Chapter 8:


Tears of Wars: The Heroes are Born

Previously, in the Sacred Hawk Kingdom...Bookmark here

King Tertoro said weakly, “Please find Shinra... Please pass… my apologies to… to him...”Bookmark here

“Surely we will, King Tertoro. We will definitely find and protect him,” the royal army said.Bookmark here

King Tertoro then died of blood loss. He sustained serious injuries to his head and body. The entire royal army was flabbergasted by his death. Some of them went to look for Shinra because even the mightiest of armies fell with the loss of their commander.Bookmark here

The next morning, inside the border barrier…Bookmark here

Shinra restarted his journey. “Torto, let’s continue our journey.”Bookmark here

However, the Torto was puzzled by the scents he picked up. “Very well, Young Master. I have been wondering, I keep smelling a monster along with the scents of your friends. Young Master, does that monster have anything to do with them?”Bookmark here

I knew it was Kong, but why did he come with them? Shinra then picked up his pace. “I don’t know either. All right, let’s go.”Bookmark here

Meanwhile, at Roman and the others’ place…Bookmark here

One of the Wolfies appeared from behind Roman and said, “Ah, so this is where you are, brat!!”Bookmark here

Roman whirled around, surprised to see him. What??!! How come?! “You’re pretty fast,” he said.Bookmark here

Then, the Wolfie howled to signal the other Wolfies and the Sharkins, “Arh-woooo…”Bookmark here

“Calling your friends, huh? All right, I’ll beat this one first!” Roman said, assuming an attack position.Bookmark here

“Roman!!” Darma bellowed.Bookmark here

The Wolfie looked over his shoulder at Darma, then Roman hit him from behind.Bookmark here

“Take this, my signature kick. Hyah!” Roman said, throwing a spinning kick.Bookmark here

The Wolfie toppled onto his face and did not move.Bookmark here

Darma stared in mute amazement. What an incredible strength. “Roman, run fast!!”Bookmark here

Terry, Kenue, and Kong came up to them.Bookmark here

Out of breath, Terry said, “What were you doing, Roman?!”Bookmark here

She suddenly sensed tremendous dread. A Sharkin had appeared beside her.Bookmark here

The Sharkin was furious. “Humans, huh? So you killed our brother?! I’ll slaughter all of you!!”Bookmark here

Kong immediately jumped up and bonked the Sharkin real hard on the head, sending the Sharkin hurtling through the air.Bookmark here

Pounding his chest, he said, “Don’t you dare harm my best friend’s best friend who happened to be my best friend!!”Bookmark here

His heavy blow injured the Sharkin’s head, but it did not weaken the Sharkin in the slightest. Bookmark here

He was astonished. Ridiculous. I thought my punch could at least knock him out. What a sturdy body.Bookmark here

The Sharkin said, “How amusing! You’re pretty strong, Ape. I’ll kill you first!!”Bookmark here

Kong ordered Roman and the others to leave, “You guys, run. I can’t fight if I have to protect you at the same time. Go, I’ll stall them!!”Bookmark here

Darma grabbed Terry’s hand right away and strode off.Bookmark here

However, Roman was reluctant to leave. “I won’t leave you, Kong. You’re my friend. Friends should help each other.”Bookmark here

One of the Wolfies leapt up at Roman, spinning around intending to stab Roman in the stomach. “Die, brat!!”Bookmark here

Roman evaded the attack and hurled himself sideways. He then sprang forward quickly, ramming the Wolfie with his knees. “Sorry, I’m a melee fighter, so it’s best not to attack me at close range!”Bookmark here

Crack. Crack.Bookmark here

Those were the sounds coming from the Wolfie’s neck. He collapsed. One Wolfie and two Sharkins to go.Bookmark here

“You guys are so deep in fighting that you don’t leave anything for me, huh,” Kenue said.Bookmark here

The remaining Wolfie advanced on him. “I’ll kill you first, brat!! Arrrr...”Bookmark here

Kenue dashed forward, doing consecutive stabs at the Wolfie who jumped at him. The Wolfie was defenseless against his onslaught, seriously injured all over his body. Now, only two Sharkins remained.Bookmark here

“Don’t underestimate me, okay?” he said, twirling his spear.Bookmark here

“Where are Darma and Terry? Are they both okay?” Roman asked.Bookmark here

“Don’t worry, they’re both long range fighters. They’re looking for an opening to attack the Sharkins while we divert their attention,” Kenue replied calmly.Bookmark here

