Chapter 8:

Chapter Eight

Detective Otaku

Izaya sat on a chair reading CSU reports on his laptop in Decims hospital room.
Mei was asleep in a chair on the other side of the bed where Decim lay with his eyes open, couldn't blame him considering someone had tried to kill him twice in the last week.Bookmark here

Okabe had compiled complete reports on both the murder of Shou Akabane and the hit and run of Decim.
Izaya started by reading over the report on Shou's murder, there were no fingerprints or DNA traces found either on the weapon or the body, the weapon itself was indeed a kitchen knife but it did not match the set in Decim's kitchen.
He was disappointed by the lack of hard evidence but if he could find out if one of his suspects owned a set of kitchen knives missing the one used to kill Shou it would make for great circumstantial evidence.
He continued reading the report and learned that none of the windows had been broken, but the lock on the back door had been busted open likely using a chisel and hammer again no prints or DNA were found.Bookmark here

Izaya wasn't too upset with the results of the CSU report of the murder as he did not expect to find big grubby fingerprints or a large amount of DNA to be found.
He instead expected details on how the murder was executed which would allow him to tie the perpetrator to the execution instead of the result.Bookmark here

Izaya moved onto reading the report on the hit and run that had occurred earlier today.
CSU had found no trackers on Decims vehicle nor any traces of a hack into the car's GPS, this meant the driver either followed Decim from his office or was aware of the meeting and had been lying in wait to execute the hit.Bookmark here

Izaya decided his next move would be to check over the camera footage from the area of the accident as well as from the exterior of Decims office building, to confirm whether or not the driver knew about the meeting.
Izaya knew that if he could prove the driver knew about the meeting it would give him greater leverage when applying for warrants on the houses and cars of his suspects.
He would have to ask for a list of the meeting's attendees and determine the order in which they arrived.Bookmark here

"Hey Decim, you still awake?" Izaya asked
"Yeah, kind of hard to sleep after the second attempt on my life in the last week, what do you need to know" Decim replied
"I need to get in touch with your father and ask him some questions about the meeting"
"Don't worry too much about it he'll be by sometime soon so he can lecture me"
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Izaya didn't doubt that Decims father Genya would indeed lecture Decim but doubted he'd actually show up at the hospital. He was caught completely off-guard when he heard a knock on the hospital rooms doorway, there in the doorway stood Genya Akabane a tall man with greying hair who wore a black suit sharp enough to cut diamonds. Bookmark here

"Decim sorry I didn't stop by earlier I was busy at the office" Genya greetedBookmark here

Genya's eyes drifted towards Izaya and fixed themselves upon him attempting to size him up. Izaya didn't even flinch he'd stared cold-blooded serial killers in face for hours on end, a staring contest with an accountant was a piece of cake by comparison.Bookmark here

"You must be Detective Tsunemori, I understand you and my son are friends from university and that you are investigating the murder of my nephew Shou," Genya said flatly 
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"That is correct Mr Akabane, by my understanding Decim was on his way to a meeting when he was deliberately hit by the driver of the black van, I was wondering sir if you could provide me with a list of the participants of the meeting as well as when the meeting ended up starting" Izaya inquired with full formality Bookmark here

"You suspect one of my family members is involved with the murder of Shou and the attempt on my son's life,"Bookmark here

Genya took a breath and seemed to contemplate the theory with great apparent frustration.Bookmark here

 "I would normally deny wholeheartedly that no one in my family is capable of murder but my nephew is dead and the same person has tried multiple times to murder my son, I will tell you that all of my nephews were present at the meeting and the last to arrive was Sugou at just before the scheduled meeting time of 2:30 PM" Genya answeredBookmark here

"Would you happen to know how long Sugou has been in town for?" Izaya asked
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"Is that who you suspect Sugou?"Bookmark here

"I need to confirm his whereabouts on the night in question to determine whether or not I need to question him"
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"As far as I am aware he has been in town for the entire week staying at my brother's house"Bookmark here

"Thank you Mr Akabane for your co-operation in this investigation"Bookmark here

"The only thanks I need is knowing that the man who tried to kill my son is behind bars"Bookmark here

"Be rest assured sir I am working on that"Bookmark here

They were all caught off guard when Mei suddenly woke up from her sleep, sitting upright she looked around the room in surprise.Bookmark here

"What'd I miss?" She asked Bookmark here

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