Chapter 4:

First Mission

Villain of Technology

After 3 months of training, we are finally an agents. Everyone of us have their own strength and weaknesses.  Sam is good at reading the situation but bad at physical fighting. Eugene is good at aiming but easily get distracted by Lizzy. Lizzy has a good leadership and planning but gets nervous every time. Neil is good at physical fighting but didn't think seriously. Leo doesn't have any strength but he is average in everyway. Alice have great speed, agility, flexibility, good at reading the situation and she doesn't have any weaknesses, making her the best agent in AVA. Hera is good at observing the enemy, reading their movements, knowing their weaknesses and also doesn't have weaknesses making her the second best agent in AVA. And me, I am good at predicting on what's gonna happened, good at fighting and in technology. Bookmark here

[First Mission]Bookmark here

"Agents, today is the day of your first mission. I know that a lot of you can't wait to fight villains but now that you're agents, you can finally fight and capture villains for the sake of the world. Now, lets move on to the mission. Your target is Roman Inoki, known as the Wrestler Villain, a professional wrestler and also a scientist that discovered a serum that can turn a normal person into a brute. He injected the serum to himself and makes him even stronger. As of right now he still selling the serum to his fellow wrestlers, we must stop this transaction before it's too late. Your goal is to capture Roman and kill every brute wrestlers. Understand", Francis Kurayami said.Bookmark here

"Yes, sir", [said by everyone]Bookmark here

Everyone is divided into a squad. Prof. Kurayami decided to divide the squad by their school so that everyone can easily communicate with each other. We are squad 7 and we are in charge of capturing the wrestler villain however, the other squads are in charge of another villains.Bookmark here

[Preparing]Bookmark here

Everyone are equipped with GHB or grappling hook bracelet, ATG or advanced tech glasses, grenades, earpiece, pocket knife and a pistol. For a personal weapons, Sam and Eugene picked FCE or First Class Exterminator, Me, Lizzy and Leo picked ETS or enhanced technology sword, Neil picked IG or impact gauntlet, Hera and Alice picked EDB or enhanced double blade. We are all set.Bookmark here

*When they got to the location, they plan their attack.Bookmark here

[Sam activate thermal imaging through ATG to see how many people are in the building and X-Ray to see the layout of the building]Bookmark here

"This building consist of 2 storey, there's a lot of people outside the building, there's a few people in the first floor, there's a single person in the second room in the second floor, probably Roman and there's also some people that guarding the third room in the second floor.", Sam said.Bookmark here

"So this is their facility, how small.", Neil said.Bookmark here

"Do you think that's all of the brutes?", Eugene said.Bookmark here

"No, I don't think that's all of them, there are probably a lot more brute in this world.", Alice responded.Bookmark here

"All we need is to capture Roman to stop the transaction and the making of the serum.", Hera said.Bookmark here

"Here's the plan, Anthony's gonna take care of the brutes outside the building and escorts us inside, Eugene will support Anthony from the high ground, Sam will stay with Eugene to not only to support Anthony but also to gather information. After the rest of us are inside we're gonna kill the brutes inside.", Lizzy said.Bookmark here

"If we attack the building, Roman probably gonna destroy the evidences and escape", Anthony said.Bookmark here

"You're right, so---", Lizzy responded.Bookmark here

"I can take care of Roman", Neil interrupted.Bookmark here

"Ok, so Neil, Hera and I will go inside the building in the front, while Leo and Alice will enter the back so that no one will escape. After that Neil, Hera and Alice will go to the second floor. Me and Leo will take care of the brutes in the first floor. Neil, you take care of Roman. Hera and Alice, you need to take care of the brutes guarding the room because that room is probably where the information about the serums are. After me and Leo clear the first floor, we will go to the third room in the second floor and gather the info and destroy the evidence. Understand!!", Lizzy said.Bookmark here

"Yes, Pres." [said by everyone]Bookmark here

*Lizzy is embarrassed because the others still call her president even though there not in school.Bookmark here

"Lets do this", Neil said.Bookmark here

*Anthony, Neil, Hera and Lizzy start fighting the brutes outside the building. Alice and Leo sneak in the back of the building. Sam and Eugene are in the high ground so Neil, Hera and Lizzy go inside the building. After their inside Neil and Hera go to the second floor and Lizzy start fighting the brutes in the first floor. Alice also go to the second floor and Leo fights the brutes in the first floor. Neil, Hera and Alice arrived in the second floor. Neil fight Roman in the room where he creates the serum. Hera and Alice hurriedly go to the third room to fight the two brutes guarding it. Bookmark here

"It's hard to dodge multiple attacks", Anthony said.Bookmark here

*Anthony show his moves and kill many brutes. Some of the brutes are escaping when they see Anthony's sword skill.Bookmark here

"Someone is escaping." Eugene said.Bookmark here

*Sam shoots the brutes that are escaping. Eugene shoots the brutes that attacking Anthony. Sam shots are not that accurate so some of the brutes escape.Bookmark here

"I'm bad at this.", Sam said.Bookmark here

"Just kill as many of them as possible.", Eugene responded.Bookmark here

*Meanwhile, Lizzy and Leo are having a hard time dealing with the brutes in the first floor. Bookmark here

"I thought this is gonna be easy.", Leo said.Bookmark here

"That's what I thought too.", Lizzy responded.Bookmark here

*Hera notice that the brutes that guarding the room are professional fighter and also uses swords so her and Alice have a hard time dealing with it.Bookmark here

"This is gonna be hard.", Hera said.Bookmark here

"This is interesting.", Alice responded.Bookmark here

Neil on other hand pulling up punches to Roman with his IG but Roman punches are way more powerful.Bookmark here

