Chapter 8:

Fumino's Past

heaven's hell

Fumino's father was the leader of the blood household, her mother was from the same household as well. Her father was really proud of the household and always did everything for the prosperity of the household. The household has always been prosperous, always being ahead of the other household but during that time, it was known as the golden time of the household, as they were blessed with very skillful representatives and got 50 % share of the revenue. Even though they lived a happy life, her father was always concerned about something, something always bothered him, he was hiding something from the others. As time passed by, her father was getting more cold with being brutal on missions and short tempered, he was suffering inside but refused to speak about it. Every time Fumino asked about it from her mother, her mother would always reply.

"You'll know when you become the leader of this household"

"But I am not even a representative yet"

"You will be when you will be an adult"

"I hope time goes fast, I want to be a representative so badly"

"You are just 5, you still have lot to learn.

Maybe you will do things differently"

Her mother always had a smile on her face, like she was reassuring her that everything is fine. As time went by, Fumino's curiosity grew, following her father everywhere to find out something but her father was a cautious man, rarely losing focus.

One night when her father woke up at the middle of the night, Fumino decided to follow him, hoping that she will find out something. As she followed him, she saw her father go through a secret door behind the shrine, she followed him in. As she went into the room, she saw the whole room empty except her father looking at a white paper on the wall which had nothing written on it, though her father was mumbling something as if he could read something in the blank paper stuck on the wall.

"I know you are there, Fumino"

"I was just going to the washroom and I saw you going somewhere so I just followed"

Her voice showed guilt.

"Come on, lets go, its to late to be awake right now"

As they were walking back to there house, her father said,

"One day, you will know more about this household, then, make the right decisions"

Said her father which at that time, didn't make any sense to her. As the day went by, her father became more cold as his eyes looked more dead as he was forcing himself everyday to do the missions. 

On one unfaithful day, an order came from the higher ups stating that Fumino shall be handed over to the weather household and will become a representative of the weather household, once she turns 18. For her, it all seemed like a nightmare as she cried and screamed, trying her hardest to stay in the household she grew up in but failed, her parents weren't able to do anything as the orders were from the higher ups, only shed tears as Fumino was taken away. 

Days went by as Fumino stayed in the weather household, longing to be with her parents, and one day, the opportunity arrived.

Weather household got a big mission and most of the representative were occupied with it as that night, only few were there in the household. Fumino saw this as an perfect opportunity to escape and see her parents. 

It was a full moon night so it was difficult for her to escape even though the eyes to be caught by were less. As she was successfully able to leave the perimeter of the household, she ran towards the blood household, which took her 2 hours to reach.

As she reached the huge gate, she noticed that the gate was already opened. As she went inside, she saw that the lights inside the household were off as the full moon was the only thing which made everything visible. As she went inside her house, her eyes sunken in. Her parents were lying on the floor as her mother was dead and her father was taking his last breaths, she ran to her father.

"Fumino, I have always loved you, I hope you don't suffer the same pain as me"

These were the last word spoken by her father to her as he took his last breath and died. The agony consumed her as she went unconscious, as she woke up, she got to know that the whole household was killed by something unknown.



As Kakoroshi hears this past of Fumino, he can only imagine how much pain she went through as his eyes moisten up.

"This is all I have to say, I will be going now"

Says Kia as fumino takes over, wearing her glasses back as tears roll down her eyes.

"Only you can find out about the truth of the household"


Asks Kakoroshi as he is willing to help her.

"The white paper on the wall, it can only be read by the leader of the blood household"

"Then we could have read it when you took me to the household"

"You are being watched Ishiro, even right now, most probably by a representative assigned by the elders"

"Why would they?"

"This household has a lot of secrets, unknown to everyone, even the elders, so they want to get the information through you."

As Fumino finishes her sentence, somebody knocks on the door. As Fumino opens the door, she sees Mio as she is panting. 

"Its Toshiro........"