Chapter 7:

The King's Death

Tears of Wars: The Heroes are Born

After a long journey, finally the villagers, the Torto, and Shinra had arrived behind the waterfall.Bookmark here

The next day...Bookmark here

“Are you guys ready to go? Looks like your wound has healed, Shinra,” the village chief asked Shinra and the Torto.Bookmark here

“Yeah, Torto and I will go get them. I’ll make sure they’re okay,” Shinra replied.Bookmark here

The village head smiled and said, “Thank you, Shinra, you have helped us a lot. We are praying for your safe return.”Bookmark here

“Okay, we’re off. Come on, Torto, let’s go!!”Bookmark here

“Very well, Young Master.”Bookmark here

They both went looking for Terry, Kenue, Darma, and Roman. They also went down the river to try to track down their scents.Bookmark here

Two days ago…Bookmark here

“Woohoo... Take a look at this. It looks like a border barrier,” Roman said, amazed to see the size and height of the border barrier.Bookmark here

Darma was surprised to see something on it. “Come and see. This part is broken!!”Bookmark here

Terry wondered, unsure. “Did Shinra and the villagers pass through that?”Bookmark here

“It’s possible. Shall we go in? Maybe we can find someone there,” Roman said, looking around.Bookmark here

Seeing the severity of the damage to the wall, Kenue felt strange. “Hmm... It looks like it was smashed in by a blunt weapon, but it must’ve been strong as hell!!”Bookmark here

Darma inspected it. “It sure is. I suppose a monster did it.”Bookmark here

Kong also felt strange. “I don’t smell Shinra here.”Bookmark here

“Yes, because the rain washes away his scent. Let’s just go in. If we stay here we won’t find Shinra, right?” Roman said.Bookmark here

“That’s right, we’ve come this far, so let’s go in. After that, we’ll check if there are humans nearby,” Terry said.Bookmark here

The five of them passed through the hole. There, they rested under a large tree. They spent the night there.Bookmark here

Currently…Bookmark here

“Torto, can you smell them? Are they around here?” Shinra asked.Bookmark here

“There is no human scent at all. Maybe they are still further ahead,” the Torto replied.Bookmark here

“Okay, we’ll continue down this river. We should meet tomorrow,” Shinra said, picking up his pace.Bookmark here

“Very well, Young Master. I am glad you are unhurt. I was very worried when the Rhino stepped in to bring you home,” the Torto said in a trembling voice.Bookmark here

“Don’t fret. Thanks, Torto, you’re a good monster.”Bookmark here

The Torto looked at Shinra and smiled.Bookmark here

“Listen, you must also be kind to my friends and to all humanity, because humans are actually good, Torto.”Bookmark here

“Very well, Young Master. I will be kind to your friends and all humanity. I promise, I will take care of your friends as I take care of you,” the Torto replied, bowing his head.Bookmark here

“Thanks, Torto,” Shinra said as he held out his fist, then the Torto took his fist and smiled.Bookmark here

Since it was getting late, they rested near the river. Then, the next morning they resumed their quest for Roman and the others.Bookmark here

Currently, inside the border barrier...Bookmark here

“Hey, let’s have a contest to see who can take that coconut the fastest. I challenge you all,” Roman challenged.Bookmark here

Darma and Terry immediately shot the coconut down with their arrows. Kenue took one down with his spear. The three of them managed to get the coconut quickly.Bookmark here

Exasperated, Roman said, “Argh. That’s cheating. No weapons. Ah yes, Kong, let’s do it.”Bookmark here

Kong jumped quickly and took the coconut.Bookmark here

Roman was pissed. “Argh! Damn. You’re cheating,” he said, looking away.Bookmark here

“You lose. You should be punished,” Kenue snickered.Bookmark here

“I haven’t even made the rules yet,” Roman said.Bookmark here

“The loser doesn’t have the right to make the rules. In this case, you lost. The one who has the right to decide is the winner,” Darma sneered.Bookmark here

“That’s right, Darma and I took the coconut down at the same time, meaning we both will punish you,” Terry joined in.Bookmark here

“That’s unfair!! You’re all annoying!”Bookmark here

Small chuckles from the other four started to bubble up here and there.Bookmark here

Then, Terry asked Roman and Darma to check the surroundings. “Roman and Darma, you guys go look for the highlands. Please check the area around here. There may be settlements or villages.”Bookmark here

“Okay, we’re off,” Roman and Darma said.Bookmark here

Roman and Darma went to check the surrounding area. They climbed some steep hills. Arriving at the top, they saw a settlement there about 500 meters from where they rested. Even Darma, who has the ability to see far away, did not seem to be able to see clearly whether there were humans there or not. They decided to investigate.Bookmark here

