Chapter 7:

The Problem at the School Festival (Part 2)

Diary of a Lost Wish

I'm going to play with the girl so I can save my friends because they're sleeping because of her.

“So what are we gonna play?” I ask the girl.

“I have a lot of things planned to play after you lose, but first let's play a classic catch game, you will have to catch me, and you will win.” The girl looks excited.

“Well if that's all and you wake everyone, and I recover my diary, then fine, let's play,” I think I'm in big trouble, but I don't think that girl is going to beat me.

“I already told you, but if you lose, you will have to play with me forever!” the girl is confident, “now follow me.”

We go out to the schoolyard, and I see everyone sleeping, the girl is walking, and her flying cat is following her.

The girl stops in the middle of the yard and starts to explain things about the game, “we are gonna have some special rules. You need to catch me in less than 15 minutes, don't worry, I will be in the schoolyard so I won't hide.” She is really happy while talking, “the other rule is that every three minutes, there's going to be a new obstacle on the yard.”

“Fine, let's start with this so we can finish quickly” I'm a little worried about the obstacles, but I think I can handle it.

“You can't move until you count up to 10, then you can try to catch me.”

I start to count, and I see that she moves faster than even Takeshi.

“eight... nine... ten,” I finally move, but she is on the other side of the schoolyard, she suddenly stops so I approach her fast, but when I try to catch her she runs again.

“You are really slow, with that speed, you will never catch me!” She is talking while running without any problem.

I feel like she is cheating in some way. Maybe that cat with bat wings is helping her.

She always runs to the other end of the schoolyard and then stops moving. But every time I get closer to catch her, she runs faster.

“Oh, look the hour! three minutes passed, now let's see the first obstacle,” The girl is smiling and looks like she enjoys playing this game, “Now I present to you Neko samurai.”

In the middle of the yard, a cat with a katana appears.

“Neko samurai wants to play too, so he is going to try to catch you!” The girl is laughing and pointing at the cat.

Now I'm running away from the fast cat, and now, is even harder to catch that girl.

I can't accept these tricks, so I'm going to make a wish, “Pakya, I want shoes that can make me run fast as a lighting”

“If that's what you want, then you will have it!” Pakya starts flying, and it changes my shoes. I hope to get my diary to write this, or then tomorrow I will use my shoes thinking they are always fast and I will be running at the speed of sound.

Now I have a chance, so I run away from the cat and get to the girl, but she is as fast as me.

“That's cheating! don't use those shoes,” the girl sounded angry, but she had still a smile.

“This is not cheating, this is just my shoes,” I'm talking while I'm getting close to her.

We run around the schoolyard, and I still can't catch her, but every time I'm getting closer. The Neko samurai can't keep up my pace, and it looks tired.

“Look, another three minutes have passed, so it's time for a new obstacle,” The girl is running and laughing.

Around the schoolyard, some walls appear out of nowhere, and now this place is like a maze. So I lose her from my sight.

“Now you won't catch me!” I hear her voice far away.

I run into the maze, but I can't find her, I see the Neko samurai, but I can dodge him because he is slow. Still, the cat is following, and I'm running, but I don't know if I can keep up with this, I'm getting tired.

After running for a while, I get to a dead point, and the cat is ready to catch me. Today is not my lucky day.

I got a plan, but I need to turn around where the Neko samurai is. So I go back, and I dodge the cat by sliding between its legs.

I see a long hallway, and I run most of it, then there I jump, and with the impulse of my speed, I can get higher to see where the girl is.

Finally, I'm in the air, and I found her, she hasn't noticed me yet, so I land right in front of her.

“I got you!” I tell her with a smile and touching her left arm.

The maze and the Neko samurai suddenly disappear.

“No! How can you beat me?” she starts to cry.

“I'm just too good at games!” I'm not good at any, but I never win, so I brag a little, “Now you must wake everyone and give me back my diary!”

“Fine, take it!” she gives me back my diary, but people are still sleeping.

“But what about the people sleeping?”

“No! if I wake everyone, you will never play with me, and no one will want to play with me again” the girl is in sorrow crying, “No one likes to play with me.”

“Don't worry, I will play with you again later, just wake everyone,” maybe she was doing something bad, but when we were playing I noticed her joy and now she looks really sad.

“But I know that after waking them, you will abandon me as everyone else did,” she can't stop crying. “My father left me, my mother is working every day, and no one at school likes me because they think I'm weird, I just want to play and have fun with everyone.”

“Don't worry, I will not abandon you, we can play every time you want.”

The girl moves her head and sees me, I can notice some loneliness on her face. I smile and hug her to let her know I'm not lying.

“You promise me you will never forget me?” she looks sad.

“I won't, and I will play with you.”

“Well, I will wake everyone then,” The girl is still crying, but I see a little smile.

People suddenly wake up without knowing what just happened. I see the hour, and the play is about to begin.

Before running, I ask the girl, “What's your name?”

“I'm Yukino Nakano, and you?” she looks a little shy.

“I like your name, Yukino. my name is Meiko,” I tell her with a smile. “By the way, do you want to see the play?”

“S... sure, I will go to see it, Meiko.”

Out of nowhere, the cat with bat wings and horns disappears like if it was dust flying through the air.

I arrive at the auditorium without knowing what happened with the cat, but the play was nearly starting so I go to the stage. Yukino is in one of the seats, and Hana arriving in another seat.

The play starts and is awful, but at least is entertaining, and everyone is doing a fine job, Kanako is the best one acting.

In the end, people were laughing, but I think everyone enjoyed the play. After the play, I talk with all of my classmates. I thought Kanako would be mad because of the people's reaction, but she is laughing like everyone else, I think the play was a success. We talk for a little bit, and I said everyone goodbye.

Outside the auditorium, I see Yukino, “Hey, tell me when you want to play again.”

“Of course!” She replied with a smile.

I told her where I live, and then we both say goodbye. After a long day, I finally come back to my home.

Until now, I notice that the cat was just like Pakya, maybe they have some relation, but even if I ask Pakya won't tell me anything.

I write everything in my diary and decide to go to sleep.

That night I have a weird dream, I'm in Japan from the Edo era, and this is a snowy night. I see a little girl like Yukino is hiding while some people are killing what looked is her family.

The girl is afraid of the house with the corpses of her parents on the floor. Time passes by, and she dies because of the extreme cold.

I wake up the next day with a tear on my face, I write that dream in my diary because it was so strange, I don't know why I had it, but maybe it's a clue or something.