Chapter 5:

Chapter 5 "Memories"

The Last Angel

The following 4 rounds Kala completely dominated zaniel in his moments of being lost in thought, unlocking more of his inner memories but none of them relating to the previous ones. Her last shot was one of the most impactful ones where he tried to stop the ball from entering the goal and missed by a fingertip.

Falling down out the sky after his next memory of one of his friends losing a leg by an angelic fiend from pushing him out of danger's way. The remembrance of his friend’s family separating them after that event. Replacing her leg with a celestial robotic one. He was starting to feel like the memories they were showing weren’t random but all meant to destroy, you or break you down.

“Don’t go getting consumed by your past” Kala realized she shouldn’t break down the angel that will be fighting alongside her the same way she did others.

“What do you know about me? I’m not who I once was” Zaniel slammed his fist against the wall behind him, thinking about his past mistakes and getting absorbed in his previous mistakes.

Watching Zaniel stuck thinking Kala felt a little confused on how to deal with this situation, she’s never had to deal with having to care about someone she’s playing against and also worried that he may not have been ready for this world yet. But the angelic side of her made her walk over towards him and thought about hugging him but gave him a slight slap instead

“Snap out of it, you tell me I know nothing about you but I’ve learned a lot about you and at this point, it seems like you haven’t grown much”

“Why would you slap me, a hug would’ve worked I’m sure” Zaniel put up a front to act like everything was ok

“Whatever let’s just finish this” she smiled thinking that her light slap was effective

“Ok. we can move on to the next round, but next time I want a hug” he tried his best to pull himself together in a snap and not reflect on his past anymore but focus on the future ahead

A green and black scatter ball shot up out the ground on Zaniel’s side. A Voice of sheer malice came over the entire room after a short pause. followed by an evil laugh “Round 6 start!”

Wasting no time Zaniel hoovered to the middle of the grid, and tossed the ball up and created hit it with a heel kick blasting it towards kala but before the ball passed the middle of the field he vanished and reappeared in front of the ball with golden wind wrapped around his fist right hooking it towards a new location last minute.

This fast change of trajectory actually caught kala slightly off guard but she created explosions of energy at the base of her feet to blast her to the balls new location and slap it back towards zaniel,

As her hands reached out to hit the ball it Swivled around her hand. In a moment’s notice, she ignited her foot with simultaneous combustions of explosions shifting her entire body’s location to a few inches back to give her an advantage in order to return the ball with a cycle kick towards zaniel. Her foot connected with the golden wind around the ball blasting it around her leg into the middle golden circle behind her.

Having never lost a round before she feared what it is that this memory would show him. And in seconds they both faded into her most sacred memory.

In the middle of a hallway young Kala dashed towards a large door to go give her father a flower she had found in a nearby flower bed outside her home. As she approached the massive door she heard strange voices speaking and a loud commotion before everything went completely black. Slightly pushing the door open she saw a blinding light. Followed by the decapitation of the head angel Nathaniel.

Tears began to fall down her face as she screamed his name at the top of her lungs. Although her voice was loud not a single sound left it as an archangel of diligence held her mouth shut as he witnesses this nightmare of a moment alongside her.

“Come on Kala we must get you to safety before they come for you” he flash stepped down the hallway and around the corners. Rushing to get her somewhere safe. Not before long shadows started to engulf the hallways and chase him down. The Darkskinned angel with golden-red eyes and 4 white wings spread his wings as wide as the hallways would allow and began vanishing into a blinding speed at every corner and angle trying to get her to safety.

Once cleared of the shadows Eleleth stopped at a random wall and held his hands forward revealing a small shoot big enough for a small teenager to fit in.

“Hold your wings in kala, and be strong, someone will help you from here” his smile radiated confidence but showed a completely different emotion.

As she fell down the shoot you could slightly hear some words leaving his mouth as all walls collapsed behind her sliding into a vault.

Kala had no idea where she was or how to do anything there she sat in pitch darkness for days mopping about the loss of her father. It wasn’t till the darkest point on her third day there that the lights illuminated in the vault and someone entered.

In despair, she laid there as this person entered not caring who it was at this point. Just waiting for something to happen.

“Kala are you here!” a sweet soothing voice echoed down the glyph-filled walls and light up the now-running waterfall behind her.

The archangel of Humility ran towards the downed teen and embraced her, resting her head in her large bosoms. “Don’t worry, Kala everything is going to be ok.”

After hearing those words, Kala looked up at her for a brief moment weeping, and asked, “when can I see my father again!”

Not knowing how to answer that question, she continued to pat her on the head, allowing her tears to run dry.

“One day, I promise one day” as the sounds of her voice faded, so did the flashback, and a few tears fell down Kala's face.

“I’m sorry you had to watch your father go like that, Kala; I lost my father on that day too,” zaniel spoke his mind trying to create light of the situation.

“Who was your father?” she asked

“The man that saved you”

There was a silence after he said that, and her having realized the only reason she’s alive right now and the reason zaniel is mad is due to the man that kept her alive while Heaven was being destroyed.

“He was an amazing angel” she looked deep into his crimson eyes and flying towards the line in the middle of the field.

“Thanks, and who knew your father was the king of all angels, Nathaniel, your childhood must’ve been great” he meet her at the center.

“I guess you could say that, but being the daughter of the strongest angel isn’t all positive, but if you want to know anymore, you’re going to have to beat me” she smiled and looked at him as her mind became clear once more.

“Say no more,” he smirked.


The Last Angel