Chapter 7:

Chapter Seven

Bookworm at the end of the world

Alexander and Elizabeth along with Rhodes and Bart were sitting on the rooftop of a building across the street from a known Puritan base. They looked down at the base sharing a pair of binoculars between them.

"So what are we doing here during the daylight, shouldn't we be attacking at night when they're asleep or out on patrol?" asked Rhodes
"It's the opposite for the Puritans, They are mostly absent from their bases during the daylight hours the only time they leave at night is to participate in their gatherings, besides if we were out at night we would have to worry about the other Scavengers" explained Alexander
"Alright so what are we waiting for?" asked Bart
"If my information is correct a golden opportunity should be arriving soon," answered Alexander

Alexander's information proved correct when a truck came rolling down the street with six people sitting in the back with their hands tied behind their backs.

"That's what we were waiting for, let's move," said Alexander
"What's the plan?" asked Elizabeth
"There are only two Puritans down there, we get down there take them out rescue the hostages, hand them the extra weapons in the bag you're carrying then we take the base killing any Puritans we find inside rescue any hostages and rob the base before burning it to the ground" Alexander explained

They took the elevator down and were waiting inside the lobby of the building for the Puritans to emerge from the truck. The two Puritans exited the truck and with their backs turned away from Alexander and company, they prepared to escort their hostage into their base. 

Alexander gave the go signal and they all burst out of the doors and raced across the street to where the truck was parked. The Puritans were caught completely off guard when Alexander caved in one's skull with his axe while Bart shot the other in the head, Elizabeth dropped the bag containing the spare weapons to the ground and started to cut the hostages freed while Rhodes distributed the weapons to the newly freed hostages who took them out of shock.

Alexander ripped his axe from the Puritans skull and used the dead man's robes to clean off the blood and grey matter. He stood facing the newly freed hostage who looked at him with a mix of fear and gratitude.

"Listen here, We freed you today to help us take out the Puritans, the two gentlemen you see wearing blue are from Reboot they are currently fighting against Puritans as part of their efforts to restore order to this world of madness, as we speak there are hostage just like you in that building along with Puritans just like the ones who rounded you guys up like cattle, We need your help in going in there to rescue those hostages and kill the Puritans, will you help us?" said Alexander

Alexander saw one person raise their hand.

"Yes what is it?" he asked
"We will help you but we want to know what you're going to do with this building when you're done" asked the person
"I won't lie, I fully intend to burn it to the ground, if you have a problem with that then don't worry I'll do it by myself" answered Alexander

The Freed hostages huddled up and discussed amongst themselves before lining up in front of Alexander.

"We have no problem with that sir, we'll gladly help you in your endeavour as long as it allows us to take these Scavengers down and take back our world" stated the same person who'd asked the question earlier
"Alright then what are you waiting for let's go kill these assholes!" shouted Alexander

They all let out a roar and proceeded to charge the door of the base bringing it down in a matter of seconds and pouring into the base where a few Puritans were chilling around. The Puritans were caught completely by surprise, they stood no chance as the recently freed hostages mowed them down. Alexander was lucky he managed to get a few blows in with a short amount of time before all the Puritans lay dead on the floor.

They found the captive hostages in the basement of the building all tied up and barely conscious of what was going on. The freed hostages lept quickly to release their captive counterparts. 

"We'll let them deal with the hostages, the rest of us can focus on looting the base, We need food, weapons and take some uniforms they could come in handy," said Alexander to Elizabeth, Rhodes and Bart

The four of them split up to search the base for things they could use. They reconvened a few minutes later outside the base, both groups of former hostages had made their way outside. Alexander approached the man he took to be the leader of the hostages.

"What's your name?" Alexander asked
"John, thank you for saving us" John answered
"It was nothing, I need you to load up the weak ones in the back of the truck and take them to our base I will ask one of my group to give you directions," said Alexander

John gave him a salute and began to follow the direction given to him by Alexander. Alexander walked over to the rest of his group.

"Alright at least one of you needs to provide John over there with directions to our base, the rest of you can either go with him or watch me burn the base to the ground," said Alexander

"I'll provide directions, I need to report to Reboot on this development anyway," said Rhodes
"I'll stick around give you a hand burning the place to the ground," said Bart
"Same," said Elizabeth  

Rhodes went and got into the passenger seat of the truck and he and John drove away with the weak hostages in the back and the rest of the freed hostages following closely behind.

Alexander, Elizabeth and Bart turned and faced the building. They each grabbed a liquor bottle out of their bags of loot and stuck torn off pieces of a Puritan robe in the neck and lit them using a lighter before tossing them through the bases windows. They watched as the building started to burn fire burning through the windows.

"Let's go we have more work to do," said Alexander

The three of them walked away leaving the burning base behind them ready to escalate and continue their war against the Puritans.