Chapter 14:

Because I abandoned him

Who will the Villainess choose?

To say that I was shocked would be an understatement. Bookmark here

“So you did not want to attend this party with me?” I asked , more furious than hurt.Bookmark here

“Mind your tone and language lady Akira, what has happened to your manners?” he asked, looking at me with confusion.Bookmark here

‘The hell! Even in arguments did they want manners!’Bookmark here

I took a deep breath and then smiled, that smile was no less than the smile of a maleficent when she was about to put sleeping beauty to sleep.Bookmark here

“Your highness, if his majesty was the one who invited me, shall i take it as you did not want to spend time with me?” my hands clenched into a fist as I asked this question. Bookmark here

My eyes fell on the hot tea we were drinking. If he said yes, I would throw this on him even if it would be called lack of etiquette.Bookmark here

He turned silent listening to my question and started looking at the distance. I frowned and looked back but there was nothing there.Bookmark here

“Lady Akira, you are talking like you were interested in spending time with me. If i remind you, i have invited you many times in the past, but you have always denied making excuses. You have even said that these royal parties are just a waste of money and time. So, why would I invite you?`` His words made me tongue tied.Bookmark here

I concentrated hard on my memory trying to remember what he was talking about. It was the tea party organized by the empress and Akira was invited. But she refused since her father had asked her to attend a meeting about opening a new tea house and inn near the borders of the Vristetia empire.Bookmark here

I just wanted to go and be Jessica again. This Akira had made more mess than I had thought. or beat Akira and asked her to not repeat her father’s words. He was not her well wisher.Bookmark here

“Well, that was young me, I did not think like that anymore.” I replied , nodding my head.Bookmark here

He tilted his head as he looked at me with those keen and suspicious eyes.Bookmark here

“Young? I remembered you saying that a week ago.” He looked at me as if I am telling him a joke, his piercing gaze tried to dissect me with his eyes.Bookmark here

“Yes, but there is only a second needed to get enlightenment. I finally realized that spending time with you, my future husband is more important than any other thing.'' I did my best to maintain an image of composure as I replied to him.Bookmark here

Even so, the man's eyes belied his utter doubt of sincerity behind my words. "And may I know how you got enlightenment suddenly?” he asked but then looked again in the same direction and got lost.Bookmark here

But whenever I tried to look there, I could see nothing.Bookmark here

“Well.. you can just say that god has graced me with mercy looking at my miserable condition or i am not the one you know in the past. I am a complete new person in more ways than you can ever believe.” this was the best i could do to hint you that i was not the Akira you know without being declared as crazy.Bookmark here

“Very well, I will believe you for now. But that does not mean I will not talk to the other noble ladies. As the future heir of the empire, I am bound to socialize with everyone.” he replied to me, looking deep into my eyes and I sighed.Bookmark here

“I am not petty, your highness. I certainly do not want to bind you. But I expect that you would do that by staying within your boundaries.” my words surprised him again but soon a smirk formed on his face, replacing the surprise in his eyes.Bookmark here

“Shall I assume that you are being jealous, my lady?” mirth filled his eyes as he asked this question.Bookmark here

“I am only claiming what is mine, your highness.” I replied , picking up the cup of tea. It was more bitter than usual as it had already turned cold, yet it gave me a certain calmness as its taste distracted my thoughts from the sexy piece of trash that was sitting in front of me.Bookmark here

But before he could further comment on it, we both heard footsteps.Bookmark here

“Your highness, my lady, if you do not mind. Would you join the main table for the meal? Or would you prefer to be served here?” the lady asked with a courteous smile.Bookmark here

“We will join the main table, thank you.” he replied as he looked at the woman with kind eyes.Bookmark here

He looked at everyone with kind eyes except me. No matter how much i try and the different approach i use, his eyes were always filled with doubt and uncertainty when he looked towards me.Bookmark here

“Shall we?” he asked, standing up and forwarding his hand for me to take.Bookmark here

I nodded, as I extended my hand and held his hand. Bookmark here

“Do not make any kind of scene on the table. You are still the heiress of the prestigious Duke’s family and I am the future emperor of the empire.” he reminded me as he passed a warm smile to everyone. But his words were far from warm, it was a smile of being annoyed and tired of dealing with someone. I decided to ignore him for the meantime and make other friends since Akira had none.Bookmark here

The main table was filled with all the noble men and women of the empire. Most of them were the supporting characters of the game while a few of them have played a big role in the story.Bookmark here

We both walked and took our respective seats. Soon the chattering and gossiping started as maids started serving the food. That was a good chance to apologize to Damien for not attending the function with him, as we should be just one seat away.Bookmark here

But surprisingly Damien was not there. I looked around to see if he was still on the private table but I did not find him.Bookmark here

“Are you looking for someone again, lady Akira?” asked Elena as I sat beside her while the head of the table seat was taken by Andrew which was three seats away from me.Bookmark here

“Aah, yes, I was thinking how Duke Carlisle was able to take the first seat beside your highness. Shouldn't the position belong to Archduke Damien?” I tried my best to sound neutral, as if I was only curious about it.Bookmark here

“Oh.. since you do not attend the parties mostly, lady Akira, you must not know. But lord Damien also did not attend the parties like you. He says it is a waste of time and effort.” she replied, shrugging her shoulders and then started talking with the girl on her other side again leaving me confused.Bookmark here

‘Did he not ask me to be his partner for the party, if he was not going to attend the function anyway, why did he ask me to be with him.’ I was pondering when a strange thought came to my mind and I gasped. ‘Did he just cancel his first party because i denied to be his partner?!!’Bookmark here

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