"How you like my gauntlet.", Neil said.Bookmark here

Pretty annoying actually.", Roman reponded.Bookmark here

*While Sam and Eugene are supporting Anthony some brutes find their location and fight them. Sam is about to get punch but Eugene save her, jump out of the building and use the GHB to escape.Bookmark here

"Are you ok?", Eugene said.Bookmark here

"I'm fine.", Sam responded.Bookmark here

"Anthony, we've been found we're escaping now.", Eugene said.Bookmark here

"Ok, I can take care of this myself." Anthony responded.Bookmark here

*Now that everyone is distracted. Anthony activated his ATTOTECH and build himself a flight boots to maneuver quickly and have speed to kill the brutes. It's also the opportunity to---Bookmark here

"Margo, copy all the information in this building.", Anthony said.Bookmark here

"Yes Anth!", Margo responded.Bookmark here

*Lizzy and Leo got beaten up but pulled through and kill the brutes in the first floor. They hurried to the second floor. Hera and Alice also gets beaten up and about to get crushed but get saved by Lizzy and Leo. Roman crushed Neil's IG and completely knocked him down. Roman get the remote in the second room and when Hera, Alice, Lizzy and Leo are heading to the third room, Roman press a button and the third room exploded and makes everyone knocked out.Bookmark here

"What the hell is that sound?", Anthony said.Bookmark here

"Sam and Eugene finds a new secured spot.", Margo said.Bookmark here

*Anthony deactivated his ATTOTECH so that Sam and Eugene won't suspect anything. Anthony killed the remaining brutes outside the building.Bookmark here

"There seems to be an explosion in the third room. Lizzy!", Eugene said.Bookmark here

"They prepare an explosion to protect their files. I see Roman escaping through the back door. Go for him Anthony," Sam said.Bookmark here

"Ok", Anthony responded.Bookmark here

"It's a bad angle for us so it's all up to you.", Eugene said.Bookmark here

*Anthony meets up with Roman and they fight. Anthony dodge a lot of the attack but Roman hit Anthony knocking him to the ground. Anthony stand up and use his special move and he defeat Roman. Anthony put an enhanced handcuff that is hard to break to Roman and---Bookmark here

"That move, I've seen that move before, from Villain of Tech---", Roman said.Bookmark here

[Anthony punches him on the face that he got knocked out.]Bookmark here

[Anthony check Romans pocket, he saw one serum and he hide it from everyone.]Bookmark here

*Anthony called the cleaning squad to clean the building. Sam saw that not only the third room exploded, also the second room where the serum are kept. There's no information gathered, no serum sample survived the explosion and there are some brutes escaped. The rest of the squad are gonna be taken to the hospital, Roman's gonna be send in AVA and Anthony, Sam and Eugene have to report the mission to Prof. Kurayami.Bookmark here

"Are they gonna be okay?", Eugene said.Bookmark here

"The doctor said that they are fine except of Neil who gets his bone broken. Don't worry Lizzy is alright." Anthony responded.Bookmark here

"I said all of them not Lizzy only." Eugene responded.Bookmark here

"Well, it feels like you're in love with Lizzy, you're looking at her everytime, if I were you I'll confess already." Anth responded.Bookmark here

"We're here." Sam said.Bookmark here

"Report what happened.", Prof. Kurayami said.Bookmark here

"We successfully captured the wrestler villain Roman Inoki but we didn't get any information about the serum and transaction and some brute escaped." Sam said.Bookmark here

[Everyone is nervous]Bookmark here

"Great job, mission success.", Prof. KurayamiBookmark here

"We didn't get any information and brutes escape.", Eugene said.Bookmark here

"Your main mission is to capture the wrestler villain and you did it so congratulations. You think I will get mad at you because you didn't get information and letting brutes escape, that's where you're wrong. Two out of the ten squad failed their mission already and your squad is the first one to be successful so I'm glad. " Prof. Kurayami said.Bookmark here

[Everyone is shocked]Bookmark here

"What happened to the two squad?" Eugene asked.Bookmark here

"They are already dead. You guys been through a lot. You can go home and rest." Prof. Kurayami said.Bookmark here

*Sam and Eugene are shocked on what they heard and go home. Anth also goes home.Bookmark here

"Margo, bring up the information about the serum.", Anthony said.Bookmark here

"Yes, Anth", Margo responded.Bookmark here

"And also examine this serum I got from Roman", Anthony said.Bookmark here

"Ok Anth", Margo respondedBookmark here

"I need to know everything", Anthony is serious.Bookmark here

Bookmark here

Bookmark here

Extra Information:
Bookmark here

Brute - A person that injected the serum Roman Inoki made and make that person strong.Bookmark here

GHB - (Grappling Hook Bracelet) attached in the arm, used for escaping and maneuvering in one place to another.Bookmark here

ATG - (Advanced Tech Glasses) a glasses that have the ability to find thermal energy and to X-Ray to the buildings, not powerful enough like Anthonys multi-billion glasses.Bookmark here

FCE - (First Class Exterminator) a very first powerful gun of AVA that it can disintegrate a living things not non living things.Bookmark here

ETS - (Enhanced Technology Sword) a sword that have the ability to sharpen good for brutes and can use impact.Bookmark here

IG - (Impact Gauntlet) a gauntlet that has the ability to release energy which makes the target got a lot of impact making the punch more powerful.Bookmark here

EDB - (Enhanced Double Blade) a double blade mainly for assassins and has the ability to use impact and sharpen.Bookmark here

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