Chapter 1:

A Man born to kill

Andreax: Akio

I can see the sea from here, it's stunning, magnificent, it's so wonderful, untouchable. I try to get closer to it, it's a long distance away from me, I wait for it, maybe I could see it up close, if I wasn't stuck here.
The sea I see is just the scene of this battle, my colleagues don't seem to look at it, but I place my Andreax's head slightly pointed there. I wonder if when this war is over, I will be able to touch the sea, look at it up close, maybe that wish will come true, just like all the bodies of the residents of New Tokyo who were killed after the '89 war.
I wouldn't mind dying and my body being thrown into the sea, it's preferable than being buried on the battlefield still inside this machine, anything would be better than dying here, in a place
without peace, in a field of blood, where loyalty to the country is the highest priority.

"We will reach the enemy's front in 20 minutes, get ready!" exclaims the captain of our fleet. I can already see the enemy Andreax from here, there are a few dozen of them, probably not much more than ours.

Time passes quickly, the 20 minutes that before seemed like an eternity are now 5, the combat is already starting, the front line fires the first shots. This battle has no strategy, it is two sides against each other, exchanging punches and shots, they are not real men attacking each other, they are just machines controlled by weak men, weak men like me.

I never really wanted this, I was just ordered to do it, I'm not even a man yet, where I came from they didn't count the age of the children, but I must be about 16, I don't know if that's too young, I see my superiors and other soldiers with faces clearly more wrinkled than mine.

None of them came from the Garden, somehow they despise those who come from there, I am not innocent, I know very well that there is life beyond war, despite what I was taught, they must have come from there, they must have had a childhood, they are people I envy, they despise me for not having been raised like them, and I despise them for the same reason.

The first line of battle leaves the shooting and the physical combat begins, both our enemies and ours do not spare any blows, and quickly use the battle blades,

They cut each other, kill each other, fight like animals, fight for their lives.

Our first line is destroyed in a few minutes, the central battle line will take its place. It's my turn to die.

I quickly raise my arm of steel and pull out of the back of my machine the Blade D^X.
I feel my heart leaping.

 I close my eyes for a few seconds.

I open them again, too late.

An enemy sticks his blade into my left arm, so that he tries to pull it out, I feel as if it is really mine.

He pushes his blade hard, and I sort of defend myself by sticking mine in his chest, where his cabin is.

Startled to realize that he has created an opening, he moves away from me, but still with bloodthirsty intentions places the tip of his blade aimed at me.

My attack seems to have had no effect other than defense, although I attacked in the cabin I was unable to injure the driver.

I need to try again.

Our bodies run into each other, ready for a clash that happens between our blades, the sharp gnawing of metal spreading across the battlefield.

Several strikes are repeated over and over again, without us being able to strike, I feel my Andreax getting heavier and heavier.

I open.

My mistake.

He finishes the job from the beginning, and due to my mistake finally pulls out the metal arm that falls to the ground making a huge bang, it's all over for me.