Chapter 2:

Chapter 2

Saving the world from kitchen appliances

"I think the washing machine man won't be able to catch up to us by this point"
"Yeah you're right"

Nagato and Kofimeka escaped from the washing machine man through the backyard and ended up running a pretty good distance away from the house.
"Let's take a break" Kofimeka says
Nagato then answers "Sure, I don't think we are being followed right now anyway"

The streets are quiet...
"It seems there are no humans other than me in this world"
Nagato says
Just then a figure arose from the shadows, Nagato and Kofimeka both noticed the figure and hid behind a ledge
"Is it the washing machine"
"How did he catch up with us so quickly?"
"Maybe it's another human"
They start mumbling in disbelief
Nagato whispers "Humans can't appear out of thin air, it must be that washing machine"
Nagato spots a van in the distance
"Maybe we can sneak in to the van and escape" Nagato whispers
Kofimeka nods and they start moving towards the van steadily
The figure is approaching closer but they managed to make it to the van and get in
Nagato yells "Crap there are no keys, I don't know how to start it up"
Kofimeka worries "Maybe I can try using.. coffee?"
"That won't work" Nagato then tries to break it and hot wire it to get the van to start up
"No use, I don't know how to hotwire this thing"
Kofimeka then asks "Do you know how to drive?"
Nagato replies "Not really but I used to play a lot of video games at the arcade"
"I could probably use Kofimeka as a decoy and escape.. no I shouldn't do that.." He thinks

They hope that the figure doesn't see them and try to duck inside the van
"What are you fools doing here?" The figure asks
"I thought that washing machine was supposed to take care of you"
Nagato was startled, "So it's not the washing machine"
"I must do something" He thinks to himself and grabs his baseball bat and rolls out of the van
"Who are you? What do you want?" Nagato asks the figure
The figure answers in an arrogant tone "I am the supreme toaster, you better not compare me to that worthless washing machine"
"You won't be able to get away from me like you did from him"
Kofimeka then peeks out of the van and sees the toaster
Kofimeka yells "Who's that"
Nagato answers "Some toaster man I guess"
The toaster man yells at them in an angry tone "I'm not just some toaster man you fools, I'll kill that traitor and capture you foolish human"
Nagato gets ready to fight the toaster man, he stands at a defensive position holding the bat

The toaster man then proceeds to take out 2 pieces of bread out of his pocket and shoot it out of his fingers, they hit the window of the van and it creates a hole through it.
"What? The pieces of bread broke a window?" Nagato thought
He runs towards the toaster man to hit him but the toaster man shoots at the bat, breaking it into pieces. "So much power" Nagato thought
"Nice try kid, I'm going to use my special toasted bread for this shot"
The toaster man then takes aim towards the then helpless Nagato standing there, he drops the broken bat and attempts to make a run for it towards the van

"Kofimeka hand me some knives you put in the back of the van"
But he couldn't reach it on time.. a bread was about to hit him, "I'm going to save you!"
Kofimeka jumps out of the van, takes a bunch of knives out of her pocket and attempts to throw them at the toaster man but she misses
She then apologizes but suddenly get's shot by the toaster man
"No! Kofimeka!" Nagato yells as he grabs her 
He panics, not knowing what to do as Kofimeka is bleeding from her arm
"Do you have any more knives?" He asks her
Kofimeka hands Nagato 3 knives to beat the toaster man
He throws the 3 knives at the the toaster man, he manages to dodge 2 but the third one hits 
"Foolish brat, I'll kill you"
The toaster shoots 2 more toasted breads towards Nagato, he manages to dodge while running towards the toaster man who is now on his knees
"This knife" The Toaster man pulls out the knife but Nagato runs up to him and stabs him in the chest, he falls to the ground bleeding "You will pay for this!"
Nagato exclaims "That's what you get" and takes a step back
He quickly run towards Kofimeka
"I defeated him, let's get you to the hospital, you are injured" He tells her
"I'm sorry I'm so useless" Kofimeka whispers

