Chapter 8:


Magnum Opus

What is the meaning of this? Why did he kill the officers from this police station?

“Where all the officers from this station killed?” I ask the officer.

“Yes, none of them survived.”

“Tell me son, how in the world that girl wasn´t scared at all? You know, you were all surrounded by death, a normal person would be in shock similar to you.”

“That´s something she must answer.” I say trying not to say that I´ve seen people being burnt to death. After all, confirmations are events that are hidden to the public, so I must stay quiet if I don´t want to be killed.

“Yeah, about that, she refused to talk.”

My mind brings back flashbacks about my mother after remembering the officers taking Hope down. I grab my head.

“Where is she?”

“Follow me, she´s fine don´t worry.”

After getting in the station we go to a different room where Hope is.

“Listen son, we will prepare a car to take you home, if you remember anything contact us.” The officer says.

“What about her?”

“We can take her to her home as well.”

She looks at me rapidly. Her eyes are telling me that she won´t leave me alone.

“About the tuxedo guy, what if he tries to kill me while I´m in home?”

“Don´t you have security guards at your house? You are son of Gilbert Kind, you should have guards all around your house.”

He´s got a good point however…

“The thing is that my father lives with my brother at High grounds”, High grounds is the part of the city where only few people can access, a normal police officer can´t get in without permission as it is the place where the Emperor and Ruler live.

“Tch”… he grabs his head in confusion. “Why do YOU rich people have to make things complicated? See, we can take you there or the place you live in, after all he´s your father he will let you in, right?”

What an innocent answer, I admire that ingenuity, to think that my father cares for me in anyway.

“Fine, take me there.” I answer without having any expectation. The chances I can get in are low, almost zero.

“Hope, I´ll go to my father´s house. Don´t worry, High grounds is the safest place in the city.” I had to tell her that, otherwise she would follow me. Hopefully, this helps me feel safe now that I won´t be at the reach of the tuxedo guy nor the mafia… however, I´d feel uncomfortable.

The reason why I don´t leave with my father is because after my brother´s confirmation we started living in High grounds thanks to the Emperor. High grounds is a place full of hedonists, there are parties all the time that involve some kind of guilty pleasure or abuse, there are men hunting, animal fights, and a “school” where they teach the “art” of prostitution only for the use of the confirmed. I hate all that, I never take part of that, when my mother was alive I used to kill animals, make others suffer and things like that with my brother, but after she died I stopped enjoying that, I don´t know why.

Considering the nature of that place, I was seen as a weirdo, first the people there thought I enjoyed voyeurism but I did not feel anything. That made my father angry and disappointed, he thought I would never be a confirmed and thus leading our family to bad reputation. My brother on the other hand, was busy working with the Emperor, but every time I saw him I was reminded of the flames, people burnt alive, people dying, asking for help and me, feeling as If I was going to die. How suffocating. That is why when I got to college I asked to study in a different part of the city and living alone as consequence.

“Common son, an officer will take you there, I´d do it myself but I got to investigate more.” The officer says. Is he some kind of detective as well?

“Oh, my name is George by the way, see you son.” The officer says, as if we were going to meet again.

I turn to see Hope and then depart ways.

I get in the car with the officer.

“Why don´t you live with you father?” The officer who is taking me to  High grounds asks to break the silence.

“Because I study out High grounds.”

“And what do you study?”


“Oh, nice, and how old are you?”

“I´m twenty.”

“So you must be in second year, nice.”

“Not actually, I started high school two years later.”

“Why is that?”

“… my mother died so I wasn´t feeling like studying at that time.” For some reason I can´t remember well what happen in those two years.

“Oh, sorry to hear that, and what does your father do?”

“He´s a director in a school at High grounds.” My father is the director of the “school” of prostitution, however, for the public is a scientific college. These scientists are also the ones who use the prostitutes.

“Woa! That´s wonderful you must be proud!”

“… mmm yes….” I couldn´t care less.

“And your brother? I heard from George you had one.”

George said that? maybe he really is a detective. “He works for the Emperor.”

“Gosh! Your family is the real deal, you are all successful. I can´t wait to see how well you´ll do in the future.”

This officer just won´t shut up. I close my eyes to pretend I´m falling asleep.

It seems she bought that, so I stayed like this for twenty minutes.

“Hey sir, we are close.”

I open my eyes. The high grounds have a wall of twenty meters, the reason behind that is to protect the rest of population in case something happens inside the labs, which is a lie, the labs are hidden in the underground. Also, there is one door in this huge wall, at least that´s what I know. Those walls are made to keep people in no matter what.

“We are here, please come out.”

We get down and head towards the entrance.

The officer talks to the guards. She looks back at me and gets in with the guards.

Few minutes passed and there is no sign of her.

A guard comes out and approaches me.

“It seems you won´t get in Mr. Kind.” The guard says.

I´m surprised. “What? Why?”

“We contacted your father and brother, and both agreed that they don´t trust in you.”

“What do you mean by that?”

“They said you are suspicious for being involved in three different attacks, they think you are the tuxedo guy.”

“What a nonsense! Are you saying that I tried to commit suicide at school! That´s crazy.” I´m losing my cool.

“They say that you are working with someone else, that your purpose was to get to the hospital.”


“I don´t know Mr. Kind, it makes sense to me, after all there is no proof that you are not guilty, that´s why they agreed on not letting you in.”

…FUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK!!! How can they think that?! … GODDAMN! I hate that it makes a little sense but that is beyond crazy.

“FINE” I yelled. “I´ll leave this place. Where´s the officer?”

“She is suspicious too, so we took her with us. I said you won´t get in but that´s not entirely false, you will get in but to the labs.”

Hell no, I won´t go down there, getting down in the labs it´s like a death sentence. That´s where the prostitutes they don´t need any more are sent to be experimented with.

“Sorry Sir, orders are orders.” He grabs me by the left hand and twist me facing the car I came, he puts my hand behind my back and grabbed the other to cuff me.

A motorcycle is getting near, I can´t see from where, but the guard falls behind me. He screams in pain.


I turned to see what happened. She´s here, Hope is here and on the floor the guard, she cut the back of the guards knees probably his ligaments.

She turns to face him and slices his left eye. The man screams in pain. Hope takes a fighting stance and kicks the man on the jaw to be precise, she KO him.

“Come, let´s leave this place, you´ll explain to me this later.”

I do as she says.

“How did you find me?”

“I followed you.”

And so, we leave the High grounds.