Then, Kong threw a boulder at one of the Sharkins, but the Sharkin easily crushed it with one bite.Bookmark here

The Sharkin gave them an intimidating grin. “You guys are weak, but you don’t know when to quit, huh? All right, we’ll make this quick and painless. Get ready!!”Bookmark here

The two Sharkins zoomed toward the three of them. Kong hopped, grabbing a tree branch to put some distance between him and their fangs. Roman stood still, wanting to face them directly. Kenue calmly pointed his spear at them.Bookmark here

Kenue said confidently, “This time, I’ll definitely win.”Bookmark here

“Not you, but us. We’ll win!!” Roman added.Bookmark here

Kong poised to attack, saying to Roman and Kenue, “I’ll attack them. Please make a follow-up attack. I’ll go first.”Bookmark here

He sprang in the direction where the Sharkins came from, followed by Kenue and Roman. Their fists clashed together. Kong was flung away.Bookmark here

Kenue leapt and made a quick stab at the Sharkin. Although the Sharkin dodged, Kenue managed to graze his face. As the Sharkin’s gaze had shifted to Kenue, Roman managed to land a heavy blow.Bookmark here

“Yahoo… Take it, my new move, the Monster Killer Fist!!” Roman said with a laugh.Bookmark here

The Sharkin fell to the ground, but the second Sharkin aimed for Kong. Kong stepped forward and was about to bonk him, but the Sharkin managed to bite his hand and throw him about ten meters away.Bookmark here

Roman was stunned. “What the heck? Kong was thrown like that?!”Bookmark here

Kenue assumed an attack position and said, “Come on, Roman, let’s get this over with quickly!”Bookmark here

Roman and Kenue prepared to attack the remaining Sharkin. However, a fist landed on Roman’s back. Turned out it was the Sharkin who had fallen. He bit Roman’s leg and threw him. Roman was thrown far away with a serious wound on his leg.Bookmark here

Seeing Roman, Kenue’s attention was diverted, so the Sharkin who was in front could attack him with his punches. Even though Kenue was able to block with his hands, he was seriously injured due to the Sharkin’s extraordinary strength.Bookmark here

The Sharkin said, “Where were you looking, brat?”Bookmark here

“You think this is a game, huh? You had underestimated us. Now, who do I start with?! Should I kill the two people who ran away first??” the fallen Sharkin riled them up.Bookmark here

Darma and Terry ran and hid because she still could not withstand the Sharkin’s killing aura, so she could not assist them because her arrows might miss and end up hitting Roman, Kenue, or Kong.Bookmark here

“Relax, I’ll bring their body parts here so you guys can get a little motivated!!” the Sharkin pursued Darma and Terry.Bookmark here

However, Kenue did not let that happen. He attacked the Sharkin. “I’ll beat you up. Take this!”Bookmark here

Kenue was enraged. He jumped up, fighting the Sharkin in a weak state.Bookmark here

“What are you doing? I can dodge all your attacks with ease!!”Bookmark here

The Sharkin crushed Kenue’s spear with just one bite. Kenue got punched and was flung away.Bookmark here

Roman tried to stand up. “Argh. Damn, this wound is too big. I bleed too much.”Bookmark here

Kong told him to take Kenue away, “Ah. I told you to run. Just one Sharkin is too much trouble. There are two Sharkins here. It’s much more troublesome. I can endure this. Roman, can you walk? Take Kenue and go.”Bookmark here

Roman retorted, “No way!! You’ve gone crazy, haven’t you? I fight on my own will, no need to protect me. I can protect myself!! You have to trust your friends. Aren’t we friends?! We’ve had a few moments together. If you think we’re no stronger than ordinary humans, you’d better run away. I’ll continue to fight until the end!!”Bookmark here

Taken aback by his words, Kong lowered his head slightly. “I’m sorry, Roman. I’m too scared. I don’t want anyone close to me to die anymore. However, we do have to run and regroup!” Bookmark here

The Sharkin came forward and swiftly attacked Kong, but an arrow pierced his right eye. His attack missed.Bookmark here

“That’s Darma and Terry. You take Kenue and hide him. My bleeding seems to have stopped. I can fight again,” Roman said as he prepared to fight again.Bookmark here

