Chapter 20:

D-Class Mission

Azure Sins (Pure ver.)

The Next Day...

Inside the inn, Karna could be seen in a deep sleep in the middle of the bed. Miyaura and Aisellia were already awake, getting dressed and ready for the day ahead of them. Miyaura slipped on her attire, able to dress more quickly than Aisellia who only had the first layer of her complete outfit in her hand.

"Hm. it looks surprisingly very breathable, especially around the chest area. Remi was right, Angelia really does knows best! How's yours Miyaura? Now that we've had time to get used to them?" Aisellia said while adjusting the skirt around her waist.

"Same here lady master! Of course, mine is naturally breathable but nothing comes spilling out no matter what! So it's the best! Plus I can't explain it but I feel full of energy like I have so much power!"

"Great, today's the big day. Let's do our best and show him how reliable we can be together!"

Aisellia said giggling, her eyes keeping watch to ensure Karna continued to sleep without waking. Just then Miyaura's eyes gazed over Aisellia, seeing her finish putting on her undergarments, her body entrancing Miyaura leading her to inspect Aisellia's body with excitement. Aisellia's eyes curiously shifted from Karna to see Miyaura, face blushed red, mouth slightly open, and breathing rather intensely, watching her eyes scan all over her own body. With curiosity Aisellia turned to one side, watching the girl's eyes follow her chest before facing her once again before silently letting her ogle her body for a few seconds more.

(By what little Angelia knew, it seems their energy affects them mentally and physically when it's high or low respectively. Initially, she and Karna weren't becoming stronger than each other but now they are. Fulfilling that desire when it's high must somehow cap its capacity and store it into their bodies. Not just to source their demonic energy for their physical feats but their mental stability as well. When low it becomes more similar to deprivation, a mentally painful "Thirst" for lack of a better word. Outside of a scientific sense. Their sins are lust so to balance internally they must indulge in their sin. They're more powerful than average demons so they may require more to balance.)

A thought popped into Aisellia's mind as she thought out her hypothesis, seeing Miyaura still enjoying herself with a small amount of drool dripping from the corner of her slightly smiling lips completely in a trace. Seeing the look on Miyaura's face made her giggle at how cute she was fully entertained just by looking.

( lusts they get extraordinarily horny, hee-hee! Since learning from Remi I've begun conducting my own physiological research to help me better understand both of them. I've full confidence in my figure but I guess with my past I've gotten very protective of it, I may be confident in myself but I'm grateful for both of them. In their way, they sure do make a girl feel pretty irresistible and protected kind of like a queen, It feels really great honestly. It's a little shameful but if they like it I think I can get used to this everyday treatment ha!)

Aisellia began smiling becoming overjoyed with the feeling she spoke of, running through her memories of them complimenting her and even drooling over her. She happily twisting from side to side causing Miyaura's open lips beginning to form an even greater smile. Seeing Aisellia's breasts sway back and forth in her bra as she twisted her body. Aisellia came to a sudden stop, opening her eyes to see Miyaura's eyes had been still happily watching her breasts sway.

(My final deduction, I drive them and they drive each other into high energy. So in a way, I make them stronger as well. Seems like groping me doesn't only serve for his enjoyment but it's making them stronger too. This mission will likely be the most difficult thing we've done yet. Maybe...I should help her store some energy? She'll be able to draw on that power later if things get dire.)

"A-Aisellia your body is just too hot, so much my body's getting kind of hot. I want to be good and not annoy you but...I don't know if I can resist much longer if you take longer getting dressed..."

Miyaura said, placing a finger seductively to her lips causing Aisellia to blush, looking rather happy yet embarrassed by the compliment.

(G-geez! I guess it's still pretty embarrassing to hear them say it directly to me! After a short time being touched by them feels...slightly intoxicating. It's so lewd but It'll be alright if we both enjoy it a little right? After all, they have fun doing this all the time, I should be able to help and have fun too right? Yes?)

Aisellia raises her hands behind her head, lifting some of her hair in the process, leaning forward slightly towards Miyaura.

"W-we still have time s-so...You can rub them for a l-little while I-If you want. Go ahead and enjoy, you've been great to me s-so you deserve some fun okay?"

