Chapter 8:

Chapter Eight

Bookworm at the end of the world

Alexander, Elizabeth and Bart returned to their base and found the rescued hostages all sitting around the floor of the station among the piles of books.
Alexander descended the steps closely followed by Elizabeth and Bart, as soon as he flipped the barricade at the bottom of the steps and landed on the other side all eyes turned to him.

Rhodes rushed over to meet them and with him came John the man Alexander had appointed as the leader of the freed hostages.

"Guys it's good to have you back how did the destruction of the base go?" asked Rhodes
"The base is gone, our mission was a complete success, now you and Bart need to report to your superiors and we need to begin planning the next phase of our plan" answered Alexander
"We'll get right on that," said Bart

 Bart and Rhodes then walked away heading towards the station office where the radio equipment was kept.

"What is the next phase of this plan?" asked John
"It would be best if I explained it to everyone at once, gather everyone here in front of the barricade" Alexander responded
"Got it I'll get right on it," John said

Jonh went off to gather the other freed hostages leaving just Elizabeth and Alexander standing in front of the barricade.

"It's hard to believe two days ago I was just one man holding out in an abandoned train station waiting for Reboot to come to save me while I gathered books and food, and now I'm about to explain to a room full of people how we're going to help take out an extremely dangerous cult" Alexander mused
"You're talking to me two days ago I had no clue what was going on with the reclamation of the world and now I'm smack dab in the middle of it" responded Elizabeth

Alexander and Elizabeth watched as the freed hostages gathered in front of them till they were all sitting and staring at Alexander and Elizabeth waiting for what they had to say.
Alexander climbed on top of the barricade and was swiftly joined by Elizabeth as well as Bart and Rhodes fresh from their conversation with their superiors.

Bart leaned in and whispered into Alexander's ear "Our Superiors are satisfied with the success of the mission and have already begun preparations to restore the train"
"Good, I'm going to take the lead with the explanation" Alexander whispered back
"Fine by me, they trust you most after all"

Alexander stepped forward taking the position of centre stage.

Alexander in his loudest voice began to speak to the crowd "Hello again, My name is Alexander and the people you see with me are Bart and Rhodes from Reboot as well as Elizabeth a fellow ally of Reboot, Our past mission to rescue you all from that base was just the start of what we'll be a short but very difficult campaign to take out the Puritans, though that is itself is but part of an even grander campaign to take back our world from this madness"

The crowd of freed hostages cheered loudly at that last remark forcing Alexander to pause his speech.

He resumed his speech once they quieted down "The next stage in our plan is to continue to take out Puritan bases as well as rescue more hostages, the purpose of these attacks is not just to save lives and expand our forces but to distract the Puritans while the Reboot main force works to move that train you see behind you allowing them to dispatch a secondary force to attack from behind the Puritan force guarding the bridge, once Reboot floods in we'll have crippled the Puritans and destabilised the disorder that currently rules the city then it is only a matter of time before the city at peace and we can begin to truly reboot this world"

The Crowd cheered again and their tired faces were beginning to shine with hope.

"We will soon be organising more missions so rest up, things are about to get busy" Alexander concluded

The Crowd of freed hostages began to disperse and talk amongst themselves. Alexander and the others stepped down from the barricade.

"Let's talk in the station office," said Bart

Alexander, Elizabeth and Rhodes followed Bart to the Station office. They each took a chair from around the office and sat together in a circle.

"So, what's the plan we can't just keep taking out these small bases nearby we'll end up drawing more Puritans to our location," said Bart
"We won't only attack these small bases we'll also be taking out larger bases" responded Alexander
"With what forces, those large bases probably have ten times more people than the one we attacked today how are going to attack them with only the forces we have on hand," Bart said back 

Alexander smiled at what Bart had said as though he'd just made a very amusing joke.

"I never said we were going to attack the larger bases, I said we were going to take them out and I have the perfect way to do it" said Alexander with a positively evil grin on his face