Chapter 1:

Chapter 1

Saving the world from kitchen appliances

Kitchen appliances are used in almost every household all across Japan and the overseas, they are used regularly and when they break or get overused are often repaired or replaced by new ones, however there was once a kitchen appliance that couldn't take it, he was tired of being used. He broke many times and was repaired over and over again reliving the same nightmare. He suffered and cursed the world along with it and cursed and cursed and cursed...


"Quite a crazy week isn't it"
The woman at the counter asks "What do you mean by that?"
Nagato looks away from the lady for a moment and in a sincere tone he says "Well a lot of people went missing over the last 3 days, that's pretty crazy right?"
She replies "Yeah a lot of strange things has been occurring lately"
Nagato attempting to distract the woman points at a bookshelf behind her and exclaims in a startled voice "What is that strange object??"
The woman looks over behind her, right then he grabs an adult magazine he put on the desk earlier and slides it into his hoodie. The woman then turns her head and says "There's nothing there"
He then lies; "Oh that must've been a figment of my imagination then, sorry about that"
The woman relieved, lets out a sigh, "Sheesh don't scare me like that" she said, "Well the manga will cost you 720 yen"
Nagato looks over at his purse, takes out 720 yen and hands it to the woman.

"That was easy as always" Nagato remarks as he's walking away from the bookstore located near the coffee shop he really likes.
As he was approaching his home after walking past the football field, he was right near the broken street light which was close to his homeroom teacher's house, he came across a completely new washing machine by a garbage disposal area near the street light, he stops to take a look at it, he opens it up and inspects it.
"Huh this seems like a rather new model and I'm sure it's not broken, who would throw it away?"
It was getting late but to Nagato this seemed like a good money-making opportunity, he inspected the washing machine further and was preparing to move it all the way over to his house. "I used to play Basketball in high school, so I can probably lift this thing" he thought to himself.
Right then a deep unclear voice called out something that sounded like "Hey stop!"
Nagato then turned and started looking around, "Who was that?" He yelled.
He then looks at the direction of the washing machine only to find that it had disappeared, The confused Nagato looked around in all directions only to find nothing, he takes a deep breath and steps back.
"What just happened, Who told me to stop, Where did the washing machine just go?"
He had many questions, right then he felt a heavy menacing glare behind him, he turned back to see a huge man of pale skin color, he looked intense and said "What do you want?"
Nagato then attempts to take a few steps back but trips and falls on his hip, he then asks the man "Who are you?"
The man who then seemed angry says "I wish I knew myself"
He then slams the ground with his fists which caused the ground to shake a little, Nagato tries to get up on his feet but the man punches him in the chest pushing him back, he gets injured and the adult magazine he stole comes out of his hoodie.
The man notices the cover of the adult magazine and looks over at it, he goes picks it up as he's curious.
Nagato takes this chance to stand up and make a run for it, he's trembling but amazed by how strong that man was but he's barely able to run due to the injury he got from the punch.
He then noticed how the washing machine randomly just vanished when he first encountered it and some pale man showed up out of nowhere, there could be a correlation between them.

Nagato reached home, he rang the bell but no one answered, the door was unlocked so he opened it.
"It seems no one is home" Nagato thought to himself
He's still injured so he waddles upstairs and opens his desk drawer, grabs a bandage and wraps his torso. He then lies on his bed for a moment trying to think of what is happening before getting up and heading down stairs where the TV was suddenly on.
"That's weird"
There's a news feed on the flat screen TV with a slight curve
"A sudden disappearance of kitchen appliances has taken the city by storm; nobody knows what had happened to them but following the disappearances, many people have also gone missing without a trace, their last known locations were mostly places without much people.
The police and detectives are still investigating this phenomenon and many speculations have been made that they might've been lured and kidnapped or abducted by aliens but police states that this was a case of mass abduction, that is it for now and we'll update you on further information."
Nagato then turns off the TV using a remote and goes to the kitchen to see for himself.
"They were right"
Most of the kitchen appliances were missing, the toaster, blender, water filter, microwave and the fridge were nowhere to be seen. However the coffee machine just randomly started pouring out coffee into a cup, without hesitation Nagato grabbed a kitchen knife and walked towards the coffee machine, it vanished into thin air on his sight. Nagato panicked and looked around to see a young woman in her late teens, she had a dark brown hair and a coffee like aroma.
"My intuition was right!" Nagato exclaims
He points the knife at the woman and asks "Who are you? err.. What are you??"
The woman then takes a step back and says "Please don't hurt me, I don't know anything!"
"Yeah don't try to trick me I already know you are that coffee maker machine and you took someone else's body, that's why so many kitchen appliances and people went missing!"
Nagato explains assuming he had everything figured out.
The 'Coffee Machine' then says "I swear I don't know anything, I used to be a regular coffee machine but in some way I became human! All I know is that my name is Kofimeka"

