Chapter 1:

Episode 1 Trisha Yuriko: A New Generation, New Heros

KomiDanchi: My Time as the Realms Guardian


Prologue: A war arrived to a world that knew only peace. The factions of Beastmen, Humans, and Demons worked in harmony and sharing cultures, advancements, and land. Over 5000 years of Peace with only minor conflicts. The rise of magic lead to warriors and guilds. This changed with the rise of the 4th Great Demon Lord Beelzebub. He assembled an army an gave the world one year to prepare. Many adventurers and warriors stood to fight him but were all cut down within the first day. A summoning ritual was held to summon humans from Earth to help fight in this war. Those humans became known as the Guardians, an elite group of soldiers. After 5 years of sacrifice the Demon Lord and his army were defeated by a young man named Taiyaki Yuriko who sacrificed his life to bring back the peace to this world. 20 years have past since that war. The world is still a dark place where evil grows in the shadows and we need the guardians to restore the balance once again.

Episode ONE…

Trisha Yuriko: A New Generation, New Heros

A young girl is walking through the town of Diamond Core home of one of the greatest guilds in all the land. The Kuya: Guild of Brotherhood.

[ Trisha Narration ] My name is Trisha Yuriko, Today’s my first day working for the guild. So excited to see what the days brings.

She walked through the town and heads towards the building the end of the road. Flags with the guilds logo flapped in the wind. The citizens waved as they went along their daily lives. Upon entering the building she is greeted by the Guild Master Akira Bushida

[Akira:]Welcome to the guild traveler. I am Akira Bushida, the guild master of this fine establishment. Say, your Yuriko’s kid right?

[ Trisha] That’s me Trisha, pleasure to meet you sir.

[Akira:] No need for the formalites, just call me Akira. Your father was a good man. I expect great things from you.

He puts out his hand for a handshake. The two shake hands and begin to walk around the guild.

[Akira:]This is the guild bar/kitchen and this is our chef. Chloe Brown. She very popular around these parts. People come from all around to taste her cooking. Sometimes even the families of some members just to hang out and chat.

[Trisha] Honor to meet ya Chloe.

[Chloe:] It’s a pleasure to meet you. Oh, and this is Gelato. (The Canine Maid next to her gives a thumbs up.) What you wanna order. We got rice bowls, noodles, and any kind my meat you can think of. And since you are new to the guild. The first order is free!!

She gives a gleeful smile and hands her a menu as Trisha and Akira took a seat at the bar.

[Chloe:] So choose what you like.

Without even taking a good look at the menu Trisha jumped up with joy with a big smile on her face.


[Chloe:] Coming right up!! Let’s Cooking Gelato

Gelato puts on a chef’s hat and Chloe ties he apron and a cook montage begins. She places the bowl in front of Trisha and gives Akira a mug of Beer.

[Trisha] Thank you for the food.

She takes a bite of the food.

[Trisha] So good!!!

She continues eat with a gleeful smile on her face while Akira jugs down the beer. Chloe helps herself to some juice as well. After finishing the meal Akira faces towards Trisha

[Akira:] Well now that you're finished with your meal let me show you the

Quest board. There are 4 types of quests available to all adventures. One is community quests, stopping thieves, just helping the community. Two are Monster quests are quick ways to increase your levels and skills. From small beasts to gigantic monsters. Some even may be guardian treasure. Dungeon Quests are for those who such for purly riches. Dungeons are filled with many dangerous creatures and traps but a great way to enhance your skills. The 4th type of quest are assassination and destress missions. There was a group who took care of this stuff but the organization who hunted down war criminals but the organization shut down.

Trisha gives Akira a confused stare

[Trisha:] Why’s that…

[Akira:] No one knows the true reason why the Undertaker organization was shut down but many members were found dead or missing including it’s leader. Grim Black. The only thing we know is another assassin organization with the same name is rumored to begin hunting down war veterans. Made up of 10 members some stories say but we are unsure.

Trisha looks again at the bored of all the various missions trying to see what would suit her. She begins to scratch her head and before she could make a decision an announcer comes onto the speaker.


