Chapter 1:

Before It Starts

Livecraft: Trapped in the Game World

July 6 Monday of year 2071, A figure of a black haired guy with a golden eyes can be seen walking in the school hallway while holding a black bag placed on his shoulder.

Students eyes can be seen glancing at him, Surprised and murmuring to each other. Even with the weird atmosphere surround him, He walks straight like nothing is odd.

He walks calmly. His golden eyes glittered as it hits the sun rays.

Kitsuya P.O.V

"*sigh*, Does my golden eyes attract that much?" I muttered.

Walking as I approach my new classroom, Nervousness hits my spines. I enter, While walking I glanced, Finding a empty seat.

I chosen my seat so I put my bag under the table before I sit down.

Looking outside the window, A girl's hand covered my both eyes. Aroma of a feminine perfume crossed my nose, Soft two watermelons touched my shoulder. I got flustered feeling it.

"Gorudo, Guess who is it?" She asked.(Note: Gorudo means gold)

"*sigh* Ayaka" I spoke.

"Eh, How did you know?" She asked.

"You can hide your looks but not your chest" I spoke.

She smirks.

I stared at her. "Besides, Your the only one who call me gold, Even your my childhood friend though" I immediately change the atmosphere.

"Sorry Sorry" She apologized.

It seems she stepped the bait. I sighed in relief.

"So Kitsuya, Are you free today?" She asked.

"Actually... No" I answered.

"Its because your studying are you?" She pouts.

I nodded.

"You should have some fun, Besides were gonna go graduate next year so enjoy your teenage days" Ayaka smiled.

"Well its true, Since I became high school, I didn't do anything except study, I forgot about what teenagers do and focus about my future and my parents future, I studied hard so I could get high grades and go to scholar and completely forgot I'm already scholar" I spoke as I look above.

"Right, That's why you should have some fun too, I'll let you join me and have some fun, Not just playing around, Its also like a part time job" Ayaka smiled.


"Ayaka" I called.

"What's wrong?" She answered.

"Can I ask you a question?"


"You said your going to explain to me right?" I asked.

She nods.

"Then" I gasp. "WHY ARE YOU IN MY ROOM HALF NAKED!?!?" I yelled.

"Well its my habit" She spoke.

"BUT WHY MY ROOM!?!?" I yelled.

"Its more nice to discuss something while relaxed, You can go half naked too so we will end up fair you know" She spoke.

"No thank you, You perverted girl" I spoke.

I sit on my bed beside her, Ayaka was laying down in the bed like her own room.

"Then tell me the thing you says fun but like a part time job, Sounds like it earn money while having fun" I spoke.

"You got it right!"

Just what I expected.

"Does a vlogger ring a bell?" She asked.

"You mean does people recording their everyday life style with those weird edits right?" I asked.

"Yep, I found out that it will be interesting to let you join us, Since we really need a new member" She spoke.

"I see, I don't get why me?" I asked.

"Well its better if you are friends in real-life than acquiring someone you just met" She answered.

I think I agree with her.

"So are you saying now, You want me to record my everyday life?, I don't find it fun" I spoke.

"No, The vlogger is just an example cause we will be Live Streamers than Vloggers" She spoke.

"Live Streamers?" I ask.

"Live Streamers are like vloggers but unlike Vloggers, Live Streamers do things Live" She spoke.


"What if we fail in acting, What if we created mistake, What if we accidentally do something embarrassing, What if we mistaken our speech, What if *mutter* *mutter* *mutter*" I muttered.

"Okay Okay right I get it, I get it, Stop muttering!" She begged.

"Ohh Sorry" I apologized.

"So again, What you said is true but you can just be true your self, Those things happens sometimes" She spoke.

"I see"

"About the recording your everyday life, We wont do those but instead, Record your everyday game, That's why its fun" She spoke.

"I see, I found it addictive though" I stare at her.

She averted her eyes.

"I agree with you but at least we can earn cash" She spoke.

It seems she's serious about cash and I really need it so, I think I should join.

"How much are we gonna earn?" I ask.

"Since your beginner, Probably 2000 yen per month" She answered.

"I'm in" I spoke.

"EH?, Are you sure?" She asked.

"Yeah, Its better to have fun in teenager days" I smiled.

"I feel like I just seen a different person, Don't tell me you after the money are you?" She glared.

I just averted my eyes.

"Fine, Do whatever you want. I should download the game now, Can I?, I'll borrow your computer for a bit" She asked.

"Sure" I answered.

She grab the computer chair and sits, She open the computer.

I go close to her and watch.

She then tap the app called Appstore.(Note:Appstore is what we call Playstore but I change it)

"Found It!" She spoke joyfully.

I look. "Livecraft, 10GB" I muttered.

"Can I look for a bit?" I asked.

"Sure" She answered.

I grab the computer mouse and scroll down.

"MMORPG... RTX... Creative... and Horror?" I spoke out of confusion.

"Ah, About the horror, It couldn't be called horror, Its just like a horror cause of its ultra realism so the monsters look weird and scary, But it doesn't purposely horror at all but for other people, Maybe it ended up like this because other people recognize it as horror" She spoke looking above.

"I see" I spoke.

"Ohh its downloaded!" She spoke as she hurriedly use the computer, She opened the game and wait to load.

[Welcome to Livecraft!]

[This game is what you need!, It have-]


"Did you just press the skip?" I asked.

"Well, Its probably better if were the one who will teach you though, All inside here is just info's about this game, That's why I skipped it" She spoke.

It might be helpful though. I just sigh.

[Type your Name]

"Any Idea's?" She asked tilting her head looking at me.

