Chapter 9:

Toshiro and his start

heaven's hell

"What happened!!"

Shouts Fumino as she breaks open the door to Toshro's room. She is followed by Kakoroshi.

"Stop breaking things"

Says Toshiro who is completely fine, sitting with his legs folded.

"But Mio......"

"He got assigned ....... to a household"

Says Mio, she is panting as she had to catch up with Fumino who ran like there is no tomorrow , to toshiro's room.

"He got assigned to the fire household"

Says Ino with happiness in her voice. 

"oh, congratulations"

Says Fumino in a cheerful voice.

"Its not a really big deal, I am really sorry that you had to waste your sleep for this matter, I am just assigned to a household, thats all"

"Its okay, by the way, what special art did you get by the god of destructive fire, Kagetsuchi?"

Asks Fumino in a restless tone.

"You know I can't speak about it"

"Oh, I forgot about that"

"What is special arts?"

Asks Kakoroshi who is confused of what Fumino and Toshiro are talking about.

"Its an art, unique to only one representative, for a single use. Usually the art is level S or above, the art activates as soon as you take the name and as it is a single use art, it gets exhausted."

Says Fumino, enlightening Kakoroshi.

"Why can't he write it then?"

"The art activates even if it is written as well"

"What about me?"

"Blood household don't have a special art given to there representatives, as I said, blood household works differently than other households"

"I see"

Kakoroshi is confused as he tries to process these words.

"What level art did you get Toshiro, for your special art?"

Asks Fumino trying to divert the conversation.


"Oh wow, I also have the same level special art"

As this conversation between Fumino and Toshiro takes place. Ino, Mio and Kakoroshi goes in the corner to hide there sadness for not getting one till now and being completely unknown with the topic.

"Don't stress, Ino and Mio will also soon get there households and for you Kakoroshi, you are just unlucky to be in Blood Household but don't feel down, this household have a lot to offer"

As everyone laughs, only Kakoroshi knows what Fumino meant.

As everyone starts drinking and celebrating Toshiro's assigning. Kakoroshi is in deep thought with the story shared by Fumino and why only him. Is it just a coincidence or he is meant to do something.

After a lot of drinking and non sense jokes, everyone falls asleep except Kakoroshi who is deciding between informing Fumino about the voices he hears in the head or not.

"I guess you have something to tell me"

Fumino wakes up suddenly as she has a half asleep face.

"I don't"

Says Kakoroshi hesitantly.

"I know you do, I can read faces as well"

"I have been hearing voices, it feels like somebody is commanding me to do things which sometimes saves my life or threatens it"

"It is letting you know which art you can perform as well, right"

"How do you know?"

As Kakoroshi asks this question with surprise in his eyes, Fumino sits down with her legs folded as she is completely awake now.

"I never once saw any member of the blood household open there books to look at there arts, they just somehow know what new art they are given permission to"

"I thought I was a special one"

"well, anyways, what did the voices tell you do next?"


As Kakoroshi is about to speak, he realizes that he has forgotten about the voices next command.

"I...... don't remember"

"Its alright, for now, just sleep, Its pretty late and we have work to do"

Says Fumino as she goes back to sleep.

'The date is preponed to 20th September, at the beach'

The voices in Kakoroshi's head speaks again as the dates are changed. He thinks of telling this to Fumino, but he again forgets what he has to say.