[Trisha:] Well I’ll take that job.

Akira receives a peace of paper from the Guild Receptionist, Nashi Kurumi, a young woman with short hair Wearing a black top with a white skirt and a ribbon in her hair. She smiles at Akira and walks to the desk without saying a word.

[Akira] Thank you Nashi, understood there are 2 targets, 2 male both heading through the woods outside the city, armed, approach with caution and be careful

[Trisha:] Understood! I’ll do my best

Trisha rushes out the guild door towards the woodland area

She’s sees the two men running and calls out to them.

[Trisha:] Stop right there before you get your asses handed to you!

[Quill ] Oh… Hasn’t seen you around here before. Oi looks like we got our selves a rookie

[Barry] (laughs hysterically) Looks like easy pickings. Let's teach her a lesson she’ll never forget... Never wanted to mess up a pretty face.

The two men pull out their weapons which was a small dagger and a tomahawk axe. Trisha pulls out her weapon which was a shapeshifting bo staff called Tentora. As the two bandits slowly approach her a barrage of smoke bombs rain down from the sky

Trisha and the 2 bandits cough from the smoke

[Barry] What the hell was that!

A shadow jumps from the sky. Wearing a red trench coat and scruffy brown hair wielding a black sword in his hand. The shadow began to laugh as he announced his presence

[Tanuki] Greetings Idiot and nutjobs it's time for your daily ass whooping!

[Trisha] Who the hell are you calling an idiot!!

[Tanuki] Haven’t seen your face around here before, your a noobie at the guild right, Tanuki Yoshi nice to meet you.

[Trisha] Yeah yeah nice to meet you and all but their going to

The two thieves exchange glares and took off running into the woods as Trisha points at them

[Trisha] Get away…

{Trisha and Tanuki} *GASP!!* (the funny expression on their face)

The two sprite after the thieves and all 4 clash with their weapons. The 4 have a small fight. The fight ends with the 2 theives disarmed and tied up with rope Tanuki hand in his bag.

[Tanuki] Not too shabby, who trained you?

[Trisha] My aunt did since I was 6. She is a skilled warrior.

[Tanuki] Wanna join my party.

[Trisha] Maybe another time. I’ll see you around.

Trisha headed back to the guild to give the report with the bag of stole items while members of the guild came to pick up the thieves. Tanuki vanished back into the woods. After giving her report and giving the stole goods to Akira she headed back home ending her first day at the guild When she reached his house she was greeted by he aunt Ayna Brooks who has taken care of her after her mothers passing. It was nightfall by the time she reached home

[Trisha] I'm Home!

[Anya:] Ah, welcome home how was your first day at the guild

Tell me over dinner.

Anya was a Demon war vertern and fought along side Trisha’s parents. She was finishing the cooking once Trisha walked in. She wore a white shirt and her red skirt she always wore. She had long blonde hair with red highlights.

[Trisha] It was alright, ran into this strange kid though he helped me I guess. His name was Tanuki or something. I don’t remember

[Anya] Oh My… looking at guys are you

She looks at Trisha with a smug look on her face

[Trisha] NO NO, Nothing like that.

Anya finishes eating and stands out of her chair

[Anya] After dinner its time for training I’ll meet you outside.

It’s time to test your skills kid.

Anya grabs her sword she keeps at the door called Takeda

A black buster sword with tape wrapped around it’s handle

(Looks like something straight outta Bleach) Trisha finishes her dinner and rushes outside with Tentora in hand. Both stand on opposite sides of field.

The air is silent with the two staring at each other for a brief period. The two rush and at other and clash blades. They continue clashing blades with such speed and intelligence. Anya sees and opening and knocks Trisha into a tree. She hops back up as a Tentora starts glowing.

[Trisha] Tentora Transform: Sword Mode!

The top part of Tentora transforms into a hammer. Trisha adjusts her fighting to fit the transformation and is able to catch Anya off guard being able to hit her more and more.

[Anya] It seems you improved since the last time and room for improvement but still we’re not done yet. Sword Birth!!

