Chapter 1:


The Popular Girl Chases the Loner.

At the back of the school, a boy and a girl stood in silence facing each other. They had just managed to graduate and it is the last day of their Middle school year. In this one situation you would probably guess that the boy must have called out to the girl to confess at the last time of their middle school year…

...if only that were the case. In fact it was the opposite, the girl known throughout her school as the most popular and prettiest girl in her batch was the one who called out to our poor little normal guy here. Her name is Ikeda Akemi, this one beauty was the one called out to the guy that was in front of her. The boy’s name is Nakajima Yuma, and he is wondering why he was suddenly called out to the back of the school by the most popular girl of his batch.

As it went on, Ikeda only seemed to be quiet and fidgeting in her place. Looking closely her face seems to be blushing red up to her ears...but of course Nakajima wasn’t able to notice it as he is dumbfounded by the current situation.

Finally, not being able to take the silence, Ikeda spoke up “U-Uhm...Nakajima-kun, is there someone you are currently interested in…?”

Hearing this managed to awaken Nakajima from his internal struggle, managing to timidly answer.

“...Oh? Uhh...n-no, there isn’t someone like that…”

*phew* Ikeda sighed in relief as she heard his answer.

“...but why are you asking me that?” Nakajima curiously asked, wanting to know what Ikeda’s aim could be.

Normally it would have been the right choice to assume that being asked that question could only mean that the girl would be interested to the guy she had asked that question with, but that is if it’s a normal guy. Nakajima here however is an outright virgin with no experience whatsoever. He wouldn’t even think of assuming something like that as he is not even used to talking to the opposite sex.

“...A-Ah...that’s because…” Ikeda was caught off guard with the question, a bit saddened that Nakajima doesn’t know about her current feelings.

Knowing she can’t back down at this moment, she clenched both of her fists and looked straight into Nakajima’s eyes. Seeing her look at him like that suddenly made Nakajima’s body tense.

Breathing deeply, Ikeda was resolved to tell Nakajima her feelings.

“N-Nakajima-kun! I like you, please go out with me!!” She shouted out, clear and loudly. Successfully confessing her feelings to the boy she had fallen in love with.

“” It would have been so great if it weren’t for Nakajima suddenly being so lost in his own world upon hearing her confession. His face was blank, so dumbfounded by the situation that Ikeda had confessed to him.

A second later, he was awoken from his blankness by Ikeda.

“Uhm? Nakajima-kun...Nakajima-kun?...W-What’s your answer…?” Ikeda had a worried look on her face, but still asked Nakajima as she wanted to know what he thinks of her and his answer to her confession.

And in one fluid movement, Nakajima suddenly bowed at a 90 degrees bow angle that could be called a perfect flow of movement before he finally answered back.

“I-I’m sorry!!! I can’t go out with you!!! I’m very sorry, I really can’t!!! Loud as he shouted those words back before he finally ran away with all his might.

The poor girl could only look as he disappeared from her sight.

“Eh? EH?....Why? Wait a minute, Nakajima-kun!?” But of course her words weren't heard and could only show her pitiful and saddened teary eyes. Her confession failed, something that could only be called one-sided.

“Uu...Uuu *hics*...Nakajima-kun...why? Even though I loved you so much...Uuu”

Pitiably she could only cry at her sad moment.