Just as she finished speaking, her eyes wandered, looking down to her chest to see Miyaura's face sliding deeper between her cleavage, snuggling her face between them happily with a smile and humming a happy tune in her excitement. Knowing she should have expected Miyaura wouldn't waste even half a second, seeing her already rubbing her face in her busom caused Aisellia to begin giggling and running her fingers through Miyaura's hair. Suddenly her eyes widened and her body stiffened up, feeling Miyaura grip on her rear with both hands, her soft asset easily filling out the space of her hands as she squeezed onto it. Aisellia looked down meeting eyes with Miyaura once again, the girl looking down at Miyaura with a bright smile telling her happiness enjoyment.

"He was right! Oooo you have such a nice big booty! You're just the greatest person ever Aisellia!"

"Hee-Hee! Thanks, Miyaura. I hope I can be greater than I am now."

She said, stroking Miyaura's hair, toying with strands between her fingers.

"Somebody who can help erase some of this suffering that scars the world..."

Miyaura withdrew her face from Aisellia's chest to gaze into her eyes, being surprised by her words. Seeing Aisellia gazing off to the side, seemingly looking through the wall of their room. Suddenly Aisellia forced Miyaura's face back into her cleavage, sending a worried Miyaura back into her happily humming state, reaffirming her grip onto Aisellia rear.

"Let's use the time we have. Here's a secret for you. I enjoy how this feels too! I can work my way up to other things if you're willing to help me get there."

Without hesitation, Miyaura began nodding her head rapidly, repeatedly shifting around Aisellia's chest.

A few hours later...

Mercenaries all gathered near the city gate, filling a great portion of the area with their numbers. In the crowd, Aisellia and Miyaura stood looking at the many people around them. Soon seeing Elanor and Shingen approach them. The girls greeted their acquaintances before they all set off together exiting the gate. Both girls greeting them with a bright smile.

"You two look extremely happy and energized today! You must have slept wonderfully!" Elanor said smiling. Aisellia and Miyaura's cheeks turned red, their eyes meeting Elanor's but Aisellia's expression displayed her slight embarrassment.

"Hee-hee! Something like that! We had a lot of fun is all. Tired us right out! Hee-hee." Miyaura said, looking rather happy.

Half an hour later...

Miyaura and Aisellia now walked in a much smaller group with the two demon hunters walking beside them.

Miyaura: "Um you guys? Why did we split from the other people if we're going to the same place?"

Aisellia Rae: "It's a battle strategy. We're all going to their hideout, spreading our ranks as we enclose prevents them from having escape routes and so we can approach them from more angles."

Shingen Miyamaru: "Each group has different responsibilities for this mission. Our captain and the general for this squadron are moving a little ahead of our unit. This also prevents the entire force being in a single area and getting wiped out together."

Elanor Martin: "If everything goes smoothly we won't have to step in the middle of a large battle. We're here for possible demon threats during it all so that's why Demon Hunters were hired for the mission."

Aisellia Rae: "I see. Even a few lesser demons could completely turn the tide of the battle against us. Any more than a few could possibly wipe out a decent number of our force alone."

"Battle strategy huh? I'm good at battle but not strategy, but that's why I have a lovely genius mind by my side!" Miyaura said excitedly patting Aisellia on the back leading the two to smile at each other.

"She's got the smarts for the both of us!" She continued.

"And she's worked hard for the skill to protect the both of us."

Aisellia finished for her friend. Hearing this Shingen raised a brow in curiosity to their statement, prompting Shingen to propose his question for the girls.

"That does bring up a question. Aisellia you have an Angelo but Miyaura where is your weapon?"

"Right here of course!"

Miyaura responded swiftly demonstrating by slamming a fist into the palm of her other hand. Suggesting her fists were her weapon of choice.

Elanor Martin: "She fights with her fists?!"

Aisellia Rae: "She uses a way of fighting called Martial Arts. She has been practicing for a while and I can vouch for how good she is."

Miyaura: "Yup yup! Feet too!"

Shingen Miyamaru: "That's more impressive than you may think. There are many styles in Martial Arts although they are only taught to those a master of the style deems worthy since they are kept exclusive. Once upon a time, Martial arts were various styles created by various slayer clans. The special technique of these are called Artes. Someone must have seen you had potential. I've come across only two masters, each has a name. Do you remember the Mantra or Element? A Mantra represents the spiritual stance the form takes while its element represents its discipline and movement."

