Chapter 7:

Welcome to Hisaki and meet Shoya's grandma.

She Changed Me

"Hey Shoya"
"What do you think the future of us will be?"
"~Where did this come from?~"
"Yesterday my mom said we should treasure every moment and when I asked her why she said the future is unpredictable so..."
" I understand your mom just want to say that the future is harsh and full of troubles so we should enjoy the time now.~"
"So you also think future..." Her face starts to feel sad.
"~No. No. This is also what my mom said about the future, personally speaking, I also don't know~"
"~You don't need to feel sad about the future.~"
"No, I'm feeling sad about something else."
"~Something else?~"
"I'm sad that we may not be together in the future. Might...we start to get busier and busier due to all sorts of responsibilities given by the society we... start to get apart from each other."
"And I don't want to live you all."
"~So you think in future we will be apart.~"
"yes...might be..."
"~I don't know about others but I know something that you and I will be still together in the future so you don't need to worry.~" and I will be just not together but... very very... close

"Thanks for making me feel good."
"~After all it's on us to make the future how we desire.~"
"Yes...yes, you are right. It's on us...on us." Her mind decides to do something. "So why don't we promise each other that in future wherever we will be, we will come back every year to the festival of Hisaki to watch the fireworks."
Whenever she talks optimistically she looks so fragile and beautiful it's like one negative word from my mouth will break her.

"Hey Shoya what are you dreaming about?"
"So tell me do you like to make a treaty?"
"~Yes, I will so... Manaka Nisaki would you like to bond into a treaty which will last forever.~"
"Shoya Ishida, I agree to bond into the treaty so better you do not break it or I will punish you."

"Hey, Ishida wake up."
"Wake up now we reached the station."
"~Where are we...?~"
"Forgot we are at your hometown?"
Shoya squinty the board where 'Welcome To Hisaki' is written.
I think the future also wants to punish me for breaking the treaty.

"~Yes, I remember.~"
"So let's go"

"~yes, wait... I'm coming~" So even after so much arguing I end at the place where it all began, the place where I first fell in love.

"~Do you know Ayatsuji when you said we are going to my hometown I thought you want to spend some time together with nature and relax the mood but can you tell me what Umehara and Nanasaki are doing here? Why do you invite them?~"
"You know more people equals more fun."
"By the way where is your house and you said someone is coming to take us."
"~She might be a little late.~"
"It is very hot here than the city."
"~Here she is...~"
A white car with a high speed stops in front of them.
"Shoya who is she?" The Umehara got shocked after seeing the speed of the car.
Suddenly the door of the car opens the old lady with blue jeans and a white t-shirt and blue sunglasses in her eyes making a perfect combination of colors and fashion. These made Umehara, Nanasaki, and Ayatsuji surprised.
"~So you are still fashionable and heavy driver like old times grandma.~"
"What grandma??" There was only one word in their mouth after seeing the surprising entry of Shoya's grandma.
"Shoya you look happy. Did you find a girlfriend? Or lose your virginity?"
"~Don't talk like that my friends are also here.~"
"Oh yes yes so are you not going to introduce me or what?"
"~So he is Masayoshi Umehara and she is Kaoru Nanasaki and she is Haruka Ayatsuji.~"
Grandma gets close to Shoya's ear and she points toward Ayatsuji and said: "So you really find a girlfriend."
"After all, I had seen you growing so from choosing an ice cream to a bride I know your taste."
"~Witch...~" Shoya replies in a feeble voice.
"What did you say?"
Shoya's grandma walks toward the Ayatsuji.
"So tell me Ayatsuji."
"Is he taking initiatives or still boring?"
"ahh...Nowadays teenagers are very slow."
Suddenly Umehara introduces himself. "Hello myself Masayoshi Umehara."
"You are very beautiful and amazing."
"Thank you. You seem a little fast"
Nanasaki was still shocked and surprised. "You are really amazing."
"Thanks... Nanasaki right?"
"Yes myself Kaoru Nanasaki."
"It is nothing. So are you guys ready to enjoy summer vacation?"
"Yess..." All of them get excited.

After reaching the house of Shoya's grandma everyone's eyes were in shock. The house was not like five rooms or six rooms but a big mansion with an all old-time exterior but a luxury technology from inside giving a perfect ambiance of old towns.
" is now getting more excited."
Their mind and eyes were hit by the waves of surprises. Their experience of using old tools and methods in the town was turning to be a luxurious movement.
"Shoya, can I ask you one question?"
"~yes, Umehara.~"
"Is your grandparents some kind of film star or millionaire?"
"~No, but...sort of...~"
" then What?"
"~My grandma is a fashion designer and also was a model in their old times. Now she also teaches modeling.~"
"Wait... Shoya you are telling me now."
"~No one asked me so...~"
"Tell me one more thing did she reached modeling in this mansion or somewhere else?"
"~No, in this house.~"
"" It means all beautiful, young models much be practicing inside and might I get a chance to see them...I'm so lucky. Umehara you can't miss this chance. My eyes are bored seeing that small chest in the school and now I can able to see.... big... and smooth...

