Chapter 5:

Who is she?

She Changed Me

A date.
What do you first thing imagine when someone asks you for a date? Watching a romantic movie with holding hands, going on shopping where boy's wallet gets wiped out, eating in the restaurant with a lot of selfies so that they can show off in their group about having a girlfriend, and then watching the sunset from a beach or some specially selected area from the boy where he always wants to bring a girlfriend and in last when the date is going to end a boy expect a goodbye kiss but gets a rejection saying 'Sorry but you are not my type but I have fun spending time with you.' A boy then understands that how much you put effort to make her feel good you or to make yourself look stylish and fashionable it all goes to waste.

Sometimes the situation even gets worse; the girl rejects him in a way that he can barely think of dating someone else. But after rejection what did a boy do? He thinks that now he is going to become a strong or antilover boy where no girl would be able to use him for a time spender. But... after a couple of weeks watching couples holding hands and eating the special couple ice cream, the heart of the boy is no longer be strong or anti-love now he just wants a girlfriend and wants to do the same thing that couples do. So he repeats the same mistake and ends up alone on a street only one thing remains with him i.e. rejection.

This story is a bit similar to a person who is now a friend of Shoya's. The person is now cured of rejection throughout his whole semester but he is a little bit possessive from dates because he got all of his rejections at the end of the dates. Yes, I'm talking about the great magazine distributor Umehara.

"Hey Shoya what are you grinning about?"
"~Nothing Umehara ~"
"No, there is something otherwise you will be not so much happy and excited."
"~ You will not understand it's above your understanding.~"
"If you are happy about some math theory or science experiment then it is above my understanding."
"~ No, this is something that scientists or researchers can't explain.~"
"So... it might be watching first-time nude photos."
"~You really know how to make subject funnier but no it is not that...~"
"Now you are making me curious."
"~ You are my friend but...~"
"Come on... I will not tell to anyone."
"~Okay, okay~"
"~The thing I was happy about is that... I'm going on a date with Ayatsuji.~"
"... ... ..." Umehara just keep on staring at him without saying anything. "Okay, then I'm leaving."
"~ What... just ...happened?~"
"So you don't know about it" Shoya is full of doubts just got intruded from a friend of Umehara who is sitting just in the backseat and acting to sleep.
"~Wait you were not sleeping.~"
"~So you heard everything.~"
"Who are you?"
"I'm the great informer. If anything just happens I will come to know first."
"~Please don't tell to anyone about my date.~"
"This is not so important information. By the way, everyone knows there is something between you and Ayatsuji."
"~You are the first one to say her not the brain but by her name.~"
"I know what happened yesterday between all magazine boys and blackmailers so... I stopped to tell them the eyes and the brains."
"~Pretty good.~"
"By the way, my name is Saku Hagita, from person's breakup to person's hidden affair nothing is hidden to me just pay my charges you will also have the information."
Saku hands him a card where his own name and number were given and also the charges of the type of information we're given.

    Current Affair 1500yen
   All dating girlfriends at the same time 2000yen   
What matter happened 4000yen
Puttin stalker behind someone 5000yen

"~This type of work is not of one person for sure.~"
"Yes, there is a whole group of expert stalkers and talented actors just like me."
"~Talented actors....??~"
"My group is so talented that even they are sitting between the group no one will notice them. They are like unnoticeable rock or a low tier character for the class but for me, they are the hidden cameras and microphones."
"~You are making me amazed now.~"
"You had seen nothing Shoya."
"~By the way what were you talking about the Umehara?~"
"Oh... yes I was talking about his obsession toward dates."
"For more information, you had to give money but this time I will not take any money because it's your first time asking me so... I will don't charge you any money."
"You want or not?"
"~Yes I want~"
"So don't give the faces that show my information as lame."
"~Okay, okay, just tell me then I will decide is it lame or not.~"
" So hear it, early this semester Shoya got so many dates his weekends were used to packed full with some girl but... every girl just used his cash and whenever there is another hot rich guy the girl used to reject her so... he doesn't like dates because he thinks it is just another rejection."
So he was also get used by another person who just acts to like him but in reality, it is just his money and looks. This is just like Nanasaki that's why he understands her pain of getting betrayed because he was also....
"~Thanks, Saku you really have important pieces of information. I will see you later...bye~" Shoya just leaves the class in search of Umehara.
"I know already but..." but...there is still someone whose information is still not with me and he is not like everyone, he carries something deep and painful, his eyes during the loneliness is just not lonely but also has something. So tell me Shoya Ishida... is it true...or not?