She placed Takeda in the ground as swords began to sprout from the ground. She picks up two of them and begins to charge. As she runs she places the sword in her mouth, slides, and grabs and handful of dust and throws it at Trisha. As the dust clears Trisha stikes with her sword

[Trisha] I wear glasses you know…

[Anya] Thats all for today… hehehe (Scratches back of the head)

Embarrassed by her stupid act of trying to blind a girl with glasses Anya surrenders making this training match points 95 : 140 with Trisha taking the victory for today. The two bow and head back to the house.

Daybreak arrives as the sun rises over the horizon. Anya already left for a mission at the guild and Trisha is still asleep. Suddenly a knock sounded at the door. Trisha wakes up and clumsy tries to get her glasses as the knock becomes louder.

[Trisha] *Yawns*

3 more knocks sound at the door.

[Trisha] Yeah Yeah I am coming.

She gets dressed and heads down stairs to the door as she rubs her eyes. opens the door and sees the boy from yesterday holding a piece of paper.

[Tanuki] Good morning is this where I can find Swords master Brooks. The guild told me I could find her her… Oh your the girl from yesterday.

[Trisha] Yeah that’s me. Aunties out right now. Why you ask.

[Tanuki] I wanted to ask if she could train me in swordsmen ship

[Trisha] You seemed decent enough yesterday

[Tanuki] I need to improve myself, there’s I fight I need to win.

[Trisha] Vengeance perhaps.

[Tanuki] Ehh something like that I suppose.

[Trisha] Well I have nothing better to do today so I suppose I’ll tag alone wait here I sec.

Trisha heads back the house to get her weapon and supplies she returns and the two head towards the guild.

[Akira] Ah welcomes back you two. I see you already equated with Tanuki.

In that case from this day forward who too will be party mates

[Tanuki] I guess that’s fine, Just don’t get in my way.

[Trisha Narration] Your the one who wanted me on your team Dumbass!

[Akira] Now that’s settled go pick your first official quest.

{Trisha and Tanuki} YES SIR!!

Else where a lone warrior wander though the woods outside of Takinoue no mura (The Village above the Waterfall). He senses a presence and a projectile flies as he reflects it into a tree

[Stanley] I sense your presence both of you. Don’t be rude. If you want to kill me say hello first.

Two figures, a man and a woman appear a few feet away from the man.

One was tall with samurai type armor wearing a bamboo hat wielding a sword. The other had black and white hair with a black dress with a red trench coat.

[Tempest] Oh dear, you sensed us after all.

[Stanley] Your the Lich Queen Tempest. I remember you from the war.

You must be Dragon Slayer.

[Ichikai] I’m honored you know my name warrior. Stanley Tetsuo, I suppose you know what we are here for.

[Stanley] To kill me I suppose, you are assassins after all.

Stanley points it finger at Ichikai.

[Stanley] Bang!

A small high pressured blast comes out of one his fingers. Ichikai quickly reflects it with his sword. The shot blows up a near by boulder

[Ichikai] Wind Dragon Roar!

With a wave of his hand a giant ghost dragon with red mane and blue body appears. It lets out an ear piercing scream. The force of the air currents send Stanely into a near by tree shattering it in the process. As he tried to get up Ichikai approached him.

[Ichikai] Is that all you have, I expected more from you gunslinger.

Stanley tries to shoot him again but Ichikai grabs his hand and breaks it. The sound of his bones snapping are intense and he screams in pain on the floor

[Stanley] AHHHH! ARRRGH!

As he rolls on the floor clinging his hand he tries to shoot with his other hand and Ichikai cuts it clean off. Blood began gushing out of his hand as he continues to scream.

[Ichikai] I see that’s all you have. Such a shame, maybe your friends will put up more of a fight.

Stanley spits blood at Ichikai.

[Stanley] You’ll never win

[Ichikai] Perhaps

Ichikai stabs Stanley and he dies.

[Ichikai] But you’ll never no.

[Tempest] Let’s head back now, we need to report

Ichikai picks up the lifeless corpse of the proud warrior as they walk off into the woods. The screen fades to black with the titles card appearing on screen.

End of Episode 1: Trisha Yuriko: A New Generation, New Heros

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