"~Hey, Umehara...are you listening or not?~"
"...uhh... yes I'm listening."
"~then what are you grinning about?~"
The door of the big mansion opened all servant was standing in front of the door to greet them.
Shoya's grandma makes a final announcement."So guys go inside and have fun but do not go to the models practicing room."
After that everyone was busy with their own work. Umehara was enjoying the rose water bath with an expensive soap and shampoo. Nanasaki was amazed by the collection of cameras Shoya's grandma have. Shoya was not shocked or surprised just like normal he was filling his empty stomach. But Ayatsuji was thinking something else she was thinking about how to find about Manaka Nisaki and only the person she knows who can tell is Miuna but problem was that she was not knowing her address. Someone had noticed her question full brain and came near her. The person was Shoya's grandma.
"Hey, Ayatsuji why are you not enjoying with others?"
"No, I was just..."
"You don't need to tell me a lie I know you are here for something else so tell me what's the problem?"
" but to solve the problem of Shoya so I want to know about Manaka and only the person who can tell is Miuna so if you know her address can you please give me."
"As I expected but... Miuna is only the part of the story the whole problem can only be solved when there one more member come together."
"Please, please can you tell me who is he?"
"The person's name is Izumi Ishikawa and he is a little hard to talk so..."
"You don't need to worry just leave it to me."
"Wait..." Grandma takes out a little diary and writes something on the page and then she tears it and gives it to Ayatsuji.
"This is the address of Miuna and Ishikawa and if possible take Miuna with you to meet Ishikawa."
"Okay...and thank you for the help."
Then Haruka went to search the home of Miuna and Ishikawa.
Umehara was searching the practice room where he can see a cute model's cat walking as Umehara had a dream to see the model live wearing a cute cat cosplay dress. It was like getting his dream true.
"I was not knowing that Shoya's grandma was such a big celebrity and also trains models then I might have come earlier. But... where is the practice room?" He was not able to find the room then he notices a mate working so he asked her "Excuse me can you tell me where is model practicing room is?" But the mate was acting a little weird.
"Oh, the room...yes yes I know..." She points out toward the wall and said "On the other side of this wall there is the room." After saying this she gets out of that place for cleaning another room.
Umehara was knowing that he is not allowed to the room so he thought to do it in a traditional way, seeking through the window. But this time the window was a little higher and there is no way he can seek without the help of a ladder but coincidently there was a ladder too in the room. Umehara climbers on the ladder and was going to seek in the practice room but at the same time, Nanasaki appeared.
"Hey, Umehara what are you doing on the ladder?"
"Ah...ah...well I was..."Suddenly the ladder separated and Umehara falls on the Nanasaki.
At that movement, Umehara's face was so close to Nanasaki's face that he could not resist the beautiful eyes and lips Nanasaki has. Umehara's eyes were not able to quit staring at her face. Her body was touching each other and their eyes were kept seeing each other as they lost every contact from the world even the song start to play. Their lips were getting closer and closer suddenly the harsh sound was heard and their perfect movement came back to reality. Both were embarrassed and their faces were turned red.
"...Sorry about that."
"For what just... happened now..."
"What happened?"
"Uhh...I just fall on you for that."
"No you don't need to, it was the ladder which was broke."
"Come to think of it... how that ladder broke?."
"Yes, It is a little unusual."
let both of them think about how this ladder broke.
If you think this scene was a little more dramatic and like a romantic movie then you are correct because after I say this event was intentional and was a set up then you are going to believe it, as this whole plan was not other than from Shoya's grandma.
The sentence from not allowed in the practice room to the sudden song was heard all was a setup and she also planted the maid to say that practice room was that also she called the Nanasaki to that room and there was a little surprise element to make them more close it was a thread which was tied to the ladder's separating nut only the wrong thing happened was that the soundbox which was playing the song got broke and produce the harsh sound.
I know it is wrong to interfere in other's personal affairs but I can't see two people searching for love and can't find it. By the way, the only thing left between Umehara and Nanasaki is to get a little close might they even unlock the door of adults together only left is one moment and a whole night just Umehara and Nanasaki together. And I, the fashion legend will make that happen, and also they are fast not like my grandson stuck at the first level.
The motive of Shoya's grandma was not able to get filled but might next time but on the other side there was Haruka with all her hopes reached the Miuna's place but the house was locked and she has to wait on the door for her to come back home.
But Haruka will be able to bring an old group of friends back together? also, is the person Izumi who grandma was talking about is really hard to handle? If yes then how is Haruka going to bring them together?
Let's find out in the next chapter.