Shoya founds Umehara sitting alone on the bench near the vending machine drinking the cold coffee.
"~So you are here.~"
"Sorry... for just run off in the middle of the..."
"~No it is Okay~" Umehara was still in his silence.
"~I know what happened with you earlier about the dates and rejection.~"
"So.. you also come to know about."
"~You know there is not everyone same.~"
"Now don't give me any emotional speech about people's behavior or emotions because I just had done with all of it and I know everyone is not the same."
"~Then why were you...~"
"Nothing just feels... a little awkward when it comes... to a date."
"You know when I come to know about Nanasaki it feels we share a common pain."
"~Okay Nanasaki~"
"That's why I had to say all that to Nanasaki so that she could understand there are not only girls but also boys who had the pain and had betrayed."
"~Okay Nanasaki~"
"You know when she said thanks to me, it feels like... something that I don't feel before. It was like for the first time I found someone who is real."
"~Okay Nanasaki~"
"It was like..."
"~Wait wait I think you already found someone special so you don't need to specify me anymore.~"
"What...already found...??"
"~No, I'm not going to tell you.~"
"~By the way tell me some tips about dating someone as you are so experienced.~"
"First of all don't dress like..... wait you changing the topic."
"Yes you are"

Finally, the day came when the Shoya was going on a date with Haruka Ayatsuji. In the excitement, Shoya had reached earlier than the scheduled time. His all excitement and waiting has come to an end and finally, she showed up.
"So you are already here Ishida."
The movement he saw her in that yellow pale sleeveless frock the Shoya got stuck in his words.
"~You look... look very...~"
"Opened, I thought in summer this dress might look good but you feel it very opened then I should..."
"~No, No, I just want to say you look beautiful and look like a sunflower in this hot sun.~"
Her face started to turn red and she started to blush.
"~So where should we go.~"
"Oh no I forgot, it is already time. Let's go"
Ayatsuji starts to run and Shoya keeps following her.
"Hurry up or we will be late."
"~but where are we going~"
"Now we reached our destination."
It was a big shopping mall.
"~So we are going shopping.~"
The day they went on shopping was not a simple day but the greatest sale for women day of the month which comes once a month and all cosmetics, makeup products, dresses, and antic jewelry has very low value.
Almost spending 2hours in the shopping at the end Shoya was carrying a lot of bags two on each shoulder and three in each hand.
"~Is this a date or I was just called to company you for the shopping.~"
"I don't know when I asked Nanasaki she got worried and said no but instead she recommends you and she also said to ask you as a date."
"~So this is the reason why she said no and now... I'm working at her place.~"
"Now shopping is over so now we can go to a cafe or..." Suddenly she saw Shoya watching a girl and suddenly Shoya's face was sad and shocked when the girl notices Shoya, he starts to run away without saying anything to Ayatsuji.
"Wait..." Ayatsuji also chased him but she was left behind.
Why he was so sad after seeing that girl? Why did he start to run? It was like he doesn't want anyone. His painful face was the same when he was on the rooftop. But why? And who was she?
Ayatsuji keeps on searching for him and she found him sitting alone at the bench near the gate of the park. She sits near him without saying anything.
"~sorry... for running away~"
"No, I'm not here to talk about it just want to relax that's why I'm sitting in the park."
"~Okay then...~"
Both of them were silent.
There are only two small kids playing in the park. Both Shoya and Ayatsuji were sitting silent no was talking and only the sound of the ball was heard.
The ball of the kids was got away from them and reached the road so Ayatsuji get up from her place and decided to give them the ball back.
Ayatsuji was full of thoughts and was thinking about why?
Shoya was feeling sad and now he ruined her day he was feeling worse.
When Ayatsuji was picking the ball there was a car coming with the speed that was just going to hit her but she was saved because Shoya pulled her hand and save her.
"~What were you doing? You don't see that car is coming~" Shoya keeps on scolding her.
He is so close to me his angry face being worried for me makes me more comfortable. His hand is so warm and his body is so close to me it feels so protective.
"~Are you listening to me or not? Just tell me now did you going to cross roads without me?~"
His face is getting more closely and I don't know what happened but I just want to tell him that how deep my feeling is for him and I don't know how to express it and so....

In all that scolding suddenly the lips of Ayatsuji were kissing the lips of Shoya.
"Now you listen to me Ishida I like you and my feelings can't resist that face so close to me you like me or not."
"~Wait... give me a second.... you just caught me off guard~"
"So do you?"
"~wait...~" He kissed her again. "~This is my feelings and I like you too.~"
But after he confesses to her. Someone intrude them.
"So you found someone Ishida." The same girl which Shoya saw earlier was here and suddenly the happy face of Shoya was turned into sad. And this makes Ayatsuji more curious
"Who is she?"