Chapter 13:

The Bait Worked but What I Got Made Things More Complicated

Being a Girl Online Made Me Become a Girl in Real Life

The longer I wait the more complicated it will be to advance with my plan to get closer to Touma. I suspect Touma only had time to go out with me since Saya is currently stuck at home and out of the picture. That means I have until Thursday to gain some more points with Touma before Saya comes back and makes things harder. After all, it seems that even though we got close on our first meeting, he still left our date early to go to Saya’s home.Bookmark here

Only three days I need to do something quickly. I need to find an excuse to get Touma to spend more time with me these next few days. It seems like the only reason he was eager to be with me is that he couldn't be with Saya.Bookmark here

If it wasn't for Saya staying at home our date might have never happened and I wouldn't be able to get close with him. Saya would have only gotten closer and closer to him, leaving me with no chance at getting her back.Bookmark here

The thought of me not doing anything fills me with frustration. I slam my mouse on my desk in anger at myself for not doing enough. I need to think of something right now, the longer I wait the harder things will get.Bookmark here

Maybe I can get him to help me with something, after all it seems he likes to do that… just what can it be though.Bookmark here

I angrily click away at my mouse at the game I'm playing. I want to break this stupid thing. I slam my mouse against the desk a bit harder than last time. Hmm, If I break this mouse then I can have an excuse to ask Touma to help me buy a new one. I truly am a genius, this is a perfect plan.Bookmark here

This time I seriously try to destroy the stupid little thing… but it’s indestructible. They really built this one strong. I unplug the mouse from the back of my computer and raise it above my head. Sorry but this has to be done… I throw the thing with all my strength onto the floor. The mouse explodes on impact sending shards of plastic everywhere and completely obliterates the mouse. I scoop up all the pieces off the floor and put them on my mousepad to set up the murder scene.

*snap* Bookmark here

I took a photo of the destruction I just caused. Hopefully this can be convincing enough on it’s own. Bookmark here

Now I just need to wait for him to ask me to play video games tonight.Bookmark here

....Bookmark here

Bookmark here

Bookmark here

It's taking too long, I’m not waiting. I will send out some bait myself.

Bookmark here

Me: Help me UwUBookmark here

I send a picture to Touma of the fallen comrade. After a few minutes he finally replies.Bookmark here

Touma: That’s impressive. Looks like it exploded or something.Bookmark here

Me: I’m crying T_TBookmark here

I wait only for a few minutes for his reply but I receive a call instead.Bookmark here

“Hey Touma *sniff*.” I try my best to pretend to be sad by using fake sniffles like I was really crying.Bookmark here

“Shinobu, are you alright?!”Bookmark here

“I’m a little sad *sniff* that’s all...”Bookmark here

“What happened to your mouse for it to be broken like that anyways!?”Bookmark here

“I got a little upset when playing and I just hit it only a tiny bit...” Bookmark here

By a tiny bit, I mean intentionally throwing it full force onto the floor for the purpose of getting you to talk with me and invite me to go on a date. The more I think about it the more insane I sound.

“A tiny bit? Looks like you smashed that thing into a million pieces.” He says with a skeptical tone. Bookmark here

“We all have our moments when we get upset playing… the game isn't the same without you with me Touma.” I say to try and make my story more believable. Bookmark here

“Haha so that’s all? Well there is no need to cry Shinobu, just buy a new mouse and you will be all good right.”Bookmark here

“No, it’s just now I won’t be able to play games for the rest of golden week.”Bookmark here

“All you need to do is order a new one right?”Bookmark here

“If I order online, it will take over a week to arrive and my golden week will be over UwU”Bookmark here

“So just go to the store and buy a new one?”Bookmark here

I thought the bait I threw out was an easy one for him to catch onto. Guess I need to spell it out for him. Bookmark here

“I’m too scared to go into those electronic stores alone! They are so big and it's so confusing I would just get nervous and leave UwU. What should I do, Touma?” I strain my voice to try and show I’m really in a dilemma here. Bookmark here

My sentence stumbles along awkwardly but I think I managed to make the bait more enticing. Now that I think about it, this excuse was really dumb. I could easily have got a mouse online and it would arrive the next day. Hopefully my shy personality and his instincts to protect me get me through this.Bookmark here

“I'll take you there, don't be sad, okay! We can get you a new one tomorrow.” Bookmark here

Heh, what a simp.Bookmark here

“Really you would help me!?”

