Chapter 6:

Let's head toward the beginning

She Changed Me

"Hey Shoya, meet my friends Izumi Ishikawa and Miuna Hiradaira."
"~Hello myself Shoya Ishida and my friend of Mani.~"
"Wait... how can you call her Mani?" Izumi gets angry at Shoya.
"Izumi, Shoya is a good friend of mine and he calls me Mani and I call him Shoe." Mani tries to calm Izumi.
"Awww.... shoe?"
"Can I call you Shoe too?" Miuna asks Shoya.
"~Well... you can?~"

What do think going far away from the past means? What is mean by a new start? Is it really a new start or just a silence before it comes back? By the way, everyone thinks going far away from the past making a new start can be done by going to another town or city which is far away from the old one but the answer is no because the new start is just a time period where everything just goes smooth and easy but at some point, someone or something from your past will come back and hit you so hard that every possible thing you do to get away from the past becomes useless.

"So you found someone Ishida."
"~So you found me Miuna Hiradaira~"

A similar thing is going to happen with Shoya and the past of Shoya was going to come back.

"So now you not going to introduce her to me."
"~Her name is Haruka Ayatsuji and Ayatsuji meet Miuna Hiradaira.~"
"Sorry to ask Shoya but what is Ayatsuji means to you?"
" my... my girlfriend.~"
" find someone now..."
"~By the way what are you doing so far away from the hometown.~"
"I can ask the same thing to you."
"~It's none of your business.~"
"I had expected that answer."
"~Now we are leaving bye.~"
"Wait... are you coming to this year's festival."
Shoya's face was starting to look dull and sad like his regrets were expressed.
"~Let's go Ayatsuji.~"
"But your friend Miuna is..."
"By the way, I'm going to leave back to the town from the direct train at 9 pm. bye..."

Their date was no more remain a date it was tired to flashback day for someone and questionable day for someone but the question was still disturbing her; she couldn't able to forget the face of Shoya, her mind was not focusing on something else but only on the words of the Miuna.

Why she meant by far away from the hometown? Why do their eyes feel so painful when it comes to the festival? There were so many questions worrying Ayatsuji but every question has an empty answer and this emptiness was making her more worried so she could not resist and go out to find Miuna and the time was 7:20. She had to find her before she left the city.

The announcement was said,' The train to the town Hikashi was arriving in 10 minutes.'
"As I expected you found me, I'm I right Haruka Ayatsuji."
"No, you want me to"
"First of all tell me how you find me and then I will answer your question."
"As I said you want me to so...I cross-check your time and train to the town of Shoya and from my informers the town of Shoya is Hisaki and there it is 9pm the only train to Hisaki."
"I'm impressed so ask me your question."
"I want to know Ishida and there is a part of him which is unfamiliar to me and this part is full of regrets and sadness so I want to know every part of him even it is painful so...can you tell me why he doesn't want to know anyone about his past?"
"There was a girl named Manaka Nisaki who was the reason we meet each other, she was the solution to every fight we have, also she was the Shoya's heart but this heart was torn apart the day of the festival. So you still want to know about Shoya and his first love?"
"It's almost been two years... still I remember it, how can I... it's the first day I meet Shoya Ishida a friend of Manaka. It was the summer vacation and we all four were the kids whose summer vacation was like normal Sundays because our parents use to work out of town so no one had gone out of the town during summer vacation and these make us a perfect four friends but this group was full arguing and disagreeing, no one approves on one thing but only the Manaka was the one who solves these fights and might she was the only reason we were together if she was not there we were already on our different path just like now... no one does care about each other. We don't even try to think about each other after what happened at the festival..."
"What happened at the festival?"
"The father of Manaka had a permanent place to work and it was in the city so he wanted to take Manaka and her mother to the city and the festival was the last day Manaka going to spend in the town. After the festival, Manaka and her family were going to move out from the city but before she could even spend her last hours in the town she reached a far and far place where no one but only dead ones can go."
"She got into an accident..."
" So...that's why..."
"But Shoya started to blame himself and started to close himself to everyone and gone far and far away from the town so that he can forget about it but he still keeps on blaming himself for it and I want you to take care of him. So would you take care of him?"
"Yes, and I promise you that he will stop to run."
"Good luck..."
The announcement was said, 'Train to Hisaki is leaving in 1minute.'
"By the way, I'm leaving, and good luck." I know you will somehow manage to change Shoya because after all... he had chosen you... not me again...
The announcement was said,' The train is leaving. '

The real reason Miuna was here is that she wants to find Shoya. She thought he might be still alone keeping himself closed from everyone but after seeing him with Ayatsuji the chance of her becoming special to Shoya was taken away from her and the day she finds Shoya she also finds Ayatsuji as his special person then there was no reason left for her to stay so she left the city but also left reason to love Shoya. The movement she entered the train she decided to left her heart also and try to live normal from the next day.

But the next day for Ayatsuji was a little bit different because she was a little serious and keep on thinking about the way to change Shoya but always finds nothing.
"Hey Haruka"
"Hi Koaru"
"It's summer vacation and what are you thinking about so much?"
"I know you have something in your mind so just shoot it."
"The thing is... there is someone who is... carrying a regret but when it comes to face it he just tries to runs..."
Kaoru smiled and said, " I think I know who you are talking about and maybe he also wants to make it right but something is done means done you cannot change it but he keeps hanging on it for so long then he may never be able to...see the beautiful change lies ahead in his life..."
"But what can I do I don't even know what happened exactly and whenever we talk about the past his face turns to blue, his eyes... turns into... cold and... regretful..."
"And what about you?"
"I just want to... tell him that... you don't need to suffer... alone."
"Then might be you are searching your question at the wrong place."
Ayatsuji starts to rethink.
"...I know what to do." Suddenly Ayatsuji decides something and takes her phone out and calls Shoya.
"Hi, Shoya I want to meet you now. So come to the park where we share our heart."
She cuts the call.
"Okay then bye, Kaoru."
"Good luck..."
She runs to the place where Shoya was going to come.
She reached the place before even Shoya appear. She keeps on thinking and gets more hurried to meet Shoya.
Her excitement comes to an end and finally, Shoya appears.
Shoya was a little worried because Ayatsuji had called him suddenly."~Why so sudden call?~"
"Did you have any plans for summer vacation?"
"~No not yet~"
"Then it is decided we are going to your hometown Hisaki."
"~No, absolutely no~"