Chapter 0:


Little green apocalypse

There is only one thing that change since that day.
I’ve could learn thank to these events.
I don’t regret anything.
Here is the story who led me so far.

A greenhouse full of different plant, we could say reached by the viscera of times,
and yet…This place should not be in this state.

“I should be able to do something”

That what my mother would have done.
Yes, she would have done that.
Mom never showed me her talent with the others plants.
But each time I was coming in her “world”, I was convinced of it.
Her powers were way greater than mines.

“Grow “

Plants ahead of me, small enough to protect them with one hand, began to thrive to a point they cover me, and finally to cover holes present on the roof.

“Thank for your work”

I thank them and resume my journey.
Like my mom, I’ve decided to become a botanist.
I study and analyze plants; it allows me to understand them and to make them
It was really hard at the beginning; I was only able to grew some lights blades of
But now, I can easily help them to rise structures a bit more imposing, like plants
I wish I could show her all of this.

I’ve passed my all my life up to sixteen with my mother, who was my only family.
It was a talented and wonderful “Mother of plants”, every plant she was care of were happy.
I’ve always asked myself what it could feel, as she was always seemed crazy of joy when
Even when I was capricious, she stayed always so sweet.
And when I was crying, she introduced me a new plant of his universe.
Of course, I was fascinated by that, so I was always forgetting my sadness and
refocused this feeling into this new living being.

I miss those days.
I don’t know what to do without you…
I must not cry, I need to…

Need to…

I must find what is the cause of all of this.

They are all suffering; the reason of their ailments shouldn’t be this far.

It’s a little scary, I’ve never gone farer than the garden, outside of the house…

Mom never wanted to bring me outside, she told me It was for my own good.
I imagine there’s a lot of scary things in the outside world, and that is the reason she doesn’t want to.

But I’ve grew up since that day, I must now be able to fend for myself, without her…

I would like to see her again.