Chapter 13:

My father's will.

Who will the Villainess choose?

I got out of the carriage with a smile on my face, but then again my expectations were doused with cold reality when I did not find Andrew waiting there.Bookmark here

I glared at the knight who was trying to hide his face. But I was not ready to go. So, i continued to stare at him until he wiped his sweat and spoke, Bookmark here

“My lady, his highness has the highest rank in the empire after his majesty, you can not expect him to wait at the entrance for you, can you? He must be waiting for you inside the garden.” he said with an awkward laugh.Bookmark here

Since we have been attending as a couple, I was honestly expecting to enter together. But since it was a royal setting and I did not know how it would make any difference if he would have come to pick me up or at least have waited for me. I could only write this incident in the book of interest of Andrew and walk in after nodding at the knight.Bookmark here

The place was decorated well and all the nobles could be seen there. Monique Elena was famous for her socialising nature and she always had the best gossip of the empire. There was not a single person in the empire who was not in her friend circle.Bookmark here

There were many who looked at the entrance hearing the footsteps and everyone was surprised to see me. Akira never used to attend the parties after all.Bookmark here

I maintained the calm expressions on my face as I walked in, smiling towards everyone.Bookmark here

My eyes searched for the man I was here for.Bookmark here

“Lady Akira.. I must say I am surprised to see you here.” said Elena as she walked towards me.Bookmark here

“Aah, lady Elena. It would be my loss if i did not attend your party.`` I gave a paltry excuse as I looked around. Bookmark here

“I am glad to know that. I welcome you to the party. If you want, I can introduce you to some eminent guests.” she offered as she pointed at many of them. Bookmark here

They all looked in my direction. Of course, I was the heir of the biggest business of the empire, so they would like to make connections with me.Bookmark here

“Sure, lady Elena, but first I have some urgent work with his highness. By any chance do you know where he is? I will be back to socialise with you after meeting him.” she smirked listening to my words and I frowned.Bookmark here

Her smile was suggesting something which I did not understand.Bookmark here

“Of course, let me show you the way.” she said, patting my shoulder and I nodded. We both walked towards the table.Bookmark here

And there he was sitting leisurely drinking wine with another girl! My eyes narrowed when I saw the girl blushing and him smiling with a hand holding her tendrils and then tucking them behind her ear.Bookmark here

“His highness” Elena called Andrew and he looked back with a smile, but his smile froze and then his expressions turned cold when he looked at me.Bookmark here

“Your highness” I gulped the forming anger in my throat and smiled looking at him.Bookmark here

“Lady Akira” he wished back dryly. There was no happiness in his eyes looking at me.Bookmark here

“Oh, Andrew, why are we calling each other with this much formality? Call me the way you were calling me last night.” I said with a suggestive smile as I walked toward him.Bookmark here

Both ladies who were waiting for drama with a smirk on their faxes, froze listening to my words. Andrew’s eyes widened and his blank expressions cracked. Bookmark here

“What are you talking about?” he asked with shock. Listening to his voice, both ladies looked at him and then at me. They were looking confused at whom to trust.Bookmark here

I gave a bashful smile as I looked at the noble lady sitting with him, “oh Andrew, it's fine. She is like your sister. We do not need to hide from her. After all, the whole empire knows that we have been engaged since childhood and will marry soon.`` I replied as I sat beside him and leaned my head on his shoulder with a bashful expression.Bookmark here

“You know that, lady Sophie, right?” I asked with a shy smile on my face and she blinked. Bookmark here

Her face turned red with embarrassment but in the end she nodded.Bookmark here

“Everyone in the empire knows that, lady Akira. If you excuse me now, I have some urgent work, your highness.” with that she stood up and left hurriedly as if ghosts were chasing her.Bookmark here

Elena passed a knowing smile to me and then left too. I was not surprised that she got the trick, as a social butterfly this much was expected from her.Bookmark here

“What was that?” asked Andrew, jerking my hand and I fumed. Bookmark here

‘That was it’Bookmark here

“I should be the one to ask you this question. You were the one to send me an invitation to attend the party with you. But you did not come to my palace and you did not even wait for me so that we can enter together and now.. Now you are flirting with other girls in my presence!Bookmark here

I am trying my best to be considerate towards you but you are adamant to make fun of our engagement.`` I replied in a furious tone and he chuckled.Bookmark here

“Being engaged does not mean that we are not even allowed to talk with other men and women! You also went to meet Duke Damien just after meeting me. Did I even ask once what the reason was and I heard that he also sent you the invitation to attend the function with him. Even after knowing that you are engaged to me! If you can talk and attend parties with other men, why are you expecting me to sit and wait for you silently?” her words left me flabbergasted! I could not believe that he was comparing my business deal with his cheap flirting.Bookmark here

“I work, Andrew. I met lord Damien just for a business deal. That is it.'' I explained as I did not want the matter to escalate further that also when we were at the party.Bookmark here

“I was just having a friendly conversation too. It was not like I was going to propose to her. You did not need to worry about your position as the empress. You are the one I am going to marry.” he replied in a sarcastic tone as if i was only worried about that.Bookmark here

“It is not about being an empress.” I clarified and he chuckled.Bookmark here

“Last time when we discussed this matter, you were the one to say that all you worried about is your position as empress.” he retorted and I bit my tongue.Bookmark here

‘It was not me. It was Akira, and she did not mean it too. She did not want to show her weakness and emotion that she was hurt because of his flirting so she made that story. Aah! That foolish girl has created so many misunderstandings to save her pride. I really wanted to beat her. In anger I pinched my hand but then it hurt! I rubbed my hands with a crying face.Bookmark here

“If that was the matter. Why did you even invite me to attend the party with you?” ‘Did he even have any idea I had dreamt of the kiss the whole night.’Bookmark here

“Ha! I was not the one to send the invitation. It was my fathers idea and will”Bookmark here

“...............”Bookmark here

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