“Okay. Hang on, Roman. I’ll come back,” Kong said.Bookmark here

Once again, Roman accidentally managed to stop the bleeding using his mother’s Inner Power.Bookmark here

He approached the Sharkin whose eye was pierced by an arrow and pummeled him in the head with his leg until he staggered.Bookmark here

The other Sharkin came to help and attacked Roman. Roman managed to dodge his bite and gave him an extra kick.Bookmark here

“You think because you bit my leg you think you’ve won? Huh?? I can beat you with just one leg. Bring it on!”Bookmark here

The Sharkins clobbered Roman at the same time, hurling him far away. He slammed into a tree, his vision became blurry. The Sharkins tried to bite him, but a large tree trunk whizzed toward them, sending them flying.Bookmark here

“You can’t possibly fight anymore, Roman. Your wound is too severe. We’ll flee,” Kong said, taking Roman away. They ran away and hid.Bookmark here

The five of them left the two Sharkins who had been defeated. They were safe for a moment, but the Sharkins were able to follow them because Roman and Kong were injured.Bookmark here

Terry and Darma directed Kong to hide, “Come here quickly. We’re hiding under this cliff. Heal your wounds first.”Bookmark here

With some medicine in her bag, Terry treated Roman and Kong’s wounds. After cleansing their wounds with water, she put a salve on them as quickly as she can before binding them up.Bookmark here

She was worried and also slightly amazed by Roman’s strength. “I told you, don’t be careless. Even though you’re strong, we must work together. You always put our lives in danger!!”Bookmark here

With a low voice, Roman answered, “I’m sorry, I was wrong. I just felt I had to be strong, strong, and stronger. Little by little I started to remember what happened in my past.”Bookmark here

Darma recalled what Terry had told him about Roman. I remember Terry once saying “Roman’s eyes were full of pain and hatred”. Maybe it has something to do with monsters. Then, he tried to make Roman relax. “Calm down, Roman. You’re strong, but if we’re together, you can become stronger. I’ll help you to become even stronger because we’re friends, right?”Bookmark here

With his last strength Roman replied, “Thanks.”Bookmark here

After that, he fainted, having received too many attacks from the Sharkins. Meanwhile, Kenue was still unconscious from the impact of the Sharkin’s attack earlier.Bookmark here

Terry said, “Kong, you should take a rest. You’re hurt, too. Otherwise, you’ll run out of steam.”Bookmark here

“All right, I was just thinking if only Shinra were here. He’s very strong. Surely he can help us,” Kong said, hanging his head.Bookmark here

Darma tried to lighten the mood. “For the time being, the important thing is that Shinra and the villagers are fine. We have to survive this. We’ll definitely find the best way out.”Bookmark here

A moment later, Terry, Darma, and Kong stiffened, aghast, when they saw a huge figure on a cliff over there. The distance was probably 150 meters. It was a Baramus with six Sharkins with him. Neither of them could speak, they just stared. His killing aura was excruciating.Bookmark here

After he passed, they began to relax and calm down a bit, but they remained silent and terrified by what they had just seen. They rested for a while, but the two Sharkins managed to follow themBookmark here

The one-eyed Sharkin came over and said, “I can sniff you guys in there. Do you want to come out and surrender or do I have to go in there and rip your guts out?!”Bookmark here

Darma panicked a little. Damn. What should we do? We can’t choose. All options are no good! Damn! Why should it be this way?Bookmark here

Terry was horrified. “I’m scared, Darma. I don’t know what to do. Shall we just leave them and go?”Bookmark here

Darma fumed, “Rather than having to leave my best friend, I’d rather die protecting him!! Whoever he is, if he leaves his friend behind, even though his friend has sacrificed his life to protect him, that person can’t be forgiven!! Even animals know how to protect their herd!!”Bookmark here

He came out. He could only surrender. He dropped his bow and arrows to the ground.Bookmark here

He pleaded, “You may kill me, but please let the others go. Please.”Bookmark here

The one-eyed Sharkin laughed and sneered, “Humans are predictable, very weak and very fragile. You guys are overconfident!”Bookmark here

“Which part of your body do you want me to destroy first?!” he said, inching closer and wiggling his jaw.Bookmark here

If only I were stronger. If only Dad were here. Damn. Now I’m going to meet Mom and Dad. Goodbye, Kenue.Bookmark here

“That face, it was clear that agony and terror were mixed into one. I’ll start with your hands first. Hyah!!” The Sharkin lunged at him and attacked using his sharp teeth.Bookmark here