“I mean all I’m really doing is following you in the store, it's nothing really.” He nervously laughs a bit. Bookmark here

“Yay I knew if I messaged you about this you would make me feel better! You are the best Touma!” Bookmark here

“It’s not that big of a deal, but if it makes you feel better I would be glad to help Shinobu.” Bookmark here

“No really thank you so much!” Bookmark here

“I like it when I can make you feel happy…” He says under his breath. “Will tomorrow around noon be fine? Let’s meet up at Namba station, there is a big electronic store around there, Wic Camera.”Bookmark here

With that, the bait is taken and I'm reeling him in. Success.Bookmark here

***Bookmark here

I make sure to give myself some extra time to get ready in the morning as this is the first time I would be doing everything myself. Before I left Yuri’s house she gave me everything I would need to do it on my own. Since her family would be home for the rest of the week, she didn’t want to risk anything happening by bringing me over. Bookmark here

Touma mentioned he liked more mature girls, whatever that meant so I decided to wear something that would make me older than I appear. Today is a simple beige-colored skirt with a black belt and a darker beige-colored sweater.Bookmark here

I start doing my makeup. I don’t have a small mirror to look at myself in so I lean into the mirror I have behind my door. I spent all night watching makeup tutorials to get a feel on how to apply some of this stuff. To be honest it’s super easy to do and I’m not doing anything complicated. For my first time doing my makeup on my own I am impressed I didn’t make any mistakes.Bookmark here

I look at myself in the mirror. I seem like a college student who is very majime, like an earnest student who takes their studies seriously and never fools around. I wonder what kind of impression I would leave him this time. I hope he likes this style better than the sweet and cute style I went for last time.Bookmark here

I leave my home a bit early as I wanted to try and buy something to improve my smell before meeting up with Touma. I go to a shopping center near where we are supposed to meet at Namba station. I know exactly where I need to go and what I want to get. I've also looked online to look up what kinds of perfumes would match Saya. I feel like if I buy one that fits the image of Saya, then I could use it on myself to attract Touma. Bookmark here

I go into the washroom to apply the perfume I bought. It’s called fever and the glass bottle looks like a purple egg or grenade depending on how you look at it. It reminds me so much of Saya, when I close my eyes I can imagine her near me. When applied lightly it’s a sensual floral smell with a hint of sweetness and spice that is deep and edgy but not too overpowering. It certainly doesn't fit my personality but it fits Saya’s. With this I feel like I am the perfect girl today, nothing can get in my way of getting close with Touma.Bookmark here

It’s almost time to meet up with him so I rush back to the station and tell him I’ve just got off the train. I wonder if he will hug me again today. Actually, he better hug me today or else I would have wasted so much money on that perfume.Bookmark here

I wait near the entrance outside of the station. He finally arrives and approaches me. I brace myself for him to hug me and compliment me on all this effort I put in to look good today.Bookmark here

“Hey, how are you doing today Shinobu?” Bookmark here

“I’m fine I guess, how about you?”Bookmark here

“I’m starving. Do you mind grab something quick to eat at McDonLad’s before we go shopping?”