He figured out how to start up the van but Nagato looked at the rear view mirror and saw that the toaster man got up
"How is that possible? I'm sure I killed him"
But he immediately fell to his knees and exploded
Nagato was confused but though nothing of it, he drives away looking for a hospital
"I'm running low on gas"
He drives around for a few more minutes through the streets and gets into an open road eventually finding a gas station
"Perfect, I hope I can get some supplies and a first aid kit from the store"
He then fills the gas tank, arms himself with a kitchen knife and looked around for a bit
A figure approaches, Nagato points the knife at the figure
"Calm down I'm not one of them"
It seemed to be a man of old age
Nagato hesitantly asked "You aren't one of the kitchen appliances?"
"No" The old man replied
He then goes on to say "I was captured but I managed to escape"
Nagato then asks "Do you know where I can find medical equipment? My friend is injured and needs treatment"
The old man answers "I might have a first aid kit and a few bandages stored in the gas station building but there aren't any hospitals yet"
"I might be able to help, bring her in to the building and I'll see what I can do" He said
Nagato then thanks the man and he brings Kofimeka inside the building
"Sorry there aren't any beds around here, I found this mattress though, it's clean so don't worry, she can lay there while I treat her wound"
He then asked Nagato "How did your friend get the injury?"
Nagato replied "She was shot by a kitchen appliance"
The old man replies "Oh I see, well don't worry the injury isn't that bad"
"Are you a doctor?" Nagato asks
"I am not a doctor but I do have experience with treating wounds, it seems she wasn't shot with a bullet so her wounds should heal over time, just make sure she doesn't move too much"
He states
Kofimeka thanks the man
She then suddenly falls asleep..
"It's no big deal.. and boy what's your name?" The man then introduces himself
"My name is... never mind, I am just some old man"

"My name is Nagato Uso, you can call me Nagato" He answers
The man asks him what happened and Nagato told him everything from how he got here and what they've all been through
"That must've been rough, being put through a tight spot like that"
Nagato replies "Yeah but it all worked out and I hope we can get out of this world soon"
Nagato and the man both go to the other side of the building
He tells him "I'm glad I found another human to interact with here"
The man answers "It was getting pretty lonely for me too, I'd like to ask you something"
"What is it?"
"Did you.. actually beat one of them, one of the cursed kitchen appliances?" The old man asks
Nagato answers calmly "Yes it was pretty difficult and with my chest injury it was hard to move but I threw a few knives at, It fell back and I just stabbed it"
The old man lets out a sigh and explains,
"You can't kill them that easily, the only way to actually kill a kitchen appliance is to take them back to our world and destroy them there, which is impossible"
Nagato surprised "What?? But I'm sure its down for good, as I was leaving it exploded!"
He answers "Well if you say so, but from what I've seen and heard there's no way to beat them physically... in this world at least"
"I've listened to every conversation between those things while they captured me"
Nagato says "So can we get back to our world if we happened to know a kitchen appliance?"
"Yeah probably but there's no way one of them will actually take us to the other world"
The man says..
Nagato then tries to explain "Kofimeka is actually a kitchen appliance"
"She's a human in this world similar to all the kitchen appliances, so she won't die right?"
The old man confused then answers "Yes if she actually is but are you sure that girl is a kitchen appliance, one of those monsters who show no mercy?"
"Yeah I saw her as a coffee machine and she vanished and appeared as a human"
The man then goes on to ask "Why didn't you tell me earlier? You got here because of her so we could probably get out of this world using her"
"Maybe, but she doesn't seem to know anything"
The man takes a step forward and tells him "It doesn't matter she might know, wake her up"
"No let's wait till morning, she's tired and injured" Nagato answers

It's getting dark, the sun is setting and the nights around here are known to be cold
"Well, I'll go to sleep then" Nagato exclaims as he's walking away from the door
But the man quickly drags him back and tells him
"Sleep? You think you can get any sleep during the night with the Lamps walking around?"
Nagato confused "Lamps?"
"I've observed them, they are an army of mini soldiers with lamp lights as their face, always roaming around at night looking for humans, they are strong and can break down the door"
Nagato then asks him "They will find us and break down the door?"
The man answers "Yes and we have to hold down the door until its morning"
Nagato "When do we sleep then? And how do you get food in this world??"
"Sleep from morning to noon, since there aren't many kitchen appliances active then"
The man answers
"I just have to break the lamps and they won't be able to see then"
"Pretty much"
They guard the door for the entire night, but only a few lamps showed up
It was morning already and they could finally relax, they drank some bottled water

The man says
"Usually those lamps hoard this place but today there were only a few"
Nagato says "Maybe we just got lucky tonight?"
"Not that it matters as we might be able to go back to our world soon"
"I'm so happy, I might be able to go back after such a long time" The man says
Kofimeka wakes up
"Good morning!"
She then asks "Is there any coffee beans around here, I'm getting kind of hungry"
Nagato states "I'm pretty hungry as well, I haven't eaten since yesterday"
"You can get food at the convenience store, they refill weekly so you don't have to worry about running out, but I already have some food stocked up so you can take anything you like!"
The man calms them down but Nagato goes on to ask
"Who refills the convenience store?"
The man answers, "The kitchen appliances, I don't know their motive but the food is safe"
Kofimeka then speaks out "We better get going to the mall!"
"Before that.. I know I've asked this before but do you know anything about.. Going back to our world or anything of that sort?" He asks
Kofimeka replies
"I have no idea since I'm not one of them I just happened to be there and here I am now..."
The man clearly frustrated states
"That's unfortunate, right when I thought I could get out of this place!"
Kofimeka apologizes
"It's alright" Nagato says

