what I'll be practicing on him. It's all about what makes you happy with the way you live and who you want to involve yourself with. The dream of paradise is all love!"

"You're right Miyaura. I'll make you a friendly wager. He won't be anywhere near the battle but if he can somehow surprise me in a good way, I'll help you and we'll give him a double special gift. It can be another fun thing we explore together!"

Aisellia stated, mimicking Miyaura's hand gesture by connecting her index finger and thumb all the way.

"Aaaaah! Like that right?"

Miyaura held a large smile on her face hearing her friend's words, seeing her perform the same gesture with her made her eyes flash pink, slowly bringing Aisellia hand to her face and began sensually licking and sucking on her finger. Aisellia lightly pulling her finger out from between Miyaura's lips

"Miyaura?" (The lust sin must be boiling to her limit. The look in her eyes, she's in a trance. Doing this together must be the best way to help them both. She's a very strong-willed woman but...If she's pushed this far by her natural instincts...just how much has Karna suffered and resisted? How much does he suffer from me keeping him away? But he still listens and protects us.)

Just then Karna swept in between the two girls, his arms wrapping around their waists pulling them both into him. Both girls smiled and giggled at his playful antics, the trio continue their walk this way. His actions snapping Miyaura out of her trance, letting Aisellia's finger go in the process.

"Ya know? I'm enjoying every minute with you two. I feel like I'm enjoying something...finally. I think I feel better and more...complete? Like I'm fulfilling something I'm meant to do. I doubt it's destiny or something like that. I'm still figuring it out but does that make sense?"

His statement caught both girls by surprise, both lost in a curious gaze at Karna who looked rather confused about what he was trying to put into words when he himself couldn't understand what it meant.

Aisellia Rae: "Hm? you sure our fantastic boobs aren't the reason you like us so much?"

Aisellia questioned the male, looking into his eyes with a sarcastic smirk on her face. Wasting no time Karna responded with no hesitation.

"Of course I like them, practically love your ass and titties, but...although nowhere near as wonderful as the ones you two have, there are a few places if I wanna see some. For me, it's more of just WHO the boobs are on that makes them so enjoyable. I simply like you girls, and I like your ass and tits too. Everything together that makes you yourselves is what I can enjoy. I'm still figuring it out but does that make sense?

"It sounds alright to me. I think it's actually a little cute you don't even understand what you're wanting to say, right Miyaura?"

Karna and Aisellia looked over at Miyaura, not hearing a word come from her drew their suspicion. Just seeing her locked in a star-filled gaze at Karna's face with slight drool slipping from the corner of her open mouth onto her own chest as she stood in awe, lust, and passion for him.

"...I'm gonna drain every sip out of you and you're going to love it! Time to secure Best girl goals and responsibilities!"

Aisellia Rae: "W-what?!"

Karna: "Wait, no don't wait! Is this? Oh...Best...night....ever!"

"It's a long journey for us so let's enjoy it the most we can, right?! LET'S GOOO! Hee-hee!"

Miyaura screamed with an excited smile on her face, taking each of their hands in a full rush to the inn. Her hand being pulled along by Miyaura, looking at both of them Aisellia heart fluttered, causing her cheeks to warm red.

(You guys just don't know how much fun I'm really having with you two already...)

She thought, turning her shy blushing into a happy smile as she joined Miyaura in her giggles although she laughed at how much fun she was having with them. Miyaura laughed in excitement for the fun she planned for the three of them.