Chapter 2:

A New Start in High School

The Popular Girl Chases the Loner.

In the month of April, Ikeda is starting her first day of High School as a freshmen student. Her winter vacation was a very depressing time as it only contained her weeping about her failed confession and studying for her entrance exam.Bookmark here

She was saddened by the fact that she was rejected though it didn’t affect her time for studying and managed to pass her entrance exams. Needless to say she was able to go to her first choice of school.Bookmark here

In front of her was the gate of the school she will now be attending. A new school year awaits her. She soon found herself in front of the school board where all new student freshmens names are written and their corresponding classes.Bookmark here

“...There, Class 1-B…” She thought to herself as she skims through the board finding her name in her respective class.Bookmark here

“...Nakajima Yuya?” Now reading out loud, she saw the name of the boy who had rejected her.Bookmark here

“He’s here too!?” She exclaimed, her excitement showing on her face. It goes without saying, she had yet to move on from her first love. Bookmark here

“This time...for sure. I will make Nakajima-kun look at me. I’m going to make him fall for me.” She is determined to have him no matter what. Even if she was rejected, she was determined to do all it takes to make Nakajima fall for her.Bookmark here

.Bookmark here

.Bookmark here

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.Bookmark here

She made her way to the hallways searching on the first floor finding her classroom. In no time she found it and made her way in.Bookmark here

“Hey, that girl is cute.”Bookmark here

“...Oh, you’re right. She’s damn cute, you think we have a chance with her?”Bookmark here

“No way, man.”Bookmark here

Upon entering the classroom, almost all of the boys had put their attention to her. Well who wouldn’t be, she was called the prettiest girl back in her previous Middle School after all.Bookmark here

But all of those attention were obviously ignored as she cares no less from those comments. She only had one man set in her heart, and that is Nakajima Yuya...who is currently sleeping on his desk.Bookmark here

Seeing him for the first time after the winter vacation and entrance exams made her chuckle as he carelessly sleeps on his first day of school. Looking at the arrangement, Nakajima was seated in the middle part of the row in class while Ikeda was in the second to the last row.Bookmark here

She was disappointed that she wasn’t near the seating arrangement of Nakajima, but still reluctantly went to her desk.Bookmark here

*Ding* *Ding*Bookmark here

Sounded the bell, starting the homeroom of their first day of school. A man who looked to be in his thirties went inside the classroom and introduced himself.Bookmark here

“Alright, settle down freshmens. I am Hidejima Kojiro, you all call me Hidejima-sensei. This year I will be your Homeroom and Math Teacher. Let’s get along.” The man who introduced himself as Hidejima, looked to be muscular and would seem to be the type to teach Phys Ed class but surprisingly he is a Math teacher much to the expectation of some students in the class.Bookmark here

“For now we don’t have any important things to do. Let's all just introduce ourselves here to better know each other. Alright, first row to the left, introduce yourself please.” He continued prompting the students to introduce themselves one by one.Bookmark here

This went on until Nakajima's turn, prompting Ikeda to listen properly. Until now she wasn’t paying attention to the first students introducing themselves, she was in the clouds gazing only at Nakajima the whole time. And when his turn was up, she was more than eager to listen to him introduce himself to the class.Bookmark here

“...I am Nakajima Yuya. My hobbies are playing games, reading, and writing...that’s all.” His introduction was short and simple.Bookmark here

Ikeda however, was happy to hear his voice again after so long. She couldn’t hide her delight upon seeing her beloved person after the winter vacation. Being in her world she didn’t realize that it was her turn to introduce herself. Bookmark here

“Uhm...hey...miss? Miss, it’s your turn for an introduction…” The girl beside her was nudging her arms trying to wake her up from her own world. Bookmark here

Realizing her mistake, she couldn’t help but get embarrassed from her odd behaviour.Bookmark here

“A-Ah! Sorry...U-Uhm...My name is Ikeda Akemi, my hobbies are listening to music and cooking. The ones I love most are cute things a-and Nakajima-kun!!” Bookmark here

“…?” She exhaled out upon hearing what she just said herself.Bookmark here

“What…?” Nakajima’s face went blank as he looked behind him.Bookmark here

“”””What?”””” All the other students and the teacher were dumbfounded but what she just said.Bookmark here

As one would expect, her face started to turn red upon knowing what she had just done. Nakajima too was mortified the moment he got out from his blankness.Bookmark here

“Uhm, by Nakajima-kun? Do you mean Nakajima Yuya over there?” The teacher who spoke first after the moment of dumbfounded silence asked.Bookmark here

“...Yesh.” In shame, she lowers her head. Her face was red from ears up and managing to answer her teacher's question.Bookmark here

“Lucky you, Nakajima. There’s a cute girl who absolutely loves you so much. Hahahahaha!!” The teacher spoke laughing hard at the current situation while addressing Nakajima.Bookmark here

Nakajima’s face could only twitch and smile awkwardly at the situation, with Ikeda cramping in her seat from the shame she had put herself in.Bookmark here

“...I wanna die…” Ikeda’s thought process exploded, too ashamed by what just happened.
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