Chapter 1:


Little green apocalypse

Nightfall. A half-moon appears.
I’m going to take a break here.

This place is filled with huge houses, towering up to the sky..

There were people, living inside of these things?
They weren’t afraid of falling?

In any case, I don’t want to sleep in this…

I will instead use…
… This!

This wonderful flower will be my house for this night.

Before leaving the house, I’ve taken some plants, belonging to my mother. I didn’t want to leave them all alone behind… sorry mom.

This plant is an Anemone.
Some people said it was a flower born from tears of a certain “Aphrodite”.
I don’t know that person but…

I would like to have the power to create a flower like this too.
But, with my actual talent, I can only make them grow, just a little…
So, if I can’t make them grew more, i should, at least, be able to beautify them even more.

“Bloom and show your true self, you, the one who’s born from the sorrow and pain. Show the value of your heart."

Yes, I’ve invented this kind of magical formula to grow plants, it’s thanks to that they can reach this form.

Even if magic doesn’t exist…
Each plant has a different answer depends of the words used.
This one was adapted to this kind of flower.

Moreover, the one before was a little Lemon balm, it’s great to attract some bees.

To talk back of the Anemone, I’ve helped to growled up, she’ll been transformed to
two great flowers, starting each from each side.
I suppose it’s all I can do for now.

She measures at least three meters height and possesses stems thickened enough. I should be able to sleep well tonight.

I haven’t a lot of things to eat. I assumed that I should be able to collect what to feed me on fruits trees.
Or in fields of vegetables.

Of course, it will work if there’s still trees… Or vegetables.

Looking at these tall houses surrounded by ivy, I begin to wonder.
But here, there’s not real traces of this disaster.

One fine day, plants started attacked us.
Mom left the night before, so I had to protect the house and I from these unforeseen events.
Unfortunately, the house ended up in a mess. I did as best as I could to rebuild things, like the greenhouse earlier.
It’s not the best, but that’s the better I could do.

During the fight, I couldn’t control them but I felt it.

This suffering that tugged at them, it was acting against their will.
Something or someone was manipulating them.
I’ve managed to calm some of them.
But others were out of control.

I’ve waited but mom didn’t back home.
Something bad enough has happened to prevent her from coming back.

I’m going to prove to mom that I’m strong enough to fend for myself and make
things right, for everyone.
I have to, like that…
I could again…
Be useful to mom…

I had a dream.
In this one, I traveled to the four corners of the universe in search of new species.
Plants, of course.

There was someone with me.
But I don’t remember who…
Besides, was it me I was seeing?
I don't know.

The mornings are cold.
Fortunately for me, I left well covered.
Nothing seems to have changed since yesterday.

This place always seems so empty of people.

It would have been extremely boring if these plants weren’t there, with me.

My power has enormous constraints.
I’ve tried to grow a forest before, but my voice couldn’t carry that far.
And I only managed to grow a small forest… of wild herbs.

I think it depends on certain variables like wind, humidity or even the sun.

As for the value of my power, if I do not concentrate it, I can only modify the growth of nature in a minimal way.
A bit like a jet of water.
It’s better to water some flowers with a little concentrated spray elsewhere.

It avoids damaging their beauty.

… Well now, it’s time to go.
I check that everyone is okay…
It’s seems to be okay.
We leave!

We are currently visiting the ruins of an ancient civilization. Aliens have attacked us, there is only one hope left… The great queen bee!
At least, this one does not seem to be the queen.

Mom told me that some people were afraid of them.

I’ve read that they can attack us, but their chance of survival after that was almost nil.

I think they are more afraid of us than we can be.
And in addition, it’s thanks to them that the flowers can multiply so easily.
Unfortunately, I cannot tell others about the wonderful benefits of bees, since there is no one there…

I’m starting to feel a little lonely.
If only I could chat with the plants.
Why not try again today?

Here is one that shouldn’t be here.
A young poppy began to grow between the cracks in the road.


Let’s try with this.

“Answer my call.”

The young poppy grows and wraps around my right hand.

I can feel it…


I can’t understand the message he wants to send me.
Thanks for trying anyway.

I’m not going to be able to ask them in which direction I should go…

In this case, I will continue straight.

There must be a sign saying “Anomaly – Do Not Disturb” somewhere.

Hours of walking, always the same big houses.
This village is endless, it’s exhausting.

Where is the exit?

If only I could just fly over and go away…


There is something marked on this gray wall.

→ This way →

This way?
What, this way?

Could it be a message from mom?
I need to check this out.

← This way ←


→ This way →

There are no more signs.

Someone played a trick on me!
There’s nobody here.
I’d better retrace my steps.

Where is it already?

Well, I’m here so, might as well continue.

There must be things to discover.
Maybe even alien flowers!
I’m so excited.

There aren’t that many plants here, and the streets smell bad…
I would have done better to come back, after all…
Stairs leading to lower places…
Could this be hel….




What if it was…

Someone else?

I have to go.

It’s dark.

I can hardly see. The only sources of light are coming from the cracks in the roof.
This place doesn’t seem very safe.
“Hey, where are you?”

No answer.
I mustn’t scream too loudly.

Not like this time.


It came from there!
“I’m coming!”

Quick, faster.

I have a bad feeling about this.

In front of me, a young boy, back to the wall.

In front of him…
Obviously, that makes sense to me.
Another one of those hypnotized plants…

You guys going to stay here. I don’t want to damage you.
My plants are not made to fight, they’re here to make this world shine.

I just have to do like last time.
Everything will be alright.
… Or rather, he should be doing it.

“Why don’t you appease him? She’s just spellbound.”

He starts to look at me out of the corner of his eye, but doesn’t seem to have understood me.

His expression of terror does not change.