Chapter 1:

Chapter 1

I Will Survive And Live My Life As The Fallen Princess

"Meredith…. Meredith" "Huh" Meredith's cup is shattered as a result of the interruption.  "Are you concentrating" said Isabella "Oh dear, are you ok," said princess of Oudruicia
"Yes, madam,can someone please clean up this mess." A maid who was working as a front-of-house waitress rushed over and began cleaning up the mess.
It's been two years since I awoke in this strange new world. A lot of things happened, including the discovery that I have a twin sister named Isabella, who is always clingy to me despite the fact that we aren't twins. Isabella, or Belle, was the daughter of a friend of my mother's, while my mother was giving birth. Unfortunately, the mother died, so my mother took the infant and raised us.
Mother, who had no intention of marrying, became the Empress of the Oudruicia Empire's secretary. She was attracted to Grayson White, a general, and the two got to know each other and married within three months. So now, along with my mother and sister and also my younger brother who was born from generals side, and currently reside in the House of White. But as long as we start and new lives, more hazards arose as the days and years went. The kingdom of Oudruicia faced heavy wars and Thaeslomid were our biggest enemies and the general always kept himself busy, As there was always success in winning wars.
Me and my siblings were having tea while waiting for news of Oudruicia's ninth triumph. My spine was tingling with a cold shiver. Something awful might happen, but I don't care as long as I survive this era.
"Madeline, could you please grab me my coat, I'd like to go for a walk," I said to my personal maid.
Madeline gave the coat and headed to the beach to relax and rejuvenate. I went into the palace in search of my mum. Inside, I could feel the coolness of the sea breeze. The sea breeze blew through the halls of the palace, and I could feel the coldness in the floor despite the fact that I was wearing my shoes. 
After a while, I returned to the lounge, where my sister and mother were occupying themselves while the princess was being summoned. She was sweating and look terrified.I greeted the princess and return back to my seat. I sat beside my sister who was playing cards with mother."It's your turn," Isabel said. When our mother didn't respond, she repeated, "Mother, it's your turn."
But she was muffled and waiting for my father to return from war.
"Meredith," my sister complained to me, as if I could get our mother to pay attention. "Isabel, its ok, mother is feeling out blue," I said sharply. Leonard, my youngest brother who was only twelve, grinned. "I want to play?" "Yes," I smiled and when he laughed, his voice echoed in the silent halls. I glanced at Isabel, and perhaps because we were sisters of same age, I knew what she was thinking. "I'm sure nothing will happen, so don't worry, Oudruicia never losses a war" I whispered."How would you react if you were a servant and Thaeslomid's army was approaching?""I have no idea!" said with a sorrowful look. My mother finally looked in our direction when the sound of soldiers slapped through the halls.
"Everyone, please get back!"
We gave up our game and huddled under the couch, but it was just her maids who were there.
"What? My mother enquired, "What is it?""A unit of soldiers!" exclaims the maid"Whose are these men?"
One of the Maids exclaimed, "Your husband's." I had never seen her cry in the twenty years she had been with our family. However, I noticed that her cheeks were wet when she closed the door. "They're on their way with some bad news, My Lady, and i am afraid—""Don't say it!" My mother closed her eyes briefly."Just tell me," she says. "Has a safe house been built?"The other wiped her tears away and nodded. "The final valuables of the palace are being transported inside. And... the pyre has been constructed exactly as you requested."I took Isabel's hand in mine. "There's no reason why our father won't retaliate. He stands to gain everything if he fights."We both looked to our mother, Evelyne, who was known as the kingdom's iron Lady. She was always loyal to the empress and constantly supported the kingdom. She tensed when someone knocked on the door.My mother hesitated before speaking, instead looking at each of her children in turn, despite the fact that this was exactly what we had been waiting for. We were Sir White's , but Leonard had inherited the next-in-line position if the general died."Whatever the news is, be hushed," mother told us, and I held my breath when she said, "Come in," in a firm voice.A soldier from my father's regiment appeared. He reluctantly met her eyes.She demanded, "What is it?" "Do you think it's Grayson?" Please tell me he isn't hurt.""No, My Lady," the soldier replied.In relief, my mother grasped the pearls around her neck.
"However, your navy has declined to fight, and Thaeslomid's warriors will arrive by nightfall."I covered my lips with my palm as Isabel took a deep breath."Has our entire navy gone rogue?" Her voice grew louder. "How about the Empress?" says the narrator.The soldier said, "She committed suicide after hearing the emperor was assassinated by the enemies.""Where is Princess Magia?" Mother inquired.The soldier said, "She has been taken by our army knights and is on her thanks to the imperial church, where she is going to be secure."On his feet, the young soldier moved. "There's still hope, because our four barracks are on their way—"She shouted out, "Will four keep Thaeslomid's entire army at bay?""No, that's why you want to all attend the imperial church and protect the princess until she takes the throne, until the queen dowager suggests that you simply combat the role of princess guardian—"She demanded, "No, we won't be safe?" "Write a letter requesting that the princess be boarded somewhere else. The kingdom is in shambles."Leonard began to whimper next to me as the soldier's eyes widened. She said, "Order your remaining soldiers to keep filling the barracks."
Isabel and I exchanged glances with our mother. Would she return our father's call? Would we join forces to fight Thaeslomid's army?Her lower lip quiver as she said. "If Grayson remains alive, inform him that we are dead."Isabel screamed desperately, "Mother, no!" as I gasped. Our mother's look, though, cut across the room.She shouted out, "What will Father think?""He'll believe there's nothing for him to return back for." The tone of my mother's voice had become more stern. "He is going to flee this kingdom and save himself."The soldier took a breath and considered his options."What is Lady's plan?" says the soldierMy eyes were welling up with tears, but pride prevented me from crying. Only children cried, and I was trembling already."We're going to Marybell Fort,"Emperor Robert imagines himself marching into Oudruicia and taking the palace's treasure .However, I owe the emperor my allegiance. Before I let him touch anything, I'm going to burn it all down!Sir, Please prepare two carriages, we leave as soon as possible!"The soldier hastened to follow orders, but servants were already fleeing the palace halls.

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