Meanwhile, in an abandoned village by the river…Bookmark here

“They passed here. There was still a trace of their scents. Looks like they came here not long ago!!” the Rhino said.Bookmark here

He checked around the river and if there were any other signs in the village.Bookmark here

He continued to follow the scent of Roman and the others. “Their scent is starting to disappear. Did they cross the river? No!! I should still be able to smell it. I’ll come back and take the Wolfies with me. What a hassle,” the Rhino said, disgruntled. He decided to go back to the kingdom and take the Wolfies with him.Bookmark here

The next morning, the Torto and Shinra arrived at the same place as the Rhino did yesterday.Bookmark here

“Wait, Young Master, I sniffed the Rhino! It looks like comes from over there,” the Torto said, pointing to an abandoned village that Shinra had also visited a few days ago.Bookmark here

“Did he manage to capture them?” Shinra asked, worried.Bookmark here

“I do not know because the scent is faint. It is likely that he stopped searching and then returned. Young Master, take a look at the area around here. There are no signs of fighting. It is impossible for them to be caught without a fight.”Bookmark here

“That’s right,” Shinra said, looking around.Bookmark here

“If he came back without finding your friends, which we did not find on the way here either, it means that after arriving here they probably crossed the river.” Bookmark here

“You mean they managed to mislead him?” Shinra asked, curious.Bookmark here

“But how did they know that he was after them? I assume it is more like they inadvertently outwit him. But to be honest, I do not know for sure either.”Bookmark here

“It’s okay. All right, let’s cross this river, Torto,” Shinra said as he hurried across the river.Bookmark here

The two of them crossed the river, hoping to find them soon.Bookmark here

Meanwhile, inside the border barrier...Bookmark here

Kong whiffed something. “It’s a Sharkin!! He’s around here!!” he said, certain.Bookmark here

“What?! Is it true??” Roman asked.Bookmark here

“What should we do??” Terry asked, a little panicked.Bookmark here

On the contrary, Kenue was actually happy to meet a Sharkin. “Hmm… Finally, we’ll meet again!”Bookmark here

Kong grimaced. He recognized this particular Sharkin’s scent. “This scent belongs to the Sharkin who killed my wife and child!! Finally, after such a long time I’ll able to meet him too!”Bookmark here

“How about we beat him up?” Roman said eagerly.Bookmark here

“No, we have to come up with a plan,” Terry said.Bookmark here

“That’s right, maybe we should wait for the night, so it’s easier for us to hide,” Darma said.Bookmark here

“Okay, I’ll take your advice,” Roman said, somewhat dissatisfied.Bookmark here

“It’s going to be night soon. We’d better find a place to hide,” Terry said, walking away.Bookmark here

Kong then said something that perplexed them, “If it’s okay with you, I’ll be the one to kill him!!”Bookmark here

He still held a grudge against that Sharkin, but he seemed different now. His eyes were different from before. He was absolutely sure and confident. It seemed he had managed to turn his sadness into his strength. He was really ready for this.Bookmark here

They waited for a while, but not a single monster appeared. Roman said, slightly disappointed, “Not a single Sharkin came, huh.”Bookmark here

“Wait a minute, maybe he’s waiting for something over there,” Terry replied.Bookmark here

“We can’t be careless. Sharkin’s movements were very fast. I’ve seen it with my own eyes. One small mistake and it’s game over!!” Darma said seriously.Bookmark here

Kenue suddenly said something that surprised Darma, “Let me be the bait. I leave the rest to you Kong. I’m the fastest in our team.”Bookmark here

Darma called Kenue and they talked in private. “Wait, why should it be you, Kenue?? No, we have to think of a good strategy first!”Bookmark here

Kenue explained to Darma what he was feeling, “Did you see the look in Kong’s eyes? He’s like us. The difference is that when I saw him, he was calmer. It seemed like he was really sure and confident. I believe he’ll manage to kill that Sharkin.”Bookmark here

“But it’s very dangerous, Ken. I don’t want to lose another member of my family!!”Bookmark here

“I’ll be fine. You believe me, right? You believe that I’m fast, that I can surpass Dad? Trust me. If Kong doesn’t succeed, I’m sure you’ll be able to finish off that Sharkin!!” Kenue said with a smile.Bookmark here

They hid among the bushes, awaiting the Sharkin’s arrival.Bookmark here

The Sharkins were dangerous indeed. Not only were they fast, but they also had a fairly high strength, although not comparable to the Rhinos. Their sharp teeth were capable of tearing anything in its path.Bookmark here

Meanwhile, near the border barrier…Bookmark here

The Torto stopped. “I sniffed humans and monsters. There are several humans and one monster,” he said, puzzled.Bookmark here

Shinra was silent for a moment and thought. Monsters?? Could it be Kong??Bookmark here