Nagato then takes a step back and puts down his knife. "Well I still don't trust you but I don't see how a weak looking girl like you would be able to hurt me"
Kofimeka states, "Hey that's rude!!"
Nagato smirks and heads upstairs, Kofimeka follows him
He is being careful as the coffee machine girl could attack him at any time
Nagato pulls out his desk chair and takes a seat, Kofimeka sits on the bed, he tries to think for a moment and process the information he had
"I don't know enough , I need more info" He thought to himself so he started looking around but right as he was getting up from the chair his table lamp's light bulb flickered on, Nagato was startled, he then quickly smacks the table lamp off his desk and destroys it with a kick from his left leg, he feels a pain in his chest from moving his arm like that.
Nagato nervously asks "I thought only kitchen appliances could turn into humans, why did my lamp start flickering like that??"
Kofimeka trying to calm him down says "Maybe the lamp just malfunctioned, I don't really know much myself"
It could've been a case of malfunction and maybe he was just paranoid. He stops to think for a moment and comes to a conclusion that it might've been dangerous, better safe than sorry.
So he assumed
Kofimeka was staring at Nagato, she was kind of worried for Nagato as too much was happening and nothing made sense to him.
A voice called out from across the bed "I thought he killed you, damn human!"
Nagato startled moves back and asks "Who's there?"
Kofimeka also moves away from the bed and as she does they see a figure resembling a bed sheet, it was indeed Nagato's bed sheet, it was talking and but didn't seem to have any facial features.
"How could this be?" the bed sheet then calls out.
"You were supposed to be dead, why are you here??"
It then rolls over attempting to escape but Kofimeka grabs a hold of it and doesn't let it go. "God damn brat, why are you siding with this human?"
"Alright it seems I was correct, that lamp may have come to life after all, but how??" Nagato mumbles as he's trying to cram everything inside his head.
"Let go of me you traitor!"
Kofimeka then tries to threaten the bed sheet "Tell us everything or I'll- I'll spill hot coffee all over you!!"
"Yeah yeah I don't care do it you traitor, you won't" The bed sheet says
"I will!!" and then she gets a cup of coffee out of her pocket which surprised Nagato and she started spilling it all over the sheet.
"STOP IT'S HOT!!" The bed sheet yells "I'll tell you everything please stop!!!"
"That's better" she seemed proud as she successfully threatened a bed sheet.
Nagato is shocked at how a stupid girl like her managed to actually make someone talk.
"Now spill the tea, or I spill the coffee!" She said
"Actually I take back everything" Nagato thought to himself
The bed sheet then turns to both of them and says "So, you are pretty dumb to not have noticed what is going on already"
"What do you mean?"
Nagato's phone starts ringing, he gets startled but soon reaches out to his pocket, he feels a sense of relief and picks up the call.
"Hello? Nagato!! You finally picked up, what happened man I was so worried about you, I tried reaching out to you for the past 30 minutes but you weren't picking up!" a voice called out from the phone.
"I am fine right now but some strange things happened, I didn't receive
any phone calls from you though, are you alright man?" Nagato tells him
Kofimeka then asks Nagato in a whispering voice "Who is that?"
He answers "That's my friend from high school"
"Yeah I'm fine but your parents are really worried about you, your mother called me asking if you came over, where are you right now?" His friend asks
"I'm home right now, when i reached here no one else was home, oh did you also see the news feed? It seems the kitchen appliances are kidnapping humans and killing them!" Nagato states
"What are you talking about man? I didn't see anyone's kitchen appliance gone missing, the news is spouting nonsense! Where are you right now?" His friend worryingly asks.
"Wait what? I'm actually home right now in my bedroom, I was suddenly attacked by this washing machine on my way home from the book store" Nagato explains
"Don't try to play a prank man we are really worried about you, just-" The call cuts out as his friend was trying to talk to him.
Nagato then tries to call his friend but the phone doesn't reach, "No signal" it reads on the screen, The phone drops out of his hand and falls to the ground on his knees.

