Chapter 2:

Chapter 2 Inside me

Years apart to met by a coincidence

After having breakfast, she was on her way to school while listening music she was charged, who is wast expected, Enjou, he was hurried with foggy glasses,this doesn't justify the why of his action, so he apologizes to her but it was not enough to Suzuka, his word didn't sound sincere adding the fact that she doesn't like him , they wasted 5 minutes arguing.

Well kid take this bill and smile ,right? Auch* She took the bill and kicked him on the shin, she ain't no easy ,besides wants him to reconsider his actions.

At school she sat in front of the class, around her a normal noisy classroom for an average teenager , while she looked directly at the door, suddenly felt anguished and anxious without an apparent reason.

Hey,mmmm, Suzu, what if we hang out tomorrow?


Maybe we can go to the theater and go to your home afterwards.

I said no, Kaoru sorry but at the moment I'm not interested in having a relationship.

Lied, she's just no into him, but even being a nuisance in her life she cares about him as a friend,also she didn't want to be mean but he's just too persistent and today is not her day.

Lets no exaggerate, the day just started, being honest its not going to well to say, first crashed with Enjou, now Kaoru wanted to make a move again, meanwhile Darla listens to her complains, only feels jealous, at the end of the day she is a normal girl, anyone wants to be loved even if we denial it, we all want a little of attention in our lives, maybe there's people who want the world spinning around them, just someone who they can share a frivolous talk.

Give him a chance, you won't be wasting too much time.

Excuse me.

Forget it, I'm sorry for noticing somebody's effort being wasted on someone who doesn't care a bit because of her high standards.

Stop, it is not necessary for you to fight over this. Hana knows that this is the start of a fight, she wants to tell Suzuka to be more considerate with other people's feelings , and Darla that her envy won't do her any good and stop meddling in the others lives, but this'll be meaningless so she restrains for doing so.

Suzuka stops arguing and goes away, Darla looks at her phone and goes straight to the soccer field.

So that's what happened, i don't know what to do, sorry ll be 400 yen please.

How beautiful , you remind me of my daughter.

Hana, while working at her part time job in a supermarket, gets carried aways easily and loses sight of what's happening around her. She told her problems to an older woman ,after paying the next customer stood in front of her.

Sorry , you're right you shouldn't be get stressed over this the three of you are at a stage of your lifes of multiple changes, believe me your not a bother to them, your like their meeting point , like a mom and they your daughters, from what i heard they too proud of themselves, compare to you i see that your the passive type and is not wrong i mean is better being calm and composed that scandalous and too flashy, i'm not trying to bad mouthing them….. , but you get the point right?.

Thank you i know i'm a little childish for wanting everything to be right, sometimes being possessive , but im one of those fools who want a happy world.

Don't be too hard on yourself, just beeee YOOUUU.

Excuse me , you dropped your wallet.

Oww thank you.

And that's how things went, see there's girls of your age that even if things aren't going their way they can be kind and thankful.

How you're picturing it , Endou is at Suzukas house without wishing it,again, telling how his day went, he's doing it to clear her mind, when he arrived noticed that she wasn't behaving like she usually does, he knows he isn't Suzukas favorite person in the world but also knows she doesn't hate him.

Reason of his visit? Simple Enjou and Senna currently are at a marriageable age, for one side Senna's parent are worried that she didn't went to college and lives her life as a neet & both of them are almost at their 30s, they don't see any aspirations in their daughter's eyes so they find convenient the idea of making her marry with Enjou, on the other hand they know Enjou is a good guy and ve known him for years, he has a decent job maybe their daughter won't be living on a mansion full of luxuries but shell have something to eat tomorrow.

Senna accepted her parents proposal because she's trying to get Enjou and Suzuka together ,she has faith in her friend, also knows that her friend is not having the best time at his job and thinks he'll grow out of this experience, Enjou has an idea of what she is aiming to but for some reason he's getting along with this, hes eyes see Suzuka like a kid at her rebellious phase currently he's not interested in having a relationship but his work, recently he changed from his last workplace to another, he feels that if he does fail again at his age it'll be all over for him.

Are you on a diet or not going to eat it?.

ZUZU YOU'RE WORRIED ABOUT ME?!?,i can't believe it.. auch*.

She had enough with being called Zuzu, she kicked his knee shin and steel food from his plate,then made something up about having a tough day at school.

Would you give me one?.

Of Course precious.

Shouldn't you be saying those compliments to her?. Menthol? how femine ewww.

Your bad taste is not my fault.

Senna accompanied Enjou to the door after dinner, took this opportunity to talk to him alone, started asking him about work, as usual, then asked back blountly.

Why do you want us together?.

If not, I'll be obligated to marry you.

Hahahaha, you already rejected me years ago.

If you're that hurt , what are you doing here?.

You're always been my friend, that hasn't changed right?, Why your sister?.

She's already a woman while you're still a kid playing hide and seek.

Im sorry?.

Give her time.

Time?, that worse mistake that we can do is think that we have time, auch* Is it a family thing?.

Your 5th rate drama wont get you anywhere, just open your heart one more time.

The talk ended, Senna entered her home, Suzuka was waiting for her in the kitchen, even if she denies it nobody would believe her, still being too close to the door she could hear anything.

Senna didn't even look at her, just pasted directly to her room.

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