"Hmmm..." I thought.

"Anyway, Don't use your real name" She added.

Name name name, I don't have a single idea.

"Zero" I answered.

"That's pretty cool and good" She spoke and type it.

"How did you idea a nice name like that?, Is there a meaning in it?" She asked.

"Just a jackpot, That's actually because I don't have a single idea in other words, Zero" I spoke.

"That's... I cant say anything about it" She grinned as she look back the computer screen.

"That way of thinking is hilarious" She murmured.

"Don't blame me, I don't have an idea about this game things" I spoke.

"Yeah yeah I know, Sorry" She apologized.

[What is your Element]

[These are the Choices]
|                |

"Any Idea?" She asked.

"Hmm... I choose time" I spoke.

"Nice choice, Actually its a nice element" She spoke as she continually type in the computer.

"Well time is a bit invincible to defeat" I spoke.

"I agree with you, People in this game that have time magic is a bit invincible and hard to kill" She spoke.

"Wait, This game is a battle type?" I asked out of confusion.

She grinned.

"Actually... This game have everything" She answered.

"..." I tilted my head.

"You can do anything in this game, This game can be creative and survival, Solo or Multiplayer, Public or Private. It is both fantasy and reality. You can do farm, Mining, Hunt, Explore, Tame, Build and Harvest. That's for everyday life and for the new type of lifestyle you can have attack, defend, Dimensional Travel, and Defeat the Game but most importantly, It have PvP" She explained.

"What is this PvP thing?" I asked.

"It means, Player vs Player in other words, Battle to other players, Do you have a question what is player?" She asked.

"No need, Its clearly meant Playing Person so you don't need to explained it to me" I spoke.

"Your fast to Catch, As expected to a nerd" She spoke.

"Don't call me a nerd" I corrected.

"Yeah yeah, Now I'll teach you how to play, You sit here" She spoke as she stands up.

I sit down.

"Now look at the keyboard, Keyboard position is QWERTY and if you look below the W keyword those 3 words line together will be used, W is for forward, A is for left side walk, D is for right side walk, And S is for backwards" She explained.

She continually teaching the basics and I follow every single instruction of her.

Now she teach me the purpose of the computer mouse.

"I finished teaching you the movement for looking around and now time to teach you the purpose of left and right click and scroll. Left click is hit and right is activity. Try to get close in that horse. As you can see if you left click it, It got hurt but if you press right click, You rides on it, The horse falls you down since you just hit it so its angry to you, Since this game have ultra realism" She spoke.

"Activities that will happen is different in every different target and there are two types too, There is item needed and none item needed. Non Item needed is for example riding a horse, Trading to a villager. Item needed for example sheering sheep, Taming wolf" She explained.

I nodded.

"And some stats adjustment here, That's for today!" She spoke joyfully.

"When we will begin?" I asked.

"Right now" She spoke.

"Eh?" I tilted my head.

"Hey wait, Isn't too soon?" I asked.

"Well yes it is but your free today since we don't have homework, That's why its better to do it now" She spoke.

"If you say so-" I just agreed to her.

Then that time we started.

[A week Later]"Alright, How's your reputation?" She asked.

"I don't know, I didn't check" I sip a coffee. I look to my Yourtube Account.(Note:Its Youtube but i change it)

*splash* I spitted my coffee. "1M SUBSCRIBER!!" I yelled.

"How lucky is that?" She spoke.

"No, Something is not right here" I spoke.

"Why?" She asked.

"I mean, I'm not an idol or superstar I'm just a normal person that just enter the social world, Isn't it too possible to get 1M subscribers in just a week?" I spoke thinking hard.

"Well, Probably because you are with me" She spoke.

"With you?" I step away "Wait are you some kind of luck monster or problem magnet?" I asked.

"No no your wrong, About the luck monster, Where did you get that word and expected me I'm like that?" She asked.

"Well, I just thinked about it randomly" I spoke.

"Ehh?, Don't tell me" She smirked.

"What's with those eyes, Your like you found something suspicious?" I asked.

"You just turned into an Otaku!" She spoke joyfully.

"I'm not!" I yelled.

"Yahoo, My friend just stopped being a nerd!" She spoke joyfully hugging me as she push her cheeks against mine.

"Stop that I didn't turn into one!, And secondly, I'M NOT A NERD!!"

My life continued like that.

[A year later]

March 5 2072 Sunday Laying down my bed looking above the ceiling, My years before I reach today was fun.

Thinking things makes me remember I should continue my Stream work as part time, No I think vlogger cause its unpredictable if I have emergency work.

I stand up and use my computer. So today is the 2nd anniversary of Livecraft.

I just played the game.

Waking back to another reality.

Laying down in my bed looking at the ceiling made me think all of my past days, As I remember after that day I played, I sleep and wake up here. The unknown is-, If I'm alone in this world or the other players are happen the same situation like me.

Well if there are other players in this world that means I can meet them, My teammates in this game. I hope I'm alone but honestly, I don't want to be alone. I don't want there are others happen the same thing as me but I want to be saved. But- in this situation, I should save my self as a master gamer of this game, Or just a random gamer, I'm not that good in this game.

I go up from my bed, Opening to the window, Breathing the outside air but suddenly-

"Konichiwa Minna-san" A green tab appear in front of me showing a sound waves when it talk.(Note:Konichiwa Minna-san means hello everyone)

I look to the thing as I draw my sword. It might be simple looking tab but its unknown what it is- But, It confirm one thing, Its a unknown thing that doesn't exist in this game, It can be either luck or danger.

Readying my stance with my sword for things that awaits me.

Taylor Victoria