Chapter 4:

Chapter 4 "Greed Ball"

The Last Angel

Storming out of the auction house the two walked out of the alleyway as if nothing had happened. Kala pulling Zaniel along the streets towards an unknown half of the district. Walking past a few buildings the area was illuminated by floating celestial crystals that have been tainted to glow sky blue. The golden leaves falling off the trees turned green as the lights reflected off of each petal.

“Where are we going?” Zaniel slowed down his pace to catch a falling leaf holding it between his two fingers.

Turning around to look at him Kala came to a full stop “We’re going to get some rest if you must know”


“Yes rest, currently you know nothing of how heaven is now and we also don’t know how to fight together” She flipped her hair backward in an aggressive fashion “if I’m going to put my life on the line working with you we better learn something about each other at the least you about our enemy”

“Get to know each other when we can just storm the…”

As the words left his mouth Kala slammed his back up against a nearby wall with her hands covering his mouth.

“People might be listening, we will talk inside also I don’t want to hear anything from someone who spent 2 years of their life on a damn map” she whispered before removing her hands off his mouth

Looking off at the pathways bystanders, Zaniel felt as if she was trying him and almost lost his temper. Grabbing onto Kala and throwing her up against the wall.

“What are you doing!!” she asked while being held up eyes glowing and blue parts of her hair starting to illuminate sending killing intent throughout the whole area clearing out the streets of all demons. “We can fight if you want… I’m very good at talking with my hands”

After feeling the chills of potential death everything quickly went back to normal, and Zaniel removed his hands off her body

“Sorry, I just don’t like being treated like a burden” zaniel pridefully said while rubbing one of his hands on the back of his dreads.

“Ok let’s do this your way; if you can earn it” Kala smirked as she started to walk ahead of him again “ follow me!, were going to play a game exclusive to the territory of greed called, Flash Ball, and if you win we can do this however you want but if I win we do this one my way”

“I’m in” Zaniel being a lover of all games looked at the palm of his hand and closed it into a fist excited and up for the challenge.

After walking down the well-lit alley they arrived at a tall draconic angel-like building.

“This is new”

“New to you maybe its been here for a couple of years now”

“Years? How long have you been out”

Kala laughed “I finished my training 2 years ago so I was let out early, and this is where we will be staying and playing our little game”

“Oh yeah me and methion will talk about this later” zaniel thought thinking of how the archangel of patients probably made him wait way longer than normal.

This grand building full of glass and a metal frame hand trees stems twisting all around it keeping it locked in place.

After they entered the building, kala raised her hand towards the front desk as they took a sharp right

“We’ll be using the flash ball practice room if no one is in there”

The front desk attendant with sharp wolf-like ears black hair and a tux on steered zaniel deep into his eyes with a coral gaze “another victim I see i’ll empty it now, for you K… are you looking to have an audience?”

“No audience tonight we’d actually like to have the room personally too our selves with the grids blacked out so no one can see inwards”

“As you wish” The old attendant bowed

“Who the hell is he calling a victim, and K is it I see you have a cute nickname” Zaniel joked chuckling

“Keep that same energy as I beat you” she smiled back

After a few moments, the front desk worker reappeared

“The room is now ready, Alas miss will they be needing a room for tonight”

“No, they’ll be staying with me Bishop”

“I see!” bishop bowed before escorting them to a large room filled with grids, and black tinted metallic glass almost as if they were inside some kind of vr simulations room. In the middle of the room, two pedal stools were there for them to insert their hands into.

“What are these for?” zaniel walked around both wondering if one side had an advantage over the other

“Hurry up and insert one of your hands and I’ll explain after. Bishop, you may leave now” kala said all while inserting her hand into the fixture

Soon after Bishop left zaniel followed suit and placed his right hand inside the crimson and gold pedestal. Needles came in from all four corners of the box and stabbed both of them in the arm. Magical circles appeared in the air and then went back in and the fixture expanded engulfing them both into their own individual corridor.

Stripping away their current outfits and redressing zaniel in shorts and some kind of esports breathable shirts, and Kala in leggings and a more form-fitting shirt.

The fixtures moved to the back of each side of the room before opening up and revealing them to each other.

The ground began to quake behind both of them as large grinds with a hundred circles all over them appeared on each half of the field

Excited zaniel tilted his head upwards and looked behind him to see 4 golden circles in the center of this wall.

“So you going to explain the rules, or are you planning on cheating your way to victory” Zaniel taunted her

“Hold your Degon I’d explain if you would give me a moment to speak and stop looking so amazed”

“Whatever” he decided to be dismissive

A ruby ball spat up out the ground before kala and into her hand

“This is how the game works, every hole behind you is a point.”

“How many points is the golden 4 worth”

“The same as everything else, the goal is to keep hitting the ball back and forward as fast as possible till your enemy can’t block or at an angle where they can’t defend themself, you can’t cross the line in the middle, every now and then the ball will have a mind of its own and move sporadically in whichever direction it so chooses, we call it a scatter ball, your free to use any technique and or ability you deem fit to stop your opponent”

“Seems simple enough, I’m ready” zaniel eagerly pushed her onwards to start the match

“There’s more”

“Whatever I mean all I have to do is keep you from scoring right and score on your side, lets get started”

Kala grinned “As you said whatever let’s get started”

Floating in the air kala tossed the ball up and engulfed her hand in red energy. Smacking the ball with so much force it seemly disappeared leaving behind a red trail in its wake.

Predicting its trajectory zaniel catches it and uses its force to spin himself into a tornado with crimson after trails and shot the ball back out in a random direction.

She quickly moved towards the ball’s location and kicked it back. Zaniel wasted no time reflecting the ball back in her direction.

As they continued to hit the ball back and forward between each other their speed started to become blinding and the shock waves of each ball hit could be seen but not the soul that was touching it.

After a barrage of counters, kala hit the ball towards the first top left slot on zaniels side. Watching him carefully she saw him summersault kick the ball back towards her center where she got ready to punch the ball back towards him. When the ball sporadically swerved left causing Zaniel to drop focus fist-pumping the air thinking he just scored.

At that brief moment when she saw her opportunity, she did a 360 breaking the sound barrier and elbowed the ball towards the bottom right goal, furthest from his current position.

With his mind shifting gears from victory to trying to win he vanished from his current location and tried to stop the ball from going in but was too late.

A large number one appeared over on kala’s side of the field along with a voice

“Player one has taken the lead”

“Is that all you got” kala taunted before everything went black

Both of them faded into an flashback of an angel swooping in the middle of the night and taking a baby away, the angels figure was blurry but the baby’s eyes were wide open and they were the same color as zaniels. As the baby was picked up out of its crib they both vanished into a cluster of light.

“What the hell was that?” Zaniel asked enraged

“A memory of yours” kala smirked “oh didn’t I tell you every hole on your side of the field is a precious memory, that both you and the winner gets to see once we score”

“What was that memory of, where was I taken from?” zaniel grew more confused and lost about his past

“I don’t know but if I keep beating you like this maybe we’ll find out” she smiled

Feeling invaded zaniel was dead set on never letting her score another point, but on the other hand, he wanted to know more about the images he saw and whether or not it was real.

“Let me tell you one thing I’ve never let anyone see my past and I won’t start today with you!” kalas grin turned to a pale look of seriousness.