Chapter 0:


Andreax: Akio

August 10, 2097, this is the date that shows on my holographic visor, I feel insecure to take the handlebars of my Andeax, after so many times piloting it, this is the first time that I feel like this, I am afraid, the idea of dying scares me, maybe it is normal. I can smell my own sweat inside this hot and cramped cabin, I hear every step my allies take with their Andreax, they are all the same, dark and dirty giant machines with heavy and robust metal legs, long and armed arms ready to kill whoever is needed, we Reax are in the middle of the robotic bodies, in the chest area, our Andreax are painted a dark gray and on our right arms is glued a small Japanese flag. These robots are made for kill, perhaps it would seem easy to do so, if our enemy did not have a weapon similar to ours, I am afraid to die on the battlefield, inside my Andreax as most of my comrades have died, over and over again.

I don't know why I'm afraid of dying, I don't remember my parents, I was raised in what they call "Garden", maybe that's why death scares me, not for losing the life I've cultivated over the years, but for never really having lived.

Thomas Sakura