Kofimeka reaches her right hand out to him and asks "What happened?"
"What is happening? Nothing makes sense!" were the words that came out of Nagato's mouth.
The bed sheet then laughs at him and yells, "Of course nothing makes sense you idiot!"
"Its because you are tying to make sense of it, what is happening right now is nothing but distant from reality and formed over a cursed hatred of a certain kitchen appliance"
Nagato and Kofimeka look over at the bed sheet's direction
"This is a pocket dimension that was created from a curse, everything that happens here is controlled by the curse, nothing you do here will make sense, you're better off just dying to the curse than attempting to make sense of anything, it will just destroy you from the inside"
"What? That's really stupid, why should I believe you?" Nagato says
"Just take a look around, a lot of your 'kitchen appliances' are missing there's a pale man outside your house ready to make the jump on you when you try to get out, everything is inverted, didn't you notice how a lot of the colors were off?" The bed sheet speaks out
"Maybe you interacted with a cursed kitchen appliance of some sort on your way home?"
Nagato says "Yeah I saw a brand new washing machine that somehow became a human"
"That might be the pale man outside, how did he find me?"
Kofimeka then brings up "Well if this is a world controlled by a curse then he would probably be able to find you pretty easily right?"
"You should've just accepted death or torture instead of trying to escape, because there is no escape" The bed sheet then says this and noticed that Kofimeka's grip was weaker so it easily let go of her hand and escapes through the window to inform the washing machine of what just happened. "Oh no he escape, I'm sorry I couldn't hold on to him" Kofimeka cries out
Nagato then says "It's fine, we got enough information, I think the only way to return to our world is to interact with a 'cursed kitchen appliance', that really explains all the missing people cases, they probably had to suffer the same fate as me"
He glares at Kofimeka for a moment and thinks "Wait isn't she a 'cursed kitchen appliance'?"
Nagato asks her, "Hey aren't you cursed since you are a coffee machine turned human?"
Kofimeka states, "I don't know, I was a coffee machine until a few moments ago, maybe when you pointed the kitchen knife at me it triggered something?"
Nagato takes a seat on his bed and says "I think the only way we are going to get out of here is to find more allies and fight the washing machine or find a weak cursed kitchen appliance as a gateway back to our realm"
Kofimeka nods her head and agrees

They both search around the house looking for supplies, potential weapons or clues.

Nagato and kofimeka both meet up at the kitchen, Nagato holding a baseball bat, wearing a small pair of knee pads and a bicycle helmet on his head which he had found in his closet and kofimeka holding a kitchen knife and some coffee beans she had found, they also gather up remaining kitchen appliances to check them, a cake mixer and a vacuum cleaner.
Nagato tries to throw the cake mixer but it breaks easily, he then turns on the vacuum cleaner but its normal and doesn't show any signs of being cursed. He goes back to his room and looks out of his window to find the pale man was near the door. They didn't have much time left so they quickly sneaked out of the backyard, and ran through some neighbors yards until they were sure they aren't being followed

"Phew, I hope we can get to the bottom of this" Nagato says, Kofimeka nods and they both set out on their way over to the nearest place which might have cursed kitchen appliances, the mall.

Their journey will continue as they are on their way to the mall...

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