Chapter 5:

The Case Of A Fifteen-year-old

Whispers heard in the dark

Reavan was in-charge for yet another case, it was the death of a fifteen-year-old girl. The cause of death was quite clear, death due to severed carotid artery with cardiac arrest. The case could easily be closed stating it was suicide, as they had the clear evidence of the same. 

Well, Reavan wasn’t the one who’d leave the case that way without any investigations. He knew whom he could turn to if there was an issue, but now that he suspected Ashura to know about this even before the death of the girl, something seemed off. The case could be solved, as, while he was trying to stop Ashura from his attempted suicide, there was a death due to the same cause, done in the same way, with a broken glass in the kitchen, thus in a simplified way of putting it, the death was because of the shard of broken glass held in the girl's hand with which she pierced her carotid artery.

since Ashura seemed to be involved in ways that he couldn't explain, he thus wanted to isolate Ashura and monitor him in a room along with proper interrogation to understand what was going on. Knowing clearly well how isolated the kid already was, he decided against it, and thought that the only way to get understand it all is through slowly becoming closer to him and wait for him to open up.

Keeping this aside, he focused upon the case in hand, he enquired the girl’s mother if she knew anything at all, his efforts went in vain.

 She didn’t seem to cry or feel misery, her face showcased the statement- she had it coming. I cant help it. This had Reavan thinking that this might be more than a mere suicide, it could’ve even been forced. Upon further enquiry of her classmates, friends and neighbors, he found a lot of interesting facts about the family and the probable cause of suicide.


She was a happy, charming and cute girl. She always topped her class since grade one. Everything seemed well in fact even better, until her father went missing causing a 180 degree turn to her life.

according to the girl's diary, her father said to her that he was going on an official trip for ten days, and that he would be back home on her birthday with her birthday gift. 

She was excited like any child will be, waited for her dad to come, she waited and waited with her beautiful smile and a wonderful cake that too was loosing its patience, starting to loose its flavors. both the child and the cake were loosing their cheerfulness and charm. 

Unfortunately, their charms got lost to an extent that the taste altered and so did the child's happiness, when she realized that her father had gone missing. 

This ended up being the last time that people saw her smiling. 

Her mother had then complained about her missing husband, she put up posters asked everyone around, even went to his office where she learnt that he was let go 2 weeks ago implying he never went on a business trip. Search parties tried to find him but he was nowhere to be found. 

Even if he was missing, the mother was sure that he wasn’t dead, but living elsewhere, maybe even with some other girl of some other family. Thinking about all these for more than a month and being at a loss of comfort she had become mentally ill, she calmed herself by beating the innocent child.

Poor kid had spent a lot of sleepless nights with burning injuries and bruises. Her school had also become a walking hell as no one spoke to her, all they did was gossip behind her back about different versions of the story of her life. Misery upon misery fell upon her life, it would not have mattered, or the pain might have decreased only if she had friends. Well, she did have some, but their parents had told them not to talk to her anymore, thus she had no one now.


These days, one cannot blame the society for such cruel actions, reason being, no one wants to get into trouble. In fact, no one wants to get involved into unnecessary matters as they are scared out of their wits to do so. Everyone is so happy and afraid at the same time. 

The truth is, people search for security and safety in their lives so that they can steer their boats in a path without turbulence. No one would purposefully like to get stuck in a storm, would they? The same way, humans, the social animals, are not so social when it threatens one’s own security. It can’t be blamed, it’s just how humans work.

That being the scenario, it’s even worse in this girl’s case, that is, her father was the only person in the family who was interactive with all. They knew him, liked him, believed that they completely knew him for whom he was, at least that's what they though unless this mishap occurred. Since they all trusted him so much, they believed with all their might that, if he had gone missing, it could mean only one thing, i.e. he was dead.

Since, it was not such a society where people go missing and they're found dead later on, also because the news of him being let out before he left his house spread like wildfire thus they couldn’t assimilate a kind person such as him lie to his family and run away from his child.

This  gave out a very bad impression on him and the family that people started thinking that he he was involved in illegal or wrong activities.

Their mindset was such that, if he was a bad human, their family might get entangled into a hot mess sooner or later due to his relation to gangs of what-so-ever that he was involved with. They all thus decided not to get involved with the family itself, after all, the only person they were close with turned out to be a criminal, or at least that's what they assumed. hence they concluded that topic with a final statement of, "dont get involved in their family matters, mind your own business for your own safety."

Getting such hatred and negligence instead of love and care from the family as well as school, her performance, her academics, mental and physical health worsened.

 The mother was beyond hope, she had gone into depression and she still harmed the child, she would sometimes beat the child until her hands had swollen up. Being in such pressure for more than a year the child finally couldn't bear it anymore, she thus decided to end her life, so that she attains love, happiness and attention at least in the afterlife.

Now, who should the cop arrest for the crime- Is it the mother, the society, the missing father or the dead child for taking her own life? 

Please contemplate....