Chapter 0:


Livecraft: Trapped in the Game World

I open my eyes and witness a white ceiling that I familiar with, But a place were I never woke up before.

Looking around, I familiarize the place but its a place were I've never been before. I mean who the hell is the owner of this place?, Is there even a normal person that have a hanging diamond axes, Pickaxes, Even swords in the wall of their bedroom?

Well that person is no other me, This place is my own made house in the video game, The problem is what am I doing here?. Its normal to go in your own house in the video game, The problem here is, I'm talking about my home in my video game but how did I get here?, I'm in a realistic situation?. The sensation, Hearing the place with my own ear without going through the computer, Seeing things straight to my eye without using a computer, This feels just like real life, I can even smell the cake I put in the table that would be impossible to smell.

This explains one thing, It means I got transported in this place. In other words, I got trapped in this game world.

Joe Gold
Taylor Victoria