Chapter 1:

Chapter 1 You

Years apart to met by a coincidence

Suzuka is an average senior year highschooler , bakery is on her mind she doesn't see it as a passion whatsoever, sheve always loved baking and making desserts, she feels a little anguished and jealous of her classmates they already have something in mind meanwhile hers is blanked , can't blame her at her age a lot of people struggle at her position.

Bakery?, she always loved making sweet things like muffins even though most of the time she's just stubborn and at first sight doesn't look too approachable , when you get to know her she is extremely sweet, says a male classmate of hers. His name is Kaoru, childish , selfish , most of the time he acts like a baby, believe it or not he has a crush on Suzuka, on the other hand he only looks to her like some sort of barbarian with good looks.

Adolescence, the most overrated stage of our lives, is understandable for some as the best time of their lives, but this is not a rule besides, she hasn't experienced many things whether may be good or bad.

How beautiful & uneasy face of your, i hope your thinking about me, their just classmates no friends , hes funny not ugly but a mere fool,immature , capable of make the most patient person on earth their patience with just looking at his face.

Keep it up, says Darla, Suzukas bestfriend honey colored eyes, captain of women's soccer team, even their always eliminated on the first round she enjoys wearing a uniform and playing on a field, friendly , dense and easy manipulable, and last but not least we have , Hana shy, stubborn mushroom haircut but a heart of gold. According to Suzukas eyes , the three of them are kind she doesn't hate or dislike them at all, she's just has high standards and is impatient.

Came back home, her sister still is there, their parents went to their grandparents house in another city , it'll be just the two of them for the rest of the day , they decided to prepare pizza for dinner, Senna , Suzukas sister has fever so Suzuka voluntears for go shopping in her place. They have almost everything except tomato Sauce.

The cans are at a high shelf of the 4th aisle , for a 156 cm girl is almost the double of her size, streching her arms or legs is not enough to reach the cans.

There you go.

Thanks, the last person she was expecting to meet there to help her, besides they live near ,is not the biggest coincidence.

Enjou, her sister's childhood friend, they don't share many memories together. The only time they spent together was making eye contact briefly while her sister was playing with him at her house.

An uninterested whisper takes away the can from his hands and goes straight to the cashier ,he doesn't matter just walks behind her , before taking out her wallet, she stops her and offers to pay.

AWWWW what a beautiful couple, says the cashier, she is a lady in her late 30s.

Im underage and he is too squalid to be my partner.

There are well toned muscles in my body but you can't see them, says in a machiavellian voice.

Why don't you do society a favor and grow?, she asks him in a condescending tone ,he answers that it is not necessary to behave like someone who is not him, specially with someone who knows him from all life.

Do i know you?

We played together when we were kids.

You and Senna played together, me and you were 7 years apart.

Relax , lower your tone pretty is not like I was proposing to you for marriage, all I know is Senna is making pizza so I have to contribute in my own way.

Suzuka tells him he's not invited , he just smiled takes the bag from her hands and walks her home.

Thanks for walking me and paying for the food, isn't it getting late to go home?, maybe your "GIRLFRIEND" is waiting with something delicious , oh sorry i mean your Mother, says Suzuka.

I wonder what would be your reaction in 2 or 5 years when you became my girlfriend with what kind of food would you be waiting for me, answers Enjou.

Mice in the oven or maybe rubbish,counterattacks Suzuka.

If that's how you insult , you better not expect to be the dominant in the relationship,adds Enjou.

How many relationships have you had? Just one ,the girl broke up with him after a week , everybody knows about it because Enjous mother bragged about it with everyone, relatives, neighbors, her husband's workmates , there was no one who didn't know her son finally had a girlfriend until she just stopped bragging about her.

What are you doing?, stop forcing yourself in…!!.

I don't need to be invited, i'm already part of the family, right Senn-chan?.

Senna welcomes him warmly ignoring her sister complaints, at the end of the day their bond is really strong since they were kids, but for an adolescent eyes is strange that despite all these years they've never been together, or that has been known.

What about those smiles huh?.

Huh?, Enjou and me?, dont worry a men is never going to meddle between a bond of two sisters, c'mon give me a hug.

Get away, you're smothering me.

Rebel phase?, I see you don't want me to get close to him.

Dinners ready the three of them sat at the table, Enjou eats fast while, Senna eats at a moderated speed and Suzuka eats like a little bird, while each of them is absolved in their inner thoughts Senna caresses Enjous leg with her right foot, moving her lips without making a noisy asks him what's happening ,turns her neck at Suzuka and winks back at him.

He understands and answers saying that Suzuka is too young.Dinners finished Enjou goes back home, during his way Senna's latest actions remain in his mind, for his perspective Suzuka is a kid who just started living , doesn't know a thing about, tries to remember something from his childhood that marked him with her but nothing comes to mind, there is no such a thing.

No is no.

After cleaning the two sisters watched a movie at the living room, Suzuka asks Senna what career should study, Senna knows when her sister asks something like this is to ask other thing and make it look discreetly.


Medicine?, but i suck at chemistry , and i'm not even interested in sciences.

But you're interested in chemistry and anatomy, especially masculine.

What are you talking about?.

No, why don't you tell me what you like about Enjou?.

That spaghetti with glasses?, why don't you date him if you are such good friends?

Fettuccine or Bolognesa. You know he is cute, on the other hand we have a beautiful friendship. If you get married, I offer to take care of your sons for free.

NO, he is attractive but an imbecile, for his age he behaves like a kid , just not my type.

On her bed slides through social media before sleep, when she was little , she saw her sister and Enjou play tirelessly from dawn to moon, bigger than her she was left behind, well she was too shy to play with them ,since then she felt like a baby who had to grow up to catch up with the rest.

She has grown, not enough not that far, does not have a goal but i'm not mistaken is too late to change and try something new in this, her character.

I'm happy for sure, I'm always right.

Put her phone down, finally closes her eyes, the day of Suzuka Kitamura has come to an end, but a festive in her live is about to begin.

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