Chapter 6:

The Problem at the School Festival (Part 1)

Diary of a Lost Wish

It's been four days since that girl stole my diary, I don't know how but I need to find her.

Now is really late and I'm in my room. Tomorrow is the school festival so I also have the stress of the play.

I tell the panda some wish, “Pakya, I wish that tomorrow I get my diary again.”

“No, you can't wish for that, Pakya~”

“then I wish that tomorrow I find that girl again.”

“if that's what you want, then it will become true, Pakya~”

Then I decide to go to sleep after I made that wish.

I wake up early to see if somehow I can find that girl. I'm on my way to school, but I haven't seen her, actually, I haven't seen anyone maybe because it's too early.

When I arrive at my school, I start to search for that girl but nothing.

The school is empty, but I hear a classroom that has a lot of noise. I see Hana in the classroom, she is in her first high school year, and her classroom decided to do a robot show.

I see some robot vacuum cleaning and other robots that look like animals, for example, an owl or a duck, the duck looks real, Hana made them.

All the robots are moving inside the classroom, Hana is really good with technology. Suddenly some of the robots scape the classroom.

“Senpai! I'm glad you are here, can you help me catch those robots?” Hana has a smile while talking, “by the way, remember to eat well or you will pass out as the other day.

“Hi, I will help you, and thanks I've been eating well, and now I'm better.”

“That's a relief, anyway, as I was saying, these robots escape often, but I don't know why. So I want you to help me get them and put them in this big fishbowl before the robot show.”

“I see, let me search for them, how many there are?”

“four, I don't think they went too far.”

I helped Hana with her robots and caught three, two of the robots were on the stairs to the second floor, the other was in the lab classroom, but I can't find the last one.

“Sorry, I couldn't find all,” I tell her.

“Don't worry senpai, at least they are the majority.”

“By the way, can you help me with something? it's a little weird. Ah, and I will find the last robot, don't worry.”

“Sure, what is it?”

“Help me find a little girl, she has purple short hair and a cat,” I'm desperate so I asked Hana for help, maybe with some robot, she can help me.

“I will help you, senpai” Hana from her pocket takes a weird robot that looks like a spider and puts it on the floor “this little robot will help us to find that girl, I will program it so it could search for a girl with those characteristics.”

“That's awesome, thanks, Hana.”

I start to look for the missing robot for a while, but I couldn't find it anywhere, I searched on each floor of the school but nothing.

I then see Kentaro.

“Hi, Have you seen any robot?” I ask him.

“What are you talking Ebihara? It's this another competition? then I will find that robot first!”

Kentaro runs and I'm still looking for the robot, but I can't see it, then I heard Kentaro, “I found it, I finally beat you Ebihara!”

”Did you find it? and what are you talking about” I yell at him.

I go to where Kentaro is, and I see the robot, it's little, and it looks like a mouse.

“I won you, now marry me!” Kentaro is bragging about it, but by mistake, he lets go of the little mouse robot.

“Kentaro, why did you let it scape?”

“He's fast, well I need to go to practice for the play, see you later my, rival.”

While Kentaro was talking, I see that the mouse robot entered the restroom, so I chase it.

I close the door to get that mouse, but it's very sneaky. I see an empty liquid soap container, so I open the restroom door a little, and I put the container there to catch that robot.

I run to that mouse, so I can scare it, then the robot runs to the door and gets inside the container, I finally got it.

I then take the robot to Hana, and I notice that the school is now full of people.

I handle the robot and ask her, “anything about the girl?”

“Nothing yet, I will tell you if the robot finds something, but who is she anyway?”

“She's... a friend that I can't find.”

“I see, don't worry senpai! I will find her.” Hana then sees her phone “Senpai, my robot saw a girl like that at the school entrance, go to her.”

“I see, thanks, Hana.” She helped me a lot.

“And thank you for the robots, senpai.” Hana sounds happy.

I go to the entrance, but I don't see her anywhere, I just see more and more people entering the school.

I call Hana telling her that I couldn't find the girl, and she told me that if she finds her, she will let me know.

I finally go to the auditorium because the play is going to start soon. I arrive, and only Ms. Yukari and Kentaro were there. Everyone starts arriving some minutes later.

“Meiko-chan, today is the big day,” Kanako talks to me while she starts to hug me.

“Yeah, everyone will love this play,” I'm not sure of this, but let's think positively.

We start to practice some scenes, at first Takeshi and Maya were having problems, but Kanako helps them with their lines, even though Kanako looked a little scary.

After some hours, it's finally time to change our clothes because the play is starting in less than an hour, now I'm using a ridiculous magic girl costume.

After dressing, I get a call from Hana, “Senpai! my robot found that little girl outside the auditorium.”

“Thanks, Hana, I hope I find her.”

The play is going to start in half an hour so I think I can go find her.

While I'm getting out, I see that the auditorium is almost full, Kanako is popular, so a lot of people were there just to watch her. I heard some people saying my name, I think I have a club of fans.

I leave the place to search for that girl, but I couldn't find her anywhere, I'm searching outside the auditorium but nothing.

After some minutes, I decide to go back to the auditorium, but I notice that everyone, including Kanako, is sleeping.

I try to wake Kanako, but she won't do it, then on the stage, I see that girl with a weird cat with bat wings and horns.

The girl starts to talk, “everyone is sleeping, and if you want to wake them up, you need to play a little game with me.”

“What? A game? The other day we already played some games, stop it! wake everyone and give me back my diary!” I respond.

“No! we have to play,” she is so insistent.

Whatever I say doesn't matter, she will keep telling me to play, so I continue her game, “Fine! I will play and defeat you to help my friends.”

“Nice! but if you lose, then you will have to play with me forever.”

Now I need to beat her on her game, or everyone will be sleeping forever, and I will have to play with this girl forever.