Chapter 7:

Chapter Seven

Detective Otaku

Izaya drove like a madman to the hospital with Mei riding shotgun. He stormed through the doors of the hospital and straight to the reception desk.Bookmark here

"Decim Akabane's status and location now please" Izaya demanded
"He's just woken up following his surgery and is in room nine on the third floor" the receptionist answeredBookmark here

Izaya and Mei took the elevator up to the third floor and quickly found the room that Decim was staying in. They walked into the room and Decim was lying in bed wearing a hospital gown, his left arm and leg both in casts bandages were wrapped around his head.Bookmark here

"Decim what happened?" Izaya asked
"I was passing through an intersection when this massive van slams into the side of my car and drives away, if help hadn't arrived as quickly as it did I'd probably be in the morgue right now" Decim answeredBookmark here

Izaya was suspicious about the crash, how had the driver known where Decim was and were they motivated by a further need for money or out of anger at their own mistake in killing Shou.Bookmark here

"Did you get a good glimpse of the driver?" Izaya asked
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"Barely saw the Van and from what I remember the windows were tinted to an Illegal degree" Decim answered
"I need to make a call to the CSU team, tell them to search your car, but I also need you to tell me where you were going and who knew about it,"  Izaya saidBookmark here

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Decim nodded and paused to collect his thoughts.Bookmark here

"Okay, I was meeting with my father and the rest of my family that was in town and worked for the firm, we were to discuss what was to be done considering the sudden death of Shou over lunch, it was a sudden meeting so the only people who knew where the people working in my office as well as the other people who were going to be at the meeting and their office people" Decim explained
"Alright, can you confirm that your cousins Shinji, Mineta, Danzo and Sugou were among the invited?" asked Izaya
"I wouldn't be able to tell you, I never arrived at the meeting and the invite didn't come with a guest list attached" Decim respondedBookmark here

Izaya nodded as he wrote down notes on a notepad. He took a step away from Decim and pulled out his phone to call Okabe at the crime lab.Bookmark here

"Izaya, something I can help you with," Okabe said when he picked up the phone
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"There was a hit and run reported in the last about five hours ago, who've you got on that?" Izaya asked
"Car is just being pulled into the evidence garage now, I'll be assigning it to somebody in a few minutes, why you got some information I should know?"
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"Yeah the car is Decim's he's the victim, don't worry he's alive somehow, I need you to do a sweep of the vehicle for trackers and if that turns up nothing, get the GPS checked for hacks" 
"You don't think this was an accident do you?"
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"I know it's not an accident, if both turn up empty I'll have a confirmed suspect list but I'd prefer the killer themselves"
"Can't you just check the camera footage from the accident and get the killer's license plate number?"
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"I'll give it a go but I don't expect to get anything from it"
"Alright I'll handle the search myself, give Decim my regards"
"Will do, I'll catch up with you later"Bookmark here

Izaya hung up and turned back to talk to Decim and Mei.Bookmark here

"I've got the wheels turning, so how about I turn off detective mode for a moment and go back to just being your friend, how are you and do you need me to get you anything from home," Izaya said
"I'm feeling pretty good with all the meds I'm on at the moment, as for things I need from home my laptop and a set of headphones should do me" Decim responded
"Alright I'll go get them for you," said Izaya
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"Shouldn't you stick with Decim in case another attempt on his life is made?" asked Mei
"I was going to come right back and leave you to guard him, but you're right, Mei can you go get my laptop from my car, I'll let Decim use it for the night till we can take him home," said Izaya
"Alright I'll get right on it" answered MeiBookmark here

Izaya tossed Mei his keys which she caught and left the room to go retrieve his laptop. Izaya and Decim were alone in the hospital room.Bookmark here

"So you like her don't you," said Decim out of the blue
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"Yeah I do, I just wish I could wrap up this case so I could have a normal date with her" responded Izaya
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"What do you need to solve the case?" asked Decim
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"Proof beyond a reasonable doubt that one of my four suspects is trying to kill you and doing a horribly pathetic job at it" Izaya answered
"I'd agree with you but I'm currently lying in a hospital bed with half my body broken and filled up with pain meds," said Decim
"Don't worry we'll have you up and walking by the time Comiket rolls around," said IzayaBookmark here

They both laughed at that and for a moment the case really did seem to disappear and they were just two Otakus living it up. Izay needed to close this case if he ever hoped for that to be the status quo again.Bookmark here

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