They got closer to Roman and the others. Since it was getting late, they took a short break around the border barrier.Bookmark here

Meanwhile, inside the border barrier…Bookmark here

“Why didn’t the Sharkin turn up? We’ve been waiting all night. Are they scared of me or what?” Roman said with a laugh.Bookmark here

“Something’s not right. Shall we try to get closer to that village? There’s no sign of a fight either,” Darma said as he peeked a little and looked around.Bookmark here

Kong said, “I smelled something strange. It smells like dead bodies.”Bookmark here

“What happened? Did we miss something last night?” Roman said, confused.Bookmark here

“Impossible. If something were to happen, we’d definitely be able to hear it,” Darma said.Bookmark here

Then, the five of them immediately approached and investigated the village. Sure enough, there was a scene they did not expect. A dead Sharkin laid there, lifeless. Surprisingly, there was no sign of a fight.Bookmark here

Darma was shocked to see him. “What on earth?! He died with just one bruise on his body!!”Bookmark here

Roman looked closely and checked the bruise. “This Sharkin got a very serious injury. He got one very, very strong hit in the right jaw. I estimate the strength is probably more than ten times the power of Kong’s punch.”Bookmark here

“What in the world? Is there a human like that?” Terry asked, puzzled.Bookmark here

“I don’t think a human did it. It’s possible that he fought another monster,” Roman said.Bookmark here

“Worst case scenario, there’s a monster that’s extremely strong and capable of fighting the Sharkin bare-handed. Not only that! He must be very strong because there’s only one bruise on this Sharkin’s body!! Let’s just hope he’s not our enemy!” Darma said, lowering his head.Bookmark here

At the same time they all looked at Kong.Bookmark here

Puzzled, Kong said, “Why? That’s not me. I’m with you guys all the time, right? Besides, I won’t necessarily win against a Sharkin either. Even if I had won, my injuries would’ve been very serious.”Bookmark here

“Could there be another Kong around here? Isn’t it obvious there can’t be a human this strong? If there was, maybe we should call him a demigod because it’s possible his strength is comparable to Hercules,” Darma said.Bookmark here

“Right, let’s check out this village first. Make sure we don’t miss anything important,” Terry said, getting up to check the place.Bookmark here

Roman was happy. “Woohoo... Two Kongs would be better. Let’s go find that Kong. If it was a female Kong, then Kong could have another child,” he said with a laugh.Bookmark here

“Unbelievable,” Kong said, facepalmed.Bookmark here

“What’s wrong with him? In fact, he looks like a gorilla’s child,” Terry roasted.Bookmark here

“Right,” Kenue sneered.Bookmark here

“Agreed. Hmm...” Darma said with a smile.Bookmark here

They went to inspect the village and rested there. They chatted, checking the Sharkin’s body once again. And they found out that he had not been dead long. Maybe half a day before they came. They spent the night there.Bookmark here

The morning before, at the border barrier …Bookmark here

“This wall is destroyed. Did they destroy it? Let’s hurry. It’s possible they came here,” Shinra said.Bookmark here

Roman and the others’ scents were becoming stronger. Then, they tried to follow the scent. Finally, they found burnt marks under a large tree.Bookmark here

“They used to rest here. I’m absolutely sure!” Shinra said as he continued walking.Bookmark here

“So it seems, Young Master. My nose says so. But Young Master, actually, crossing the border has consequences. Especially without permission,” the Torto said, hanging his head.Bookmark here

“I know, Torto, but I promised to save my friends. I’m ready to take the risk. Let’s quickly find them and come back,” Shinra said, leaving hurriedly.Bookmark here

At dawn, near the Sharkin’s corpse…Bookmark here

“Hey, wake up, Roman,” Darma whispered, waking Roman up.Bookmark here

“What is it?? It’s still night, you know!” Roman said, closing his eyes again.Bookmark here

“Shh… Lower your voice. Look at that,” Darma said, moving Roman’s head to a certain direction.Bookmark here

“There are three Wolfies there. Keep your distance as much as possible. Let’s hide somewhere a bit far away,” Darma said as he slowly walked away from the place.Bookmark here

“Look, not only three Wolfies, but also two Sharkins over there,” Kong said from the top of the tree.Bookmark here

“Is it true?? Let’s just go,” Terry said frantically.Bookmark here

Instantly, Terry felt a killing aura from the Sharkins. She was speechless.Bookmark here

Roman walked up to her and said “Are you okay, Terry?”Bookmark here

What?? Roman is able to withstand the killing aura? Terry answered Roman in a low, stuttering voice, “Y-Yes I’m fine.Bookmark here

Seeing Terry, Darma immediately decided to stay away from the Sharkins and the Wolfies. “We’d better get away quickly before anything bad happens.”Bookmark here

