Chapter 0:

First Kill

King Stone: The Sacred War

No one wants to die. And neither did Hajime Shi. As he ran, he prayed to the gods above him for one thing: Please don't let him catch up to me!  The gods wouldn't listen to his wish. Then he heard a noise. The sound of a gun. Hajime shivered. He was tired, but he continued running. The man. The hunter. He was coming closer and closer. It's only a matter of time before the hunter will kill his prey. And by extension, Hajime Shi. And so Hajime kept running. And as he ran, he felt the presence of magic. A titanic amount of it. He stopped running for a moment, and then looked up towards the sky, and he shook with fear. A giant portal in the sky. Red energy seemed to be erupting from it, as well as the presence of...something. Something is coming.

"No way..."  He stared at it for a second. "This guy is summoning something in the middle of New York?! He's insan-" Another loud noise could be heard. It was another gun shot. This time ,however, the hunter had hit the target. People around Hajime ran and screamed as they heard the gun, realizing that they're in danger too. All of them were running as Hajime fell to the ground. His arm had been ripped open from the shot. He dropped to the ground in agony, screaming in pain as blood leaks out from his arm. Everyone has run away, except for one woman, who ran over to Hajime. 

"Sir! Can you walk? We need to stop the bleeding!" She said, looking at Hajime's arm. She lifted his other arm up, and began putting it around her back. 

"Ma'am! Please!" He looked up at her. "Run away! He might attack you too!" He screamed. She stared at him. 

"What are you talking about?" She asked. Those were her final words. A loud noise could be heard, and then the women collapsed. Hajime fell to the ground, and gripped his arm. His arm hurt. It hurt so much. Hajime looked at his arm for a moment, and then looked back at the women. Blood. So much blood. And it was spilling out of her head. Hajime placed one of his hands over his mouth, and tried to not throw up.

"He..." He started saying something, and then paused. He stares at the women's corpse. "She just wanted to help me..." He muttered. He slowly looked up towards the sky. The portal. It wasn't there anymore. It had disappeared. Instead of questioning what the portal was, Hajime looked back down at the women's corpse. Her blood. His blood. So much blood. Why? Why did he even have to see this blood? "What kind of war is this? Killing innocent people...a women no less..." And then he walked out of the shadows. The man that did this. No, the monster that did this. Long, black hair. A cleanly shaved face. A black jacket, with a white shirt underneath.  He stared at Hajime with cold, lifeless eyes. Hajime's eyes darted up towards him, and he then gulps. "W-why would you k-kill her?" He asked. The man stared at him. He sighed.

"If she took you to a doctor, it could complicate things." He says. His voice is soft. Hajime stared at the man. 

"How would it complicate things..?" He asked. The man shook his head, and muttered something. 

"Well, what if you took refuge with the police or someone like that? It would mean that someone could find out about this war. Idiot." Hajime grit his teeth. 

"You're t-the idiot!" He screamed. "You attacked me just a few hours after the Sacred War has even started! W-What kind of man does that!?" He yelled out. His voice echoed among the empty streets, which have now been cleared out due to the bullets and blood. Sirens could be heard in the distance. The police were coming. The man sighed.

"I'm the kind of man that does that." He said, pointing his finger at himself. Hajime stared at him. He was quivering, but he slowly began to make magic flow through him. He's going to fight. But first...

"W-who are you?" He asked. Magic began to slowly form in his hands. This will be a good way to distract him for a few seconds. I can't let him catch on to the fact that I'm about to attack him... He thought. The man looked away, towards the dark night sky. 

"Well you're going to die here anyways..." He said, with a little chuckle. Hajime was infuriated. But he had to get some more time so that he could gather enough magic to use against this man. He was still a novice after all. The man looked back down at Hajime. "My name is Hiro." He said. There was no expression on his face.  Just his cold eyes. Hajime grunted, and then magic began flowing through his legs. He jumped into the air, and a sword formed in his hand. He griped it and slashed at Hiro. Hiro closed his eyes. Magic began rotating throughout the air and all of a sudden a shield formed in front of him, and knocked Hajime down. It's almost like Hiro knew this would happen. Blood began pouring out of Hajime's arm, even more now, but Hajime wouldn't waver. He goes in for a second assault. Hiro just raised his hand. A symbol appeared on his palm. A cross. Hajime immediately sensed it. A gigantic gathering of magic in Hiro's hand. He immediately knew what was going to happen. He slowly closed his eyes as he lunged through the air at Hiro. Tears begin gathering up in his eyes. He'd accepted his fate. A huge blast of magic bursts out from Hiro's palm, and it blew Hajime's head straight off. Everything above Hajime's shoulders was gone. He's dead. Hajime's corpse fell down to the ground, blood spilling everywhere. Hiro stared at Hajime's corpse, and sighed. The police sirens were getting closer now. He put his arm down and then shakes his head and walks away, slowly sinking into the darkness. 

                                                              WIZARDS LEFT: 19