Chapter 1:

Fresh Start

Wonderful Time




"WHA-WHAT'S GOING ON?!?!" I yelled

" Wake up you lazy bum, you'll be late for your first day of high school!" Said Yanagi, my younger sister.

"Aah... it's just you Yanagi, could you please don't yell at my face next time please?.." I insisted

"Oh well excuse me for giving you a hand, anyways, breakfast is ready so hop in!" She excitedly said.

Yanagi is a very cheerful girl. I love her so much, but sometimes she is annoying as hell. For some reason, I had a little trouble changing my clothes, doing my hair, and setting up my school backpack for the day. I think this is all due to my horrible sleep schedule I have going on. Yesterday I slept at 3AM when school starts just 5 hours later, so basically I slept 4 hours in total.

"Geez" I said in a tired voice, "Why did I stay up so late yesterday in the first place?" I told myself, in a low voice.

As I approached the kitchen table, I was filled with thoughts about my new high school I"ll be attending for the next three years. Will there be good people? Will I start all over again this time? Will I enjoy my high school and laugh even at the stupidest things out there? I was overthinking it too much, my breakfast got cold, and of course, Yanagi yelled at me once more.

As I was leaving my apartment, I told Yanagi where Nagamine, my younger brother. She said that he left for school earlier because of some student council meeting he was about to have. Since it's his first day of middle school and as a member of the student council, he was very excited and would've hated to be late. As for me, school started in 30 minutes, but luckily we live in a 10 minute walk from my apartment to school, so it's not that big of a deal, at least I'd love to think that.

The serenity of hearing the cherry blossom trees blooming with the spring wind brought peace to my mind that couldn't stop overthinking hypothetically negative scenarios. There truly is no better environment than this one. As I saw my high school more clearly now, the thoughts appeared once again. It has been nearly 10 minutes now so I was about to enter my school.

Many boys and girls were having fun at the entrance, talking and laughing, and many couples were around me. I envied everyone who was having fun, as for me, the poor soul that was unable to control even his thoughts.

"This couldn't get any worse could it?" I whispered to myself, while staring at my school and at everyone.

Wouldn't surprise me if everyone thinks I'm a weirdo or anything after the stare I gave to almost everyone with an angry face.

"Isn't he Shoda?" I heard in the background

I went paranoiac for a second and started to look everywhere to see who said that, as I found the guy who was looking at me and whispering something with his friend group around him, I immediately looked away, sadly, I knew who those guys where. Out of all the hundreds of high schools around the city, these guys had to show up, I was really disappointed and filled with anger and fear.

"I'll someday pay those idiots what they did and took from me back in the days, I'll be a new Shoda from now on, those bastards won't get in my way anymore". I said to myself, making a punch from my hands filled with anger.

*school bell rings*

And so Shoda's high school life began.


Wonderful Time