“Sure I don’t mind, thanks for even coming out here for me anyways.”Bookmark here

What the hell, where is my hug!Bookmark here

“You look quite uneasy today. Don’t worry, nothing bad will happen, we are only buying a mouse after all haha.”Bookmark here

“Yea, you are right…”Bookmark here

Dammit Touma, notice me. Nothing today? Not how my clothes look nice or how I’m cute? I also happen to smell great today! Notice me goddamnit! Bookmark here

Instead of holding his hand I latch onto his arm tightly. Yes, like this he has no choice but to be close with me. Come on, I’m waiting for you to say something!Bookmark here

“W-whoa guess you are extra nervous today. It’s fine you can stay as close to me as you want.” Bookmark here

Ugh, why is this so difficult! Say that I smell nice you idiot! Notice me! Bookmark here

After we walk for a few minutes I finally calm down a bit and finally start to relax. I can't just force things to happen, it is better to be natural with things like how I am online or like our last date. I feel a bit defeated but I guess I’m being too cocky with what I can accomplish. Bookmark here

As we enter the McDonLad’s I feel eyes staring at me. We are being watched, but by who?Bookmark here

“I’m going to order, want me to get you anyth-” Bookmark here

“No way, what are you doing here Touma? Weren't we supposed to meet up later?” I hear a girl's voice from behind us. Bookmark here

Who the hell is this girl? Out of nowhere a weird blonde haired, tanned skin bimbo starts talking with Touma. Bookmark here

“Oh hey, what’s up Haru! Didn’t expect to see you here.” Bookmark here

“Yeah weird huh! And who is this? Hmm, is this why you told us you wanted to meet up later on today...” Bookmark here

“This is my friend.... Shinobu, I’m uh, was gonna help her with something today.” Touma looks around awkwardly as he seemed unsure of what to tell her.Bookmark here

“Friend huh?” Her eyes stare me down from head to toe. “Hmm, well anyways since you're here, come chill with us for a bit.”Bookmark here

“Sure, as long as she doesn't mind too.” He looks over at me.Bookmark here

Am I supposed to agree to this?Bookmark here

“I want to get to know your friend over here…” She turns her attention away from Touma and starts to speak with me “So how about we get to know each other for a bit.” She says and smiles at me.Bookmark here

“...” I don't know what to say. Bookmark here

I can't just refuse, it would be pretty awkward and rude. I came here to spend time with Touma and now this girl is cockblocking me!Bookmark here

“She is a little shy so be gentle.”Bookmark here

“First time I’ve seen you with a quiet one, it should be interesting.” She gives a little smirk and seems to be more interested in me now. “Well nice to meet you Shinobu, you can just call me Haru.”Bookmark here

“N-nice to meet you too…” It feels weird to talk with a girl I have never met before. I have never really spoken to any girls outside of Yuri or Saya so I’m not sure how to act. This could end up real bad if I am not careful. Bookmark here

“You don’t need to be shy about me I’m a pretty open girl, come let’s go upstairs and sit”Bookmark here

“S-sure” Bookmark here

“Touma, get your greasy hands off her and give her to me!” She grabs my hand and pulls me off of him. “Come on, let's go! My other friend is upstairs so I’ll introduce you to her!” Bookmark here

Aw crap, there is another one of them! This can’t be good news, I have no social skills whatsoever! Now I have to socialize with two girls at the same time! I have only ever spoken with two girls in my entire time so far in highschool Bookmark here

We get up the stairs and make our way over to the table where Haru was sitting with her other friend. Bookmark here

“Yoo Maika, guess who I found!” She basically yells over to her friend across the room.Bookmark here

That name does sound familiar. As we get closer I realize that this situation couldn't get any worse. Maika is one of Saya’s friends I see her hang out with during school. She is one of the popular girls but she is a scary one. I definitely heard rumors that she used to bully lots of people in middle school so nobody dares to mess with her now. She definitely has a pretty face but she has an intimidating aura around her. If some loser like me or Yuri spoke to her during school, it feels as if we would need to bow before her presence. Bookmark here

I have not planned for anything like this to happen but I need to keep it cool, I’m a pro at being a girl after all. Never in a million years could I imagine having to make friends with two girls today. Nothing I’ve trained with Yuri or looked up online has prepared me to be with other girls. I only know how to deal with guys, that is what my specialty is. Bookmark here

But I’ve come too far to mess everything up now! Even though the difficulty of this date has increased, I will push through and win! Bring it on...Bookmark here

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