"You were planning on going to the mall right?"
"Yeah" Nagato answers
The man then goes on to say
"I recommend not going there yet since it's like a breeding ground for those cursed appliances, you should head towards the train station first, you may find something there"
Nagato takes the man's advice and asks "Kitchen appliances can breed?"
The man answers "Under certain conditions they can clone themselves infinitely"
Kofimeka asks the frail old man "Aren't you coming along? I'd feel bad if you stayed lonely here"
"No it's fine and with injuries like that an old man would just slow you down" He answers
They then spend the rest of the day exploring the place, Nagato armed himself with a gun he found at the store, there was a lot of ammunition so they could use it to defend themselves.
Kofimeka found a lot of coffee beans at the convenience store which was only a few miles away from the gas station, they could drive there and back pretty fast.
"We've gathered all the supplies we need and loaded them back in to the van, we can leave by tomorrow and drive to the train station which should take a few hours" Nagato says relieved
"I hope we can a way back soon"
Nagato agrees and they take shelter for the night at the gas station's building
Some lamps attack the door but again not too many hoard them
Nagato falls asleep while guarding the door and 1 of the lamps manages to break in
"Oh no!" The man quickly breaks the light of the lamp and immobilizes it before it hurts Nagato
"That was a close one" He is relieved
"The boy must be tired after all that he had gone through, He can rest for a while"

Nagato wakes up after a while, he's lying down on the floor, "It's morning already?"
"Crap I fell asleep while guarding the door, I'm so sorry"
The man tells him "It's fine, you've been through a lot and today's going to be a big day"
They load up some extra fuel, eat breakfast consisting of some coffee beans for Kofimeka and some rice cakes for Nagato, "That felt great!"
The man hands Nagato a map "Use this if you're lost, I drew a line leading to the station"
Nagato is ready to leave, "Thank you old man! I didn't get your name by the way, what was it?"
"You don't have to know that, I'm just a plain old man" He answers
They wave goodbye and Nagato drives away... To the train station!

After they've left the old man takes out his cell phone and calls someone..
"Hello, yeah... mhmm... Yes I met 2 people and one of them was a kitchen appliance but she didn't have any idea about the... I did as you instructed and guided them to the place.. Yes I followed every step like with the last person who stopped here... Yea I used the poison on the appliance.. So now that I've deceived 5 people will my family be let go... I see, Thank god-"
The phone drops out of the old man's hand, he falls to his knees "Why? This wasn't a part of our deal" he whispers as he drops to the ground bleeding...
He was shot by 2 bullets.. no, toasts, it was the toaster man
"Those brats will pay for humiliating me" He grabs the phone off the ground
"Hellooo.. Yeah I killed subject 43, He spoke too much.. Yes they still got lead to the execution point, Their families? I don't know just use them for... Okay I'll get to them.
He cuts the phone and walks away

Nagato and Kofimeka are talking in the van
"Didn't the old man seem worried about something? I feel bad for leaving him behind" Kofimeka tells Nagato
"Yeah, me too but it was our only viable option because we can't just take an old man in to the middle of a battle, and there's no guarantee we can protect him because of our injuries either"
Nagato tells her
Kofimeka then goes on to say "Still, I'm glad there are other humans to interact with in this world, I thought we were all by ourselves!"
Nagato answers "Well that's still pretty bad because it means that other humans have also been abducted and brought to this world"
Kofimeka explains to him that she didn't mean it in a bad way she was only relieved that they weren't lonely and the only ones in this world
"If there are other people here, we have to get out of this world and inform the police"
Kofimeka agrees
Nagato, worried asks "But if we get out of here... you will turn back into a coffee machine right?"
Kofimeka calmly tells him "Don't worry, we can still stay together when I'm a coffee machine!"
Nagato however is still worried
They finally reach the station after a few hours of driving

Nagato parks the van and they get ready to walk towards the main office of the train station hoping to find somebody there, but they could smell something foul somewhere near the tracks so they followed through to the source of the smell and are shocked to find...
A dead body.