Miyaura: "Element? I'm pretty sure he mentioned something about water? I don't know what a mantra is but it's a mystery to me if he taught me one. He was only passing through my village so there wasn't much time to train. Just a few months"

Shingen Miyamaru: "Water huh? Swift as a coursing river, with all the strength of a great typhoon. Hm. Impressive."

Elanor Martin: "So that Katana you're wearing on your back is yours Aisellia?"

Miyaura: "It's our special treasure. It belongs to Karna but when we're separated from him he makes us keep it close."

Elanor Martin: "Aww that's so cute! It's like he's protecting you from far away!"

Miyaura placed her hands onto her cheeks, having a big smile on her face as she wiggled around happily as they walked.

Miyaura: "I knooow! It makes my heart go all Doki-Doki!"

Shingen Miyamaru: (How does a guy get so lucky? These girls have to be two of the hottest women I've ever seen or heard of and they're completely dedicated to him. This type of luck makes no sense! Maybe I should try to act less stiff and dignified all the time. That guy seems pretty no. Acting so envious feels shameful and disrespectful to my master.)

Elanor curiously looked over to Shingen who in her eyes began to walk differently from his usual straight posture. Seeing him begin an awkward walk, letting his arms swing more loosely and attempting to walk with more of a bounce in his step. Elanor began laughing, inching closer to Shingen until they were nearly shoulder to shoulder.

"I think you're cool just the way you have been!"

Noticing he was caught, Shingen blushed and quickly rubbed the back of his head from embarrassment.

"You think so?"

"Of course! I've always thought you were the coolest!" She had replied to Shingen with a bright smile, showing her honesty and confidence in her answer.

"I've just been thinking since we met those girls. They helped me realize something important about myself. That I've been resisting inside."

"Hm? What did you realize?"

Elanor temporarily avoided his question with a short giggle before just smiling at him for several passing seconds. Shingen returned his look but his expression displayed his confusion as if he was supposed to know what it was.

"This world can be fun and it can be hell. How about I tell you after the mission?"

"Um sure? If that's what you want El."

"Thanks. As a prize, I'll say only this. I may have been looking in the wrong direction for happiness. Looking everywhere except where I could find it!"

Shingen couldn't rid himself of his confusion, Elanor only throwing more on top of it. Quickly leaving his side with a smile, running to catch up and talk to Aisellia and Miyaura who were only several steps ahead of them.

An hour later...

The entirety of their unit plus another had converged in an abandoned city midway way to the enemy's hideout. Marching forward Aisellia and Miyaura's eyes scanned the location as they passed through. Former homes and buildings were now reduced to mere rubble and large portions missing from the stone buildings that still stood. Aisellia surveyed their surrounding carefully analyzing the area.

(Another lost many buildings, so many lives were lost here...)

Suddenly Shingen stopped his movements, placing a hand on Elanor's shoulder to make her stop as well. Miyaura looked over her shoulder curiously at Shingen and Elanor. Before Miyaura could speak her face shifted to complete focus, quickly looking forward once again extending her arm blocking Aisellia, making her stop as well.

"Could this be-?"

"Quick Shingen! Something feels wrong here!" Miyaura answered Shingen, quickly gaining his response.

"Shit! I was hoping my feelings were wrong!"

Just in time Shingen wrapped his arm around Elanor's shoulder and dashed to the side with her. Elanor having complete trust in her partners did not hesitate to follow his lead allowing him to guide her from the group. Simultaneously Miyaura wrapped her arm around Aisellia's waist and quickly ran off in the same direction as Shingen. Aisellia trust in Miyaura could also be seen as she did not hesitate to allow herself to be taken by her friend, being sure she was leading her to safety even if she didn't know they were in danger herself. The four leaped through a gaping hole into one of the abandoned homes.

"What happened?"