Thud.Bookmark here

Suddenly, his head fell.Bookmark here

A silence ensued. It was Shinra who charged and slashed the Sharkin’s neck.Bookmark here

The Sharkin did not even have the time to scream before Shinra lopped his head clean off, turning his body into a fountain of blood.Bookmark here

“Sorry, I hope I’m not too late. How are you holding up??” Shinra asked in a calm voice.Bookmark here

Darma could not hold back his tears. He thought he would die right then and there. “Shinra!! Kenue, Roman, and Kong are injured. I can’t protect them.”Bookmark here

Terry also could not hold back her tears. She was touched by Shinra’s arrival. The terror disappeared when he came. “Shinra!! You came! Sniff… What took you so long?? I was terrified!!”Bookmark here

Kong was very happy to see Shinra coming. “Shinra, you’ve finally come.”Bookmark here

“I’m sorry, I had to escort the villagers to a safe place first. Now leave the rest to me!!” Shinra said, poising to strike the one-eyed Sharkin.Bookmark here

He said, “All right, you’re next. Let’s see if you can entertain me, Sharkin!!”Bookmark here

“Young Master, I will treat your friends first. I will catch up with you later,” the Torto said, assessing the wounds of Kenue, Kong, and Roman.Bookmark here

The one-eyed Sharkin was dumbfounded to see the emblem of the Sacred Hawk Kingdom and hear Shinra’s name. “What?? You traitor, Torto!! And you, Shinra!! You’ve disobeyed and attacked us. I’ll punish you right now!!” he roared furiously.Bookmark here

Shinra said, “Torto, you just take care of them. Let me finish this. It won’t be long.”Bookmark here

Shinra’s fingers found purchase on his other sword, drawing it out without a sound. He sprang into action.Bookmark here

“Don’t get cocky, brat!! Take this!!” The Sharkin jumped up with his bite toward Shinra, but he was blocked by Shinra’s twin swords.Bookmark here

“I don’t want to kill you, but since you’ve hurt my best friend, I won’t be so kind to you!!”Bookmark here

They were fighting on equal ground. The Sharkin was indeed extremely strong and agile. He could evade Shinra’s attacks. Likewise, Shinra was able to dodge his attacks.Bookmark here

Unexpectedly, the Wolfie, the first one to be beaten by Roman, rose up and charged toward Darma with his sharp claws. Darma, who stood still without his weapon, could not do anything.Bookmark here

Shinra jumped toward the Wolfie and slashed at him quickly. However, he was caught off guard because he overlooked the Sharkin.Bookmark here

The Sharkin managed to gain momentum to attack Shinra while he was off guard. “Take this, brat!!”Bookmark here

He sprang and bit Shinra’s leg, then flung him far away, slamming him into a big tree.Bookmark here

“Shinra!! I’m sorry, you got hurt because of me!!” Darma said.Bookmark here

“Young Master!! How dare you, Sharkin!!!” the Torto charged forward and attacked the Sharkin.Bookmark here

The Torto hopped, followed by a spinning punch attack, but it was caught by the Sharkin using his bite.Bookmark here

Just before the Sharkin was going to hurl the Torto, Shinra cleaved his body in two from behind.Bookmark here

“You let your guard down, Sharkin. I won!!” Shinra said in a calm voice.Bookmark here

The battle ended, leaving them with various injuries. They rested for a while nearby. Darma and Terry did not know what to say. They wanted to ask about the big creature they saw earlier, the Baramus. Shinra spoke first.Bookmark here

“Looks like you guys have something to say,” he said.Bookmark here

Darma nervously replied, “Ah, n-no. I just wanted to say, thanks for coming, Shinra!”Bookmark here

“Y-Yeah, I’m so glad we’re back together again,” Terry said.Bookmark here

Kong asked straightforwardly, “Shinra, how strong is a Baramus actually??”Bookmark here

Terry and Darma looked at each other, bewildered by his frankness.Bookmark here

“Did you see a Baramus?”Bookmark here

Terry replied, “Yeah, um, actually we saw a big and scary creature. He seems very strong!! We assumed it was a Baramus.”Bookmark here

“He was passing down there, by the cliff! I couldn’t even move my body when he passed by,” Kong explained.Bookmark here

