Chapter 0:


I Will Survive And Live My Life As The Fallen Princess

My name is Ping Mi-Gyong , I'm a 20 year old college student, I'm suffering with uncureble Sickness. The doctor said to my parents that I could survive but it might be at risk. The surgery began, before the surgery I kissed my Nana and my parents and bid them goodbye. I was given anesthetic and that was the last time I met my family. The next thing I remember is that I woke up in a huge bed and there was a maid standing Infront of me." Good Morning my lady" I was shocked and jumped off the bed, I ran out of the room.
" My lady, where are you going"
I ran like a horse, people who looked like foreigners looked at me puzzled.I cried for help...
" Mama.... Apa... Nana..."
Everyone was looking at me. While running I knocked a person. He looked like a tall, well build man, with white beard. He looked as if he's a gentleman with fine clothes.
" Meredith, you've woke up, oh my daughter" he hugged me. I got scared and ran.
" What has happened to Meredith?" The worried Man questioned. " Follow her and ensure that she doesn't get hurt"
I ran and stopped across a window. I holded my Breath and closed my eyes. When I opened, next to me was a pale, white girl, her hair was wavy, painted with blood like hair and eyes shinning like rubies. She was panting as same as I. She was copying the exact actions as me. I walked forward and touched her, but She was stuck in a glass. I rubbed the glass and stepped back, I looked at my hands and found out that the girl is me.
"My lady, are you all right" came a knight running across me.
As I looked puzzled. The entire Kingdom and two older but nobly dressed came to me.
An woman with a huge corset like gown hugged me. 
" My dear Meredith, My dear Meredith, Alas, you have woken up from two years of sickness.
They all looked puzzled.
The gentleman who is the Duke calls upon a doctor. After Examining me, the doctor said," She's looking fine, her vitals are ok, but I sorry to bear the bad news, it looks like the lady has got into amenesia"
" Oh my poor Meredith". The Lady said while hugging me.
I lied in the bed for two days and found out that I've been reincarnated and now I'm inside the body of the Meredith McGuiness, the while paled skin and daughter of McGuiness. I'm living in year where I think was before the Victorian era. I'm at the age of 17, and that means the age where women get married in this era .
I still remember the tears of my family in the past life. Now living at the present reminds me that they're daughter has got a chance to live and I'm using it. 
Fine.... if God has given me the opportunity to live and stay in this life, I will cherish it. I will spend my life with this body, marry a handsome man and die as death calls me again. I will live my life but that's what I thought. I am going to live in world of greed, evil and revenge. I Will live with this reincarnated body and face all obstacles ahead in this wretched life and get over with it.

Joe Gold
Ise Minori