Just as Elanor's question got their shared attention, the answer became clear from the new deathly screams and bullet fire could be heard from outside. From the hole they entered through the group could see bodies falling as war cries filled the air. What few mercenaries could afford them began firing their guns into the air aiming for their targets and taking cover nearby. The others drew their swords and axes and charged into battle. From inside the building, Aisellia and Elanor peeked outside of a glass-less window, seeing the enemy group coming out of hiding from different spots. The few on top of buildings rained gunfire while the bulk of their army charged forward with weapons in hand.

Aisellia & Elanor: "It's an ambush!"

Miyaura: "What do we do?!"

Elanor Martin: "They're mowing everyone down! They must have had ambushes set up all through the city, other units might have been hit too."

Shingen Miyamaru: "Tch, hailing gunfire isn't something I can easily defend against with a sword. Maybe if one of them were distracted I could close in."

Elanor Martin: "We need a plan fast! If they make it past those guys we're next!"

Miyaura: "Aisellia are you alright?"

Miyaura questioned, seeing her friend stop peeking over the edge of the window holding her head. The sight of death-bringing the clear visual of Sheiia and Cana's torture and death. Aisellia remained silent and moved her hands to quickly cover her mouth while she ran to the opposite wall and vomited on the floor.

"I-I'm sorry, I didn't think to ask you about being in battle before this..." Elanor quickly apologized to the sick Aisellia. Miyaura quickly ran over to her friend and began rubbing her back gently to help relieve her now that she had stopped vomiting. Elanor soon ran over to them, handing Aisellia her handkerchief of which Aisellia quickly used to wipe her face while allowing Miyaura to comfort her by rubbing her back.

"It's going to be okay Aisellia..."

Aisellia took a few deep breaths before turning around.

"Thank you both. As you can tell, I'm really the most inexperienced here with death. The volume of violence...I'm honestly not used to seeing it."

"It's alright. It's not a thing anyone gets used to."

Elanor replied to Aisellia's confession. Aisellia proceeds to close her eyes with one large inhale followed by a deep exhale and opening her eyes once again, revealing a look of her determination.

"Everyone gather up...I have a plan that might get us out of here."

A minute later...

The battle between mercenaries and the enemies continues at the center of the wide road area. The two allied forces gunmen fired heavily towards the enemy forces two posted gunmen on the rooftop. Yet their accuracy was evidently terrible making a good example displaying how a person could eventually afford such a weapon but it did not mean they were skilled using it. The rooftop gunmen unleashed a flurry of bullets down onto the mercenary's melee forces, both nearly being shot by the opposing gunmen quickly got their attention-drawing their gunfire as well. A bullet array tore both men apart along with their cover leading to their quick but painful deaths. Just as their bodies hit the floor, two more people came into the enemy gunmen's sight down the road. Simultaneously Shingen and Miyaura exited the large hole in the building they had hidden away inside with their comrades. Shingen immediately drew his sword, dashing down the center of the road, and Miyaura continuing her said dash until the sight of her was lost near where their allied gunmen were shot down.

(It's a smart idea. Let's hope it works!)

Shingen thought with a confident smirk on his face, moving at great speeds towards the central conflict. Racing toward the scene, Shingen watched as men were being slain on both sides although the enemies were quickly cutting down their forces. Further inspecting, the gunmen on the rooftops contributed greatly with their bullet fire. A single gunman noticed the fast-moving Shingen closing in, quickly gesturing the other gunman in his direction, prompting both to begin firing at Shingen before he could reach the fighting crowd. Shingen's eyes narrowed with focus, his vision focusing on the oncoming bullets as if in slow motion to his eyes.


Swinging his sword with perfect timing, his blade not just blocking the bullet but deflected it as well. Not letting up in his defense Shingen continued swiftly striking and deflect the multitude of bullets aiming to kill him. His movements shocked the gunmen the second before they angrily refined their aim onto the Demon Hunter. As quickly as they aimed down their sights, they lost their own sight of Shingen as he ran into the crowd of fighters in the center soon finding him in the fray of the battle swiftly cutting down various enemies with his blade. Shingen seemed to dance being light on his toes in the middle of combat, his strikes precisely finding their way to his enemies and missing the few remaining allies, utilizing the spaces between friend and foe to outmaneuver and find openings to strike the enemy down. One gunman raised his head, not able to visibly keep track of Shingen's movements in between all the bodies. Sudden the gunman's eyes would look towards the sky, noticing a shadow had blocked what remained of sunlight briefly from entering his eyes. His mouth stretched open in an attempt to yell in fear but nothing escaped his mouth as all he could see is Miyaura descending down on him from the sky, her fist already drawn back in preparation to strike.


