Chapter 3:

Anti-Villain Agency

Villain of Technology

After a couple of days of researching about AVA, I still can't get any information about it. I am the Villain of Technology, I have access to satellites, nuclear codes, the secrets of the government and yet I can't find information in AVA. I thought I'm the best of the best in the world but AVA seems to be better than me. The only way I can get information about AVA is to join AVA. I know it's risky but I have to try so that I can predict their moves incase they target me and to learn about their secrets.Bookmark here

[Days have passed]Bookmark here

Hera seems pretty happy today, I wonder why.Bookmark here

"You look happy today", Anthony said.Bookmark here

"Yes I am.", Hera respondedBookmark here

"Why?", Anthony asked.Bookmark here

"AVA the Anti-Villain Agency are recruiting future agents.", Hera answered.Bookmark here

"And you're gonna join?", Anthony asked.Bookmark here

"Yes, next week I will apply", Hera answered.Bookmark here

"Why do you want to join?", Anthony asked again.
Bookmark here

"A villain killed my father, I want to avenge my father and to capture every villain in the world.", Hera answered.Bookmark here

I understand, based on the profile of Hera, his father was killed by a villain but whose villain is it? As far as I know the alias of the villain should be used as the killer of the person they killed. But why the villain that killed her father is anonymous? Something's wrong in here.Bookmark here

*Neil and Alice joins the conversation.Bookmark here

"If you're talking about AVA, you have the potential to die a some point so you should really think this through." Neil said.Bookmark here

"What about you Neil?", Anthony asked.Bookmark here

"I already think this through so I'll join", Neil answered,Bookmark here

"I will join too.", Alice said.Bookmark here

"Alice!?", Anthony is shocked.Bookmark here

"Being an agent means you need to be knowledgeable at fighting, I am major in martial arts and my friends will join so I also join.", Alice said.Bookmark here

"What about you Anthony?". Hera questioned.Bookmark here

Everyone of my friends are joining, the officers, Neil, Alice, Hera and probably Leo. What should I do? This becomes more and more difficult than I thought.Bookmark here

"I will join too, I don't want to be left alone, you know." Anthony nervously answered.Bookmark here

[The next week]Bookmark here

Me and my friends go and apply, we saw there the officers and Leo also applying. We got transported using a plane to the AVA. AVA is in the sky, I scan it and it has a protective barrier that protect it for being track. When we got in, I immediately release my nanobots to know the whole blueprint of the building and to bypass their system to know their secrets. While that is happening, the CEO of the AVA introduce himself.Bookmark here

"My name is professor Francis Kurayami, the founder and the CEO of AVA or Anti-Villain Agency. The goal of this agency is to capture all of the villain in this world. The AVA is just new. As of right now we captured only one villain and it is the Titan Villain named Karl Bushida. A scientist that discovered a formula that can turn people into a bigger people also known as titan. We killed every titan Karl created and he is now captured. We can capture more villains for the sake of the world. Are you willing to join AVA?"Bookmark here

*Professor Kurayami glances at Anthony.Bookmark here

We join the agency and now we are trainee. Every Saturday and Sunday is when we are gonna be trained. They teach us how to fight, being a detective and hacking. While that is happening, my nanobots keeps on exploring the whole AVA. I found where Titan Villain is held captive. Margo is also gathering information about AVA. AVA has a super secured program that protects their technologies and it makes harder for Margo to bypass the system.Bookmark here

[3 Months Later]Bookmark here

We are finally entitled as agents. With Alice being the top 1. Prof. Kurayami gives everyone a badge that represent that we are now officially agents. Bookmark here

"Congrats, we are now agents." Hera said.Bookmark here

"I can finally be a hero." Neil said.Bookmark here

"Hmm..." Leo responded.Bookmark here

*Alice remains quiet.Bookmark here

"We just have to wait for our first mission." Lizzy said.Bookmark here

"Yes, I'm ready." Eugene said.Bookmark here

"We need to be careful." Sam said.Bookmark here

"Lets do this" [Anthony pretending to be cool]Bookmark here

Bookmark here

Bookmark here

Extra Information:Bookmark here

Nanobots - a small robots that are not visible in the naked eye made by Anthony. It is used for exploring things. It has an ability to record, scan, everything.Bookmark here

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