Chapter 12:

Another First

Being a Girl Online Made Me Become a Girl in Real Life

I slowly make my way to Yuri's house to change back into being a guy. As fun as today was, I'm eager to go back into my room and play video games the rest of the day. I’m surprised how well everything went today as being outside drains me of my lifeforce by the second.

I ring the doorbell at Yuri’s house and the door shoots open the second my finger lifts off the button. Yuri is there at the doorway as if she was seemingly waiting for my return the whole time.

"How did your little date go Nakahara-Chan?" Yuri says with a bit of sass in her voice.

Before any words form in my mouth, she pulls me into the house and starts sniffing the air around me. Yuri is wide awake this time and the calm Yuri is gone. She seems to be worked up about something as her eyes feel like they are cutting through me.

"I assume it went well since you smell like… sniff sniff... man."

"What does that mean, I am a man aren't I?"

"Not like that, you idiot! Like a real man. You are different Nakahara-Chan."

"How am I different! I am a real-” I reconsider what I was about to say as I realize I'm still using my girl voice.

"You... How close did you get with that guy? His scent is all over you!" Yuri says with anger slowly building in her voice.

Uh oh, this dog is already onto me. I think it would be best if I don’t let her know what exactly happened as something seems off about her right now.

"We may have hugged a bit… What are you going on about anyway, why does this matter!?"

"Anything else? Don't tell me you kissed him you whore!" Yuri says while grabbing my shoulders.

"What no! We only hugged!" I look away as I’m clearly lying.

We did get a bit closer than hugging, but some things are better left unsaid when dealing with this wild dog.

"How else was I supposed to get close to him!? It's my mission after all"

"You dirty girl… and you spoke with my brother today… you just can't keep away from guys huh..." Yuri brings her face directly in front of mine. "Did he tell you anything about me?"

It sounds like I'm being threatened with death if I answer these questions wrong.

"No no no, nothing at all I swear! We only spoke about school!"

That was a lie too but Shu didn't say anything about Yuri that should get her this upset.

"You become a girl for one moment and suddenly you talk to a bunch of different men… maybe you like men don't you!!!"

"W-what?! No I swear, I like girls! I-I-I like Saya!"

"Hmm, fine I will believe you Nakahara-Chan." Yuri starts to relax a bit as she backs away and lets go of me.

"Can I please come inside, I want to change clothes."

"Fine… but don't change just yet I never got to enjoy my time looking at you like this…"

Yuri finally calms down a bit and she finally lets me take off my shoes and get out of the genkan. We head into her room as usual and she takes a seat on her computer chair while I’m left to be standing.

"So, how was the date?" Yuri asks with her arms folded and legs crossed.

"He is actually super nice, he treated me very well. Also he isn't that creepy looking in person, though he is quite bigger than me which is a bit intimidating-"

"I was talking about the mission! What are your chances of getting him to stop liking your friend"

"Oh, that? Uhh… I think it's going well. He was nothing but nice to me the entire time and he even paid for the food we ate. He even wanted to meet up again...." I say while twiddling my fingers.

I explained to her what we did during our time together and obviously left out the details of what happened at the arcade to prevent another nuclear meltdown from her. I miss the sleepy Yuri so much.

"I see, that sounds like normal first date things so it’s progress. You mentioned you hugged him earlier on. How far are you planning to take this dating thing!?"

"I’ll take it as far as necessary for him to be away from Saya.”

It’s too late to be asking those kinds of questions. I’m in this too deep already and there isn't any reason to look back. I set out a plan to get Saya back and I’m going to stick through it till I get what I want.

“By the way, he only hugged me at the beginning as a greeting so don’t think of anything weird!"

"Nakahara-Chan, I know you are lying...”

“Okay maybeee he got a bit more touchy, but what’s the problem? Since when have you become a voice of reason?”

“You can’t let guys just walk all over you!”

Yuri starts to get worked up again and gets out of her seat and into my face.

“He only gets a bit touchy, what is the harm in that?! I know what I’m doing!”

“Really now? If he went to kiss you, I bet you would let him." Yuri says through clenching her teeth.

"Never! He is a guy, I can’t do it!"

"Heh, even worse… if he forced himself on you... you wouldn't do anything..." She lets out a small giggle.

"Don't doubt me, I’m a guy so I don't have to worry about that!"

Yuri holds my waist and pushes me against the wall with her body. She slams her hand over my head knocking one of her posters off the wall, completely trapping me between her.

K-k-kabedon?! Yuri is really close to my face and she is looking at me directly in my eyes through her thick glasses.

“Nakahara-Chan, guys only want one thing. You are so simple. You don’t understand what guys are capable of.” Yuri whispers to me with a bit of anger in her voice.

She puts her other hand on the side of my cheek and raises my chin. Yuri is a girl after all and this is getting a bit dangerous. I’ve never been this close like this before. I try to lean backwards away from her but only for my head to be met with the wall behind me.

"I could do anything I want with you right now and you wouldn't refuse. Heh, you haven't even said anything since I pinned you against the wall.” She says with a wryly smile.

Maybe she is right, I would just let him have his way if this happened.

“If I was Touma in this situation…” Yuri closes both eyes and leans her face towards me.

"Y-y-y-yuu-" I whimper out as I try to move my face away from hers.

I close my eyes and try to move my head at the last second. I feel the cold lenses of Yuri’s glasses hit the side of my eyes and something soft press against the side of my cheek.

It feels a bit… Moist… was that my first kiss? LET’S GOOO! Wait no, it was on the cheek and it was from Yuri… and I was forced against my will… let’s just forget this one after all.

"Nakahara-Chan, you were supposed to try and escape! Don't be so easy! A guy like Touma would be all over you right now."

"Yuu-Chan!!! Please, this is too far! What are you trying to prove!”

“I’ll do it again until you learn how-”

Bzzz Bzzz

My phone vibrates from my bag. I quickly reach into it and answer the phone call.


"Heyyy Shiki, guess what!?" Saya yells through the phone.


"Touma came over to my place and asked my dad if I could be free earlier! We can hang out on Thursday when-"

"Nakahara-Chan, who is it?" Yuri asks without any care that I’m in the middle of a call.

"Whoa, that didn't sound like your mom? Wait… is that really a girl?"

"Haha, it’s just a friend…"

Just a friend that kissed me not even a minute ago.

"I'm shocked you brought a friend over to your place." She stops yelling and talks a bit softer.

"I didn't bring them over, I'm at their house doing something- hey don't touch me there!" I snap at Yuri as she is trying to hold my cheek again.

"Oh… sorry if I was interrupting something."

"Nonono you helped me-" I finally get tired of Yuri and push her off of me.

“Kyaa~” Yuri lets out a moan as she stumbles almost falling to the ground.

"You sound in the middle of something, I'll call you back later, so sorry heh!" she laughs nervously.

She abruptly hangs up the phone before I can even explain myself.

"Yuu-Chan please let me go home..." I say as I let out a big sigh.

First date and first kiss all on the same day. Also, Saya must think I’m doing weird things with another girl. Two steps forward and one step back, guess today wasn’t that bad after all...