Chapter 1:

The Sacred War

King Stone: The Sacred War

"A tragedy has occured." The priest says. The council stares at the priest. "The king," the priest pauses and casts his gaze around the room. He then opens his mouth again. "The king has died." For a few seconds there is complete silence. Then chaos enters the room. 

"The king is dead!?" One of the council members, Sero, yell out. Others also yell at the priest, demanding more information. The priest sighs. 

"You could have let me finish..." He mumbles. "The king was attempting to stop the war in Europe from happening. Of course he failed to assassinate the führer, and subsequently got killed."

"How the hell did he fail to asassinate that man?! He's a wizard for crying out loud!" Council member James screams. The others nod in agreement. The priest shakes his head. 

"I really have no idea in the slightest. I wasn't there to witness what happened." He says. He begins pacing around the room. 

"Does this mean that we must have another sacred war? Its only been 15 years since the past one!" Another council member asks. 

"If there's no war, there's no king. And things are getting incredibly hectic in Europe. We need another king quick." Another council member, Arthur, states. Council member Sato Yamamoto nods.

"We need to be quick about this." He says. The priest nods. 

"Exactly what I was thinking, gentlemen!" He says. He looks towards the end of the table. There sits the leader of the council, Kirei. "So what do you think, Mr.Kirei?" He asks. Kirei slowly looks up. 

"Considering the situation, we need another sacred war to take place. Now." He stands up. "I'd like for the council members to call the informant from the last war, Takae. We will now consider the combatants for the war." He explains. 

"As is tradition, we need 20 wizards. The first 15 must be some of the strongest wizards around. The other 5 wizards will be randomly chosen." The others nod. Council member Watanabe raises his hand. 

"I have a strong contender. What about that one wizard, Hiro?" Everyone stares at Watanabe. 

"That man is insane!" Arthur yells. "He kills anyone that comes near him! He's a disgrace to us wizards!" The others chime in.

"Yes. I don't think he would be a smart choice. What kind of untold suffering might his wish cause if he gets the Kingstone?" Kirei asks. Watanabe sighs. 

"Listen, he is incredibly strong. And no matter how strong he is, he will have to fight 19 other powerful wizards." He explains, with a smile on his face. "The Kingstone is only available to the last man standing, and Hiro will probably die before the war ends. And even if he does get it, its not our place to interfere. Isn't that was the lord stated when he constructed the sacred war?" 

THE SACRED WAR: Ages ago, god appeared to children of his blood and instructed them to select a leader from among them, who would control the world and keep peace. This eventually lead to the battles turning into the Sacred War, a battle between 20 wizards (people of gods descent who can use magic). They battle for gods reward, the king stone, which grants any wish they want granted. After the wish is granted, they become king of the world. The war usually immediately begins after the previous king has died in order to elect a new king as quickly as possible. 

The others mumble and grunt, but they have to agree with Watanabe. He is completely right, sadly. After that argument, the council continue to converse and elect people to fight in the war. The election takes a whole week to finish. After this they call in Takae, who was the informant for the previous Sacred War. 

INFORMANT: A man that is chosen to inform the competitors of the fact that they've been chosen to participate in the Sacred War. 

A few hours later, the door slams open. "So, what is it?" Takae asks, walking into the room. He looks at the men in the room. "You bastards only call me when something big is going on." He says, slamming the door shut and walking in front of the table. The priest grins. 

"Well, Mr.Takae. We would like you to inform the participants of the new Sacred War that will be starting in aproximately 3 days." Takae laughs. 

"3 days, huh? So thats my deadline." He says. He then stares at Kirei. "Hey, leader. Gimme the list of the participants now." Kirei stares at Takae. 

"Watch your tone, you filthy vermin." He says, with a frown. He stands up, and takes some papers off of the desk. He walks over to Takae, and hands him the papers. Takae grins. 

"Well, now I'm excited. So the war is taking place right here, in America?" He says, looking at the papers. He energetically flips through the pages until he comes across a certain document. He stares at it. The grin on his face is gone. "Chief, what's the meaning of this shit?" Kirei looks amused. 

"Well, you are a viable contestant, aren't you, Takae?" Kirei says, with a little chuckle. Takae stares at Kirei. 

"You son of a-" He stops himself, and stares at Kirei with a gaze of anger and hatred. He scoffs, puts the papers into a folder, and then slams the door closed. He can hear some laughing coming from the room. "Those damn bastards..." He thinks. He walks towards the elevator, and presses the door open. The elevator takes its time, and after a few minutes finally arrives on the floor he's on. Takae presses the button, and the doors open. A man is standing inside. He's sweating. Sweating with fear.

"This isn't on the elevator map...." He whispers. Takae walks into the elevator. He stares at the buttons before deciding to press the button that closes the doors. The doors close as the man mumbles to himself about the government and other conspiracies. Takae stares at the man. This man is unlucky. Takae is in a bad mood now. 

"So, you aren't a wizard, huh?" He asks. The man looks up at him. 

"Wizard?" He asks. Takae's hand flows with magic, and he quickly stabs the man straight through his chest. The man falls to the ground, blood spilling out of his chest. He coughs up blood, mumbles a bit more, and then passes away. Takae stares at the corpse. He quickly turns away, placing his hands on his head. "Damn it, I should get used to this... I'm gonna have to do this crap a lot more later." He says, opening the doors. "Those bastards really should focus more on security. Any stupid shit face can find this place..." He says, throwing the body out of the elevator. The blood spills all over the floor as Takae heads down. He sighs. "Ain't no way I'm ever gonna get used to dead bodies..." A paper falls to the floor. Its Takae's profile. 

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