“Let’s go! But what are they doing there, huh?” Kong said as he walked away.Bookmark here

The five of them walked away. Looks like the monsters were on patrol because a Sharkin just died, so maybe they were adding guards around there.Bookmark here

In the Sacred Hawk Kingdom...Bookmark here

“King Tertoro, the Rhino has returned. It looks like he did not bring the young master with him. Do we have to attack him?” the royal army said.Bookmark here

King Tertoro, who was furious, said, “We’ll kill him with our strength!! It’s possible that he killed Shinra and he would say that he didn’t meet Shinra.”Bookmark here

“Should we not ask him first? How does that sound, King Tertoro?”Bookmark here

The Rhino entered the kingdom. He looked confused because there were so many royal soldiers there. Perhaps more than 500 soldiers were ready for battle. He walked on and headed into the king’s chambers.Bookmark here

“What’s with all this? You want to destroy an empire with this many soldiers?” the Rhino asked suspiciously.Bookmark here

King Tertoro stood up from his throne and said, “Rhino, where’s Shinra? Did you kill him?”Bookmark here

“What do you mean? I haven’t even met him yet. But when I meet him later, I’ll make sure to bring his corpse before you, the king of the humans,” the Rhino replied, riling him up.Bookmark here

“Unforgivable!! All ready to attack. Kill him!! Don’t be afraid, we can definitely win,” King Tertoro shouted. Simultaneously, all the royal soldiers sprang into action.Bookmark here

“Oh, I see. I had my suspicions. Turned out you really wanted to kill me. Well, if that’s what you want, I’ll take you on, however many. You’ll only die in vain,” the Rhino said fearlessly.Bookmark here

“All this time I’ve been betraying humans. I’m fed up!! If I have to die here, I’ll atone for all the wrongs I’ve done to humans. I’ll sacrifice your death, Rhino, for the human race!!” King Tertoro shouted and the battle began.Bookmark here

The Rhino fought against more than 500 Sacred Hawk Kingdom’s soldiers. He was not alone, there were several monsters helping him.Bookmark here

The monster kingdom is divided into three, namely the Small Monster Kingdom which is located outside the border barrier, the Large Monster Kingdom which is located within the outer wall, and the Central Monster Kingdom which is located within the inner wall.Bookmark here

There is only one Satyr on Earth. He dwells in the Central Monster Kingdom. He is the leader of all monsters on Earth.Bookmark here

On the outside of the wall there is only one small monster kingdom, led by a Rhino. He has subordinates, namely three Sharkins, one Torto, two Wolfies, and three Crocos.Bookmark here

The kingdom within the outer wall is led by a Baramus. He has subordinates, namely three Rhinos, six Sharkins, ten Tortos, thirty Wolfies, and fifty Crocos.Bookmark here

The kingdom within the inner wall is led directly by Satyr. He has subordinates, namely one Baramus, six Rhinos, ten Sharkins, thirty Tortos, one hundred Wolfies, and 200 Crocos.Bookmark here

The Sacred Hawk Kingdom is located outside the border barrier. The area is very small, so only a few monster soldiers are needed there.Bookmark here

Their fight caused a lot of casualties for both parties. The Rhino sustained severe injuries that made him unable to continue the fight. Many soldiers died. The kingdom had lost because King Tertoro was killed in that battle. Several injured monsters ran away and the Rhino disappeared.Bookmark here

Meanwhile, near the village...Bookmark here

“I can’t see clearly from here. I’m going to go a little closer,” Roman said, trying to get closer.Bookmark here

He immediately jumped up and ran toward the Sharkins and the Wolfies.Bookmark here

“Roman, wait, don’t go there!!” Terry shouted.Bookmark here

Darma chased after him. “I’ll go after him. Kenue, you stay here, take care of Terry and Kong.”Bookmark here

“Even if you told me, I’m not willing to go after him. A reckless human like him will die easily,” Kenue said sarcastically.Bookmark here

Darma chased after Roman. Roman did not realize that he was too close to the monsters. He was very curious. Unknowingly, he entered the Wolfie’s olfactory range.Bookmark here

“Roman, you’re too close. The Wolfies can smell you!! Come back quickly,” Darma said, calling Roman from behind the bush in a low voice.Bookmark here

What are they doing there, huh? Are they looking for someone? Why were they sent here? Wait, I thought there were three Wolfies and two Sharkins before. Why are there only two Wolfies now?Bookmark here

“Ah, so this is where you are, brat!!” the Wolfie said.Bookmark here

Suddenly, a Wolfie appeared behind Roman. Roman was startled.Bookmark here

What?! How come?!Bookmark here

The Wolfie howled to his friends, “Arh-woooo…”Bookmark here

The two Wolfies and the two Sharkins rushed toward the Wolfie’s roar where Roman was!!Bookmark here

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