Shinra said, “In the past, I’ve been to the Great Monster Kingdom, but I didn’t meet a Baramus. At that time, the entire monster council was summoned to the Central Monster Kingdom. It was said that it was where Satyr resided, the strongest monster rarely seen by humans. However, my father and I didn’t meet a single Baramus. We then returned after the matter was over.”Bookmark here

Taken aback, Darma and Terry asked, “The Central Monster Kingdom? You’re in an alliance with monsters??”Bookmark here

Darma aimed his bow at Shinra.Bookmark here

“What exactly have you been hiding from us?! Are you allied with the Monster Kingdom?? I’ll kill you right here. Does that mean you’re also the one giving information to them?? Damn you!” Darma snarled.Bookmark here

Terry tried to calm him down. “Calm down, Darma. Let him explain all of this. Shinra, please, explain to us so we understand.”Bookmark here

Astonished, Shinra hung his head and said, “You guys will have a hard time understanding it. I don’t even know where to start.”Bookmark here

“You’d better die in place of my parents!!” Darma roared.Bookmark here

“Darma, calm yourself,” Terry said, trying to calm him down.Bookmark here

Kong also tried to calm him down. “Darma, I used to think like you. Let him explain first.”Bookmark here

Darma was getting angrier because Kong actually knew something. “So you’re the same as him? You already knew it, but you kept it a secret from us??”Bookmark here

“I don’t want you to feel what I have felt before, but at least listen to his explanation. You’ll understand,” Kong said.Bookmark here

“Well, if I don’t like one word from your explanation, I’ll immediately fire at your head,” Darma said, preparing to shoot his arrow at Shinra.Bookmark here

“Hey, shut up, brat!! Young Master is innocent!!” the Torto was fuming at Darma.Bookmark here

“Yes, Torto. Thanks, Kong. All right, I’ll tell you everything from the beginning.”Bookmark here

Ten years ago, the Sacred Hawk Kingdom rebelled against the monsters, but they were not strong enough. Shinra’s mother was killed by the monsters. Then, the monsters ordered Shinra’s father to tell all the locations of the villages around the kingdom. If King Tertoro did not provide information to the monsters every month, they would start killing everyone in this palace starting from Shinra. After that, King Tertoro began to provide information on the whereabouts of the surrounding villages, even the village where Kenue and Darma came from.Bookmark here

It started about fifteen years ago. Satyr did not want to coexist with humans anymore because they tried to defy the monsters. Thus, he waged the war. He wanted this world to be ruled only by monsters, all must submit to him. Because it just so happened that the new monster leader election would soon be held, he wanted to spread terror so that he could be considered a successful monster leader for having succeeded in making humans submit to him.Bookmark here

He told Darma and Terry everything. Even he himself was ashamed to admit that he was the son of King Tertoro.Bookmark here

“I’ve told you everything. Now whatever you want to do to me, I’ll accept it as a form of penance for the sins my father had done,” he said, gazing into Darma’s eyes.Bookmark here

The Torto said, “Young Master, you are innocent!!”Bookmark here

With a trembling voice, Shinra said, “I can’t choose which family to be born into and its background!! However, I’m trying to be a good human being.”Bookmark here

Darma stood up, hugging Shinra tightly, and said, “I’m sorry, Shinra, I didn’t think about your feelings, even though you also lost your mother. All right then, let’s work together my, best friend.”Bookmark here

“Thanks, Darma. First of all we have to go back to my kingdom. I have to see my father. If necessary I’ll take over the kingdom,” Shinra said excitedly.Bookmark here

But the Torto reminded him about the Rhino’s matter, “But, Young Master, the Rhino is still chasing after us. Is it okay if we go back?”Bookmark here

“If necessary, I’ll kill Rhino there!! We’ll begin the era of humans and monsters living side by side again in peace. I’ll kill all the monsters that hurt humans!!” Shinra said confidently.Bookmark here

Terry looked happy and said, “Okay. We’re getting ready to go home!!”Bookmark here

“You guys are incredible!!” Kong said.Bookmark here

Roman woke up. His bleeding had stopped. He saw Shinra. “What’s all this fuss about? Wow, Shinra, we finally met. What’s with your feet?” he said with a laugh.Bookmark here

Shinra countered with a laugh, “What about your feet?”Bookmark here

The Young Master laughed. I have not seen him laugh since the day his mother died. So is this what he meant? Humans are good. The Torto’s face lit up with joy.Bookmark here

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