She yelled descending onto the male, her fist smashing into his torso with such a force it briefly deformed his torso immediately causing him to eject a great volume of blood from his mouth while his body was forced through the rooftop. Miyaura's body and fist following through against his body downward, Miyaura's fist pushing into his ribs and down onto the rooftop causing the entire building to immediately collapse. Smoke and debris flew into the air from Miyaura's attack and the buildings fell, covering fighters on the center road in a cloud of dirt. The remaining gunman began to panic, hearing the large crash and having his vision of the lower ground blocked by a large dust cloud.


The gunman cried out, falling to his fear and shooting randomly through the smoke, This only lasted a short time before the body of the other gunmen flew upwards, breaking the smoke screens density, at a high velocity until it crashed into the gunman, sending him flying along with the corpse of his ally. The smoke clearing gradually now, Shingen's swift strikes could be seen through what remained of the smoke with enemy final painful wails. Once the smoke cleared, Shingen could be seen calmly exhaling as he sheathed his weapon, while the three remaining mercenaries stood in a panic holding their weapons desperately, soon relaxing as their sight returned to them feeling now relaxed to see Shingen calmly standing in the center of them.

"Stay cautious everyone. There's likely more hiding around town."

The mercenaries sheathed their weapons in relief, falling to the ground or to their knees exhausted, attempting to catch their breath. Miyaura stepped from the building she had collapsed with the enemy's body, making her way to Shingen's side.

"Whoa! Elanor was right! I never knew using a sword could be so cool!"

Miyaura exclaimed, approaching Shingen with a smile on her face as she pulled the shoulders of her top back properly on her shoulders. The life and energy seemed to suddenly return to the formerly exhausted mercenaries once their eyes fixated on Miyaura. To their eyes, a beautiful woman walked towards their small group, her body illuminating with sparkles around her. Hearing Miyaura behind him, Shingen turned to face her but on his way, he looked to see how energized and awe-struck these men now were with her features from head to toe. Shingen let a deep sigh escape his lips once she stopped in front of him, noticing the men pretending to be alright and mighty to impress her, yet he looked up noticing she only looked directly at him with her smile.

"Thanks, bullets are a small deal with the right training. It takes quite a bit of skill though."

He said nervously scratching the back of his head, embarrassed from the praise. Noticing Miyaura continued ignoring their presence, the surrounding mercenaries dropped their facades and fell to their knees, this time from the sheer disappointment of Miyaura's lack of attention. The sound of footsteps caught Miyaura and Shingen's attention, simultaneously shifting their gaze to their side to see Aisellia and Elanor approach them. Miyaura placed her hands on her hip, listening to Shingen before she noticed something out the corner of her eye leading her eyes to shift to the corner.

"Does she notice those guys are acting macho around her? They're trying to impress her hard right now." Elanor asked Aisellia, both watching it all unfold on their way towards the fighters.

"No. She's essentially oblivious to their presence. Only one guy gets her attention. Only other way if you're not her friend is to piss her off. It's kind of funny to watch when it happens. Sometimes things escalate a little too far though."

Miyaura's facial expression changed that even Shingen could see the sudden immense irritation that came over her. Miyaura's fist clenched in her anger as her eyes looked from their corner, seeing one kneeling man drooling from his mouth, his eyes focused on Miyaura's body. His eyes ogling her thighs in her thigh-high stockings ascending to her large breasts. His head tilted slightly in an attempt to view up her skirt, having a short time to reach for her rear end, "It's like an ass of another world! Unbelievable!" he consciously revealed before he looked up to see Miyaura delivering a deathly glare into his eyes, shaking the man with fear down to his very core. As Aisellia and Elanor drew closer, both making space between them as they saw a single mercenary's body soar through the air speeding past them and crashing into one of the buildings near them. Elanor and Aisellia witnessing it crumble on top of him. After Miyaura angrily launched the man, she gritted her teeth, the heat from her breath seeping out from between her teeth. She took deep heavy breaths attempting to quell her rage. The other mercenaries fell onto their backside at the sight of Miyaura launching their comrade. Her appearance even striking Shingen enough to take a couple of steps back for himself. Elanor moved by Shingen's side, seeming cautious of Miyaura. Aisellia could see the caution in all their expressions once she and Elanor stood near the two. Walking up to Miyaura, Aisellia slowly lifted her hand, smiling at the enraged growling girl.

(She's hurting...she's struggling right now. Is she actually pissed and trying to control herself? It may be still too soon. She draws on those emotions to fight. In her training with Angelia and Karna, she's learned how to suppress it. Hm...I'll figure out how this all works for you, I promise Miyaura.)

Aisellia bent over slightly, putting her face in view of Miyaura. Their eyes met as Aisellia placed her hand gently atop Miyaura's head and began stroking her hair, leading Miyaura's expression to gradually soften more and more until the rage in her was visibly no more.

"Shhh, I'm here for you now. Are you feeling better now best friend?"

Hearing Aisellia's words and feeling the touch of her hand slowly drained the rage from Miyaura, curiously looking into Aisellia's eyes as the rage disappeared from her own. Aisellia returned to standing straight with a gentle smile on her face. Miyaura seemed lost for words during this transition but once she made it through, she perked up happily seeing Aisellia.

"You see that Aisellia?! He was all *Shink Shink Shink* then I was like boooom!"

Miyaura yelled excitedly swinging her arms around comically as if they were swords before animating her heavy punch.

(Does she not remember what just happened? Did she blackout?) "Oh I saw! You looked pretty cool out there! I see you trained hard! How's it feeling?"

Aisellia confirmed raising her hand to high-five Miyaura of which the cursed girl happily slapped hands with her friend. Miyaura clenched her fists in determination, the joy on her face evident by her large smile.

Miyaura: "Yes! It's a lot of power, I was caught off guard by how much it was. I've got a better understanding of it now that I've felt it."

Miyaura pressed her hands gently over her heart, closing her eyes and smiling as she felt something deep within.

Miyaura: "When I use what he's trusted me with...You can sort of feeling him inside of you. A warm flame."

Mercenary: "She's a damn demi!"

One mercenary said with both survivors raising to their feet and drawing their weapons once more, prompting Shingen to move Elanor behind him and Miyaura quickly stepped in front of Aisellia.

Mercenary: "She killed our man and she was ready to kill us. Damn Demi's can never control themselves anywhere in this country!"

Shingen Miyamaru: "Put down your weapons, she just helped me save your lives."

Mercenary: "Only before she killed one of us herself! That monster doesn't play sides!"

Miyaura: "I didn't mean to-!"

Mercenary: "Shut the hell up!"

Aisellia Rae: "Hey! Nobody fucking talks to her like that! Your friend overstepped his boundaries!"

Mercenary: "Or What?! You gonna sic that thing on us too!"

Aisellia Rae: "Or I'll bust both of your-!"

The sound of the mercs drawing their weapons cut Aisellia's sentence short from surprise. The short pause allowed Aisellia to have a second to look back at Miyaura. Seeing the poor girl crouched down holding her head trembling as if fear had taken over her.

"No-no-no. I-Im, not a monster! I promise!"

She muttered, crouching and placing her head into her own lap, hands placed on her head. Lost memories flashing in her mind rapidly. Visualizing a rioting mob around her as a little girl, chanting slurs and hitting her with blunt objects and throw-able items. The Demon hunters watched in guilty silence, with one of the mercenaries taking a step closer. In an angry reaction, seeing what the two men did to her friend, Aisellia reached towards her lower back yet hearing one of them step closer from behind made her grip onto her gun held there. Aisellia aimed her weapon at one of the mercenaries who in turn had his blade pointed at her as well. Before Miyaura could lift her head to see what was happening Shingen quickly smacked the man's weapon away from Aisellia. This made the other merc swing his weapon towards Shingen but his attack was swiftly stopped by a blade piercing into his neck from behind. His painful screams attracted all their attention and clinging to the man's shoulder was the culprit. Everyone's faces turned fearful at the sight of the small hideous creature, grotesque in appearance yet its evil grin spoke its sinister nature, it repeatedly stabbed at the man's neck until his body fell down to his knees.